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10+ Most Trending Cryptocurrency Projects to Buy In 2024

New trending cryptocurrencies pop up frequently, but not all trending crypto coins are worth buying - in this guide we list and review a selection of the most trending cryptocurrency projects to watch in [year] and beyond.

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Every month, a number of new cryptocurrencies emerge in the market, many offering quite attractive features. Crypto enthusiasts always seek trending cryptocurrencies as these digital assets usually experience a significant jump in their prices. Most of the trending cryptocurrency projects offer creative solutions and alternatives to this or that service of the traditional market. 

To save you time on research, we have already explored the market and found the most trending cryptocurrency projects to buy in 2024. We handpicked 10+ of the most trending cryptocurrencies in 2024, and review what factors to consider when you are looking for trending cryptocurrency projects.

10+ Trending Cryptocurrency Projects to Buy in 2024

If you don’t want to go into details and simply want to get the list of the most trending cryptocurrency projects, here is our quick list of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024.

  1. Dogecoin20 – Trending Dogecoin-Inspired Crypto
  2. Smog – Popular Memecoin Built on the Solana Blockchain
  3. Slothana – Trending Memecoin Inspired by the Successful Slerf Project
  4. Sponge V2 – Meme Crypto Trending Due to V2 Token Launch
  5. eTukTuk – Trending Cryptocurrency Paving the Way for Sustainable Urban Mobility
  6. Bitcoin Minetrix – Most Trending Crypto of  2024 With a Stake-to-Mine Perk
  7. 5th Scape – Trending VR Crypto With Massive Potential
  8. Pepe – Strong Social Media Community
  9. Terra Classic – Promising Stablecoin
  10. Polygon – Layer-2 Solution For Ethereum
  11. Ripple – Most Efficient Digital Payment Protocol
  12. Manta Network – Offering a Modular Web3 Ecosystem
  13. HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu – Amazing Rewards For Memes Creation
  14. PancakeSwap – Outstanding Decentralized Exchange

Top Trending Cryptocurrency Projects to Watch Reviewed – Full List

While you can come across many new cryptocurrency projects that promise to be the next crypto to explode in 2024, not all of them can be as lucrative as you may expect. Hence, before investing in any crypto project, it is helpful to explore the cryptocurrency, find out its benefits and drawbacks, and only after considering the risks related to your investment, put your money into that project. 

Hence we have devoted a whole section in our guide to reviewing each cryptocurrency project included in our recommendation list. The reviews will help you understand what value each crypto project offers and help you understand which one is more suitable for you. 

1. Dogecoin20 – Trending Dogecoin-Inspired Crypto 

In a market flooded with copycat meme coins, Dogecoin20 shines as a unique and promising crypto project, distinguishing itself by paying homage to the original Dogecoin while charting its own path towards long-term sustainability and growth. Unlike many imitators, Dogecoin20 clearly articulates its inspiration from Dogecoin in its mission to revive the glory days of meme coins while ensuring longevity beyond mere hype.


At the heart of Dogecoin20’s strategy lies its utilization of a proof-of-stake blockchain, offering investors the opportunity to buy and stake DOGE20 tokens for APY rewards. By incentivizing long-term holding and thereby limiting circulating supply, Dogecoin20 positions itself for sustained price appreciation over time, a testament to its commitment to creating lasting value for its community.

Beyond its innovative staking mechanism, Dogecoin20 leverages the virality and social media presence synonymous with Dogecoin, further amplifying its appeal and engagement within the crypto community. As its ecosystem continues to expand and gain traction, Dogecoin20 emerges as a trending crypto project with significant potential for growth and investment returns.

Currently available through a multi-staged presale, Dogecoin20 offers early investors the opportunity to participate in its journey from the outset, providing them with the chance to capitalize on potential gains even before the token goes live. Moreover, the project’s roadmap hints at additional utilities and developments on the horizon, promising further value enhancement as Dogecoin20 solidifies its position in the crypto market.

Visit Digecoin20

2. Smog – Popular Memecoin Built on the Solana Blockchain

Smog brings a whimsical twist to the crypto landscape with its Lord of the Rings-inspired mystique. Sporting a green dragon emblem, it deviates from the solemnity of its cinematic counterpart, Smaug, aiming instead to be the quintessential memecoin with ambitions of dominance.


Its early performance on Jupiter DEX reflects this ambition, experiencing a meteoric rise of over 15 times in value within a mere three hours. While its memecoin classification might suggest a superficial surge, a closer inspection reveals a calculated strategy: the orchestration of what it boasts as the “greatest airdrop of all time.” However, there is not a lot of information about the specifics of the airdrop, which means that one cannot currently speculate how much they may be likely to win.

