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How to Buy Ecoterra Token – Recycle to Earn Presale

Ecoterra presale logo
Ecoterra presale logo

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ecoterra is the newest green cryptocurrency project that aims to leverage blockchain technology to encourage people to recycle. A project rooted in the desire to save the planet, Ecoterra claims that it wants to tackle the worsening effects of climate change by encouraging people to take measures such as tree plantation, waste management, and cleanups. The project aims to remove the bottlenecks that make people unwilling to take eco-friendly measures by using blockchain tech to not only educate people about green initiatives but incentivize them to recycle.

Ecoterra is a ‘Recycle2Earn’ app that has the potential to benefit the environment by rewarding those who recycle with cryptocurrency. The app will feature a marketplace for recycled materials and carbon credits – but how far can this project reach? Ecoterra is currently undergoing its presale and raising funding at a rapid speed. This guide will review how to buy Ecoterra, why people should invest in it, and what major upsides it could bring to the blockchain space.

How to Buy Ecoterra – Quick Guide?

Ecoterra is currently undergoing its presale which consists of multiple stages – which means time is of the essence for those who want to become an early mover. Listed below are the steps to take to participate in this unique cryptocurrency project.

  1. Go to the official website – First, visit the official Ecoterra website. right below the presale bar, there is a “Connect Wallet” button. Click it to proceed to the next step.
  2. Connect your wallet – Connect your wallet to the website. The site offers a Coinbase wallet and Metamask connection as default, pick them or select Other wallets to choose the one you have.
  3. Make sure your wallet has ETH or USDT – ETH and USDT are the cryptos to swap for Ecoterra token. There is an option to buy Ecoterra with a card set to be implemented
  4. Buy ECOTERRA – Swap the number of tokens you want to buy. You will be able to claim your ECOTERRA tokens during the token generation event when the presale concludes.

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What is Ecoterra?

Below is a brief introduction to Ecoterra token, its use cases, ongoing presale and the project background.

The rise of global warming and worsening weather conditions worry many, not just crypto and ESG investors.

One often overlooked way to curb the pace at which the environmental conditions are worsening is accessible to all – recycling. It is easy to do, but not a lot of people want to do it.

Why Aren’t People More Committed to Recycling?

Recycling is one of the most basic things people can do to improve their environment. However, three bottlenecks exist that stop them from doing so.

Lack of Convenient Access

39% of people report they have a hard time conveniently accessing recycling plants. Most of them are way too far from where people live, which makes recycling, not a daily task but a special one – requiring special attention. And people don’t feel motivated enough to do that.

Lack of extra space

35% of people report that they don’t have the extra space required to keep a hold of their electronic waste and other waste materials. Most want to remove the e-waste from their premises as soon as possible and don’t give a single thought to recycling.

Lack of time and incentives

29% of people report that they don’t have the time to dedicate to recycling or any such endeavors. To them, recycling is a needless obligation that they aren’t willing to undertake unless it is truly important.

People often do not see much worth in recycling. Yes, it is true that it is good for the environment – but that won’t motivate people to willingly go the extra mile and recycle. What they actually lack is an incentive – reward – to encourage them to recycle.


Ecoterra is a Recycle to Earn project that not only aims to educate people about the value of recycling and taking green-centric measures to protect their environment but also rewards them for recycling.

What is Ecoterra

At the center of the Ecoterra ecosystem exists the Ecoterra app that will reward users whenever they recycle. Whenever users use a reverse vending machine and earn fiat, the app will also reward them with  ECOTERRA tokens.

Ecoterra aims to provide more value to crypto investors – more than fiat – by giving them access to an ecosystem that generates passive income.

But the app is not only centered around those who recycle. ESG companies who are willing to curb their carbon emissions will also benefit from it. The second element of the app is the marketplace through which these companies can buy verified carbon credits. And since the transactions will be blockchain-based, they will be completely transparent – ensuring that every transaction is ethical and there are no instances of double-selling.

How to Buy Ecoterra Token – Complete Guide

Here is the complete explanation of the steps one must take to buy Ecoterra. The procedure is simple – and devs have gone up and above to allow people to buy ECOTERRA tokens using their credit cards.

