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How to Buy Shiba Shootout – $SHIBASHOOT Presale Review

Buy Shiba Shootout
Buy Shiba Shootout

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Blending the quirks and conquest of cowboy themes with the popular Shiba Inu meme, Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) has landed as a presale with a vision to provide more utility than standard meme tokens.

Brandishing multiple use cases, including a P2E game as well as savings and stakings, Shiba Shootout has raised close to $500k so far already. But what makes this new meme token tick? Can it become “the” meme coin to lead the charge this year? This guide answers this question and covers the topic of how to buy Shiba Shootout.

How to Buy Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) – Quick Guide

Shiba Shootout is currently providing early adoption opportunities to investors. To grab SHIBASHOOT at a discount price, here are the steps investors must follow:

  1. Step 1 – Visit the Official Website – Users must visit the official website – – first using the link given on this page.
  2. Step 2 – Connect the Wallet – The next step is clicking the “Connect Wallet” button and connecting Metamask, Best Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet.
  3. Step 3 – Buy Shiba Shootout – Investors must ensure they have enough ETH or USDT in their wallets to fulfill the transaction requirements. They can then swap their tokens for Shiba Shootout.
  4. Step 4 – Claim $SHIBASHOOT – Once the presale concludes, investors can connect with the presale widget using the same wallet to claim their tokens.

Visit Shiba Shootout Presale

What is Shiba Shootout?

Shiba Shootout is a utility-focused meme coin that blends the themes of the Wild West with the popular Shiba Inu meme. In doing so, it adds elements of grit, conquest, and consolidated lore behind the ecosystem, complete with a Marshal and a band of bandits.

Shiba Gulch, a digital town, is the backdrop of this project. It is a place to host games, participate in challenges, and engage in shootouts. Simply put, it is the foundation of the Shiba Shootout community.

Buy Shiba Shootout

Heading this town is Marshal Shiba, a legendary figure with a quick draw and a sharp tongue. Helping with this quest to become the king of the Wild West crypto frontier are Shiba Sharpshooters, which Shiba Shootout equates to a community of meme creators and crypto enthusiasts.

The project weaves these elements to create a “great crypto shootout,” bringing about multiple use cases, including giveaways, savings, staking, and P2E games.

Leveraging its social attributes to promote unique storytelling opportunities, Shiba Shootout establishes itself as a standout asset in which memes don’t solely focus on comedy but give investors vast earning opportunities.

Further sections of this guide will analyze the depth of Shiba Shootout’s features to give our readers a better insight into why they should buy Shiba Shootout.

How to Buy Shiba Shootout – Complete Guide

The steps to buy Shiba Shootout via its presale are conventional. However, since it is a presale and the tokens are going out fast, time is of the essence. Therefore, here is a complete guide that unveils the steps to buy SHIBASHOOT in a non-complex way.

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website

Users must first visit the official Shiba Shootout website, Since the project is new and doing well in the presale charts, it is important to use the link available on this page only. The current volatile market has invited many copycat sites to run phishing scams, and using the links available on this page will prevent investors from running into them.

Shiba Shootout Funds Raised to date

Step 2 – Connect the Wallet 

Investors must then click the “Connect Wallet” button to connect with the presale widget. Shiba Shootout recommends Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or Best Wallet. However, mobile users can use WalletConnect instead by scanning QR codes to connect their wallets.

Connect Wallet on Shiba Shootout

Step 3 – Buy Shiba Shootout

The wallet should have enough tokens to buy Shiba Shootout tokens and pay the gas fees, which is an important consideration since Shiba Shootout is a meme coin developed on the Ethereum chain.

We recommend investors visit Coinbase to buy ETH or USDT. The exchange ranks second in terms of trading volume on CoinMarketCap and has been lauded for its user-friendly interface and good fee structure.

Once users have enough tokens, they must enter the amount of USDT or ETH they want to swap for Shiba Shootout. Afterward, clicking the “Buy” button will complete the transaction. Investors can also “buy and stake” their tokens to generate passive earnings during the presale.

Step 4 – Claim $SHIBASHOOT

Once the presale concludes, investors can come to the platform and connect their wallets to claim their SHIBASHOOT tokens. Long-term gain seekers can keep their tokens staked to earn more staking rewards.

Visit Shiba Shootout Presale

Shiba Shootout – Complete Analysis 

Shiba Shootout has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem to give an otherwise utility-less crypto niche a better purpose.

