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How to Buy NoMeme Token – New Uniswap Listing

In a glance at the top crypto gainers of 2023, one would be able to guess the level of popularity memecoins have managed to claim once again. New memecoins in particular have been outperforming the rest of the crypto markets, a noteworthy trend as other asset classes have been slow to recover from the last bear market.

One of the latest new meme token projects is NoMeme, which owes its launch to a social media post by the high-profile tech billionaire, Elon Musk.

Within a day of launching NoMeme hit a $10 million market cap, before correcting back to approximately $1 million. This guide covers how to buy NOMEME token, a background of the project, and whether a token based on an internet meme can be a good investment.

How to Buy NoMeme Token – Quick Guide

At the moment, NoMeme is available on Uniswap only, which means that you will need to use the DEX in order to acquire some NOMEME tokens. Here is a quick overview of the steps to take in order to purchase the NoMeme crypto token:

  1. Step 1 – Go to the Official NoMeme Site – Visit Make sure to check the address, as imitators may try to steal your funds if you visit the wrong website.
  2. Step 2 – Connect a Wallet – Click on the “Connect Wallet” on the Uniswap API on the homepage and select the wallet you wish to connect to buy and hold NoMeme
  3. Step 3 – Enter an Amount – Fill in the number of tokens you are looking to buy, select what token to swap for NOMEME, and set the slippage as required.
  4. Step 4 – Buy NOMEME Tokens – Make the swap, and an equivalent amount of NOMEME tokens will be transferred into your wallet. A small amount of ETH may be required to cover gas fees.

Alternatively visit DEXTools, an aggregator of decentralized exchanges. Find the NOMEME trading pair here.


What is NoMeme Token

Why you love no meme no more?” is the text you will see as soon as you land on the NoMeme project’s homepage, as well as links to the project’s Twitter, Telegram and DEXTools pair.

There is not much else currently on the website, and the homepage pretty much sums up the entirety of the project. There is no mention of any utility yet, nor does the project feature a roadmap of any kind that could indicate upgrades or even a real use case in the future.

The project was launched shortly after the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk tweeted the image below on May 10th. The image features a character from the Milady Maker NFT collection, a popular NFT collection of 10,000 different types of PFP NFTS:

The demand for those popular NFTs also skyrocketed within a matter of minutes, with the collection doubling in floor price on OpenSea before a correction.

The NoMeme project started gaining traction as well after launch since Elon’s tweet had been viewed by more than 30 million Twitter users already. Within a single hour of being made available on Uniswap, the token’s value rose by over 700%, before correcting to a lower price level. It was listed on Uniswap at a price of $0.0001, and shortly after the token managed to record its first all-time high at $0.00097.

At the time of writing, the price is back to the $0.0001 range. However, some analysts speculates that NoMeme may be due for another pump that could be sustained in the upcoming days. Similar assets MEMEME and Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) have also been pumping significantly since Elon’s weet.

NoMeme’s popularity is also reflected on social media platforms like Youtube and statistics platforms like Google Trends data, which indicates that “NoMeme,” “nomeme coin,” and “nomeme token” have become breakout search topics among Google users.

Germany, the US, and Brazil appear to be particularly interested in the project. NoMeme was also featured on’s rankings of the most trending cryptocurrency coins.

NoMeme token has already amassed over 8000 Twitter followers on its handle @nomemetoken and is rapidly growing its community on Telegram, now with over 600 members. According to DEXTools, there are over 1,400 NOMEME token holders.

NoMeme has a total supply of 9.82 billion tokens.

Invest in NOMEME

Is NoMeme a Good Investment?

In the long term, it should be noted that many memecoins struggle to hold their value and are very volatile.

For short term traders interested in low market cap coins, a memecoin like NoMeme could make sense however. The memecoin sector is all about getting into the right type of projects at the right time, in order to make profits – buy low, sell high.

There are also some elements that could help support the NoMeme price:

Re-emerging Memecoin Trend

Memecoins were one of the most talked about investments during the 2021 bull run. Spotting projects based on their potential rise in popularity and investing in them soon enough was almost like a loophole to generating massive profits. However, this trend died down as the market crashed, and the interest around memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu has decreased.

But since the start of 2023, cryptocurrencies started showing a positive price movement, which resulted in the reemergence of new memecoins as a profitable means of investment. New meme tokens like PEPE, WOJAK and TURBO have already rewarded their holders with more than 100x ROI, which has caused a ripple effect in the industry. The rising prices of these tokens have thus caused projects like NoMeme to be considered high-potential options too.

