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Where And How to Spend Bitcoin In 2023 – What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?


Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

One of the common worries of new crypto holders is how to spend their cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin may be regarded as an asset with immense ROI potential, it also serves as a viable medium of payment in many companies. In recent years, companies like Crypto Emporium, Ralph Lauren, Microsoft, etc. have made moves to provide utility for Bitcoin.

In this guide, we put together, rank, and fully review some of the best companies that accept Bitcoin for goods and services. Hence, if you are currently in possession of some coins and looking to buy goods online, this guide is for you. 

Top Platforms To Spend Your Bitcoin In 2023

Below is a list of the best platforms you can consider to spend your Bitcoin:

  1. Crypto Emporium – Overall Best Bitcoin E-Commerce Platform
  2. AT&T – Reputable Telecommunication Company
  3. Microsoft – Tech Giant
  4. Twitch – Largest Live-Streaming Service In The World
  5. Ralph Lauren – Luxury Products
  6. Beliani – Fastest-Growing Furniture Store
  7. BitGive Foundation – First Bitcoin Philanthropic Platform
  8. Safari Guru – Unequaled African Wildlife Experience
  9. Namecheap – Leading Domain Name Registrar
  10. – Fantastic Gaming Experience

All the aforementioned platforms will be fully reviewed.

10 Best Platforms To Spend Your Bitcoin In 2023 – Full Review

In this session, we will fully review all the platforms where you can spend your Bitcoin in 2023.

Crypto Emporium – Overall Best Bitcoin E-Commerce Platform

Crypto Emporium home page

Crypto Emporium is one of the pioneering crypto-only e-commerce platforms. Since its inception, it has continued to dominate the e-commerce landscape, attracting the attention of thousands of online traders. Crypto Emporium launched its operation in 2018, focusing exclusively on the EU markets.

Over the years, its reach has grown to include over 125 countries from every continent of the world. As one of the best crypto e-commerce platforms, Crypto Emporium seeks to create a massive utility for Bitcoin and altcoins. All products listed on the platform, including the shopping fee, are denominated in cryptocurrency.

There’s no doubt that Bitcoin whales will definitely find immense utility on the site as it offers several high-end items like yachts, watches, premium properties, jewelry, artwork, and electronics. Crypto Emporium is considered one of the best stores to buy watches with Bitcoin due to its extensive lineup of Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Cartier, and Jack Mason models.

It does not accept fiat payments. Refunds, cashback, affiliate payments, and bonuses are also executed with cryptocurrencies. Check out our guide to discover how you can buy cryptocurrency for your purchases on Crypto Emporium.

Meanwhile, Crypto Emporium’s e-commerce platform offers immense benefits to users in terms of product lines, cashback, reward programs, and cryptocurrency options. Users enjoy 4% cashback on every purchase they complete on the Crypto Emporium platform. The cashback is issued in points, which can be redeemed through the native cryptocurrency of the platform, $CEFI. For further details, read our Crypto Emporium review.

There’s also a special bonus cashback on Crypto Emporium which allows users to earn 100% cashback for completed transactions. As one of the leading e-commerce platforms, it has an established presence in over 125 countries. Users can purchase anything from the platform and have it delivered to their desired location within the specified days.

What Can You Buy On Crypto Emporium With Bitcoin? 

Crypto Emporium features hundreds of luxury products from several reputable brands. The collection products range from high-end commodities like sports cars to immobile assets like properties. Users can buy any of the following items using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies supported on the platform:

  • Automotive – Lamborghini, Tesla, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. Other items in its automotive line include motorcycles, vans, trucks, classic cars, etc.
  • Property – Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean.
  • Watches – Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and TAG Heuer. All these watches are valued in thousands of dollars but denominated in cryptocurrencies.
  • Electronics – Mobile phones, computers, audio and gaming gadgets, and crypto mining equipment. 
  • Artwork – Drawings, sculptures, prints, and classic photography—are available for sale as well.
  • Digital Creatives – Exclusive courses, music, videos, documents, and online services
  • Uncategorised Items – Toys and gadgets, scooters and micro-mobility, sports, and leisure. Bicycles and e-bikes, Breitling, Bowlus, and many more. 

Visit Crypto Emporium

AT&T – Reputable Telecommunication Company

AT & T

AT&T is an American telecommunication company that was established over a century ago. It provides telephone, telecommunications, media, and technology services to its customers in over 60 countries, including Canada, the U.S.A., Japan, and China.