Blending the Wild West with a popular theme is a unique narrative that has not been done often. The rebellious style of the cowboys also mirrors the risk-taking tendencies of investors, which makes Shiba Shootout a good token for day trading.

However, the bouquet of use cases makes this project worthy of consideration for those with more aspirations.

Shiba Shootout

These use cases are highlighted by rich lore and characters cleverly weaved into blockchain fundamentals. This approach simplifies its ecosystem, giving it a casual appeal and making it a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency.

For instance, the main character of this project, Marshal Shiba, can become a leading figurehead within this community, becoming the chief mascot and a crucial part of Shiba Shootout’s future developments.

His posse of “Shiba Sharpshooters,” which the official whitepaper equates with the most engaging community members, further boosts this project’s social attributes.

In addition, the town of Shiba Gulch gives Shiba Shootout a metaverse-like vibe, which further hints at the project’s potential.

There are many use cases for this project, all tied to its social nature. They focus on fostering more engagement, rewarding community supporters, and carving a pathway that could make Shiba Shootout a leading crypto asset.

Posse Rewards

Shiba Shootout has formulated a referral program known as “posse rewards,” allowing users to win SHIBASHOOT tokens.

Shiba Shootout Token Governance Roundups

Like conventional referrals, it features links that community members can share with friends or other communities. Members will be rewarded based on how many investors used the referral link to buy Shiba Shootout.

Campfire Stories

Another unique addition that could potentially enhance Shiba Shootout’s engagement is campfire stories. Featuring a social media page or an app, this utility will prompt users to share their crypto and meme experiences in a story-telling setting. The most entertaining among them will be given rewards in the form of SHIBASHOOT tokens

Through the element of storytelling, engagement can be boosted within the Shiba Shootout ecosystem, allowing the most engaging investors to earn the most rewards.

Token Governance Roundups

Shiba Shootout will also hold token governance roundups, giving the community control of its future. Community members will draft proposals to decide on the project’s future developments. With such a democratized flair, Shiba Shootout can follow a non-linear path toward growth, which makes it an out-of-the-box DAO crypto.

Shiba Shootout Token Governance Roundups

This is similar to how the townspeople in the Old West came together to vote on key matters.

Lucky Lasso Lotteries

Shiba Shootout also introduces “Lucky Lasso Lotteries,” which add the element of random rewards to the mix. Those who buy tickets to these lotteries will have their names drawn randomly and get a chance to win big crypto prizes.

The lottery will also play into Shiba Shootout’s altruistic goals to support charitable organizations. This utility is similar to treasure hunts and lotteries that were common in the old West, which inspired people to pursue fun even when the circumstances around them were ridden by draught and violence.

Savings Saddlebags

Shiba Shootout also introduces a unique savings feature, adding an element of security by allowing investors to automatically allocate a portion of their SHIBASHOOT tokens to a dedicated wallet. In addition to providing security, the wallet will lock its tokens akin to staking, giving users passive earning opportunities.

Shiba Shootout Savings Saddlebags

Savings saddlebags work well with the Wild West narrative as the unpredictable frontier can be equated with the unpredictable crypto market, where due to the risk of losing gains, it is better to keep the assets safe inside a saddlebag.

Cactus Staking

Shiba Shootout adds a more visual element to staking through cactus staking. Simply put, Shiba Shootout investors can stake their tokens into a pool represented by a cactus plant. The plant will then grow as more tokens are staked, representing higher potential earnings for holders.

Cactus Staking on Shiba Shootout

Even presale investors can take advantage of Shiba Shootout’s staking model, which gives more than 2000% staking rewards.

Play to Earn Game

Enhancing the interactivity of the Shiba Shootout ecosystem, the project has crafted a P2E game. Featuring highs-take battles in a 2D or 3D, this play-to-earn game will have players battle in a PvE or PvP setting and earn Shiba Shootout tokens.

The game has been signed off by Google and Apple stores, which means it could drop any day now.

Shiba Shootout Tokenomics

Developers of Shiba Shootout have created a tokenomics that ensures the project has a wider berth to grow in the future while the community remains engaged for a long time.

Shiba Shootout Tokenomics

There are 2.2 billion tokens in total that are divided in the following format.

