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C+Charge Presale Review – Green Crypto & NFT Project

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The world is moving fast towards making green decisions, and shifting its focus towards EVs – electric vehicles – is a big part of it. This is why it is unfortunate that the current infrastructure for EV charging and payments system isn’t developed properly. It can hinder the widespread adoption of EVs, and that’s the bottleneck C+Charge is here to remove.

C+Charge is the greenest crypto project of 2024 that aims to address the biggest issues of the current EV ecosystem using blockchain power technology. In this review, we are going to take a look at this project’s different offerings, including NFT offerings, to see how this crypto is trying to impact the environment in positive ways.

What is C+Charge?

What is C+Charge NFT

C+Charge is a green cryptocurrency project that aims to create a P2P payment system for charging electric vehicles at EV charging stations. All EV users will get their own electronic wallets they can use to pay for charging their vehicles at charging stations across the globe.

At the center of this unique payment system lies the native crypto of the ecosystem – CCHG. CCGH is used to pay for charging the vehicles. The idea here is to introduce a uniform mode of payment at charging stations so that station owners don’t have to take the burden of extra costs.

Paying for charging vehicles using the C+Charge app will allow users to earn Carbon credits. Stored in the app, these carbon credits are earned through a method called “reflections”. It is the way C+Charge is making carbon credits more accessible to ordinary traders.

C+Charge aims to become a revolutionary and eco-friendly cryptocurrency that rewards users with carbon credits on and off the chain. By bringing standardization to charging payments, it is trying to bring more transparency to the EV industry.

The official whitepaper states that this token has the potential to become a standard for all EV systems by ensuring that transactional latency is reduced and transactional throughput is increased. The project also aims to create more charging stations and increase the capacity of ones that already exist to meet the demand that will likely increase as more EVs start to run on the road.

These factors will make the EV system more appealing to those who have been sitting on the sidelines till now, thinking that electric charging is more complicated now than it must be. That way, the adoption rate for EVs will increase, and as electric vehicles outnumber the ones running on combustion engines in the future, the environment will be saved.

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What Problems C+Charge is Trying to Solve?

The number of EV vehicles running on the road has started to grow – and the growth has only escalated after Elon Musk’s Tesla was introduced. People are now more open to give-up their combustion-engine-running vehicles and trading them for electric cars. But the adoption rate has still been shaky because of the current issues of this ecosystem.

Problem with current Charging stations

People Don’t Have Access to Real Time Information

There is nothing worse than pulling up your vehicle to a non-functioning charging station, and such instances are increasingly getting common. Two main reasons are attributed to damaged charging stations, damaged chargers, and software malfunctions. The issue is none of the current EV systems have a way of transmitting real-time diagnostics data to the charging station owners to let them know there is trouble and that the station can be fixed.

That results in charging stations not being repaired for weeks and, sometimes, months on end which wastes the time of EV owners and damages the EV charging station owner’s bottom line.

Pricing is Nontransparent

EV charging stations do not have a standard for pricing, and information about them is not readily available either. With a gas station, you already know what the gas rates are going to be, and you pull up your vehicle to a station knowing full well how much you are going to pay

But with an EV charging station, you only find out about the charging costs after you have entered the station. In worst cases, you only realize the costs after you have charged your vehicles.

Another big issue is that there is no standard for how the charging must be charged. There are stations that follow the USD/KwH model, and there are others that charge directly by kilowatt hour.

Unavailability of a Single Charging Payment Option

Because EVs are novel concepts, governments have yet to introduce any regulations. As a result, different charging stations follow different modes of payment. EV owners must use an intermediary payment system in order to pay for charging their vehicles. While nothing is wrong with this measure, issues arise when different locations have different costs. That introduces a severe lack of interoperability in the charging payment systems.

Furthermore, there are charging station owners that create operator-specific systems that often are restrictive and lock out many payment modes.

