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C+Charge Price Prediction – CCHG Token Potential In 2023

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

C+Charge is one of the most unique presale cryptos to come out this year that combines the concept of move-to-earn with a green project. It is projected to conclude the presale in the first quarter of 2023 and will soon land on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

As a green cryptocurrency, it aims to address the current issues that plague the EV – electronic vehicle – ecosystem in a bid to increase its adoption rate. By doing so, it seeks to directly contribute to making the environment greener and the air quality healthier.

C+Charge opened doors to its presale on Christmas 2022 – and quickly grabbed the crypto community’s attention raising closer to $100k within a short time and quickly racing ahead to complete all of its four presale stages. Green crypto seekers might want to take note since, like IMPT, the greenest cryptocurrency to grace the blockchain space last year, C+Charge is also waiting to hit the ground running.

At the center of this unique C+Charge token is CCGH,  the native token created on the Binance Chain. It is going to act as the mode of payment to charge the electric vehicles at the charging stations that are partnered with C+Charge. There are also elements of carbo credits involved in this ecosystem that will make ordinary traders participants in the novel carbon credits economy. So, can we make a positive C+Charge price prediction by taking these factors into account? Let us explore how far the token will go once it lands on centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

C+Charge Price Prediction 2023 and Beyond

C+Charge is currently available as a presale which means that a technical analysis of where its price might go in the near future is not possible.

However, that doesn’t stop us from analyzing the possibility of how it climbs the charts once it gets listed, as we can look into the CCHG’s fundamentals and its overarching utilities for the crypto space.  And as it stands, people are looking for unique, sustainable cryptocurrencies to invest in, and C+Charge is here to provide exactly that.


C+Charge set its presale live on Christmas day, and the token is fast heading towards completing the first stage. There are four presale stages in total which mean that when the presale ends, it will be worth $0.0235 during the token generation event. Listing would happen shortly after. C+Charge is also planning to list the token on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko – which shows how confident devs are in this project. They believe that by the time the presale ends, there will be at least 1000 holders. That, along with the project’s listing, might push the value of this crypto to $0.1 by the end of 2022. And while there would be some retracement – which is natural, the real-life utility of this crypto will be enough to keep the value of this asset keep it to a high level.


2024 will see C+Charge moving forward with much of its original vision. It would have set up partnerships with major EV organizations in a bid to give EV owners better options when it comes to charging their vehicles. And according to the roadmap, the C+Charge app will be released by then, and so will the NFTs of the partner EV organizations. That and the rising demand for green tokens will help pump the price of this asset even further and allow it to grow even bigger in the coming days. We predict that CCHG will be worth $0.2 by the end of 2024


C+Charge will reach the end of its roadmap by the end of 2025, and experts predict there to be multiple listings and multiple C+Charge-partnered charging stations in multiple locations. These developments will likely attract the attention of more cryptocurrency exchanges. These factors combined may push the price of this cryptocurrency even further. We predict that by the end of 2025, this token will be valued at around $0.3.

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Read on as we go into detailed reasonings behind our prediction based on what the market thinks about eco-friendly cryptos and predict how far this token will go once it goes live on multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms.

A Look At C+Charge Presale

Here is the table showing the details of the presale that you must know before we move forward into discussing this project.

Presale Start Date December 25th 2022
Chain BEP-20
Minimum Purchase 1000 CCHG
Maximum Purchase None

C+Charge opened doors to its presale on Christmas day and is currently offering the tokens at its lowest price of 0.013 USDT. Those who move in early will have the opportunity to make gains from price appreciation due to later presale stages.

Another big factor moving this crypto forward is the introduction of a $250k giveaway. One lucky winner will get to win $250k worth of CCHG tokens after completing the tasks mentioned on the official website. The most important among them is buying the $250 worth of CCHG tokens in the presale.

What is C+Charge?

C+Charge is a project that combines move-to-earn with an eco-friendly idea – but it is not a fitness-based token. Here, you move using your electric vehicles and earn rewards when you charge your vehicle at the C+Charge-sponsored charging stations. The goal of this project is to make the EV ecosystem more appealing to users so that its adoption rate can increase across the globe.

What is C+Charge

The entire ecosystem is powered by the CCGH – C+Charge’s native token with many utilities, including as a reward for charging at the stations. However, the core reason behind this project’s existence is to deal with three major issues that plague the current ecosystem.

