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How to Buy C+Charge Crypto Token (CCHG) on Presale

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Electronic vehicles have burst into the scene, and their popularity has skyrocketed in recent times. People are seeing them as a way to embrace a better, greener tomorrow, and cryptocurrencies are also moving in that direction.

Among them is a unique project known as C+Charge. Built on blockchain technology, C+charge is one of the greenest cryptocurrency projects to come out in 2022 that aims to reduce carbon emissions by focusing on one aspect that damages the environment the most – fuel.

The native crypto of the C+charge ecosystem, CCHG, is a way to incentivize people with financial gains to make greener decisions when it comes to transportation. This guide will explore how to buy C+charge tokens and what types of benefits come with investing in this particular asset.

How to buy C+Charge – Quick Guide

C+Charge is currently available as a presale – giving you a chance to move in early and make gains from the appreciating presale stages even before the token gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Here is how to buy C+Charge right now.

  1. Set up a Cryptocurrency wallet – If you’re a newcomer, getting a crypto wallet ready is a must. Pick between Metamask or Trust wallet, or any other in order to get started.
  2. Get BNB or USDT – In order to buy C+Charge, you need to have either BNB or USDT. Go to eToro or any other cryptocurrency exchange to buy one of these two assets and store them in your crypto wallet.
  3. Link your Crypto wallet to the official website – Go to the official C+charge website and link your wallet.
  4. Buy CCHG Tokens – Swap your USDT or BNB for CCHG. You will be able to claim them on the day when the presale ends.

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What is C+Charge?

“Move-to-Earn projects are about to become a whole lot greener” – that’s the description our experts have decided to give to C+charge. It uses blockchain technology to promote new solutions to tackle air pollution to keep the air quality greener and the environment healthier.

What is C+Charge

Lying at the center of the project is the C+charge token. It exists to motivate people to make eco-friendly decisions by offering them profits in return.

In order to give weight to this vision, C+charge has created a team whose main goal is to address the shortfalls of the current EV systems. And they have found not one but many issues with the current way of adopting electronic vehicles.

  1. Lack of transparency – People only have a rough idea of how less their carbon footprint is when they use electric vehicles. Furthermore, many EV cars often require too much power, offsetting their purpose of being a greener solution. Another issue is the price of charging the vehicle – which is not always clear to people, and many find themselves falling short of funds when they reach the charging station.
  2. Regulations – The existing regulations regarding electronic vehicles aren’t conducive to the growth of electric-powered vehicles in the market. Yes, there are certain countries that have come up with more robust solutions, but these are too far and few in between to have a larger positive impact on the environment. One of them is the lack of a uniform payment system that stops non-locals from charging in another region.
  3. Inadequate incentives – People don’t have any incentive to adopt EV systems other than taking the word of the companies that it is for good for the environment. That has increased skepticism of EV systems which has added another layer of complication when it comes to getting people to accept green vehicles. If only there was some tangible incentive to drive green vehicles.

C+Charge Partners with EV Organizations to Create GNT

To increase transparency, tackle regulatory issues, and increase the EV adoption rate, C+charge has partnered with the leading EV organizations. Its partnership with FlowCarbon has led to the creation of GNT – Goodness Nature Token. GNT is the currency that users can exchange to get EV charging services at C+Charge partner stations.

But C+Charge isn’t stopping at only EV charging stations. A revolutionary P2P payment station is also on the way. It will allow users to earn carbon credits using the CCHG (C+Charge Token) – another reason why C+Charge is one of the most eco-friendly tokens we have covered to date.

C+Charge is Another History Crypto Presale in the Making

Those who are interested in being part of this sustainable crypto project must know that it is available on the presale. Right now, investors who want to become early movers in this cryptocurrency can grab it from this presale at a discounted price and make gains from the price appreciations that come with subsequent presale stages.

The coming sections will explore what this crypto project is doing differently and why it is worth your time and money. But before we dive deep into the different offerings of this green crypto, read below for a complete guide to buying C+Charge in 2023.

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How to Buy C+Charge in 2023?

Those who choose to buy C+Charge at the beginning of the presale are in luck since the price of this asset is low. And considering people are interested in this project at even its nascent stage, there is a chance for C+charge to grow manifold once the listing day finally arrives.

