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How to Buy BitNance – $BTN Presale Review

What is BitNance
What is BitNance

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

BitNance has arrived on the market as a modern take on Bitcoin. Leveraging the architecture of the BNB Chain, it aims to bring more security, speed, and community-driven support to the Bitcoin ecosystem, giving users a novel and inclusive version of the world’s leading store-of-value crypto.

Currently available as a presale, this limited-supply token has already started turning heads. How to buy BitNance? Is it a good investment? Since the project has already debuted on publications like Captainaltcoin and sites like ICO Holder, we aim to answer these questions in this comprehensive guide.

Note: BitNance is a new crypto project that should not be confused with Bitnance, a now-defunct AI trading bot. 

How to Buy BitNance – Quick Guide

Since BitNance (BTN) is available as a presale, the buying process is simple. Here is a quick guide.

  1. Step 1 – Go to the Official Website: Visit the official website – – to start the process. Make sure only to use the links available on this page to access the platform.
  2. Step 2 – Connect your Wallet: Click the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your wallet.
  3. Step 3 – Buy BTN: Swap your BNB or USDT for BitNance.
  4. Step 4 – Claim Your Tokens During the TGE: After the presale ends, connect to the website with the wallet you used to buy BTN to claim your tokens.

Visit BitNance Presale

What is BitNance?

BitNance describes itself in its official whitepaper as a modern take on Bitcoin. While it acts as the same store of value as Bitcoin, being on the BNB chain gives it an added advantage of being community-driven and secure.

Buy BitNance

Bitcoin was and still is the leading cryptocurrency on the market, and its attribute as a “store-of-value” cryptocurrency is almost unparalleled. However, here are some shortfalls that don’t make it an appealing crypto for beginners.

  1. High costs – At the time of writing, one Bitcoin is worth approximately $68,000. While that is good news for the early movers of Bitcoin, it has also given a hegemonic control of the crypto to a few institutional investors.
  2. High mining cost – Mining Bitcoin is more energy intensive, especially after halving that has halved the amount of BTC emitted per block. That not only incurs a high cost on the wallet, but it is also bad news for the environment.
  3. Limited use cases – Bitcoin has little value other than being a tradeable asset. Even though the launch of Ordinals has tried to address this situation, these new “NFTs.” still cost too much for most investors.

BitNance, which is necessarily equivalent to “Bitcoin on the Binance ecosystem,” curtails these issues by providing a more comprehensive token that uses the BNB chain to enable:

  1. Faster and cheap transactions, and
  2. A secure store of value

BitNance Community Token

That approach aims to emerge inside the DeFi sector as an asset that is truly decentralized, giving everyone a chance to participate. Additionally, thanks to its origins on the BNB Chain, it is much more energy efficient than Bitcoin, evolving as a better Bitcoin alternative.

Some of the key factors that make it different from the rest are as follows:

Limited Supply

There aren’t billions of BitNance (BTN) tokens available on the market. Its circulating supply, which is exactly 10.5 million, is exactly half the number of existing Bitcoins.

Robust Roadmap

The roadmap for this token is driven by the desire to lead the DeFi economy. In addition to the traditional goals of going live on major cryptocurrency exchanges and reaching a $1 billion market capitalization, it also seeks to introduce innovative DEX projects with the help of its developer community.

Focus on Complete Decentralization

Although Bitcoin is completely decentralized, its cost is high, which leads to only a select few “whales” holding control over the most number of Bitcoins.

Take Microstrategy, for instance. Its former CEO, Michael Saylor, almost worships Bitcoin.

According to Bitcoin Treasuries, the company owns 214,000 Bitcoins to date. Since one Bitcoin is equivalent to $68,000, this means that Microstrategy owns $14.52 billion worth of BTC.

That has established almost a “centralized” control over the Bitcoin economy.

However, BitNance is a crypto under $1, available at a discount price of just $0.375 during the current presale. That means it is more inclusive and can potentially include many more participants who may work together to create a brighter future for its ecosystem.

How to Buy BitNance (BTN) – Complete Guide

BitNance presents a lucrative early-moving opportunity for investors who want to access a more sustainable version of Bitcoin at a much more affordable price. With that being said, here is a complete guide to buy BTN.

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website

The first step is to visit the official website, Even though the presale has raised a little over $46,000 to date, its social media presence is expanding. That means it is only a matter of time before bad actors emerge to take advantage of this situation and create malicious copies of the website to phish your information and steal your tokens.

How to Buy BitNance

Therefore, we recommend connecting with the platform using the links provided on this page only.