While one would expect AT&T’s business model to be grossly outdated, it’s exciting to note that it is one of the first global brands to embrace the use of Bitcoin. The company made the announcement in 2019. AT&T accepts Bitcoin payment for some of its products and services. It has since followed through on its promise by forming strategic alliances with cryptocurrency payment platforms.

What Can You Buy On AT&T With Bitcoin? 

In 2019, AT&T began accepting Bitcoin. Some AT&T services that are available to Bitcoin holders include online bill payments, phone bills, AT&T streaming service subscriptions, etc. All Bitcoin transactions on this platform are handled by a third-party processor, BitPay.

Microsoft – Tech Giant


Microsoft joined the Bitcoin trend in 2014 when it announced that it would now accept bitcoin for PC software, games, apps, and other digital content. Founded by Bill Gates, Microsoft focuses on providing high-quality software for both enterprise and personal computers.

It also expanded into internet software and entertainment at some point. There’s no doubt that the wide acceptance of its products has positioned the software company among the leading tech giants in the world. 

What Can You Buy At Microsoft Store With Bitcoin?

The company partnered with Bitpay in 2014 to allow users to purchase PC and gaming software in the Windows Store using Bitcoin. There are also options to pay with other cryptocurrencies. Outside Bitcoin, we consider Microsoft as one of the best companies that accept Dogecoin. This simply means holders of Doge can also leverage it to buy the extensive lineup of products of Microsoft. 

Twitch – Largest Live-Streaming Service In The World


Twitch is a live video streaming platform that focuses on providing games, IRL, music, esports, and creative content to viewers worldwide. It was launched in 2011 by Justin Kan and was later acquired by the e-commerce giant Amazon in 2014. The platform is described as the largest live streaming service in the world, with over 35 million monthly users.

In 2014, Twitch rolled out an initiative that embraced Bitcoin as a payment option for subscriptions. It later discontinued the Bitcoin subscription plan in 2019 due to the immense volatility of cryptocurrency. However, it still accepts it for some of its services.

What Can You Buy On Twitch With Bitcoin?

Just like others on this list, Twitch partnered with BitPay to provide cryptocurrency support to viewers. Users can now top up their bits on Twitch via their crypto wallets using the BitPay platform.

Ralph Lauren – Luxury Products

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American apparel company founded in the 1960s. The company started in the Bronx, New York, United States, and has grown to become a globally accepted brand. Despite being a 20th-century business, Ralph Lauren still took a bold step to participate in the 21st-century trend.

The company recently announced that it would accept Bitcoin in most of its stores across the United States.

What Can You Buy At Ralph Lauren Store With Bitcoin?

Ralph Lauren accepts Bitcoin for all its luxury products. Users have the option of paying in person at any of its stores or online via BitPay. It has partnered with the Bitpay platform to provide payment services to all its customers across the United States.

Users can also pay with other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. Customers must equally know that refunds of all types will be carried out in the same cryptocurrency used for payment. 

Beliani – Fastest-Growing Furniture Store


Beliani is one of the fastest-growing online furniture stores, with a presence in over 17 countries. It features an array of furniture pieces with excellent designs at affordable prices plus shipping fees. The company started in 2009 after Michael and Stephen Widmer discovered that there was a need to improve the furniture shopping experience.

They resolved to launch Beliani,  with a focus on providing a dependable and quality experience to users. Two decades later, the brand remains a leading retailer in the industry. Part of its strides towards excellence is the recent move to allow shoppers to pay with Bitcoin.

What Can You Buy On Beliani With Bitcoin?

In 2020, Beliani announced that it would accept Bitcoin from its customers as a move to expand its business into new regions and overcome the currency barrier. Interestingly, it offers an incentive to get users to embrace the idea of paying with Bitcoin. You can get a discount of £100 for every purchase in the range of £400 and above.

BitGive Foundation – First Bitcoin Philanthropic Platform


The BitGive Foundation is a next-generation philanthropic platform that leverages the power of Bitcoin and blockchain technology for charity efforts. The fundraising platform solicits Bitcoin donations from the public to support philanthropic projects.

Founded in 2013, BitGive is the first Bitcoin and blockchain non-profit organization. In 2015, it launched the GiveTrack initiative to raise Bitcoins for charity efforts. Through its adoption of blockchain, donors were able to track the funds in real time.

What Can You Buy On BitGive Foundation With Bitcoin?

