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Manta Network Price Prediction – MANTA Coin Future Forecast

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Manta Network is a modular blockchain network providing an interoperable ecosystem focusing on zero-knowledge applications. Its native token – MANTA – is up by close to 30% ever since its release in mid-January 2024. Investors are wondering whether this token will be able to move up even further.

In this guide, we are going to give our Manta Network price prediction by taking a closer look at the utilities of the project. We also consider the current market conditions before making our forecast for the MANTA coin.

Manta Network Price Prediction

Launched in January 2024, Manta Network was able to move up quickly on the price charts. It reached its all-time high the same month before correcting and accumulating around the $3 mark.

Below is the price prediction of Manta Network which provides insights into how the token could perform in 2024, 2025, 2026, and beyond.


Manta Network hit the ground running quickly as it opened at the $3.2 mark before taking a rising trajectory. It then moved up to reach $3.8, its all-time high, before correcting. The token has been trending sideways since then, with $3 acting as its current resistance level. The candle chart doesn’t show any chance of a bounce.

Manta Network Price Chart

However, more developments are underway for the project, and so is the upcoming Bitcoin halving. Both of these attributes can have an impact on how MANTA price moves. If halving brings positive news for the crypto ecosystem, Manta Network can move up to reach a new all-time high of $5 by the end of 2024.


Manta’s community across social media platforms has been growing. It is likely that this growth will continue in the upcoming year. 2025 is a time when many are anticipating Bitcoin to go through another bull run.

Furthermore, there are also many developments in the cards for the Manta Network. Its dedication to providing a modular network can lead to the arrival of more decentralized applications.

These factors may push Manta Network to greater heights in 2025. If we enter a bull run by the middle of 2025, MANTA may go up further to reach $10 before correcting around the $8 mark.

2026 and Beyond

Manta Network’s multi-modular ecosystem may gain more relevance by 2026. The platform’s promise of providing a lower gas fee and a scalable environment for (ZK) zero-knowledge applications may allow it to establish more partnerships. These factors can also bolster more support for the MANTA coin, pushing its value.

However, 2026 may also be the year when using crypto becomes the norm, which means parabolic price movements could become a thing of the past. If that happens, the Manta Network price may only go up to $20 by the end of the year. Also, if the crypto community shows the same level of support as venture capitalists have given, Manta Network can become one of the most trending cryptos within the modular chain sector. As one of the OGs, it may become one of the top tokens in the market.

How MANTA performs beyond 2026 will depend on future developments and other factors.


What is Manta Network?

On its official whitepaper, Manta Network has been described as a multi-modular application for zero-knowledge applications.

Manta Network Ecosystem

It offers two networks: Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic.

Manta Pacific

It is a unique L2 ecosystem on Ethereum for EVM-native zero-knowledge applications. Per the whitepaper, it offers a scalable and inexpensive gas-fee environment for ZK applications to be deployed on Solidity.

Launched as a joint vision with Celestia and zero-knowledge EVM, Manta Network leverages Celestia’s Data Availability layer and the advanced technology developed by p0x labs to create a zero-knowledge environment that offers the following perks

Low Gas Fees and More Scalability

Manta Network has a modular approach, which offers an unparalleled level of scalability to future ZK applications built in its ecosystem.


Leveraging Celestia’s DA layer, Manta Pacific solves every data availability problem in a trustless manner. By leveraging Celestia’s modular data availability, Manta Pacific also accelerates transaction speeds.

App Agnostic Ecosystem

Manta Pacific has introduced Universal Circuits 2.0, which can be used to deploy EVM applications.  This circuit makes the zk library available to developers who can call zk-enabled contracts for their existing solidity smart contracts and dapps.

Universal circuits are referred to as ZK-as-a-service, allowing devs to call Manta Pacific contracts with fewer lines of code. Furthermore, the multi-modular approach allows Manta Pacific’s private identity tools to be used across chains and inside the Web2 environments.

Zero Knowledge Use Cases and Real Users

The emergence of Manta Pacific Zero Knowledge offers the benefit of new users.

Manta Pacific

According to Victor Ji, one of the Co-Founders of Manta Network, “Individually, Manta’s ZK, Celestia’s modular DA, and the zkEVM offer compelling technologies with proven adoption. By combining these three together, we are creating the best-in-class ecosystem for developers and users when it comes to ZK use cases—something that is very much needed in the space.”

Non-Invasive Compliance

Manta Network’s zero-knowledge approach makes it possible for the network to verify users in a trustless manner without revealing their details. It makes on-chain KYC verification possible without compromising sensitive information.

Manta Atlantic

Described as the fastest ZK L1 Chain on Polkadot, Manta Atlantic brings programmable identities and credentials to Web3.

Manta Atlantic layer introduces a suite of new technologies, such as zkNFTs, staking, and ecosystem projects, giving users access to ZK-enabled use cases.