With 35% of its massive 1.4 billion token supply allocated to this initiative, Smog sets itself apart with a gamified airdrop approach. Engaging holders in tasks to accrue airdrop points, it promises a larger token share for those with higher points. With an active social media and strong core team that seems to have been previously involved in several popular memecoin projects already, many speculate that the SMOG token may be due for a massive pump once again in the upcoming months. It has also launched an ETH bridge lately, which could now help investors purchase the token with more ease.

Smog’s blend of unique fundamentals and innovative airdrop tactics positions it as a top contender in the ever-evolving crypto market, offering investors an enticing opportunity to ride the wave of its popularity.

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3. Slothana – Trending Memecoin Inspired by the Successful Slerf Project

Building on the unforgettable saga of Slerf yet charting its own unique trajectory, Slothana is captivating the crypto market with its refreshing approach. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Slothana eschews complex narratives, focusing instead on straightforward token acquisition and bold financial forecasts, with eyes set on a $420 million valuation at launch. This simplicity, coupled with its homage to the sloth theme, positions Slothana as a meme coin with a difference.

Slothana New

Emerging from the shadows of Slerf’s chaotic but ultimately successful debut, Slothana aims to capture the same market enthusiasm without the initial setbacks. Its strategy is clear: target investors ready to engage with high-risk, high-reward assets, emphasizing near-term gains over speculative future benefits. This aligns perfectly with the growing appetite for investments that offer more than just utility – it promises an adventure.

In today’s volatile crypto landscape, Slothana stands out as a beacon for thrill-seekers and speculative investors alike. Its blend of meme culture homage, user-friendly transaction mechanisms, and the promise of quick financial uplift makes it a compelling choice for those looking to dive into the frenetic world of meme coin trading. With these factors in play, Slothana is not just trending—it’s on a trajectory that could very well see it achieving, if not surpassing, its ambitious valuation goals in the near future.

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4. Sponge V2 – Meme Crypto Trending Due to V2 Token Launch

Sponge V2 stands out as one of the most trending meme crypto tokens in the current space, representing the second coin within the Sponge ecosystem. Themed around the popular Spongebob Squarepants TV cartoon, this meme project initially gained considerable success upon its launch before witnessing a decline in prices. However, the introduction of this new token has sparked optimism among developers, suggesting a potential revitalization of both the price and interest surrounding Sponge.

Sponge V2

To acquire Sponge V2 tokens, individuals are expected to purchase Sponge V1 tokens and stake them. This process allows them to receive an equivalent number of V2 tokens based on the amount staked while generating consistent passive income through high Annual Percentage Yields (APYs). As of now, the APY is notably high, although it is expected to decrease gradually, with the minimum set at 40%.

Furthermore, there has been an announcement regarding a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game on the website, adding to the credibility of tangible developments within the project. These advancements have instilled a belief within the community regarding the potential for significant profits in the coming months, positioning Sponge V2 as an enticing investment opportunity worth considering.

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5. eTukTuk – Trending Cryptocurrency Paving the Way for Sustainable Urban Mobility

eTukTuk, an eco-friendly cryptocurrency project, is not just attracting attention; it’s making a significant impact on the landscape of urban transportation. With a presale funding exceeding $540,000, the project stands out for its commitment to addressing real-world issues at the grassroots level. Led by Mohit Ahuja, Sukhjeevan Uppal, and Craig McNerlin, eTuktuk introduces electric vehicles (EVs) powered by green energy, offering a sustainable solution to the environmental challenges posed by traditional TukTuks.


The innovative use of blockchain technology on Binance’s BNB Chain, coupled with a sharing economy model, ensures scalability, security, and efficiency. Beyond transforming transportation, eTuktuk aims to digitize identities and extend financial services in regions where TukTuks are a primary mode of transport. The “Power Staking” model, encouraging stakeholders to stake TUK tokens, not only provides a source of passive income but also contributes to the ecosystem’s growth.

As the current presale stage goal of $680,073 approaches, investors have a prime opportunity to acquire the TUK token at $0.026. With the potential for significant price increases in the future, investing in the TUK token during the presale presents a green opportunity for those looking to align their investments with the future of sustainable urban mobility.

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6. Bitcoin Minetrix – Most Trending Crypto of  2024 With a Stake-to-Mine Perk

Bitcoin’s journey from its inception in 2009 to becoming a trillion-dollar asset has been nothing short of extraordinary. However, as the cryptocurrency gained popularity, traditional mining methods became increasingly complex and inaccessible.