Bitgive Foundation is a non-profit platform that doesn’t sell commodities. Bitcoin is not only spent in the commodity market or in the service sector. Charity platforms like BitGive Foundation allow participants to donate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for humanitarian projects. Participants can donate directly from their crypto wallets or through BitPay. All donations can be tracked directly on the platform.

Safari Guru – Unequaled African Wildlife Experience

Safari guru

Safari Guru is an African travel specialist platform that offers an unequaled experience of African wildlife and safaris to interested tourists. The platform went into business in 2005 and has since grown to become a giant in the tourism sector. In 2021, Safari Guru began targeting the next generation of tourists when it announced its decision to start accepting Bitcoin.

What Can You Buy On Safari Guru With Bitcoin?

Safari Guru has partnered with Bitpay to allow users to make Bitcoin payments for its services. The decision came after the evident rise in crypto adoption across the world. The platform also allows customers to pay with over 20 altcoins.

Namecheap – Leading Domain Name Registrar 

Name Cheap

Namecheap is one of the leading domain name registrars in the world, with over 16 million domain names in its database. It was launched over two decades ago and has since grown its operations, becoming a globally recognized brand.

Namecheap was one of the first companies to provide utility for cryptocurrency. It started accepting Bitcoin for domain name registration in 2013 and has expanded into other major cryptocurrencies.

What Can You Buy On Namecheap With Bitcoin?

Namecheap provides an array of services to webmasters and internet marketers. The platform accepts Bitcoin for all its offerings, including its domain registration and hosting services. While this may not be a general utility, small businesses, and web developers can still leverage Namecheap to spend their Bitcoin. – Fantastic Gaming Experience

Chess is a platform that blends chess games, chess news, and a social networking platform experience together. The website was launched in 2007 to offer monthly memberships to users for a fee. Around 2019, took a step towards cryptocurrency adoption when it partnered with BitPay.

What Can You Buy On With Bitcoin?

Players on have the option of paying their membership fee with Bitcoin using the Bitpay platform. The membership fee ranges from $6 to $10 per month. It also accepts other cryptocurrency options. The platform accepts payment from 100+ wallets, including payment platforms like BitPay.

From Pizza To Luxury Cars: What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

One of the most popular holidays marked by cryptocurrency enthusiasts is Pizza Day. This day is celebrated in remembrance of the day in which the first Bitcoin transaction was executed. It is also the first transaction completed using cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Pizza

It happened on the 10th of May, 2010 after Laszio Hanyecz made an offer of 10,000 BTCs to anyone who would bring him “Two PaPa John’s pizza.” Since that time, Bitcoin has grown to become one of the most viable instruments of payment across the globe, boasting over 25 million transactions daily.

What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

This question is not only common among new Bitcoin holders. Even renowned investors are constantly tracking the increasing utility of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not only limited to pizza purchases anymore.

Crypto Emporium

Companies like Crypto Emporium have increased the potential of Bitcoin and brought its purchasing power to use in niches like luxury cars, property purchases, and other high-end luxury goods. Below is a curated list of what items you can buy with Bitcoin and where you’ll be able to buy them.

Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry is one of the first adopters of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become a legal tender for pizzas, bugs, drinks, and other edible items. Since the first successful bitcoin transaction in 2010, companies and investors have begun to see the potential of a truly peer-to-peer digital currency. It triggered a growth in the adoption of Bitcoin in everyday transactions.

Burger King

Companies like Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, KFC, Safari Comedor, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, Crazy Italians, La Sirene, etc. all have cryptocurrency programs that allow customers to pay Bitcoin for goods and services.


Software companies like Microsoft has also embraced the idea of Bitcoin payments. With the growing popularity and adoption of Bitcoin, fiats might be losing their relevance in the coming years. Windows Stores, for example, allow users to pay with Bitcoin for PCs, games, movies, music, apps, and software.


Other software companies that accept Bitcoin payments include AltusHost, Cryptohopper, CyberGhost VPN, Dellmont, ExpressVPN, FrootVPN, Gandi, HOSTKEY, Mailbird, Namecheap, etc.


The increase in the value of Bitcoin has brought the cryptocurrency to a new height. Its purchasing power has gone from “PaPa John’s Pizza” to highly sophisticated items like high-end cars. Platforms like Crypto Emporium have made it possible for users to purchase luxury cars with Bitcoin.