Lack of Transparency

The number of electric vehicles on the road rose to 2.32 million in the US alone. However, the pace at which the government is adopting green vehicles is much slower than people.  As a result, there is no way for people to know beforehand what the charging costs will be. This forces them to sometimes pay more than what they originally wanted. And another issue that arises due to a lack of transparency is the lack of operating charging stations. EV charging stations are still in the nascent stages, and many are not maintained properly. That leads many vehicles to end up in stations that can’t deliver.


EVs are new to this era and have an “anything goes” approach that is often exploited by many charging stations. They have their own prices and their own modes of payment, that, in turn, create more issues for everyone involved. For one, it stops non-locals from charging their vehicles since they don’t have the right payment options. And secondly, it lets the charging costs run wild, with many stations charging more than they should.

Lack of Incentives

The EV adoption rate has increased, but not as much as it should. Petrol prices are rising rapidly, but many still believe in the old combustion engine – they don’t see any incentive to buy an EV product.

C+Charge is here to address all the mentioned issues with the help of an app that:

  1. Incentivizes users by bringing them closer to the carbon credits market so they can be rewarded properly for their efforts in keeping the environment safe.
  2. It uses blockchain technology that makes the payment more transparent and the costs of charging more controlled.
  3. Allows real-time data transmission to make it easy for everyone to know about which charging stations are working and what the costs are involved with charging the vehicles.

C+Charge Profit Potential – A Case Study

In order to gauge C+Charge’s potential to generate profit for all involved, let us look into another green cryptocurrency project. The biggest one that comes to mind is Algorand, the world’s most sustainable blockchain that emphasizes on an institutional-grade infrastructure to make blockchain more decentralized, scalable, and eco-friendly.

Algorand blockchain came around in early 2020 and quickly gained the crypto market’s attention as soon as it hit the cryptocurrency exchanges. While there was a lot of retrace in its early days, as the token dipped sharply from $3.2 to $0.194. There was not much commotion about this crypto’s initial potential. However, the bull run of 2021 pushed the value of this token by more than 10x, which it sustained for the better part of early 2022.

Algorand Green Crypto

The double impact of the crypto crash did drop the price of this token. However,  the recent trading charts show that it is back on its rising trajectory.

The purpose of Algorand is to make the development in the blockchain space green for everyone. And it has gone one step ahead toward its green endeavors by partnering with ClimateTrade. However, that’s the extent of its efforts towards taking more green-centric decisions.

Other than IMPT, there has not been much development in the world of cryptocurrency projects that exclusively aim to protect the environment. And in that regard, C+Charge has already hit the ground running.

This project aims to increase the EV adoption rate by addressing the long-ignored shortcomings of the current EV ecosystem, so that vehicle owners have an easier time charging their vehicles.

And not just that, the project also aims to make carbon credits more inclusive by partnering with FlowCarbon, a company that will provide tokenized carbon credits through $GNT tokens. Going one step further, Carbon Credits can also be earned by holding $CCGH tokens, as a portion of the transaction fee will be used to reward holders.

It means that C+Charge has more use cases in the green space as compared to Algorand. Simply put, it has the potential to replace the presale success of the IMPT token, which raised $2 million within less than a month of unveiling its presale.

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What Unique Factor is C+Charge Bringing to the Green Crypto Space?

Electronic vehicles and their issues have never been addressed in the blockchain talks. Developers have made a passing reference to it, but nothing more has been done. C+Charge puts EVs at the front and center of the talks surrounding the most eco-friendly cryptocurrencies.

Here are the several unique aspects this project is bringing into the crypto space.

Making The Payment Model More Secure For Everyone

C+Charge leverages blockchain technology to create a unique payment system that is not backed by a traditional ledger. Instead, the project aims to hash encrypts the tokens used for the payments in charging stations. These hash encryptions make use of the most secure – SHA-256 – algorithm to make the payments more secure for everyone.

Being a decentralized payment system, the payments done through this system would be temper free and without any over-arching issues. Furthermore, the need for any intermediary financial body won’t be necessary as the payment would be smart-contract enabled – only allowing the transaction to happen if both parties meet certain conditions.

Creating a Centralized Application

C+Charge App

At the heart of the C+Charge ecosystem is a centralized application that will meet all the charging needs of EV owners. This application will go beyond the norms of a traditional payment system and offer features including a carbon-credit tracker, location tracker of charging stations, real-time charging wait times, and technical diagnosis of the charging stations.

Focusing on an Inclusive System Model

There are no needless complexities when it comes to C+Charge. The project aims to focus on four elements – The user, Charging Station, the App, and the public ledger that C+Charge has designed to be tamper-proof.