Bitcoin Minetrix is the most trending crypto of this year, breaking new ground through its unique project with a mission to simplify and democratize Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Minetrix offers a tokenized cloud mining platform that allows users to mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX tokens, eliminating the need for expensive mining hardware.

Bitcoin Minetrix

The platform is user-friendly, transparent, secure, and profitable, providing steady mining rewards and potential token price appreciation.

This project addresses the challenges of traditional Bitcoin mining, including legacy cloud mining systems, by reducing operating costs, offering a stable passive income, and making the ecosystem more decentralized. It also promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing the carbon footprint associated with mining.

The project’s presale phase garnered tremendous interest, raising over $144,000 in less than a day, highlighting the demand for its innovative tokenized mining model.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

7. 5th Scape – Trending VR Crypto With Massive Potential

5th Scape is rapidly distinguishing itself as one of the most promising gaming projects of the year, marking a significant leap by merging virtual reality (VR) gaming with blockchain technology. In an industry where introducing innovative gaming concepts is increasingly challenging, 5th Scape sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive VR experience that spans games, movies, and educational content.

5th Scape

From the outset, 5th Scape captures attention with its ambitious approach, making the integration of VR into the blockchain space not just a concept but a reality. Despite its recent introduction and presale status, the project has swiftly gained traction, thanks in part to its engaging beta games and a unique appeal that resonates with both gamers and developers alike.

What makes 5th Scape stand out is its commitment to enhancing the VR gaming experience beyond digital realms. The project extends its ecosystem to include physical gaming peripherals such as VR headsets and gaming chairs, aiming to provide a fully immersive experience. For developers, 5th Scape offers a robust platform equipped with tools designed to facilitate the creation of compelling digital experiences, whether they are games, educational tools, or cinematic ventures.

As the project continues to evolve, its early success and trending ecosystem suggest a bright future, making it a standout investment opportunity for those looking to tap into the next wave of gaming innovation.

Buy 5th Scape

8. Pepe – Strong Social Media Community

Pepe is the most trending token on CoinMarketCap right now, and it is one of the most popular new memecoins. There is little known about this project’s creators, which appeared quite suddenly without an airdrop or ICO. However, the coin caught huge attention quickly and became one of the most traded tokens soaring over 7000% in less than a month. 

As mentioned on its website, Pepe is a common meme coin that is completely useless and only created for entertainment. The coin does not have any intrinsic value and does not promise financial returns. People do not even have a roadmap or official team, so the project’s purpose is to only launch a “memeable” token. With its nature, Pepe is quite similar to the popular meme tokens Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. 


Pepe’s main difference is that it was created as a tribute to the popular meme character Pepe the Frog. The coin launched in April 2023 and created a lot of buzz on social media. The coin’s popularity is mainly due to the popular character and the community supporting it. It already has a huge community of over 300,000 followers on Twitter which continuously support the coin. 

The fact that Pepe is a deflationary coin can also positively influence its future price. Every time a transaction is made in PEPE coins, a certain percentage of the tokens is burnt, creating scarcity for the coin. Pepe has a maximum supply of 420,690,000,000,000 tokens, 93% of which are already in circulation. Due to its drastic growth after being listed on exchanges, Pepe managed to become one of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

9. Terra Classic – Promising Stablecoin

Terra Classic is quite a popular name in cryptocurrency, but the project was previously known as Terra Luna. It is a stablecoin project that uses fiat-pegged systems to power price-stable payment systems. The project previously had two coins – Terra, the token standard used for various fiat-pegged stablecoins of the project, and LUNA, a governance token that can be staked. 

Though Terra is pegged to the USD, it works through another mechanism that enables it to manage the price of the coin stable through an algorithmic solution. This gave a chance to the holders to burn Terra into the LUNA and vice versa. However, the model did not work for too long, and a short time after LUNA reached its peak, the Terra Luna project experienced a deep decline affecting a huge crash in the whole crypto market. 

At that time, LUNA’s price dropped from its all-time high of $112 to as low as $0.0009 in less than a month, and the decline continued. To save the situation, the CEO of Terraform Labs decided to separate the project into two parts and create a completely new chain where new transactions would take place. The new project’s coin is now called Terra, while the old project was renamed to Terra Classic with a native token LUNC. 

Terra Classic All Time Price Chart for 2024

LUNC has the support of its community, who already agreed to burn as many LUNC tokens as possible to recover the value of the coin. Though LUNC is quite a risky investment, and no one can surely say if it can recover or not, the project has a great potential for growth, considering the support of the Classic community. 