Automobiles on Crypto Emporium

It’s now possible to use Bitcoin to buy Lamborghini, Tesla, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, motorcycles, vans, trucks, classic cars, Mercedes-Benz, etc. Other companies that accept Bitcoin for automotive include BMW dealerships, Bitcars, Lamborghini dealerships, etc.


Bitcoin is also finding utility in ornamental items. Companies like Reeds Jewelers allow customers to pay in Bitcoin for purchased items. Buyers can exchange Bitcoin for items ranging from high-end bracelets to necklaces, watches, stud earrings, pendants, signet rings, stack rings, and other jewelry. Crypto Emporium also features rare jewelry in its product lineup. 

Crypto Emporium Watches

Others include Ace Jewelers, Amsterdam Vintage Watches, Baunat, Bomberg, etc.


Bitcoin holders can also find utility for their crypto in electronics. It is one of the most purchased items on e-commerce stores besides food and beverages. As one of the best e-commerce platforms, Crypto Emporium accepts Bitcoin for electronic purchases. Users can buy mobile phones, computers, audio and gaming gadgets, crypto mining gadgets, etc., using Bitcoin.

Other items that can be purchased with Bitcoin include drawings, sculptures, prints, and classic photography; digital creatives; courses; music; videos; documents; online services; toys and gadgets; scooters and micro-mobility; sports; and leisure. Bicycles and e-bikes, Breitling, Bowlus

Crypto Emporium Homepage

Real Estate: Is Bitcoin A Viable Payment Option?

Ideally, one would expect Bitcoin to thrive in the tech industry alone due to its digital nature. But, to a great extent, the largest crypto by market cap has also flourished in the real estate world. Don’t forget that prominent e-commerce companies like Crypto Emporium feature some premium properties that can be purchased with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Real estates on Crypto Emporium

The downside of using cryptocurrencies for real estate financing is that banks may not provide funding for investors dealing in cryptocurrencies. Real estate investors towing this path may need to make all payments from their purses. Is bitcoin a viable payment option for real estate? The answer depends on the purpose of the real estate. For commercial real estate, it would be a costly investment. However, for personal luxury possessions, the answer is yes.

The Legality Of Bitcoin As A Means of Payment

In its early days, Bitcoin endured criticism from mainstream media who labeled it as the currency of the dark web and as an instrument for gambling, financing terrorism, purchasing weapons, and other vices. The negative aura surrounding its early adoption made it detestable to governments and the ruling class.

Meanwhile, the legal status of Bitcoin depends on the regulatory framework that is obtainable in each country. While Bitcoin may be legal in certain countries, there are other countries in the world where it is perceived as a threat.

Without a doubt, the recent crisis and downturn of major cryptocurrency institutions have raised concerns about the future of the cryptocurrency industry. In response to the situation, governments have come up with strict enactments to control its use.


As of the time of writing, countries like Singapore, Australia, and even the United States have begun to look into how cryptocurrency shocks and crises affect the financial stability of their people and their economies.

Against all odds, Bitcoin still remains a worthy investment because of its growing utility. Read our guide to discover how you can Bitcoin safely.

Making The Most of Your Bitcoins: How To Spend Wisely

Bitcoin is not just a legal tender. It is both an asset and a currency. There may be intense volatility around Bitcoin but it still remains one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the world. Unlike fiats, Bitcoin is not bound by regional borders, hence positioning it as the currency with the widest reach and penetration. How can you make the most of your Bitcoin? As a Bitcoin holder, there are certain steps you can take to maximize the value of your asset. 

Get Expert Advice Before Investing In Bitcoin

Before you think about spending wisely, you must first pay attention to buying wisely. Bitcoin is a very volatile asset and could increase or decrease in value within a short time.

It’s best to seek expert advice on the best time to buy Bitcoin in order to get in at the right price. Expert advice also helps you know when to sell off your Bitcoin to avoid a price crash. You can also read our Bitcoin Price Prediction to discover if it is the right time to buy or not.

Spend Bitcoin On Platforms With Reward Programs

One of the best ways to spend Bitcoin and maximize its purchasing power is to patronize platforms that offer cashback or other forms of reward programs. Crypto Emporium is a typical example of that. Buyers get 4% cashback for every item they purchase on the platform. This accumulates into a significant discount over time. You can also check other stores that accept Bitcoin payments here. 

Beware Of Untrusted Platforms

We recommend that you do your due diligence before subscribing to any online platform. You can consider platforms with an established customer base and decent reviews on Trustpilot.


