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Fight Night (FNIO) Price Prediction – Fist Of Friendship Presale

Fight Night Price
Fight Night Price

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fight Night (FNIO) is a boxing-inspired meme coin featuring an animated rendition of Muhammad Ali as its mascot. It creates a competitive ecosystem focusing on games and charitable causes.

Fight Night Project

The project, also known as The Fist of Friendship, launched as a presale, raising over $7k within a few minutes of going live. This indicates this project can potentially turn heads in 2024.

How will the Fight Night price move in the coming days? This guide explores the project’s fundamentals and forecasts its price action for 2024 and beyond.

Fight Night Price Prediction for 2024 and Beyond

As Fight Night is currently undergoing its presale, we lack access to technical indicators to assess its price movements. However, its unique fundamentals allow us to forecast its short-term performance.


Fight Night is a new project that has dropped on the market without much information. All we know is that it is a meme coin, and its goals are related to gamification and charitable causes. With the FNIO token raising upwards of $7k within a few minutes, we can predict it will increase in value once it lands on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The current price is $0.0009, which is set to increase in the next stage. Since the next presale price and the number of stages haven’t been revealed, our best guess is that Fight Night could potentially 10x its initial price after going live on cryptocurrency exchanges, trading at $0.009 after the presale concludes.


Next year will mark a year since the current halving, which may boost the entire crypto community. We may see a surge in the price of many meme coins.

If Fight Night can hold the crypto community’s attention till then, it may also receive a surge. Historically, meme coins have increased value by more than 100x during a bull run. Based on that assumption, FNIO could reach $0.9 in 2025. However, it is also possible that interest in this token will subside soon after if there are no active use cases by then.

Fight Night Meme v Meme

That being said, Fight Night will introduce a Web3 game and a webtoon for this project. Provided they or even their trailers make their way to the crypto community, Fight Night can get a big boost in value.

2026 – 2030

2026 will mark two years since Fight Night’s (Fist of Friendship) token’s launch. Meme coins have not stayed relevant on the market for that long, which means FNIO must introduce something more active to survive.

The price action that FNIO receives in 2026 will depend on the performance of its Web3 game and the popularity of its Webtoon.

If both are well received by the crypto community and boxing enthusiasts, Fight Night could evolve into something more than a meme coin in 2026. If it can stay on the market, our conservative estimate is that this project will reach $1.2 by the end of 2026.

Making a Fight Night price prediction for 2030 is not optimal since everything from the regulatory landscape to market fundamentals could change by then. Traders must watch the market carefully to see its impact on meme coins because Fight Night will perform on the price charts accordingly.

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What is Fight Night?

Fight Night, or The Fist of Friendship is a meme coin that invites players to join an adventure full of heroes and memes.

“No boring stuff here, just good vibes,” the website writes, showcasing Muhammad Ali as its mascot, who, according to the platform’s role, is trying to rid the world of all the evil with the help of its trusted sidekick “Fist.”

Fist of Friendship presale

The launch of this project comes during the impending match between boxing legend Mike Tyson and YouTube boxer Jake Paul.

That is why The Fist of Friendship has weaved this into the lore, making Jake the evil overlord trying to diminish the value of boxing.

Gaming, Charity Events, and Webtoon

Since Fight Night has been inspired by a rampant cultural phenomenon, boxing, it has laid the groundwork for multiple use cases. They include gaming, charity events, and Webtoons.


While the project is new and has yet to reveal the nature of the games that will be available, the images on the website (like the ones below) show that there could be a boxing-style fighting game involving players stepping into the ring and fighting on a 2D plane.

Fight Night Boxing on a 2D Plane

The image shows that many meme characters will be re-imagined as boxers, like a Doge with muscles and boxing gloves or a Pepe with a lean physique.

It is possible that the game will be both multiplayer and single-player. Players may be able to select from a roster of meme characters, or they may use their NFTs if the project also introduces non-fungible tokens into the mix.

The P2E mechanics within the game include selecting a fighter and starting to play. The winners may win $FNIO tokens. Special bonuses within the game could be used as power-ups or to gain access to more rewarding opponents.


The second key element that Fight Night talks about is charity. According to the website, the core aim of this project is to unite the world, and help causes such as the Opioid Awareness Foundation dedicated to fighting the opioid crisis.

Fight Night Charity

Causes also include helping people from distressed communities, such as children, during wars in zones in Ukraine and Gaza.

The website also states that it will donate to Binance Charity, Unicef, Cancer Research, and Parkinson’s Research.


The final element of Fight Night is a webtoon. While no details have been released, we may see multiple episodes on, which is the official website, or YouTube.

The nature and tone of these web toons will determine how the community perceives Fight Night as a cryptocurrency.

We may see pixelated shorts like the popular “Death Battles,” where two opponents will go against each other in different scenarios, but always inside the boxing ring.

There could also be a betting-based ecosystem with these matches, which won’t be out of the norm since betting and boxing have a historical relationship.

Fight Night Staking 

Keeping with similar crypto presales focusing on providing more than just a chance to gain from the initial listing pump, Fight Night has introduced staking.

Fight Night Staking

Out of the 200 billion token supply, Fight Night has dedicated 96 billion (24%) tokens to staking, which will be distributed over the course of a year.

As more tokens are added to the pool, the yield will reduce. However, even the presence of staking could fuel Fight Night’s long-term potential, making it an excellent project to get behind.

What are the Factors that Could Influence The Fight Night Price?

Fight Night is a meme coin emerging when the entire market is experiencing an influx of meme assets; keeping that timing in mind, here are a few factors that could drive the price movements of the Fight Night (FNIO) token.