Go to the official website

The first step is to go to the official website of click on the “Connect Wallet” button. But before you begin, we recommend taking your time getting the feel of the content by going through the website and checking out the whitepaper. Ecoterra has been very thorough with the information they have given for this presale project – so take advantage of it and give it a read before taking the next step.

Go to Ecoterra

Connect your wallet

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button. Metamask and Coinbase Wallet are the default options it has. But you can select your own wallet by clicking on the “Other Wallet” button. But if you are a fiat user, you can also buy the token using a card. However, this functionality is yet to be fully-added, as clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button is the only process to take the next step.

Also, if you don’t have a wallet but want to, the “Connect Wallet” button will also guide you through the steps of downloading an Ethereum wallet.

Make sure your wallet has ETH or USDT

You can buy ECOTERRA tokens using ETH or USDT. So, make sure that you have one of these in your wallets before you proceed. We recommend using eToro. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform that’s more beginner-friendly and asks only for a nominal fee for buying assets.


Enter the number of ECOTERRA tokens you want to buy, and then finish the process by clicking on “Buy Now”. Of course, you won’t be able to claim your tokens right now. That will happen when the presale concludes – which, from the way the presale has been going, would be very soon.

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What makes Ecoterra Unique?

People are driving towards more environmentally conscious assets thanks to the rising concerns about the environment – and how blockchain can make it better. Ecoterra is one of many green cryptocurrencies that have been introduced in the last two years. However, here are the reasons that this project might be different from other sustainable cryptocurrencies.

Focusing on Business level strategies

When we talk about large analytics related to climate conditions, the only way to deal with them is through regulation. Those require time, they don’t have any incentive to them, and the blowback from the community is generally high. Ecoterra believes that environmental projects should be handled at a business level. Developing matters from the ground up can compound as the adoption increases – which can then have a snowball effect on the environment – making it better. This fact alone makes it one of the most sustainable cryptos we have covered so far.

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Encouraging Individuals to Recycle

Perhaps the biggest differentiating factor that Ecoterra brings is making the recycle2earn ecosystem a norm. Recycle2Earn is a novel concept that has never been fully tackled inside the crypto space. With R2E mechanics integrated with the Ecoterra app, users can be rewarded every time they choose to recycle waste. Here are the steps that individuals can take to get rewarded for recycling.

  1. Creating an account
  2. Scanning the bar code on the recyclable item
  3. Opening the Ecoterra app
  4. Searching for the nearest Recycling vending machine (RVM)
  5. Placing the recyclable item on the RVM
  6. Get a receipt of the material and the number of units of recycled
  7. Taking a photo of the receipt
  8. Receiving Ecoterra tokens

If users don’t want to go through these hoops, they can take their old clothing items to retailers that recycle them, get the receipt, upload the receipt to the app, and get the ECOTERRA rewards.

But the app goes one step further. Users who choose to become active energy producers – producing their own energy through solar panels – will get incentives in the form of ECOTERRA tokens. That way, you will be benefitted from every green decision that you make.

Providing Solutions for Businesses

The Ecoterra app will also work for businesses that require bigger recycling plans. The app will offer these plans for sale to enterprises and reward them in return.

Providing a Recycling Marketplace

Ecoterra aims to encourage companies it has partnered with to adopt and promote circular product life cycles. And the recycling marketplace is how it is trying to accomplish it. It becomes an intersectional point between businesses and recycling companies – providing a secure digital space that’s fully transparent, with lightning-quick transactions.

Recyclers can put their raw materials on sale through the marketplace. Companies can choose to either buy them or make a new request for the same materials from recyclers via the same marketplace.

Upon receiving the request, the recycler can deliver, and companies can buy the raw materials using USDT, Bitcoin, or Ecoterra. Using Ecoterra will provide companies with small transaction fees and, depending on how many transactions recyclers complete, they will be rewarded with ECOTERRA tokens.

Educating the Masses About Recycling

Creating a green education platform is one of its short-term goals that Ecoterra has. Ecoterra wants this education system to have a different goal, which is to create awareness and not panic. The green cryptocurrency project aims to give a realistic look at our climate conditions in a more palatable manner – which may also be capable of those who are, till now, acting as detractors of the topic of climate change.

