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How to Buy Arkenstone – $ARKN Presale Review


Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Arkenstone is a utility crypto disguised as a meme coin that draws direct inspiration from Lords of the Rings. Presently available on presale, Arkenstone is offering investors an ample chance to become early adopters.

This project has made headlines in major publications like Coincierge, thanks to its simplified tool that lets users create and monetize their own crypto projects. However, what other features differentiate it from the rest? This guide reveals how to buy Arkenstone and gives a complete analysis to determine whether it is a good investment.

How to Buy Arkenstone – Quick Guide

Here is the guide to buying Arkenstone via the ongoing presale and becoming an early adopter.

  1. Step 1 – Go to the official website: Visit the official website first using the URL – We recommend only using the links provided on this page to go to this platform.
  2. Step 2 – Connect your wallet: Once on the website, connect your Solana wallet to proceed.
  3. Step 3 – Buy Arkenstone: Enter the number of SOL tokens you want to swap for $ARKN.
  4. Step 4 – Claim your Tokens: Claim your tokens once the presale concludes.

Visit Arkenstone

What is Arkenstone?

Arkenstone presents itself as a memecoin featuring imagery ripped straight from The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. However, instead of showcasing funny characters, which is generally the norm of most meme coins, it focuses on the mythology’s stones and unique symbols.

How to Buy Arkenstone

Those images have been interwoven into the key perks that Arkenstone offers. This reveals that Arkenstone is a utility crypto providing a beginner-friendly ICO launchpad known as the GemLaunch ICO suite.

Arkenstone Product

The official website describes the GemLaunch ICO suite as a combination of tools through which users can create, launch, fund, sell, and even monitor their own cryptocurrencies easily and without needing a code.

This suite is not a standard application but a widget that can be installed on any website. Not only does it offer the ability to accept crypto payments, but it is also a cheaper alternative to third-party platforms that often are way too complex.


Arkenstone Token ($ARKN)

At the heart of the Arkenstone ecosystem lies the Arkenstone token. Developed on the Solana blockchain, $ARKN is an SPL token (Solana Program Library). It relies on smart contracts and comes with multiple purposes, including being the currency to operate the GemLaunch Suite,

How to Buy Arkenstone ($ARKN) – Complete Guide

Arkenstone has just launched as a presale. Like most presales, the process of participation is standard.

Step 1 – Go to the official website

The first task is to go to the official website, which is We recommend using the link on this page instead of searching for the site yourself. The project has gotten a lot of traction since arriving, which means you could end up entering a malicious website with the same name but without any token on offer.

Step 2 – Connect your wallet

The next step is to connect your wallet, which you can do using the “Buy Now” button. If you already have a wallet installed, it will detect it. For instance, Metamask was installed here, and the website’s presale widget detected it.

Connect Wallet on Arkenstone

Alternatively, investors can use WalletConnect to connect their mobile wallets or SolFlare, a Solana wallet.

Step 3 – Buy Arkenstone

Once on the presale page, enter the number of SOL tokens you want to swap for $ARKN tokens. At press time, the price of one Arkenstone token is $0.021611.

Furthermore, if you don’t have SOL in your wallet, Arkenstone does provide a widget that lets you swap your ETH for SOL. That technology is powered by deBridge Finance.

Step 4 – Claim your Tokens

After the presale ends, investors can return to the website and claim their $ARKN tokens.

Visit Arkenstone

Arkenstone – Complete Analysis

There are many innovators in the crypto world, but only a few get time under the sun.

The reason for that is manifold. Some of the bigger ones are listed below:

  1. Time-consuming: The process of launching a token is not easy. Even though some third-party tools have tried to mitigate this issue, the process of token creation can still take days.
  2. Skill issue: Although one can visit StackOverflow or a similar website to get a code and change its variables to create a customized smart contract to create a crypto, the knowledge requirement is still very high. Furthermore, balancing scalability, accessibility, and security together is very difficult when creating a crypto project manually.
  3. Expensive third-party tools: The third reason is the presence of pricey third-party tools. Although they aren’t easy to use, they come with a hefty price tag, which turns off most from starting their crypto projects.

Arkenstone Solution

The “Arkenstone” solution to this issue is the GemLaunch ICO suite. It contains almost everything a developer needs to launch and operate a token.

Arkenstone Project

Everything from creating and managing smart contracts through website integration to an intuitive dashboard that offers real-time insights into the presale performance is available.

Accessibility is made easier with this tool thanks to its existence as an embed-snippet. Project developers can add these tools to their websites as widgets or WordPress plugins.

