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NoMeme Price Prediction – $NOMEME Coin Potential in 2023

NoMeme is a new memecoin that emerged shortly after Elon Musk posted a tweet featuring a Milady NFT meme with a text overlay that reads – “There is no meme. I love you.” As the community is always ready to take Elon’s tweets as a sign of another reason to invest in crypto, both the NFT market and the crypto market quickly became its beneficiaries.

Not only did the Milady Maker NFT collection see its price move up by almost 100% on OpenSea, many new memecoins emerged. Knowing the profits made during the PEPE and SPONGE bull runs, traders took notice of a new memecoin called NoMeme (NOMEME). It gained ground quickly and was up by almost 10x within hours of being listed on Uniswap. And while the token has since retraced from that peak – some NoMeme price predictions remain bullish as similar tokens like MEMEME (MEMEME) and Milady Meme Coin (LADYS) have been performing well.

NoMeme Price Prediction

New meme coins often don’t move according to the traditional market conditions. Rather than standard technical indicators, it is the community aspect and the notoriety on social media platforms that we must keep an eye on. Furthermore, this token, designed within a couple of hours after Elon Musk’s tweet, didn’t come out as a presale but landed straight on Uniswap. With those factors in mind, here is a possible NoMeme price prediction:


NoMeme was launched on May 10th, 2023, and it was able thanks to the excitement people had about Elon Musk’s tweet, to get some initial traction in the market. That allowed it to explode to the $0.00097 mark before a retrace. Its possible the NoMeme price can retest that high though in the coming days, as some holders of MEMEME and LADYS look for similar tokens, or if Elon tweets about his interest in Milady Maker NFTs again.


Going into 2024, the entire crypto market will be influenced by the Bitcoin halving. The introduction of scarcity to the BTC space will make Bitcoin more valuable, increasing the price of altcoins. That reaction could funnel to low market cap meme coins. If NoMeme is able to maintain its relevance in the market around that time, we might see it reaching the $0.001 mark. However if the effects of crypto winter persist to next year, it may trade sideways.

2025 and Beyond

Memecoins have historically been volatile and struggled to maintain their all-time highs – both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu corrected around 90% from their ATHs. Its often best to treat them as short term trades rather than long term investments. However anything is possible in cryptocurrency, and Elon Musk favorite DOGE still has an over $10 billion market cap today even after its correction.

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What is NoMeme Token?

The NoMeme token is a memecoin that takes inspiration straight from Elon Musk’s latest tweet featuring the text “There is no Meme”. This meme-ified token emerged amidst a time when interest in memecoins was the highest it has been in the past 2 years, since the peak of the last crypto bull run in 2021 when DOGE and SHIB hit their tops.

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The NOMEME token was launched directly after tokens like PEPE and SPONGE proved their success in the market. PEPE reached an almost $2 billion market cap within weeks of its launch, retracing to around $1 billion following its Binance listing. SpongeBob reached a $100 million marketcap within a couple of days. The latter got listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges soon after.

NoMeme (NOMEME) seems to be following in the footsteps of these tokens. It has also emerged at a time when the aforementioned meme fever has slowed down a bit. For instance, PEPE has corrected by 80% after reaching its peak, and SpongeBob is facing a similar decline in trades.

NOMEME has emerged as an alternative for those who still want to make gains in the market. For short-term investors, this token might be the best new crypto to buy right now as it has a very low market cap of just $1 million.

NoMeme Price Chart

NoMeme rose by almost 1,000% soon after it was launched on Uniswap, before a quick retrace.

Released on 10th May 2023, NOMEME was able to funnel some of the interest that people had about the Elon Musk meme towards itself, but didn’t establish a longer term uptrend yet like LADYS token managed to.

NoMeme price prediction

The token has also gotten some traction on social media, which might play into how long this memecoin is able to stay relevant. The longer people talk about it, the more hype it will build, which could attract buyers. Currently NOMEME has over 8,700 followers on Twitter on the handle @nomemetoken.

View the latest NOMEME price on the DEXTools chart here.

Is NoMeme a Good Investment?

Whether NoMeme is a good investment or not will depend on what kind of investment you are looking for. For a short-term earning strategy, NoMeme may be a good buy – for experienced traders familiar with Uniswap. It is a memecoin driven by the community, which can push its price if they see fit.

Here are some of the possible reasons to trade NoMeme:

Low Cost

For those looking for low-cap cryptos, it could also be a good buy. This token is affordable, which is a good thing for traders on a budget. That said, it is still a memecoin. And despite the parabolic gains it is possible for it to make, market trends rarely follow a linear direction. This has to be kept in mind before getting started.

Good Presence on Social Media

How much traction NoMeme is capable of getting almost entirely depends on its performance on social media. The official Twitter account is full of posts. And NoMeme has been able to gather a lot of followers in just a little time, which is positive news for those hoping for another parabolic run.

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Good for Entrants of the Crypto Space

The cryptocurrency market is seen by outsiders as a way to make a lot of money fast. And since Bitcoin is priced at $25 – $30k, which makes it a blue-chip crypto, memecoins like NoMeme, offer a cheaper investment option. Newcomers can buy these assets easily and can invest as little as they want.

Memecoins only listed on DEX platforms also can’t be shorted by whales, unlike on CEX platforms.

NoMeme coin trending

NoMeme was briefly featured on the most trending cryptocurrency assets list on, during its first day of trading.

NoMeme Social Media Channels

NoMeme only has two social media channels at the moment. These are.

  1. Telegram
  2. Twitter

Twitter is the more popular one at the moment, with close to 9k followers. The NoMeme Telegram has just over 600 followers, which might inflate soon.

How to Buy NoMeme Tokens

NoMeme didn’t launch as an ICO with a robust roadmap. It is a straight-to-DEX memecoin that you can buy directly from Uniswap. Here are the steps to buy NoMeme tokens:

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet using the Uniswap widget
  3. Swap your ETH for NOMEME tokens

Also see our how to buy NoMeme guide.

The Verdict

NoMeme is a new Milady-themed memecoin that has emerged to bank on the sudden interest in that niche of memecoins spurred on by Elon Musk’s meme, and following in the footsteps of assets like PEPE and SPONGE.

It has neither utility nor a roadmap, however the community driving the NOMEME price is wide, which is the major reason why it could be a crypto to watch.

The token became one of the most trending tokens on, and while the recent retrace has put some dent in its progress, it may bounce in the days to come if assets like LADYS lose the market’s attention.

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Is NoMeme a good investment?

NoMeme is a memecoin created shortly after Elon Musk's meme posting on Twitter. It has no utility or roadmap. However, due to the virality aspect, it presents a possible opportunity to make short-term gains. For those seeking cheap cryptos with high earning potential, it could be a good investment.

What is the current NoMeme price?

The NoMeme price during present time is around $0.00011. It has a market cap of 1.1 million dollars at press time. The total supply is 9.8 billion NoMeme tokens.