10. Polygon – Layer-2 Solution For Ethereum

Polygon is the 12th largest cryptocurrency by its market capitalization and is one of the most trending cryptocurrency projects due to the value it brings to the DeFi sector. It offers a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain to make transactions faster and cheaper. As Ethereum is the most popular blockchain based on smart contracts, it hosts a vast number of dApps, DEXs, and other decentralized applications.


However, the abundance of these projects results in an increasing number of transactions on the blockchain. This creates congestion on Ethereum increasing the gas fees and decreasing the transaction speed. Polygon addresses the scalability problem of the Ethereum project, and it runs parallel to Ethereum’s blockchain enabling faster transactions.  

Scalability is one of the greatest issues in the DeFi sector, and layer-2 solutions like Polygon offer valuable solutions. Polygon issues a native token – MATIC, for its ecosystem. MATIC’s use cases include paying transaction fees, giving governance rights to the holders, and staking. Due to the popularity of Polygon and its exciting features, MATIC has become one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the market and still has room for growth. If you are interested in the token, you do not have to worry about how to get exposure to it. Our guide on how to buy polygon will help you through. 

The crypto hit the exchanges in 2019 with a price of below $0.005. After two years of going official, MATIC eventually hit $1 and experienced drastic growth during the last bullish run of the crypto market. MATIC hit an all-time high in December 2021, reaching $2.7. 

Though the recent crypto crash also affected MATIC, the coin is traded multiple times higher than its initial price, but it can peak at new heights once the crypto market recovers and takes a bullish direction. Investing in MATIC is a good idea to diversify your portfolio with a well-established and trending cryptocurrency. 

11. Ripple – Most Efficient Digital Payment Protocol.

Ripple is a cryptocurrency project popular with its XRP native token. The project offers currency exchange services and was initially meant to replace the traditional money transfer service SWIFT. XRP uses blockchain technology to provide transactions at high speed and at low fees. Generally, users pay 0.00001 XRP per transaction, which is quite low compared to other blockchains. 

Ripple XRP All Time Price Chart

XRP stands out with exceptional security features and low and speedy transactions. However, its blockchain operates slightly differently, giving it a more centralized nature. XRP was one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency market and was launched in 2014. The coin was traded below $0.01 for several years until it took a bullish direction in 2017. In 2018 XRP hit its all-time high, which was over $3. 

Though there can be other well-established cryptocurrencies to consider buying, XRP is currently one of the trending ones. The reason for this is SEC’s lawsuit against XRP which seems to have come to an end with XRP’s victory. This can not only mean a big win for XRP but also benefit the crypto market. Hence, you can take the chance and buy XRP tokens and benefit when XRP’s value increases once the lawsuit decision becomes official. 

For more information, check our full guide on how to buy XRP.

12. Manta Network – Offering a Modular Web3 Ecosystem

Manta Protocol presents developers with a unique ecosystem where development is easy and scalable due to being modular. This modular approach allows developers to create decentralized applications where the gas fees are low, and transaction speeds are high.

Manta Network (MANTA)

The platform is app-agnostic, which means that it can be used by any chain and across any application. Even the web2 space can leverage what Manta Protocol has to offer.  Manta’s Software development kits allow users to add an on-chain element to standard applications using a few lines of code.

The platform also features a non-invasive model of compliance, allowing users to keep their privacy as they interact with the ecosystem.

By leveraging these tools, the Manta Network is bringing together the best elements of the blockchain ecosystem; the Manta Network is working towards changing how web3 solutions scale with time.

The platform also dropped an airdrop announcement recently, which is also pushing investors towards this project.

13. HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu – Amazing Rewards For Memes Creation

HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu emerges as a project brimming with meme-worthy potential. Its repository of popular and trending memes has propelled it to recent fame, establishing it as a noteworthy cryptocurrency worth considering for investment. Beyond its meme-centric appeal, the project incentivizes the creation of novel and entertaining meme content, adding a playful dimension to the crypto space.


Under the hood, the project boasts a comprehensive contract audit and a captivating NFT collection. It also hints at forging staking partnerships, further enhancing its value proposition. Developers emphasize their aim to foster an ecosystem where active community members can converge, collaborate, and share their “CoinLore” – a digital archive chronicling the token’s colourful history.

This multifaceted approach has garnered significant interest from the audience, given the success of similar projects in the past. Presently available on PancakeSwap, the project is poised for an upcoming listing spree, a development eagerly anticipated by the community. With its trending concept and growing community, HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu presents itself as a valuable addition to any portfolio of trending cryptocurrencies with high growth potential.