The project essentially breaks down the learning curve associated with launching a crypto ICO and does so without the need for any coding.

Arkenstone Token

The entire Arkenstone ecosystem is supported through the $ARKN token. It is a digital SPL token built on the Solana network. There are 4 billion $ARKN tokens available.

Key Perks of Arkenstone Token

Being a utility-centric asset, Arkenstone’s native crypto – $ARKN – has many use cases. They are derived to facilitate simple transactions within the Arkenstone ecosystem while keeping the investors engaged through rewards and other benefits.

ARKN offerings

Gas Fees

Accessing the GemLaunch ICO Suite won’t be free of charge. However, the difference is that users would need to pay using $ARKN tokens. With a sufficient number of these assets, users can use the ICO-building application. Per the website, that helps cover operating costs and other fees.

Staking Perks

Arkenstone also comes equipped with a staking ecosystem that rewards users for contributing to the growth of the Arkenstone ecosystem. However, the platform hasn’t yet revealed the exact APY rewarded.


Those who hold $ARKN will also get access to airdrops. It is likely that the airdrop may have some gamified mechanic that takes inspiration from the popular lore of The Lord of the Rings.


Premium features

GemLaunch ICO Suite will offer many features, some of which will be categorized as premium. And they will only be accessible using $ARKN tokens.

Services discounts

Arkenstone also draws inspiration from BNB on Binance, providing discounts on services within the Arkenstone ecosystem.

GemLaunch ICO Suite

It is a simple-to-use tool that lets users create, market, and monetize their crypto projects. Unlike the code-heavy applications that are currently crowding the market, the GemLaunch ICO Suite has a no-code ecosystem. It offers everything from a tool to name a cryptocurrency within the ecosystem to managing presales via a dashboard.

GemLaunch Suite for Arkenstone

Thanks to seamless website integration, users can integrate it with their websites. The platform will also track the presale’s performance in real time and provide a token management panel to further simplify a token launch and marketing operation.

What does it Provide?

Here are the key features that users can interact with using the demo version of this tool.

Register for Whitelist

Users can set parameters that allow other investors to register for whitelist. This is a good way to create a sensation around a project, giving early movers feel special.

Private Sale

The suite also has a Private Sale mode that makes the newly launched tokens available to core partners and select early investors. A crypto private sale is never publicized and is often done to give the project an initial boost.


Public Sale

GemLaunch Suit also allows users to launch public sales to give standard investors the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies when they are in their early stages. This is the core community-centric attribute of this ecosystem.

Claim Module

The suite also has a claim module that lets early investors claim their tokens after the conclusion of a presale.

Reward Section

The reward section is where developers can set up activities for users to engage with and give them rewards. These may include staking rewards and other incentive programs.

Referral System

With Arkenstone’s referral systems, users can create a unique referral link that can be shared in order to market a project.

ARKN reward

Crypto ATM

Arkenstone has implemented a fast deBridge technology within the GemLaunch ICO Suite, which users can use to fund their Solana wallets and participate in any presale.

The tool’s demo version is currently available and running on Solana DEVNET. While there is still much work to be done, this feature’s presence means Arkenstone’s presale is off to a great start.

Arkenstone Tokenomics

Arkenstone has a limited supply of 4 billion tokens. This deflationary crypto has allocated the tokens in the following manner.

  1. 25% of the tokens are dedicated to the private and public presale
  2. 15% of the tokens are allocated to liquidity
  3. 10% of the total supply is reserved for airdrop
  4. 15% of the total supply is set aside for staking rewards
  5. 30% of the total supply is going towards marketing
  6. 5% of the total supply is vested for the team for 11 months

Arkenstone Tokenomics

Arkenstone Staking

Those looking for passive income opportunities within the Arkenstone ecosystem will find its staking tool more appealing. With staking, users can unlock lucrative rewards in the form of APY, which will be given in $ARKN and SOL tokens.

Arkenstone Roadmap

The Arkenstone roadmap consists of five stages. As you can see from the image above, stages 1 and 2 are complete.

The third stage is underway, with ARKN tokens on presale. Per the whitepaper, the token’s price will surge 3.6% every 24 hours. This means those who invested at the earliest point in time will earn a 400% ROI even before the token goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Arkenstone Roadmap

Partnerships with major influencers will also be done during this stage.

With stage 4, users will see Arkenstone getting more refined. The project will be launched, and the claim will begin. Bonus tokens and NFTs will be distributed depending on how many tokens people purchase. The GemLaunch ICO suite will be finalized, and the team will be expanded further.