Manta ecosytem

The primary focus of this layer 1 chain is on the zero-knowledge credential layer that makes the Manta Network interoperable without the need for any cryptography.

What is MANTA?

Manta is the utility token of the Manta Network. It has a total supply of 1 billion and has multiple use cases within the Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific ecosystems.

Manta Network

Within Manta Atlantic, it has the following use cases:

Network Usage Fee

All the transactions on the Manta Network will incur a usage fee. This fee will be paid in MANTA. 72% of the fee will be used to drive the project’s development, 18% of the fee will go to the project’s treasury, and the remaining 10% will go to the collators who produce blocks for containing transactions.

Medium of Exchange

Acting as the native currency of the Manta Network, MANTA will facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and transfers with wallets and contracts. It will also be used to buy credits like zkSBTs and zkKYCs on the Manta Network.

Governance Rights

The MANTA coin will also act as a DAO token, giving users access to voting rights within the blockchain. Within the Manta Network’s DAO, MANTA will be used to propose referenda, elect the members of the Manta’s council, and decide on the future development of the Manta Network.


Network Security

MANTA is used as an incentive for collators who bundle transactions and support block liveliness. 2% of the total issuance of MANTA is also allocated to stakers to provide security to the network.

Within the Manta Pacific ecosystem, Manta Network has the following utilities:

Value Accural for Token Holders

Token holders save money on gas fees and gain benefits from the productive sequencer revenue that the ecosystem generates.

Rewarding Builders

Those who built apps on the top of the Manta Network and those who contributed to its growth are given incentives in terms of MANTA tokens.

Generating Revenue

Demand for the MANTA block space generates revenue, and the initial funding from the sequencer accrues to the Manta Foundation.

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Notable Achievements of Manta Network

Who Created Manta Network?

This platform has been created by a team of intellectuals from Algorand, MIT, and Harvard. The platform is backed by multiple venture capitalists, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capitals.

The main founders, however, are Canghai Victor Ji, and Kenny Li.


Victor Ji has been active in the fintech sector since 2016 and has been a research assistant at MIT and Harvard. In 2020, he became Manta Network’s CEO.

Kenny Li is a Co-Founder of Manta Network and also serves as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. He is a serial entrepreneur and has a decade’s worth of experience in scaling startups.

Manta Network Price Prediction 2024

Manta Network arrived in 2024 with a bang and went up the price charts quickly, attracting the attention of top crypto exchanges. The project launched its airdrop to give free tokens to loyal members of the community and create general awareness about the project.

Manta Network Price Prediction 2024

It is this marketing factor, not the token’s fundamental, that has given the token the initial traction till now.

The token’s value quickly grew and reached its all-time high of $3.8 near the end of January 2024. before experiencing a bit of retrace. At the time of writing, the token is accumulating around the $3 mark.

How it performs this year will be determined by two factors. One is the upcoming Bitcoin halving, and the other is the project’s development. Recently, Manta has introduced a new bridge page to explore the Manta Pacific ecosystem.

Other developments that have happened recently include the MANTA-BNB farm going live. Furthermore, MANTA borrowing has also been enabled on Zerolend.

The above developments have happened back to back within a span of a few hours. Their results can also determine how the MANTA price moves in 2024. Considering the unique fundamentals the Manta Network has introduced, it is going to be very important to look at these developments.

If Manta Network indeed develops further and is able to gain more adoption, the MANTA price may peak at $5 before the year-end, before correcting to $4.

Manta Price Prediction 2025

Conducive market conditions can bring more attention to Manta Network’s offerings. However, the thing to look forward to in 2025 will be how the market moves since experts believe 2025 is the year that Bitcoin will hit another bull run.

Manta Network

If Bitcoin is able to reach new heights, possibly a new all-time high, the entire crypto market will react positively. MANTA will be able to leverage that interest and can move upwards on the price charts. However, to establish a sustainable uptrend, Manta Network will have to make more developments. If this happens, it is possible that the Manta Network price will reach $10 by the end of 2025.

Manta Network Price Prediction 2026 and Beyond

Manta Network’s unique modular approach will likely bring more adoptions to the ecosystem. Since Manta Network’s modularity also includes applications within the web2 space, 2026 may be the year that more crypto projects will emerge, providing the same module-based technology.

Manta Network Forecast

If such projects arrive, the Manta projects will be considered one of the OG web3 crypto projects. Furthermore, Manta Network’s integration with other blockchains will also bolster support for the MANTA price.

That being said, investors should probably not hold their breath for the same parabolic increase to become common in 2026. Governments around the world are working towards bringing more regulations to the crypto ecosystem, which may bring more certainty to the market. It is possible that cryptocurrencies will start to behave the same way as traditional assets.

Keeping these facts in mind, we predict that the Manta Network price will be anywhere from $15 to $20 by 2026 and beyond.

Factors That Could Influence the Manta Network Price

Here are the key factors that could catalyze the growth of the Manta Network price:

Modular Web3 Approach

Blockchain developers have been asking for ease of access and ease of implementation for a very long time. Manta Network’s partnership with Celestia introduces a modular approach to developing decentralized applications.