The current hype behind this project has led the developers to launch this token early, and it has quickly become one of the best presale offerings of this year, with more interest to come once this project goes up and running

Through the current presale, the project aims to gather enough funds to materialize its original vision – making EV systems better to increase EV adoption rates all across the globe.

And in order to make sure that the project accumulates the most funds in the presale, C+Charge has divided it into 4 stages. The token is currently in stage 1, and you can buy 1 CCHG at a discount price of 0.013 USDT. Getting these tokens is an easy process that involves the steps we have listed below.

Step 1 – Set Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet

If you are a beginner and new to crypto trading, the first thing you must do is set up a cryptocurrency wallet. It is quite easy to do, and you have multiple free online wallets to choose from. Trust Wallet and Metamask are what our experts recommend.


But if you want your crypto journey to be long and streamlined, go with Metamask. It is intuitive to use, free to download, and easy to set up.

Step 2 – Get BNB or USDT

The next step is to get Binance Coin (BNB) or USDT. There are many platforms from where you can buy Binance Coin or USDT.

We recommend It is a beginner-friendly platform that will allow you to buy BNB or USDT with a credit or debit card or any other fiat-based method that you prescribe.

Buy Binance Coin

Step 3 – Link your Wallet

Next, go to the official C+charge website and link your wallet. Click on the Wallet Connect button after clicking on Connect wallet below the presale progress bar. From this point, you can either use the bar code to use your mobile-based wallet or pick the wallet that you are using by clicking on the “Desktop” option.

Wallet Connect Buy C+Charge

Step 4 – Buy CCHG Tokens

And finally, follow the standard steps to swap BNB or USDT for CCHG tokens. Once you connect the wallet, you will immediately see the order box. Select the number of C+Charge tokens you want to buy and click on convert USDT (or BNB, depending on what you have). Note that you must buy at least 1000 CCHG tokens – 13 USDT worth – in order to complete the transaction.

Buy C+Charge Tokens

Step 5 – Claim Your Tokens Once the presale Ends

When you buy C+Charge tokens during the presale, they will be reserved for your wallet. It means they won’t be immediately transferred to your address after you complete the transaction. The reason for that is the Token Generation Event – the event that creates the token – will only happen once the presale concludes.

And once the presale does end,  tokens will be created, and they will become ready for you to claim. To claim the tokens, you can come back to the official website on the last day and click on the “Claim” button – it will be visible once the presale concludes.

Visit C+Charge Presale

C+Charge – An Analysis

C+Charge is not the only green cryptocurrency we have covered in the past. What is it, and how does it differentiate itself from other eco-friendly assets?

In simple terms, C+Charge is a token that aims to make the EV industry more inclusive and more transparent to incentivize users to make green decisions that are better for the environment. At the center of the C+Charge ecosystem exists the EV app, which rewards electric vehicle owners every time they charge their cars.

C+Charge Vehicles

And the charging stations that will offer this service will be a partner of C+Charge. With them, the project aims to increase the number of charging stations that are currently available. Through cooperation and finding great EV organizations to partner with, C+Charge aims to set up as many charging stations as possible.

Another issue that C+Charge fixes are making the EV-charging-related information more accurate and transparent. With the EV app, people can gauge accurate readings about the charging costs and the state of the EV charging station closest to them.

This will solve the lack of transparency that is currently rampant in the electric vehicle space. People often get to know how much it will cost to charge the vehicle only when they get to the station. Also, since Electronic Vehicles are still novel, many charging stations start to operate only after a vehicle arrives – which increases the waiting times.

C+Charge is solving this issue by using the app to provide the exact pricing information to the users. People will know how much charging will cost and at which station, and which of the EV charging station is operational. Having answers to these questions is a relief for many EV owners who often dread being late because their vehicle batteries run out.

Another major revolution that C+Charge is bringing is in terms of carbon credits. As one of the most controversial topics in the industry – and only within the realm of the corporate sector, carbon credits are often seen as that additional expense that people can’t see. To make understanding carbon credits easier and make ordinary people part of the carbon credits economy, C+Charge is leveraging its token – CCHG.

Buy C+Charge Green Crypto

Every time users charge their vehicles at one of the C+Charge-partner charging stations, they will earn carbon credits in addition to tokens. And combined with unique Peer-to-peer payment solutions, people will not have more payment options than before, with CCHG as the core reason behind it.