  1. 5% is allocated to the Rootin Tootin Shooter Fund, which could potentially be a fund related to charitable causes.
  2. 20% is allocated to marketing, which aims to enhance Shiba Shootout’s exposure on social media through influencer marketing and giveaways.
  3. 10% is allocated to liquidity to keep the Shiba Shootout price stable once it launches on decentralized and centralized exchanges
  4. 20% of the supply is dedicated to staking to give users access to passive gains by holding their tokens.
  5. 10% is allocated to project funds to materialize the use cases Shiba Shootout has envisioned in the original whitepaper.
  6. 35% is allocated to the presale to give the project an initial boost and give investors early moving opportunities.

Shiba Shootout Roadmap 

Even though Shiba Shootout is a future-centric cryptocurrency, developers have kept the roadmap standard, focusing on the token’s launch on DEX and CEX.

Shiba Shootout Roadmap

Phase 1

Phase 1 focused on evolving the Shiba Shootout ecosystem while establishing its community. An AI contract audit was done for Shiba Shootout, and the token generation event was completed. The marketing campaign started in full swing, followed by the start of the presale.

Phase 2

The second phase of Shiba Shootout’s roadmap involves releasing community programs such as campfire stories and enhancing digital storytelling within the meme coin niche. An awareness campaign is also on the way, and the Shiba Shootout mini-game is poised to be released soon on Google and Apple stores.

Phase 3

In the third phase of the project, Shiba Shootout will launch on a popular decentralized exchange. This public launch will also be followed by SHIBASHOOT’s first CEX listing.

Multiple community partnerships will be initiated to enhance the project’s expansion even further, and the token will be listed on coin-tracking platforms such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for more transparency.

Visit Shiba Shootout Presale

Is Shiba Shootout a Good Investment?

With its unique tale of Cowboys and inspiration from popular dog themes, there are many reasons to rally behind Shiba Shootout. However, if investors seek conventional reasons to support this ecosystem, here is a list highlighting its many perks.

Dog-Themed Token

Although most dog-themed tokens have started to trade inside the red zones, they still maintain an almost hegemonic presence in the top 10 meme coins list on several websites, including CoinMarketCap.

With Shiba Inu being the second biggest meme coin by market capitalization, Shiba Shootout can potentially attract a new following through its games and social use cases.


Furthermore, the tale of a Shiba Inu on the frontiers of the West provides the recipe for a good story. These stories create more engagement within the Shiba Shootout community, prepping SHIBASHOOT to experience a major surge even during volatile market conditions.

Therefore, being a dog-themed token is one reason to buy Shiba Shootout via the presale.

Features a Unique Ecosystem

Shiba Shootout’s themes are one of its more intriguing aspects. While many ephemeral meme tokens have used the same narrative, Shiba Shootout is the first one to use Spaghetti Western as the vehicle to highlight its many use cases.

The main character, Marshal Shiba, exudes a Clint Eastwood-like vibe, and his Sharpshooters are linked to the Shiba Shootout community. These aspects make Shiba Shootout a project that resonates with its user base.

Holding Shiba Shootout

Additionally, unique perks like stories and saddlebags add a dramatic flare to standard meme coin benefits, making it a casual investment with complex attributes underneath.

Multi-Staged Presale

Shiba Shootout features a multi-staged presale, which means those who invest early can rake in the most gains. A presale structure with staged elements also adds a level of certainty to the project, with investors expecting a certain amount of profit once the coin offering ends.

Furthermore, a staged presale gives the project enough time to grow, which means Shiba Shootout can potentially ramp up the marketing efforts during the presale itself while developing new use cases in the background.

Buy Shiba Shootoug

That way, once the project launches, it may offer more surprises, an act that could help boost SHIBASHOOT’s price beyond the listing pump it will achieve after being listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Staking Perks 

Another reason to buy Shiba Shootout is its staking perks.

Cactus staking adds a unique visual element to the act of holding the tokens and earning passive gains. It will inspire beginners to interact with the crypto ecosystem in a whole new way.

Shiba Shootout staking

However, even presale investors can get staking benefits through Shiba Shootout’s “Buy and Stake” model, which will allow them to stake their tokens right when they are buying them during the presale.

This approach will enhance their profits as they can take advantage of the listing pumps and APY rewards.

Major crypto YouTubers like ClayBro have also discussed the “extremely high staking rewards” it offers for those who invest early.