As more people get interested in what Manta Network has to offer, the demand for MANTA will increase since it is required to interact with the dApps created on the network. This could bolster more support for the project, making it a good future crypto to invest in.

Accelerator Programs

Manta Network is providing a novel technology within the blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, it has introduced accelerator programs so that more and more developers can start developing on the Manta Network fast.

Accelerator Programs 

Since its launch, Manta Network has introduced multiple mentors who will reportedly guide developers in creating zero-knowledge applications. They will also help blockchain startups get a better footing in the market in order to grow properly.

So far, there are over 150 projects within the ecosystem involving more than 300 investors. Over 20 mentors are available on the network to help with the process.

Faster Blockchain

Thanks to Manta Pacific, the Manta Network is providing people with a network that is scalable and has low fees. These additions will make Manta Network more inclusive, giving room for modest developers with modest money to develop projects.

High inclusivity will play a role in making the Manta Network grow even more.

Use Cases in Multiple Niches

Manta Network is app-agnostic and niche-unspecific. That means it is not bounded by a single niche and a single use case. It provides a new foundation for the development of blockchain networks and applications, which gives it the power to find relevance in multiple use cases.

Manta Network Use Case

For instance, the project has recently introduced Galxe and Izumi. Galxe is a socialFi platform designed to give users a social media platform on the Web3 space. With Izumi, users have access to a DeFi protocol with one-stop liquidity as a service (LaaS).

Multi-Faceted Team

Manta Network Team

The team of mentors running the program are also the ones who laid the foundation of and are moving the Manta Network forward. These individuals come from industry leaders like Polychain Capital, Polygon, Celestia, Figment Capital, SevenX Ventures, Relayer Capital, and more.

Bitcoin’s Price Action

How the Manta Network grows and is perceived will also be dictated by the Bitcoin price action. Halving is nearby. How Bitcoin responds to its mining reward rate being halved will set the tone for how the entire crypto market moves this year.

BTC Bull

While the Manta Network hasn’t been around long enough to mirror Bitcoin’s price action, it is expected to benefit from the upcoming rally.

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Bitcoin Minetrix – A Better Alternative to the Manta Network Token

While the Manta Network price is accumulating, there are many uncertainties around this project. All the partnerships it has gotten into, and all the decentralized applications it has made are yet to receive more audience.

Furthermore, there is also the volatility of the crypto market to consider. That is why a better investment option would be to invest in crypto presales with simpler fundamentals. One of the leading options in this regard is Bitcoin Minetrix.

Bitcoin Minetrix merges staking and mining together, making mining more inclusive while also providing investors with the benefit of staking. Calling its unique utility stake-to-mine, Bitcoin Minetrix is one of the best cryptos to buy this year and has already raised more than $10 million so far.

Bitcoin Minetrix

The project’s main goal is to address the shortcomings of traditional cloud-based mining ecosystems. Centralized in nature, the current form of cloud-based mining is ripe with scams. People have lost their money, and they have been unable to retrieve their mined Bitcoins in many instances.

Bitcoin Minetrix balances it by introducing a democratized philosophy. It asks for no upfront charges for mining but only requires investors to stake their BTCMTX tokens. Upon staking their tokens, investors will get mining credits, ERC-20 assets that can be burned in return for mining on Bitcoin Minetrix’s mining rigs.

As mining concludes, mined Bitcoins will be transferred to the miner’s wallets. Additional rewards will become accessible to stakers in the form of APY. To participate in the presale, visit the Bitcoin Minetrix site through the affiliate link that has been provided in this guide.


Manta Network Price Prediction – Our Verdict

Manta Network has shown that it can move up in value, thanks to its innovative fundamentals. The fact that multiple venture capitalists inside and outside the crypto ecosystem are backing it is another reason to be bullish about this crypto. More expansion for this project may also be coming now that multiple developments have already been completed since its launch.

We have taken these factors and the market’s current state into account to give our Manta Network price prediction. While our forecast is mostly bullish, investors must also be concerned about the market’s uncertainty.

That is why we have named Bitcoin Minetrix as a good alternative to the Manta Network. It is currently available as a presale and converges staking and mining. Those interested can visit to participate in this project.

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How much did Manta Network raise?

Before going live on cryptocurrency exchanges, the Manta Network was able to raise $25 million in its series A funding. 30 investors were involved, including SevenX Ventures, and Qiming Venture.

How do you get Manta Network coins?

Manta Network is currently available in multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance. However, investors can also participate in the upcoming Manta airdrop to gain MANTA tokens.

What are Manta Network's core concepts?

Manta Network's core concepts involve creating a multi-modular ecosystem for the development of zero-knowledge applications. It has two key elements, Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic. Manta Pacific offers L2 solutions and Manta Atlantic delivers L1 solutions to the ecosystem.