Finally, at stage 5, efforts will be made to increase the staking rewards and airdrops and get the token listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Developers also intend to move this token to tier-1 cryptocurrency exchanges and announce new use cases. Furthermore, the final stage will also mark the final launch of the GemLaunch ICO suite.

Is Arkenstone a Good Investment?

With multiple use cases, robust tokenomics, and a straightforward and visionary roadmap, Arkenstone doesn’t even remotely look like a meme coin. Is it a good investment? The plain answer is yes, and here are the reasons.

Presale Rewards Beyond Early Moving Gains

Conventionally, users only gain access to higher returns when investing in a presale token. In many ways, the same is true of Arkenstone. However, the end date of its presale has already been announced, and so are the returns that the earliest investors will earn. What makes Arkenstone different is that it has also included NFT and referral rewards.

Free NFT on Arkenstone

Buying at least $20 worth of Arkenstone tokens will reward users with a referral link. Users will earn bonus tokens as a crypto airdrop if someone buys using that link.

Furthermore, investing more than $1200 in the Arkenstone presale will allow users to earn free Arkenstone NFTs. These NFTs will be exquisitely detailed and tradeable in many NFT marketplaces.

Audited by Two Parties

To reinforce its legitimacy as a cryptocurrency project, Arkenstone has been audited by two bodies.

They are Coinsult and Quantstamp. Therefore, by all accounts, Arkenstone is a legitimate project. That means it could easily attract most investors looking for a project with a solid foundation.

ARKN Audit

Solana Memecoin Narrative

Arkenstone can climb the price charts by banking on the Solana memecoin narrative.

According to CoinGecko, Solana meme coins have a cumulative market capitalization of more than $7.9 billion. Also, two out of the top 10 meme coins by market capitalization are dogwifhat and Bonk. Both are Solana-based meme coins.

It means that Arkenstone won’t need to appeal to new buyers, for it already has many prospective investors, provided that it can fully highlight its meme-based aspects.

Robust Ecosystem

Arkenstone has a very robust ecosystem. With a thorough roadmap, it has created a vision that will attract investors looking for long-term tokens.


Also, thanks to its GemLaunch ICO suite, developers may find Arkenstone an interesting project to get behind.

Inspiration from a Popular Franchise

When it comes to cultural phenomenon, nothing comes close to the impact of Gandalf and his cohorts.

The Lord of the Rings is, and continues to be, one of the best, if not the best, fictional ecosystems on the market.

Even though Arkenstone doesn’t take inspiration from its characters but from Dwarven jewelry, the imprint of those mountains and magical symbols is seen throughout the website’s content. Even the roadmap has been designed to mirror the journey to Mordor.

Arkenstone project

This can help the project gain interest from many investors, specifically those who like the franchise.

Arkenstone Price Prediction

Arkenstone doesn’t bank on dog memes, cat memes, or funny franchises. It only focuses on the nostalgic appeal of The Lord of the Rings franchise to generate initial interest from within the cryptocurrency community. That makes this project more unique than some of the more recent ones.

Given its unique presale structure that raises the price daily, it could attract a large enough crowd when it finally lists on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Beyond the launch, Arkenstone’s price performance will depend on how far along the GemLaunch ICO Suite develops. Furthermore, the Arkenstone price can increase if cryptos developed within that ecosystem experience an upward momentum.

Arkenstone Socials

To keep up with the developments in the Arkenstone ecosystem, join its social media handles:

  1. Telegram
  2. X
  3. Instagram


In this guide, we have covered how to buy Arkenstone ($ARKN) and have given a critical analysis of the project to see where it fits within the current crypto ecosystem.

Overall, the project has the potential to generate gains both as a day-trading crypto and as a long-term asset. However, considering the project doesn’t necessarily capitalize on its meme-based attributes, its price may not go up very high after the presale concludes. That said, we still have to wait and see as the project develops.

To participate in the project’s presale, investors can visit

Visit Arkenstone


What is Arkenstone?

Arkenstone is a utility crypto inspired by The Lord of the Rings. It features a unique GemLaunch ICO Suite, which acts as an easy-to-use launchpad for developers looking to launch their crypto projects.

Is Arkenstone a good investment?

Arkenstone offers multiple use cases. Its presale offers rewards beyond standard early-moving gains, and its ecosystem is designed for consistent engagement. Therefore, it is a good investment. However, investors must do their own research before investing.