The end goal here is to let people fully grasp the harmful impact of certain actions on the climate before committing to taking measures to fix them. Reliable and interactive content will become a norm on the app – allowing businesses and individuals to interact with each other in a whole new way.

Carbon Offset Marketplace

Another major element of this ecosystem is a second marketplace dedicated to fixing carbon footprints. This marketplace which will be known as the carbon offset marketplace, will give the opportunity to individuals, businesses, and countries to meet their short and long-term goals.

Two types of carbon markets are prevalent currently. MCM – Mandatory Carbon Markets and VCM- Voluntary Carbon Markets. The second category is for companies that want to adopt ESG standards and want to purchase carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprints.

Ecoterra Carbon Offset Marketplace

Many projects have tried to tap into it in the past – but have turned out to be scams due to a lack of understanding of the technology behind it. None of them were associated with the VCS program, which is aimed at adding credibility to carbon markets.

Ecoterra seeks to become the first carbon offset marketplace that bridges VCS projects for non-crypto and crypto enthusiasts. It uses blockchain technology to mediate exchange between projects to reduce the carbon footprint for all.

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What are the Benefits of Ecoterra?

There are three categories of benefits that Ecoterra will bring – for individuals, for businesses, and for everyone.

Benefits for Individuals

People would be able to use the Ecoterra app to capitalize on their recycling measures and earn ECOTERRA tokens. That will make individuals feel more rewarded as Ecoterra tokens have more benefits than regular fiat money.


People will be able to stake ECOTERRA tokens and earn passive income in the form of APYs generated from the revenue streams.

Buying carbon credits

Individuals will have complete access to the secondary marketplace through which they can buy carbon credits. Ecoterra will likely become one of the few ecosystems to allow individuals to interact with the carbon credit marketplace – a space that has largely been walled off for corporations only.

Accessing Educational Content

Ecoterra’s educational content will be different from the standard eco-friendly blogs that one reads online. They will contain research papers and other media that help people take actionable and profitable decisions to make the environment better.

Getting NFT rewards

Those who actively engage with the community will get NFT rewards. Engaging here means adding more content to the educational platform or adding value to them. The more positive activity a person does on the platform, the more their impact score will be. A higher impact score will make them eligible to receive NFT rewards.

Benefits for Businesses

Ecoterra will benefit businesses in three ways:

Businesses that buy Ecoterra’s recycling plans

Those who buy recycling plans will be able to buy large quantities of recyclables from the users. Doing so will automatically support the impactful environmental projects – which will prompt Ecoterra to send a contribution to the partner companies as a sign of appreciation. And when the same companies apply themselves on the green education platform, they will be rewarded. Ecoterra will also provide them with complete data on their audience – giving companies research materials to use for better market strategies and better product management.

Businesses that buy raw materials from the Ecoterra marketplace

Businesses that buy raw materials from the marketplace will have access to a wide range of raw materials to choose from. The app will also provide an option to customize their requests depending on the requirements, such as type, size, quantity, and quality. Companies will be able to check out the marketplace and put requests directly from there and then.

Businesses that Buy Carbon Credits from the Carbon Offset Marketplace

Ecoterra provides a way for businesses to offset their carbon emissions in a way that’s accessible, quick, and supportive of impactful verified projects. It allows companies to increase their total impact score – and get a better ESG rating, which is great for marketing and employee retention. NFT rewards are also given Ecoterra helps businesses with meeting the mandatory carbon emission goals.

Benefits to Everyone

Here are the ways that Ecoterra will be beneficial for all those connected with this project:


Being able to become part of the green economy shouldn’t be difficult, but have been made thanks to the overly complicated projects. With Ecoterra, anyone can become a part of this economy. The official whitepaper says that what’s required to join the ecosystem is to have the willingness to save the environment. The RVM market is growing – and is poised to reach $736 million by 2030. In light of this, Ecoterra is a project that can get people into this thriving economy – which will definitely prove to have upsides later.

Supporting multiple certified environmental projects

The newer generation is more than willing to become part of measures that have a greener impact on the economy. Ecoterra offers a way to join such projects directly and get rewarded for them. There is a list of projects that Ecoterra supports, all of which focus on reducing carbon emissions.  Ecoterra vets these new projects properly and quickly – allowing users to gain access to new VCS projects. These projects cover sectors including Agriculture, Forestry, construction, industries, waste handling, disposal, and more.