14. PancakeSwap – Oustanding Decentralized Exchange

The last coin on our list is Pancakeswap, a decentralized exchange platform based on the Binance chain. As a DEX, Pancakeswap is similar to other DeFi platforms, such as Uniswap and Sushi. It is operated using the same Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism. PancakeSwap powers its ecosystem with its native token, CAKE which is a BEP20-standard token and has different use cases on the platform.


CAKE token is used as a governance token on PancakeSwap and grants its holders the right to vote on projects related to PancakeSwap. It can also be staked in different ways to bring passive rewards. One of the methods to stake CAKE tokens is locking them up in the Syrup Pools. In his case, users must keep their assets locked for at least 72 hours and start generating rewards. 

CAKE is one of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies with its market capitalization. The coin hit the exchanges with a lot price of $1.3 but raised to $40 in 2021, peaking at its all-time high. It has dropped significantly since the severe crash in the crypto market and is currently traded at $1.4. However, the new upgrades to the project can raise the popularity of this project. PancakeSwap is also a popular DEX and is a valuable project for DeFi with its features. 

How To Find Top Trending Cryptocurrency Projects?

If you want to benefit from the most trending cryptocurrencies, one of the most important things to do is to find them. It’s actually quite challenging to find and invest in the project at the right time before the crypto project explodes in price. In this case, you will lose the momentum and the chance to invest in it when it is traded at a low price. 

Hence, in this section of our guide, we will introduce some of the best ways to find the most trending cryptocurrencies earlier than their price increases. 

Look For Presales

Crypto presales are becoming more and more popular among crypto projects as they enable developers to raise capital for project development. Meanwhile, early investors get the chance to buy the asset at its lowest price and benefit when the crypto launches and increases in value. Crypto presales can be a great source to find the next cryptocurrency that will succeed. 

To find crypto presales, you can simply search them on platforms that usually list popular presales, such as CoinMarketCap. Alternatively, you can search “best crypto presales” and find out which new crypto projects are recommended to buy among investors. 

Monitor Trading Activity On Large Crypto Exchanges

Another great way to find the most trending cryptocurrencies is to monitor which cryptocurrencies are most actively traded. The cryptos that gain public attention are likely to increase in value due to the high demand. One of the ways is to monitor exchanges to track the activity. Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in terms of liquidity, so you can monitor which cryptocurrencies are bought on Binance in large volumes.

Read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely on regulated exchanges.

Search For Popular Crypto Projects On Social Media Platforms

Eventually, social media platforms can be the best sources to find the next trending cryptocurrency. One of the best social media platforms is Twitter, where teams usually first announce their projects. You can find the most trending cryptocurrencies following the hashtags on Twitter. You can also monitor the Twitter blogs of these projects to monitor activity or check how large the community is supporting the coin. 


Reddit is another great source to track trending cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of subgroups on Reddit about cryptocurrencies where you can not only find the best cryptos to buy but also find out a lot of information, analysis, and discussions about a certain crypto project. Another social platform to consider is Discord, where many crypto projects have their channels and will keep you updated about the future plans regarding the project. Here’s a list of the 10 best Discord groups to join


To conclude, crypto enthusiasts are always excited to invest in trending cryptocurrencies as these projects are usually a great source of gaining profit. Our top pick is the Dogecoin20 token which we consider the most trending cryptocurrency project to buy in 2024, with a strong community supporting it on social platforms. 

Apart from Dogecoin20, you can also diversify your portfolio with other trending crypto projects like Smog, Ripple, Pancakeswap, Polygon, and some others that offer valuable solutions to the DeFi sector and aim to solve problems of the similar industries of the traditional market. 

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What is the most trending cryptocurrency project right now?

According to our research, the Smog token is the most trending cryptocurrency this year. Other trending crypto projects to consider buying this year are Meme Kombat (MK), Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) etc.

Where can I get the latest data on the most trending cryptocurrencies?

There are several ways to find the most trending cryptocurrencies, which we introduced in our guide. However, the most popular ways include searching for trending coins on social media forums and cryptocurrency groups. You can also find trending cryptos from the latest presales or monitor trading activity on exchanges to see which coin gets more attention.

Is it a good decision to invest in trending cryptocurrencies?

Investing in trending cryptocurrencies is one of the greatest ways to gain profits. However, it is also quite risky, and you must always consider the possibility of losing your money. Although trending cryptocurrencies tend to garner huge popularity and grow momentum, the reverse can also happen.