Offer Exchange Services

Oftentimes, people want to purchase Bitcoin but don’t know where to get them. Offering your Bitcoin for sale at a premium price could give you enough margin to purchase more Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin The Future of Money?

There’s no doubt that governments and financial institutions are afraid that Bitcoin or cryptocurrency may overtake their native currencies in the future. This idea is also widely propagated among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, is it true that Bitcoin will become the future of money? The answer to this question may be yes.

But, it may not happen anytime soon. While Bitcoin may have many visible strengths, it has immense weaknesses that make it a less appealing currency compared to fiat. Once the weaknesses are mitigated, there’s a higher chance that we’ll witness a cryptocurrency revolution that may eradicate fiat from various economies.

Upsides Of Bitcoin As A Legal Tender

Below are some of the upsides of Bitcoin as a legal tender:

Decentralized Nature

Being an unregulated peer-to-peer medium of transaction puts it way ahead of other legal tender. It simply means that the value of Bitcoin is not determined by the government of any country. Don’t forget that the supply and scarcity of most global currencies are determined by the central bank and the government of the country.

Bitcoin Supply

However, the supply and scarcity of cryptocurrency are only determined by the miners in the network. Each miner has a stake to earn for participating. Therefore, it’s difficult for any miner to independently influence the value of Bitcoin.

Secured Transaction 

Bitcoin is one of the most secure modes of transaction in the world due to its underlying technology. It’s relatively impossible to penetrate and alter the network. 

Cross-border Compatibility

Due to its digital nature, Bitcoin has the capability to operate across many countries of the world. Bitcoin’s cross-border compatibility is one of the reasons it has gained immense adoption in online transactions.

Downsides Of Bitcoin As A Legal Tender

Below are some of the downsides of Bitcoin as a legal tender:


Due to the decentralized and unregulated nature of Bitcoin, the price fluctuates widely based on market behavior and economic shocks.


This fluctuation creates massive instability in its value, making it a difficult legal tender to manage. It is the reason many companies have refused to accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

Technology Penetration

The underlying technology powering Bitcoin transactions is not readily available and can be quite expensive for large chain stores or multinational companies with branches in various locations around the world. Therefore, this could affect the rate at which Bitcoin overtakes the currencies of the world to become the global legal tender.


While anonymity is healthy for certain transactions, it increases the probability that Bitcoin would easily become the currency of choice for perpetrators of evil practices and illegal transactions.


When it comes to market share, Bitcoin is way ahead of other cryptocurrencies. Millions of people worldwide currently hold it as an asset. However, users often have challenges deciding where to spend cryptocurrencies. The problem often stems from the limited information available about companies that accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

In this guide, we examined some of the best brands that accept cryptocurrencies and recommended Crypto Emporium as the best among them. We highlighted some of the benefits that come with purchasing goods on the platform. All other companies featured in this guide also provide immense benefits to users. An example is Beliani, which offers a discount of 100 euros for every purchase valued at 400 euros or more.

Visit Crypto Emporium


Where can you spend Bitcoin?

There are hundreds of websites that provide utilities for cryptocurrencies. Crypto Emporium,, Namecheap, Safari Guru, Microsoft, AT&T, etc. are some of the popular brands that allow you to spend Bitcoin online. However, there are other companies and platforms that allow you to spend cryptocurrencies at physical stores. For example, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, and others offer various cryptocurrency programs.

How can I buy something with Bitcoin?

The methods of purchasing items with Bitcoin vary from one company to another. For platforms like Crypto Emporium, users are provided with a wallet address to make direct transfers. Ralph Lauren and some food chain outlets allow users to check out by scanning QR codes. Other online stores partner with BitPay and other Bitcoin payment processing platforms to provide checkout services to holders. However, the first step towards buying things with Bitcoin is setting up a wallet and funding it with Bitcoin.

Can I use Bitcoin to make purchases on Amazon?

No. Amazon does not accept cryptocurrency. However, there are other platforms that offer users gift cards in exchange for cryptocurrency. An example is The platform brokers relationships between Amazon gift card holders and cryptocurrency holders. Users place orders using their cryptocurrencies, and they are paired with users who want to sell equal-value gift cards at a 15% discount. The gift card holder completes the order and earns Bitcoin for the job.

How does shopping with Bitcoin work?

Shopping with Bitcoin is similar to shopping on traditional e-commerce platforms. Users browse through the listed products and add their preferred products to the cart. After product selection is complete, users proceed to checkout. The only difference is that checkout and transactions are conducted in cryptocurrency.