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Ecoterra Price Prediction – ECOTERRA Coin Potential

Ecoterra presale logo
Ecoterra presale logo

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ecoterra is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency initiative that uses tokenized rewards to incentivize and motivate users to recycle. The innovative blockchain-based Ecoterra ecosystem rewards both individuals and organizations, while also supplementing them with the tools they need to combat climate change.

Ecoterra is being widely dubbed as one of the most intriguing crypto releases of the year due to its novel ‘recycle-to-earn’ premise and objectives. The Ethereum-based platform also comes with built-in social media capabilities and marketplaces for recyclable materials and carbon credits.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Ecoterra platform is the wide range of users it targets, including recyclers, small, medium, and large businesses, industries, governments, and NGOs. The project seeks to assist and benefit each of these groups in order to create a more sustainable future. Its timing could not be more relevant, given the massive focus global governments and organizations have on abating climate change.

Ecoterra Price Prediction

It is difficult for us to comment on the price potential of Ecoterra’s native token ECOTERRA only by examining the technical indicators since the project is currently undergoing its presale at, on stage one at the time of writing with $65,000 raised.

Ecoterra coin price

However, with the massive potential of the Ecoterra platform in terms of relevant, eco-friendly features and its roots in a desire to save the planet, it seems like a promising investment as of now. We can anticipate the future price of Ecoterra once listed on crypto exchange based on its fundamentals. Here is a brief overview of the potential price movements for ECOTERRA:


The fact that Ecoterra was able to generate more than $58k in the first week of its presale shows how enthusiastic the crypto community is about the project and its offerings. Ecoterra aims to raise a total of $800k over the next 13 days (at the time of writing), which seems like an achievable target given the response.

Additionally, the price of 1 Ecoterra is $0.004 currently and will rise to $0.01 by the final stage in a few months. This means that initial investors are guaranteed a 150% growth once the presale ends. 50% of the allocated coins have been opened for sale currently. The presale that kicked off on March 29th will last for nine stages, showing much promise in terms of value growth.

Ecoterra’s presale seems to us as one of the top presales this year given its uniqueness and the market response. We anticipate that the presale end will be followed by a listing pump and then a retrace, which is typical in the crypto market.

Yet, the project’s consolidated roadmap will spur additional interest and lead to an increase in prices in no time. Also, there are several instances to learn from in the crypto market where prices have shot up tremendously after the presale, once the token is listed on an exchange.

Based on these considerations, we project that the token’s listed price, which is $0.01 currently, could reach $0.03 by the end of 2023.


Our Ecoterra price forecast for 2024 considers the project’s goals for the environment and climate change abatement. Environmental issues are sure to attract even more attention from governments, corporations, startups, and individuals in 2024, with the rising number of ESG initiatives.

Ecoterra’s premise of solving climate change issues using blockchain technology, and the introduction of Recycle-to-Earn and carbon credit mechanisms into the cryptosphere is sure to gain much attention. We forecast that the Ecoterra price could surpass $0.075 by the end of 2024 once the project is built out and has attracted leading companies to use its marketplaces.


2025 onwards, the crypto industry itself is projected to become more mainstream across industries and countries, with the rapid development of Web3 technologies and interfaces. More crypto-friendly regulations and practices are expected to be introduced by governments worldwide, and more innovative applications are to be developed.

Ecoterra could have established itself more firmly as a unique, eco-friendly, and relevant project with its Recycle-to-Earn functionality and multiple partnerships. By the end of 2025, we project that these factors will only enhance the asset’s growth manifold, and its price could reach $0.065.

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Continue reading as we delve deeper into the various aspects of this cryptocurrency and use them to make a detailed Ecoterra price prediction.

A Look at Ecoterra Presale

The table below shows the key aspects of the Ecoterra presale:

Presale Start Date 29th March 2023
Network Ethereum ERC-20
Total Supply 2,000,000,000
Presale Hard Cap $6,700,000
Total no. of rounds 9
Presale End Date 19th June 2023 (or when hard cap is hit)
Listed Token Price $0.01
Accepted Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card

The presale period for Ecoterra began on 29th March 2023 and will end on 19th June 2023 or when the hard cap of $6.7 million is hit, whichever is earlier. The price of 1 Ecoterra is currently $0.004 and is set to increase to $0.01 once all presale stages are completed. This ensures a huge profit of 150% to initial investors. There are to be a total of 9 stages in Ecoterra’s presale.