With close to $500k already raised, those who invest now can earn upwards of 2000% APY.

Play to Earn Games

Multiple meme coins have discussed adding P2E games in the past, but most have not succeeded. With Shiba Shootout, however, a mini-game giving investors the first taste of the frontier has already been designed and is poised to launch on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Play to Earn games will enhance the interactivity within the Shiba Shootout ecosystem, which already has many engagement-worthy elements. Furthermore, Shiba Shootout already has the perfect digital backdrop for its game, Shiba Gulch, which can help the project prosper with an added metaverse element.

Multiple Passive Earning Opportunities

Staking is not the only way to earn passively from the Shiba Shootout ecosystem. Other elements, including Campfire Stories and Savings Saddlebags, can generate passive income for investors.

Shiba Shootout town

With so many elements working together to create earning opportunities for investors, it is no news that traders have started flocking toward Shiba Shootout even during the ICO.

Listing on Major Exchanges

Shiba Shootout has already outlined in its roadmap that its goal is to go live on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Like most presales, it will first list on a decentralized exchange. The listing pump will help enhance Shiba Shootout’s exposure.

If the project proves itself formidable in the long run, it may draw the attention of major centralized exchanges, making Shiba Shootout visible to more investors. This will allow the ecosystem to become more stable, making developers more comfortable introducing more innovative aspects within it.

Shiba Shootout Profit Potential 

Shiba Shootout distinguishes itself from other run-of-the-mill meme coins by providing an interesting backdrop, cool characters, and a host of use cases with active and passive earning opportunities.

Shiba Shootout mascot

However, despite these unique attributes, Shiba Shootout will be beholden to market fundamentals, which means market conditions will influence how it moves on the price charts.

For instance, the project’s goals are similar to Shiba Inu, the world’s second-biggest meme coin by market capitalization. Now, SHIB was generally trading in bearish zones until Bitcoin’s recent rise to its all-time high pushed its value up again. However, the token has experienced a downtrend due to the current market conditions.

Shiba Shootout may follow the same trajectory for the short term. However, as its use cases become more known and its developments become more pronounced, it can experience an influx of new buyers, which would help the Shiba Shootout price grow higher.

Crypto influencer Clinix Crypto has discussed its major potential on YouTube. The YouTuber even defended the project against those who deliberately flagged it without conducting research.

Shiba Shootout Socials 

Shiba Shootout has been very selective about its social media following. However, it is growing as most investors focus on the token’s potential beyond its memecoin veneer.

The socials are constantly updated about the project’s new features, making it important for investors to keep up with them.

  1. Twitter 
  2. Telegram

Only use the link on this page to engage with Shiba Shootout on social media. Remember that devs won’t reach out first.


The uniqueness of Shiba Shootout stems from its unique artwork, which blends cowboy themes well with Shiba Inu memes. Even though its core may be jokish, the promise of a high-stakes battle, multiple earning opportunities, and a fully developed P2E game make Shiba Shootout one of the best utility tokens to buy this year.

However, despite its many upsides, it is still a meme coin that has yet to reveal many of its perks. Therefore, investors should only commit the amount they can afford to lose. Meme coins pump in short bursts, and their drops can often be bigger than their pumps.

That said, this project has many positive aspects that cannot be ignored. Those interested can visit to participate in its presale. Remember to only use the links provided on this website, and know that devs won’t reach out first.

Visit Shiba Shootout Presale


What is Shiba Shootout?

Shiba Shootout bills itself as a meme coin inspired by cowboys and Shiba Inu memes. Presenting a crypto wild west as a digital frontier, the project aims to create a utility-focused ecosystem complete with multiple earning opportunities, games, and engagement.

How to participate in Shiba Shootout presale?

Those who want to buy Shiba Shootout can visit the official website and interact with the platform's presale widget.

When will Shiba Shootout be launched on cryptocurrency exchanges?

Shiba Shootout will make an announcement about the listing date following the conclusion of its presale. Investors are advised to keep up with Shiba Shootout's Twitter and Telegram channels to find out.

Should you buy Shiba Shootout?

The mix of cowboy and Shiba Inu memes coupled with multiple use cases make Shiba Shootout a worthy cryptocurrency investment. However, being a meme coin, it is subject to the same risks. Therefore, we advise that investors do their own research before committing any funds.