There is No Incentive for People to Adopt Electrical Vehicles

Altruistic intentions involving saving the environment won’t increase the adoption rate. Most people require something else if they are to adopt EVs – and lower power expenses aren’t going to cut it. The most optimal form of reward is carbon credit.

EV owners take measures to curb their carbon emissions every day, and therefore, they deserve a carbon credit system as a reward. However, the current system has locked ordinary people out of the carbon credit system.

Currently, the carbon credits economy is being hegemonized by corporate bodies, and the small contributors to lowering carbon emissions, like ordinary traders, are being left out.

C+Charge has implemented systems that go right to the root of these issues.

How C+Charge an Increase EV Adoption Rate?

All the issues highlighted in our previous section point to the need for more inclusivity, more transparency, and less exclusivity when it comes to carbon credits trading. Resolving these issues would make investing in electric vehicles worth an investor’s time.

C+Charge implements multiple strategies to make sure that the green economy is more inclusive and more rewarding for EV owners.

Using Web 3 Technology for Uplifting the EV systems

C+Charge models itself as a real-life Use case of Web 3 technology. It lets go of the traditional ledger-backed network architecture but instead proposes an electric wallet-based payment architecture for charging EVs.

C+Charge blockchain

The decentralized nature of transactions helps C+Charge produce real-world value. Payments are based on smart contracts that enable transactions to take place when certain conditions are met. That helps, within the ecosystem, the cultivation of carbon credits for EV charging stations, and these credits are transferred directly to the users.

One-app for All Needs – The C+Charge Mobile Application

The core feature of C+Charge is the mobile application. It is a central platform that meets EV users charging needs as it manages other charging-related end-to-end activities. These activities include.

  1. Tracking the number of carbon credits you have accumulated
  2. Allowing seamless payments for multiple platform integration options
  3. Geolocating operational charging stations through the Charging Stations Finder
  4. Access to information related to charger waiting times
  5. Giving you the complete technical diagnosis of the charging station

Creating a Simplified Model That All users can Understand

There are four elements involved in the C+Charge ecosystem.

The first one is the user. Users aren’t only EV owners. Owners of EV charging stations can also use the app to provide charging services to users. Here, the app acts as a buffer between the station owner and the EV owner – allowing people to get access to the best charging stations with affordable charging costs.

C+Charge will be connected to the network of charging stations. These are the C+Charge-partner stations that will use CCHG as payment in return for providing charging services.

The final two elements of this system are the applications and the blockchain. The app will provide the best charging station available near the user, hold the user’s payment wallet and offer them a way to track all their accumulated carbon credit. And the fact that this entire system is backed by blockchain makes sure that the process is transparent and has tamper-proof security measures.

Providing Real-Time Diagnostics

One of the biggest issues with the current EV system is the severe lack of ways to understand the issues of a non-operational charging station. C+Charge fixes that problem through real-time diagnostic.

real-time diagnostics

With C+Charge’s real-time diagnostic system, charging station owners will be able to see what’s wrong with the stations and can take immediate action. C+Charge also offers other utilities that allow patching the software of the charging stations remotely.

That will increase the efficiency of charging stations and increase the EV adoption rate.

A Novel Payment System That’s Same For all

The utility crypto of C+Charge – CCHG – is used to pay at C+Charge-powered charging stations and partner stations.

Payment System

The C+Charge charging stations, once they arrive, will have a load switch, meter, controller, and unique node information. And those who use the app will have a unique crypto wallet through which they can pay for charging their vehicles.

The app will have all the critical information, including.

  1. Carbon credit balance
  2. Payment information
  3. Token balance

The payment system will also allow charging station owners to keep an eye on fluctuating energy prices and alter the prices and inform about those changes to EV owners instantly. This approach will make them more efficient and maximize their profitability.

Charging Stations in Commercial Parking Garages

Large cities have the highest concentration of EVs right now. However, other than charging stations, EV owners in those regions don’t have any other option than charging their vehicles at home.