But in order to make the most out of it, pay attention to the following presale details.

Presale Start Date December 25th 2022
Chain BEP-20
Minimum Purchase 1000 CCHG
Maximum Purchase None

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CCHG Tokens – The Core of The C+Charge Ecosystem

The native token of C+Charge is a BEP-20 standard token that already puts it in the league of the most sustainable tokens. EV drivers can use this token to pay for charging their vehicles at the C+Charge partner charging stations. The other utility of this token comes from holding – which allows users to earn carbon credits.

Carrying all the best features of the blockchain, C+charge uses smart contracts to charge its payment system – which means that every transaction is automated, and users receive their funds after completing the preset condition. This fact makes it impossible to fool the system; charging the vehicle is required to earn rewards.

C+charge also puts special emphasis on securing users’ assets – hash encrypting the tokens for an added layer of security. Another thing that security-conscious investors would appreciate is that the distributed ledger of the C+charge ecosystem uses one of the most secure hashing algorithms – SHA-256. That protects users’ information and secures the transaction – which in the long run, will help C+charge establish a more sustainable economy.

Another use of the C+Charge mobile app is to track the token balance and learn about the payment information. And according to the official roadmap of this project, an NFT program is underway, which will involve many EV manufacturers. While we are yet in the dark about what the NFT would look like, expect there to be a 3D rendering of your electric car as an NFT – or even better, a tokenized version of a carbon credit. We speculate them because C+Charge also aims to become a branding hub for these companies.

The demand for electric vehicles is getting higher and not just because these vehicles come in great designs but also of their green-centric approach towards transportation. And investing in CCHG is a great way for early investors to get at the front and center of this opportunity to increase the EV adoption rate. Furthermore, C+Charge is also bullish about listing its tokens on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. If you know anything about these websites, you realize that they are known for extreme scrutiny when it comes to displaying accurate pricing details. Such is the confidence that C+Charge holders have in their project – which can only prove profitable in the long run.

Is C+Charge a Good Investment?

Whether C+Charge is a good investment is something you must consider after asking yourself this – do you like electric vehicles? Regardless of your answer, the truth is that the world and the government like them. And since the EV industry will only grow from here, investing in C+Charge is your chance to get at the start of a Web 3 project that will see a rapid uptick in price in the coming months and even years. So, for long-term investors who are looking for a better, utility-based crypto, CCHG is a worthy token.

However, to make the point even more clear, here are the reasons we believe that C+Charge is a good investment for everyone.

It Deals with the Charging Station issues

EV stations are few in number, and they are not able to match the rising number of electric vehicles on the road. And since more and more people have started to adopt EVs due to energy concerns, we may see many traffic jams on the road soon. To get ahead of this, C+Charge is partnering up with EV organizations to establish more charging stations.

Presently, there are over 56,000 electronic vehicles in the United States and over 148,000 charging ports. It might not seem like a small number, but the number of car owners in the is rising. As a result, the day will soon come when existing charging stations and ports won’t be able to accumulate all of these vehicles.

Implementing Transparent Pricing for Charging the Vehicles

Most only get to know the price of charging their vehicles after they pull up to the charging station. It is not a new problem and has existed in space for a long time. There is just no way for people to know how much they will once they reach the charging station since the news doesn’t cover it, unlike Petrol and gas prices.

Because of this lack of information, many drivers think of EVs as deal breakers, going so far as to shift back to vehicles that use fossil fuels. So, in order to tackle this situation, C+Charge lists the names of all the charging stations in the area and the charging costs.  Knowing the right price beforehand helps drivers pick the station that suits their requirements.

Getting Access to Information in Real Time

There is no pain worse than knowing that your EV’s battery is about to run out and the charging station is not operating. This issue is exasperated when you only come to know that the charging station doesn’t work after you have arrived there. But with C+Charge’s constant monitoring, you won’t need to worry about that.

Earning Carbon Credits by Charging Vehicles

The topic of carbon credits is almost exclusive to the corporate sector. But C+Charge is about to change that. Through its unique approach to electric charging, ordinary traders who charge their vehicles at the charging stations will also earn carbon credits. This inclusive approach will put the talk of carbon credits – a market McKinsey estimates to 100x in valuation over the coming years – into everyday conversation.