Step 2 – Connect your Wallet 

Once on the website, click on the “Connect Wallet” button. The platform will give you a choice to use Trust Wallet, Metamask, or Coinbase wallet or choose from 420 different wallets available on the platform.

If you are a mobile user, BitNance’s presale widget allows you to connect your mobile wallet using a QR code.

Step 3 – Buy BTN

After connecting the wallet, enter the number of BNB or USDT tokens you want to swap for BTN.

Since the token is not built on the Ethereum chain, it doesn’t offer the option to buy tokens using ETH. Therefore, if you have ETH instead of BNB or USDT, we recommend you connect with a suitable cryptocurrency exchange and swap ETH for any one of those assets before connecting your wallet.

Once the transaction is complete, the tokens you bought will be reserved under your token address.

Step 4 – Claim Your Tokens During the TGC Event

After the presale concludes and the token generation event begins, use the same wallet to connect to the presale widget you used to buy the tokens. Click the “Claim” button to collect your tokens.

Visit BitNance Presale

BitNance Project – Complete Analysis 

BitNance is a project that runs on Binance Smart Chain. Since the chain is heavy on innovation, the BitNance ecosystem has perks like the governance-secured model.


Per the whitepaper, the project is completely decentralized. It focuses on materializing the ethos of financial freedom and offering a truly decentralized ecosystem.

Its consensus model relies on randomly picked voting, which adds an element of inclusivity and makes BitNance more resource-optimized and community-centric.

Furthermore, the project has a limited supply of tokens. The low circulation and decentralized nature make the project more viable for future developments.

Not Decentralized Only in the Name

The project has created a roadmap that dictates that the developers will give up control of the smart contract to the community after the presale concludes.

Furthermore, the project will burn liquidity to enhance its deflationary aspects, making it more valuable due to increased scarcity and buyer demand.

BitNance Tokenomics will Balance Scarcity and Accessibility

BitNance has opted for a more balanced tokenomics that involves assigning most tokens to the presale and liquidity and the remaining to exchanges.

BitNance tokenomics

There are 10.5 million tokens in total. 7.75 million will be assigned to the presale, and 2.75 million will be reserved for sale on centralized exchanges.

Although the project does not directly explain how 7.75 million tokens are divided into presale and liquidity, the presale widget shows that 5.6 million tokens are put on presale. That means 2.15 million tokens are to be reserved for liquidity. Since they will be burned upon launch, the token’s total supply once the presale concludes will be 8.35 million.

BitNance Roadmap is Multi-Staged with Multiple Steps for Each stage

The first phase of the roadmap is already complete. The project has launched as a presale, and marketing efforts have already begun.

Within a few days of going live as a presale, BitNance has already amassed a massive Twitter following of over 1,000. AMAs are in full swing, as evident by @beincrypto’s recent invitation to BitNance.

Phase 2 Has Already Started

Now that the presale has arrived, BitNance hopes to conclude the presale earlier than expected so that the founder can stay true to the project’s charter and give up control of the smart contract.

Upon launch, more marketing efforts will be made to help BitNance secure a spot in centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

The team also plans to establish partnerships with crypto influencers, developers, and creators to collaborate with BitNance and bolster its presence.

Phase 3 Will Bring More Benefits to the Ecosystem

When the community gets complete control of the project, a slew of new benefits will arrive for BTN holders. Events are being planned, and special offers are being designed to make BitNance stand out.


BitNance also plans to reach a $1 billion market capitalization during this phase. Although BitNance acknowledges that this is an ambitious goal, it is achievable. Many little-known projects have exploded on the crypto scene in the past, quickly achieving a $1 billion market cap.

dogwifhat is one example, and that was a meme coin. With BitNance’s unique attributes, the road to a billion may be shortened thanks to more use cases and marketing efforts.

Further efforts will also surface during this phase to make BitNance go live on tier-1 centralized exchanges, which could help the token grow even more in the days to come.

Phase 4 Will Introduce a DAO

This phase will see the start of creating a decentralized autonomous organization to make the ecosystem much better. With a voting system in place, BitNance will evolve into a DAO crypto, capable of transforming into a multi-faceted project with multiple upsides.

Is BitNance a Good Investment?

Although BitNance sounds like a Bitcoin derivative, it can evolve into something more phenomenal with time, given its community-centric nature and founder’s willingness to give up control of its smart contract.

With that in mind, here are the reasons why we believe that BitNance is a good investment this year.