In a bid to save space and optimize resources, C+Charge is coming up with incentives that will allow commercial garages to install charging stations. Commercial garage owners have so far stepped back from owning charging stations because of the added cost. But as the demand for EVs increase in the next five years, C+Charge is poised to increase the profitability of commercial garages by partnering up with them.

Connecting Charging Station Players Across the globe

The International Energy Association reports that there are 1.8 million charging stations in the world, with Chargepoint being the biggest operator – managing over 20k charging stations. Because most of these players are disconnected from each other, the charging costs aren’t transparent.

Global Charging Stations

That creates an opportunity for C+Charge to act as a bridge for different charging station companies on a global scale. C+Charge is OCPP compatible, allowing it to be used inside any charging station across the globe. It would allow this project to team up with existing charging station owners, allowing them to grow and grow alongside them.

Introduction of Solar Powered Charging Station

C+Charge isn’t blind to the energy needs of the world and understands that to become a sustainable crypto, it has to adopt a cleaner way to charge vehicles. That’s where solar-powered charging stations come into the picture.

C+Charge has teamed up with charging “pods” manufacturers. These “pods” are powered by solar energy, making them one of the most desirable forms of chargers on the C+Charge network.

However, in the current scenario, solar energy is not fully viable in cities. That is why C+Charge plans to introduce them in areas outside North America and Europe where the existing power grid is sub-optimal.

With this approach, C+Charge may also become one of the most energy-efficient cryptos of 2024.

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C+Charge Tokenomics

C+Charge is one of the best cryptos to come out this year and has interesting tokenomics that involves partners, ecosystems, founders, and environmental concerns.

There are 1 billion tokens in total, out of which 10% have been dedicated to public sale. 5% tokens are for Angel sale, and the same amount of tokens have been dedicated to the Private sale.

Founders and team get 5% of the total supply, a sign that this token is legitimate. 15% of tokens are dedicated to system funds, 7.5% go to partners, listings and exchange funds get 8%, 2.5% is for the advisors, and the remaining 5% is for environmental and charity.

The C+Charge presale is going to have four stages, and the following will be the price of the asset in each stage.

  1. Stage 1: 0.013 USDT
  2. Stage 2: 0.0165 USDT
  3. Stage 3: 0.02 USDT
  4. Stage 4: 0.0235 USDT

C+Charge tokenomics

There are many interesting aspects of the C+Charge token that will keep the tokenomics more interesting. The first one is the fact that all the tokens used to charge the EVs will be burned. Furthermore, as the number of charging stations grow, the number of tokens will also see an uptick.

This way to grow organically will likely push more trust into this cryptocurrency in the next crypto bull run. The wider crypto market is now beginning to show signs of strength in 2024 after 2022’s crypto winter.

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C+Charge NFT – A Carbon-Credits-Powered NFT Project

C+Charge is not only using the app and the BEP-20 tokens to provide more utility to investors; NFTs are also part of this green equation. Charging the EVs at stations will reward people with CCHG tokens. Holding the CCHG tokens will allow users to earn GNT.

NFTs C+Charge

GNT – Goodness Nature Token – is tokenized carbon credit that C+Charge has created in partnership with FlowCarbon. GNT is used to create NFTs.

C+Charge aims to offer an NFT program involving EV manufacturers to create limited edition concepts involving NFTs. Going by that reason, it might be one of the few projects that’s aware of the environmental effect of NFTs and taking preemptive measures by being part of an initiative that tackles environmental issues directly.

The goal of these NFTs will be to create an inclusive space where sustainable mobility is within reach of most people.

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Why Should you Invest in C+Charge?

C+Charge aims to change the world of EV space for the better. It is trying to address the long-ignored issues of the EV space and, in doing so, encourage more people to adopt EVs. Here are the reasons why you, too, must invest in this crypto

It Can be Implemented in Charging Stations Across the Globe

Devs are making the C+Charge app to be OCPP 2.0 compatible. That will allow the ap[p to integrate with the universal standard, which makes it operable in global stations across the world. If the project keeps up its presale momentum, there is a chance that all 1.8 million charging stations currently active across the globe will partner with C+Charge.