Memecoins have constantly shifted in terms of memorable characters and cultural phenomena. While the ecosystem was once ruled by dogs, cats are about to take over. Frogs are also moving bullishly, hoping to grab the top spot.

It has created a “wild west” within the crypto ecosystem, where anything culturally relevant can receive a massive pump. Boxing has gained much traction since YouTubers’ arrival on the horizon. Even Bitboy Crypto, one of the leading names inside the crypto space, has joined the fray, recently battling “More Light” and coming on top.

This, and the recent craze about the upcoming Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight, could boost the value of meme coins.

Volatility in the Market 

There’s no doubt that investors are showing greater enthusiasm in buying crypto. However, the market is still going through a volatile phase and investors aren’t often able to predict the price properly.

For instance, many short traders had a bad day when the SEC approved Ethereum, leading to a surge in the value of the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency.


In another instance, Bitcoin’s price action in April 2024 was bearish. It went from reaching its all-time high to dropping below the $60k mark as weak macro conditions arrived, and the US spot BTC ETF flows took a hit.

When the prices of such assets go through immense volatility, meme coins follow. Fight Night will follow the same trend after the ongoing presale concludes and the token goes live on the price charts.

Exchange Listing 

Exchange listing is the third crucial factor in mobilizing the Fight Night price. After the presale concludes, the token will go live on a decentralized exchange.

Historically, most presale tokens have increased in price due to an influx of buyers after listing. The same could happen in Fight Night’s case. We predict that the token may go up by 10x. However, much of the project’s tokenomics hasn’t been revealed.

Fist of Friendship

Since it is a meme coin, sell pressure may build up, causing a significant drop after the token reaches its peak. It will be interesting to see how Fight Night counters the effect of a last-minute sell-off.

Fight Night Price Potential 

There isn’t any boxing-themed memecoin on the market, except for Fight Night. While this makes FNIO a pioneering crypto, it also makes it difficult to discern its price action.

However, since the website’s imagery does show meme characters in a boxing match against other meme characters, we can use Shiba v Pepe to predict how FNIO may perform in the short term.

Shiba V Pepe price chart

As one of the meme tokens on the market with the “vs” narrative, Shiba V Pepe ruled the price charts as soon as it landed on Uniswap.

After reaching its peak at $0.00000002, it corrected and is now trading at its all-time low value.

However, Shiba V Pepe only had its imagery to bank on, and no utility was created. That didn’t allow it to have any long-term perks.

On the other hand, Fight Night is a utility crypto that talks about Webtoons and a P2E ecosystem. So, while it may receive the initial traction similar to Shiba V Pepe, FNIO’s performance could be more stable later.

Is Fight Night a Good Investment?

Even though Fight Night is a brand new token with not much to say on its official website, there are many upsides attached to it.

Current Meme Coin Craze

The meme coin craze hasn’t gone away, even though the market has undergone severe volatility. Due to their short-term parabolic potential, people are still looking for low-cap cryptos and investing in meme coins.

Fight Night Meme Coin

Furthermore, Fight Night presents people with a whole different narrative: boxing. Boxing-themed meme coins are brand new. And since the meme coin market is already full of cats and dog memes, traders are looking for a different flavor of meme assets, which Fight Night is.

Upcoming Audit 

The official website has shown that the project may be going through an audit. Once the audit is complete, it will be a legitimate option for those looking for trustworthy crypto assets to support.

Whether Coinsult or SolidProof gets to audit this project, it will become a legitimate asset, bringing in more buyers. As the demand rises, the project may see an increase in value.

P2E Perks

Fight Night is also introducing a P2E fighting game. Designed in the same vein as the old Mike Tyson-featured boxing game Punch Out, the game may feature meme characters competing against other meme characters in a boxing match.

Fight Night

These P2E mechanics could help create a sustainable ecosystem around Fight Night, giving it long-term value.


Another crucial element of Fight Night is staking. As a staking coin, FNIO will offer high yields to presale investors, allowing them to make gains passively and constantly.

Popular Theme

Fight Night is tapping into the popular theme of boxing, which has gained much traction thanks to celebrity matches. This could make the token go viral when it arrives in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson
Source: Fight Night Instagram

Presale Crypto

The final reason Fight Night is a good investment is that it is a presale token. Investors can buy Fight Night at discounted rates and potentially gain from the listing pump that will arrive once the token goes live on a cryptocurrency exchange. While this reason is not novel, it is still there, and presale cryptos often explode when they land on a DEX or a CEX.

How to Buy Fight Night – Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide to buying Fight Night tokens via the ongoing presale.

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Explore the widget to connect your wallet.
  3. Swap your ETH or USDT for FNIO tokens.

Fight Night Socials

To keep in touch with Fight Night (Fist of Friendship), follow the socials given below:

  1. Twitter
  2. Telegram
  3. Instagram


In this guide, we analyzed Fight Night’s current fundamentals and use cases to predict its future price. This meme coin is unique in several aspects. However, since it is a new token, many of its details have yet to arrive.

Therefore, investors much research thoroughly before investing. Those interested can visit to get started.

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What is Fight Night (FNIO)?

Fight Night is a meme coin project designed to capitalize on the latest celebrity boxing trends and meme coin craze. The project features P2E fundamentals and has many altruistic goals.

Is Fight Night a legit investment?

Fight Night is a very new project and many of its features are slowly being revealed. That being said, it has a large social media following and appears a legit crypto project. Investors are still advised to research properly before participating in its presale.