It Can Leverage Bitcoin’s Growth to Gain Value

Since the beginning of 2024, Bitcoin has performed beyond expectations. The token even managed to gain a new all-time high even before the arrival of halving.

An increase in institutional interest in this project has maintained the BTC price at a high level so far.

However, most investors who are bullish about Bitcoin are low-cap traders. They are looking to buy  cryptos that are priced less and could explode upon listing on the price charts. That’s where BitNance steps in as a good investment.

Since it provides users with a cheaper alternative to Bitcoin, it can potentially gain the same level of attention as BTC. And if it even manages to gain a fraction of the attention of Bitcoin’s current investors, it could become one of the first tokens to reach a $1 billion market capitalization this year.

Eco-Friendly Version of Bitcoin

Although over 50% of the energy sources used to mine Bitcoin are renewable, the electricity consumption is still high. Not much has been done to offset the carbon emissions of these resources.

Greener version of Bitcoin

BitNance is different. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, this project is faster, more energy efficient, and cheaper in terms of gas fees. The trifecta of these factors makes BitNance a valuable asset for people looking for a more sustainable version of Bitcoin.

Community-led governance Could Lead to Multiple Use Cases

BitNance’s main USP is community-centricity. Since the founder will give up control once the token launches, the community can leverage the innovative aspects of the Binance Smart Chain to bring more use cases within BitNance’s ecosystem.

The project’s whitepaper suggests that some DEX projects are already in the works. However, the community can introduce perks beyond that. With enthusiastic investors at the helm, there is no limit to what BitNance could accomplish.

It may introduce a new P2E utility or take inspiration from Ordinals to create its own line of NFTs. A new form of DEX on the Binance Smart Chain is also possible. All of these factors may drive more interest in this project, making it a good contender for Bitcoin.

Increase in BNB Price Action

BNB recently saw a massive price increase, with the chart showing a surge of 159% in a 1-year timeframe. While that was largely due to people’s rising interest in the crypto market thanks to Bitcoin gaining more traction, some publications, like Bitcoinworld, have claimed that this increase has more to do with the release of BitNance.


While we can’t say much about the legitimacy of this claim, it can be said that the arrival of BitNance has already started to turn heads. That indicates that BitNance’s price may also be tied to how BNB performs.

Surging interest in BNB could mean more buyers for BitNance during the ongoing presale. That could lead to an early presale conclusion, potentially making BTN the next 1000x crypto when it finally arrives.

A Well-Defined Roadmap 

The official roadmap of the project highlights only achievable goals. With no outlandish claims or false promises on display, BitNance is a project with integrity. And since the community will have complete control of the project down the line, how it performs won’t depend on the founder but on the crypto enthusiasts.

More security and Low Fees

With no centralized control and large transactional fees for trading, BitNance is a good buy for any discerning investor.

Furthermore, Binance Smart Chain promotes enhanced security, which could help BitNance develop into a more sustainable ecosystem.


BitNance Price Prediction

Although BitNance is not live on any exchange yet, there are enough positive points to help us be optimistic about its future.

A combination of Bitcoin inspiration, security, and versatility could boost this token once the presale concludes. However, since it is bound to become a community-led token, BitNance’s long-term performance will depend on how the community continues to support it.

BitNance Social Media Handles

To learn more about this project, please follow BitNance’s social media handles:

  1. X
  2. Telegram

Even though this presale is still fairly new, it has already started generating interest. Therefore, remember that you should only use the social links available on this page. Also, keep in mind that devs won’t reach out to you first.


BitNance is an interesting Bitcoin derivative that provides an alternative store of value with all the perks of the Binance Smart Chain. As a result, this novel project is more secure and can evolve into a community-centric token with a host of new use cases.

To participate in this presale, we recommend visiting Follow the social media links to keep up with the project’s development, and remember that developers will not contact you first.

Visit BitNance Presale


What is BitNance?

BitNance is an iteration of Bitcoin on the Binance Smart Chain. It has half the supply of Bitcoin and is equipped with perks like community-led governance, security, and eco-friendliness.

What’s the total supply of BitNance tokens?

BitNance has a total supply of 10.5 million tokens. Out of that, 7.75 million are allocated for presale and liquidity and the remaining tokens are for exchange listing.

Is BitNance a good investment?

BitNance has many advantages. It is a community-centric cryptocurrency that leverages the innovative aspects of the Binance Smart Chain. Furthermore, due to its limited supply, it is a good buy since scarcity can boost its price in the future. Considering these factors, it is a good investment. However, we recommend that investors read the whitepaper thoroughly and make their own investment decisions.