It Promotes Transparency and Standardizes Charging Costs

C+Charge’s app is blockchain-based and thus will promote transparency among EV charging stations. People will now have access to charging costs information before they land at charging stations. Also, there would be no hidden fees, no surprise charges, and no uncertainties. These factors will combine to provide a better experience to users.

Earn Carbon Credits

The more you charge your EVs on C+Charge partner charging stations, the more carbon credits you will earn. Also, the “reflection” program will allow 1% of the tokens to be dedicated to purchasing carbon credits that will be distributed among users proportionally.

It is currently Available on Presale

C+Charge is currently available as a presale crypto that will give you an early mover opportunity. Through the price appreciation of CCHG tokens in the four presale stages, you can generate nearly 80% profit even before the token gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Completely Verified and Secure Crypto

We conducted complete research on C+Charge and found that the smart contract it implements has been fully audited by Solid Proof, and all the team members are KYC verified by CoinSniper.

C+Charge Roadmap

C+Charge has a simple and realistic roadmap that it has been following quite thoroughly.

Phase 1

The concept was generated in phase 1. Phase 1 also consisted of forming the team, developing the website, creating the whitepaper, auditing the smart contract, verifying the team, and creating the marketing campaign.

Phase 2

Marketing materials are being rolled out for this project currently, and C+Charge has been placed on major coin listing sites. NFT development is also ongoing, and a seed round sale has already taken place.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of this project will consist of deploying the smart contract, listing at leading coin listing sites, store acquisitions, and launch of C+Charge merchandise.

Phase 4 and Phase 5

The final two phases are the biggest, and the goals are to put this token among the top 3 spots on coin listing sites and get it trending on social media platforms. Partnerships with EV automakers, exchange listings requests, influencer campaigns, official NFT release, and the first C+Charge electric chargers will also happen in the final phase.

C+Charge has opted for a dynamic roadmap since the progress can be unpredictable at times. That way, the project would have leeway to proceed if there are some changes midway.

How to Buy C+Charge?

  • Go to the official website of C+Charge – (beware of fake sites)
  • Click on Connect Wallet
  • Connect your Metamask or any other wallet that you see from the Wallet Connect Option
  • Make sure that your wallet has BNB or USDT tokens
  • Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap for CCHG tokens
  • Buy C+Charge tokens
  • Claim your tokens after the presale concludes

Also see our full guide to buying C+Charge on presale.


We have done a complete review of C+Charge Presale Crypto, and we have also looked into its unique NFT. The C+Charge NFT project will transfer carbon credits into an NFT, which will give you access to a tradable asset or an asset that you can use for branding and promotions. The platform is currently following its roadmap closely, so we will know more about the utility of this NFT as time moves forward.

That said, C+Charge is a unique green cryptocurrency project that is tackling a long-ignored aspect of environmental issues – electronic vehicles. Through its many offerings, including the app, the carbon credit rewards, and a unified payment system, it is trying to generate more awareness for electric vehicles.

Visit the official website to learn more about what this project has to offer.

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FAQs on the C+Charge Presale

What is the utility of C+Charge token?

A C+Charge token will be used to charge electric vehicles at charging stations across the globe. Charging the vehicles will allow token holders to collect carbon credits that they can then transform into NFTs.

Will there be a liquidity lock on C+Charge?

All the tokens sold during the presale will be locked in the liquidity pool.

How do I use C+Charge to charge my EV?

Use the C+Charge app to locate the nearest charging station. Visit the station and then use the app to pay for charging your vehicle using CCHG

What types of EVs can be charged with C+Charge

All types of electric vehicles can be charged using C+Charge, including heavy-duty trucks, city buses, cars, delivery vans, or any commercial vehicle as well.