Providing Better Payment Options

EV charging station owners operate based on the subscription plans they have. As a result, different charging stations charge different prices. Furthermore, every EV station owner has their own payment system, which can be problematic for non-local people who want to charge their vehicles.

This calls for uniform regulation in the EV charging space, and C+Charge is here to deliver it. The project aims to create a one-of-a-kind and uniform payment system that is applicable to every charging station and is accessible to everyone.

C+Charge accomplishes it by creating a unique P2P payment system that removes intermediaries and makes payment more streamlined between station owners and EV owners.

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C+Charge Price – Everything to Know About the Presale Price

The C+Charge token is yet to be listed on any cryptocurrency exchange – which is a good thing since it gives time for investors to move in early and make gains from the price appreciation through different presale stages. To buy this token, go to the website directly and follow the steps we have mentioned above.

Following are the presale details about the presale that you must know before investing.

Phase Price % of presale tokens Number of tokens Value 
1 $0.0130 40 160 million $2.08 million
2 $0.0165 30 120 million $1.98 million
3 $0.0200 20 80 million $1.6 million
4 $0.0235 10 40 million $950k
Total 80% Rise 100% 400 million $6.6 million

C+Charge Tokenomics

There are 1 billion C+Charge tokens in total, and 40% of that is dedicated to public sale. Devs have dedicated another 10% to staking, giveaways, and airdrops, and only 15% of the tokens are meant to fund the ecosystem.

C+Charge is currently running a $150k giveaway. You can visit the website and complete the tasks to participate. Also, only those who have bought at least $250 worth of CCHG tokens are eligible to participate in this particular giveaway.

C+Charge Price Prediction

The C+Charge token is currently undergoing its presale, which means that there is no technical way to predict the flow of this token. And considering that we are currently in a bear market right now – making predictions is difficult in the volatile ecosystem.

However, the C+Charge token has come into existence as a utility token as a response to the rising demand from people for assets that have actual use cases. Furthermore, this project has strong fundamentals, great and transparent tokenomics, and a use case that might just push people into making more green decisions.

These factors alone are enough to pump the price of this cryptocurrency. Learn more about the presale stages also offering an appealing chance for early investors to profit in the video below:

Another reason that we are pumped about this crypto is that it will go live on cryptocurrency exchanges next year. If it keeps up the momentum it has today, it is highly likely that we may see 10x or even 20x gains once C+Charge gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges – both CEX and DEX.

From Ethereum to the more recent IMPT, presale cryptos have always been successful among investors who believe in crypto’s vision. IMPT, for instance, raised $2 million less than a week into its presale. And C+Charge, with its unique utilities and market fundamentals, can replicate the same feat, if not do better than that.


This guide has explained to you how to buy C+Charge tokens easily and why you must buy them. We have also touched upon its tokenomics which we believe adds to the transparency of this project.

Overall, C+Charge is looking like another great green cryptocurrency project with the goal of making green decisions part of everyday life. And since it makes things easier for those who own EV vehicles, it can indirectly increase the electric vehicle adoption rate – which is great for the environment.

You can buy C+Charge tokens right now at the presale at a discount price of 0.013 USDT. Grab in the first stage before the price increases to $0.0165 in the second. And if you buy this token right now, you will make 80% profit even before this token gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Visit the official website and buy it now.

Invest in C+Charge Now

FAQs on C+Charge Crypto Project

How do I buy C+Charge tokens?

You can buy C+Charge tokens in the presale by visiting the official website, connecting your crypto wallet, and swapping your BNB or USDT tokens for CCHG. You will be able to claim these tokens during the token generation event that will happen when the presale concludes.

What is the price of C+Charge token?

The C+Charge price during the first stage of the presale is 0.013 USDT. It will keep on increasing throughout its four presale stages until the price hits 0.0235 USDT.

Is C+Charge a good token to buy?

Yes, the C+Charge token is a great crypto investment. It has great fundamentals and a green crypto - which the crypto crowd has been asking for since the beginning of 2022.

What's the total supply of C+Charge tokens?

There are a total of 10 billion CCHG tokens. CCHG has a fixed capped supply.