Associated with Elon Musk

Elon Musk has historically been one of the most influential figures in the blockchain industry. But the tech billionaire’s impact on the crypto industry has been both noteworthy and contentious.

The Tesla CEO’s tweets have triggered market movements and garnered considerable attention for several digital currencies. For instance, in February 2021, Musk’s announcement that Tesla had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin caused a surge in the cryptocurrency’s value. However, just a few months later, Musk took a U-turn and tweeted that Tesla would not accept Bitcoin as payment, citing environmental concerns. This announcement had a detrimental effect on Bitcoin’s value.

Musk has also expressed his views on Dogecoin, a memecoin based on a Shiba Inu dog, causing its worth to fluctuate dramatically. Despite being a memecoin that was originally created as a joke, Elon Musk’s tweet ended up putting Dogecoin in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. While some applaud Musk’s influence as a positive factor for development and advancement, others condemn his tweets as a form of market manipulation.

NoMeme was born out of the sentence Musk tweeted on the Milady Maker NFT meme. Like several other occasions, investors have taken this as an opportunity to potentially earn profits, which is another reason why there is a demand for the project at the moment.

Potential Utility and Growing Community

There are examples of memecoins in the space that have evolved with time to provide value to investors; a great example being Shiba Inu. While the project had initially been launched without a use case it managed to create one due to an overwhelming response from the massive community it had created. Similarly, NoMeme investors may also get into the project expecting to see developments as the project starts gaining more popularity and value.

745 listeners tuned in to one of the first Twitter Spaces held by NoMeme coin on the platform.

Great Way for Potential Profits

Memecoins are undoubtedly risky investments, but have often proved to be one of the most profitable categories in the crypto space. From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu, almost every popular project has recorded massive profits at its prime. Infact, few of the top memecoins had performed well even during the bear market, which makes them an asset worth considering, despite their uncertain future.

Visit NOMEME Site

How to Buy NoMeme Coin – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a detailed guide for those looking to purchase NOMEME tokens from Uniswap:

Step 1 – Visit the Official Site


To purchase the NoMeme token, the first step is to visit its official website The website’s design is minimalist, with no elaborate graphics or images. There is no whitepaper or community feed available on the homepage yet. Instead, users can find links to the token’s social media platforms and a Uniswap API, which allows for the exchange of ETH for NoMeme tokens.

Step 2 – Connect your Wallet

To connect your wallet, simply click ‘Connect Wallet’ on the API and select from the available wallets: Uniswap Wallet, Metamask, or Coinbase Wallet. If your wallet is not listed, you can select WalletConnect and connect your own wallet by scanning the QR code.

Step 3 – Enter the Purchase Details

After successfully connecting your wallet, proceed to input the desired quantity of NOMEME tokens you wish to purchase. Keep in mind that in order to make the swap, you’ll need to have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the associated fees. If you don’t have enough ETH, you can purchase it from eToro, a user-friendly and regulated trading platform that enables you to easily buy ETH using fiat currency.

Step 4 – Buy NOMEME Tokens

The aforementioned steps are all you need to follow to acquire NOMEME tokens. After completing the process of connecting your wallet and ensuring that you have enough ETH to cover the transaction fees, swap the ETH tokens for NOMEME using the Uniswap API. After the transaction is complete, the NOMEME tokens will be transferred to your crypto wallet.


NoMeme is born out of the latest crypto trend that has often helped several investors earn massive profits. While there is potential for the new project to shoot up further, thanks to a growing community and the success of similar projects – Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) now has an over $100 million market cap – one must also be careful while investing in such projects. While the token could potentially be a high-reward asset, it also holds considerable risk.

Do your own research and also see our picks for the best cryptos to buy this year, which includes several other memecoins.



What was the listing price of NOMEME?

The listing price of NOMEME was $0.0001. However, the price rose considerably on launch day, and has turned out to be a profitable investment for many, before a retracement.

Is investing in NOMEME a risk?

Like any other memecoin, NOMEME also holds some risk as as investment, as it is a project without a strong usecase or fundamentals, which would mean that the price increase is dependent solely on speculation and its popularity at the moment.

Where can I buy NOMEME tokens from?

You can buy NOMEME tokens through the website, via DEXTools, or from the Uniswap DEX directly.