These elements will interact together to give a better charging experience to the EV vehicle owners and can also be instrumental in other people accepting Electronic vehicles for their needs.

Finding the Right Station

More often than not, EV owners end up at a station that doesn’t work. C+Charge tackles this issue by introducing real-time diagnosis. The tool within the app will give EV owners access to the charger’s back-end system, allowing them to diagnose the issue in real time. And the geolocator in the app will allow EV owners to avoid charging stations that don’t work and find the nearest working station.

Incentivizing Parking Garages to Add Charging Stations

The number of EV vehicles on the roads is increasing. However, the perceived issues that are rampant across the EV space have led many parking garage owners to think that it is not worth their time to install an EV charging system in their garages. But with C+Charge, garage owners will have access to real-time information that they can then use to tweak charging costs as per their requirements.

Compatible Across All Charging Stations

The C+Charge app is designed to be OCPP compatible – which means that you will be able to use it across any charging station that you come across. The team behind C+Charge is also working towards partnering up with existing EV charging station owners. That alone can increase the popularity of the app and the associated token by manifolds.

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What Makes C+Charge a Good Investment?

C+Charge is a green cryptocurrency answering the call for the rising need to make more green decisions in everyday situations. With that in mind, here are the reasons why our experts see it as a worthy crypto investment for everyone involved.

It is to Target A Crowd that Hasn’t Been Targeted Before

We talk a lot about Elon Musk’s attention to Dogecoin in order to see where the price of the memecoin goes, but we don’t focus on Elon Musk’s best offering – Tesla cars. These vehicles have taken the world by storm. And since Musk has been kind enough to make the technology publically available, affordable EVs are coming. C+Charge focuses on the owner of these vehicles – something that’s often been ignored in the cryptocurrency space.

Think about Elon’s crypto support having the same impact on green crypto instead of a memecoin – it will increase not just the price of these assets but will also move people to move towards buying eco-friendly vehicles.

It is the Right Time to Launch This Project

Since governments and people start to villainize Proof-of-Work tokens, the demand for green cryptocurrencies has risen. Also, C+Charge is a utility-focused token – which is another reason to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Another reason that we consider that the timing is right for the launch of this token is the emergence of more electric vehicles. Governments worldwide are lobbying to get to EV on the roads as soon as possible. However, they haven’t done much in the way of providing more charging stations or better information. C+Charge is here to fill that vacuum and allow EV owners to have access to transparent services when it comes to charging stations.

Incentivizing Users to adopt EV

Electronic Vehicle is a future towards which we are not running, not walking, but crawling. Combustion engines still rule the roads, and despite the government’s attempt to appease users to adopt eco-friendly vehicles, people need a lot more than just what’s being offered. That’s where C+Charge rewards users with tokenized carbon credits.

Partnering with FlowCarbon, C+Charge is launching the $GNT token – tokenized carbon credits – that people can earn as rewards for charging at C+Charge-sponsored charging stations. These tokens can then be sold to brands on a green marketplace, which gives EV owners the ability to earn more profits while keeping the environment healthy.


Most of the major members of the C+Charge have been doxxed, and the project has been KYC verified by the independent verification website known as CoinSniper.  You can check out the certificate here.

To know about the leading team members, you can check out their Linkedin profiles by following the links available on their official website.

C+Charge Social Media Channels

If you want to keep up with this project and learn about it as it progresses toward its end goal, you can connect with the members and the rest of the C+Charge community through the following social media handles.

C+Charge’s telegram channel has accumulated upwards of 7k members since Christmas. Click the link to join but remember that admins won’t contact you directly. If someone does, consider it a fake account and protect yourself from scams.

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This guide has checked out the fundamentals of the C+Charge project and looked at a similar green project to give a C+Charge price prediction. We have also touched upon why it is a good crypto to buy. But remember, doing your research is equally important since although presales can be highly rewarding, they also come with high risks. Visit the official website for more details.

C+Charge has all the makings to become a worthy addition to your crypto portfolio in 2023. To take part in the presale, go to the official website after you download a crypto wallet. For a more detailed look at the process, check out our how-to-buy C+Charge guide

Frequently asked questions

How to buy C+Charge tokens?

You can buy C+Charge tokens by paying a visit to the official website after downloading a crypto wallet. Swap USDT or BNB for CCHG tokens and claim them during the token generation event.

Will C+Charge go up in 2023

C+Charge is a token with a lot of potential. It taps into the rising need for electric vehicles on the road and aims to revolutionize green crypto for everyone. And since the crypto crowd is excited about its offerings, we believe that it will go up in 2023.