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Ecoterra Tokenomics

The entire ecosystem of Ecoterra is powered by the token of the same name – ECOTERRA. ECOTERRA is an ERC-20 token, and from what we have covered so far, it has the potential to be one of the most eco-friendly cryptos of 2024.

Ecoterra tokenomics

Ecoterra has very interesting tokenomics. Half of its native token’s supply has been dedicated towards the presale – which is 1 billion in total. These have no vesting requirements.

20% of the tokens have been dedicated to the development of the ecosystem – and it has 500 million tokens dedicated to it.

10% of tokens are dedicated to its upcoming crypto exchange listings, 10% is for marketing, 5% has been dedicated to the team, and the remaining 5% is for corporate adoption.

Ecoterra vesting

Ecoterra Roadmap

Ecoterra has only provided an early roadmap – that shows the confidence the devs have in this. The project has been divided into four phases.

Phase 1 Research phase

The first phase is the research phase, where the devs have researched the feasibility of the project, conducted market analysis, and launched the website. The devs have already created a smart contract for the token and the presale.

At this stage, the project is moving forward to be audited by Certik and SolidProof – which will lend more credibility to it. The project has already been audited by Certik. The names of the dev team have already been revealed. You can see their links on the official website.

Phase 2 Foundation phase

The project will start to take shape in this phase, with advertising campaigns and user registration on the application. Designs for the first prototype of the Ecoterra app will begin at this stage. Development of marketplaces for recycle materials and carbon offset will also start during this stage.

Phase 3 End of Presale

The presale will end by phase three, at which point you will be free to claim your tokens. Exchange listing will happen at this stage, and the project will further move toward development. Database creation and final development of marketplaces even further will take place at this stage.

Phase 4 – Release of The Beta Version

The final phase of the project will consist of the release of the beta version that the public can use. Database integration will go in full swing, and the marketplaces for recycled materials and carbon offset will come out. Strategic corporate partnerships will also begin.

While this roadmap is robust, it is likely that we are going to see a lot of changes going forward – so keeping up with the official Twitter account of the platform is a good idea.

Find more of their social channels linked on our Ecoterra price prediction forecast.


Ecoterra is attempting to bring more awareness to recycling, making it a proactive cryptocurrency project – which has a lot more value than your traditional tradable asset. The project’s goals, although lofty, aren’t unattainable. And the roadmap is also realistic. Setting realistic goals moving forward means Ecoterra has the potential to accomplish what it has set out to.

Ecoterra is currently available as a multi-staged presale, which means you have the potential to make gains from price appreciation before it gets listed in phase 2 of its roadmap. Click the link below to check out the official website yourself and invest in this green crypto that will likely be 10x this year.

Update – the Ecoterra presale has now ended, and $ECOTERRA is listed on Uniswap, LBank and Bitmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecoterra?

Ecoterra is a green cryptocurrency project that aims to bring more attention to recycling by imparting green education to people and rewarding them for recycling. The project uses the Ecoterra app to reward people with ECOTERRA tokens every time they recycle their product. Businesses too will benefit from it from its carbon offset marketplace and recyclable raw materials marketplace.

What is ECOTERRA token?

ECOTERRA is an ERC-20 token powering an ecosystem of the same name - Ecoterra. The project aims to make recycling materials more rewarding for everyone - individuals and businesses.

How to buy Ecoterra tokens?

To buy Ecoterra tokens, you must go to the official website and swap the tokens for USDT and ETH. There is also an option to buy the tokens using a debit or credit card. But that option is yet to be fully turned on.

What is the price of Ecoterra?

Ecoterra is currently undergoing the first phase of its presale, and the token is valued at $0.004. Over $22k has already been raised for this project in a day, and the pace will likely increase once more people become aware of it.

is Ecoterra a good investment?

Environmental concerns are driving people towards more eco-friendly projects that are capable of delivering. Ecoterra probably be the first, in our opinion, to be able to do so. It has a reachable goal, a followable roadmap, great fundamentals, and numerous upsides. Therefore, we believe that it is a good investment. However, make sure to do your own research before investing.