Ecoterra has a total supply cap of 2,000,000, of which 50% has been made available in the current presale. This leaves a lot of reserve as liquidity once ECOTERRA is listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

It is worth noting that unlike many of the top popular cryptocurrencies at the moment, Ecoterra’s price potential is not just built on hype. Instead, the project brings to the table relevant tools that users can leverage to fight back against climate change while earning rewards with tokenized benefits.

What is Ecoterra?

Some crypto experts are already vouching for Ecoterra as one of the best cryptocurrencies to purchase in 2023, although its presale has barely started. Such excitement and promise so early in its value chain indicate that Ecoterra has created quite the buzz already.

What is Ecoterra?v

The project mixes a sustainability-focused objective with an alluring incentives system for individuals and corporations alike. Ecoterra offers several potential use cases to recycle and reduce the environmental impacts of products and materials, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain’s capability to ensure that these use cases are verifiable and transparent over the long term.

The major standout feature of the Ecoterra project is its Recycle2Earn protocol, which rewards those who recycle materials such as glass, plastic, and cardboard. This functionality integrates perfectly with Ecoterra’s marketplace for carbon offsets, recycled materials, and “Impact Profiles”. Combined, the earning mechanism and the marketplace make Ecoterra one of the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency ventures available today.

The ECOTERRA ERC-20 tokens will be at the center of the Ecoterra ecosystem, according to its whitepaper. The ECOTERRA token will be vital to a variety of ecosystem-related tasks, most notably for rewards distribution. Anytime a person or organization recycles used materials, they will receive ECOTERRA as an incentive.


Recycle2Earn is an all-in-one software feature on Ecoterra that enables recycling tokens. Users can scan the barcodes on plastic, glass, and aluminum cans with the Ecoterra app, as well as their utility bills to earn ECOTERRA as a reward for recycling or using green energy-generating equipment. The scans will automatically match the database created by Ecoterra using artificial intelligence.

To receive ECOTERRA tokens, users must recycle and upload their RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) receipts. Afterward, they can donate to or stake in numerous environmental initiatives using these rewards.

Users of Ecoterra can earn points for their recycling efforts, and the “Impact Profile” portion of the website will provide all the details of their progress. Businesses can work with Ecoterra to provide incentives for people to recycle. In this approach, Ecoterra and its collaborators can influence the course of climate change – making Ecoterra a leading sustainable cryptocurrency.

Carbon Offset Marketplace

The Ecoterra app also allows both individuals and organizations to purchase carbon offsets using $ECOTERRA tokens or other cryptocurrencies on its dedicated marketplace. The carbon offsets are completely verified in collaboration with other approved standards and VERA.

All transactions are facilitated via the blockchain, guaranteeing complete transparency and preventing any double-selling or unethical activities. Through a reliable and trustworthy Carbon Offsets Marketplace feature, Ecoterra will help businesses minimize their carbon footprint and meet sustainability objectives.

Recycled Materials Marketplace

Ecoterra has created a blockchain-based marketplace for recycled materials where customers may interact directly with suppliers globally to purchase recycled products. The marketplace can be accessed via the Ecoterra app, where users may explore, filter, and select the material kinds of their choosing, post custom requests to obtain specific material requirements, and make payments. Transactions can be made using either fiat money, other cryptocurrencies, or $ECOTERRA.

Users who actively participate in supporting environmental activities that will facilitate access to Ecoterra’s marketplace will also receive NFT awards, depending on their overall impact score. They may choose to hold, trade, or sell these NFTs later.

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Ecoterra Profit Potential – A Case Study

The alarming environmental impact of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has received a lot of attention lately. While steps are being taken to reduce the carbon footprint of such cryptocurrencies, several investors have been quick to abandon traditional cryptos in favor of greener investments. This is what makes Ecoterra’s premise most favorable among investors in the short and long terms.

Consider Cardano, which on similar lines, has a reputation for sustainability and social impact monitoring and has received much appeal. Cardano is the world’s first peer-reviewed blockchain created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson that was examined by academics and scientists. Cardano can process 1000 transactions per second as opposed to Bitcoin’s 7 transactions per second.

The functionality of the Cardano platform is divided into several levels thanks to its innovative layered architecture, which also makes it possible for it to handle a variety of programming languages and enhances scalability, security, and adaptability. Although its primary usage is as a digital currency, it may also be applied to dApps, digital contracts, and other things.

Ecoterra Price Prediction Case Study

The eco-friendly project’s native token – ADA – increased in value from the initial $0.02 to $1.31 in 96 days only, recording a massive growth of 6450%. After experiencing a decline from 2018-20 as a result of several market variables, ADA exceeded its all-time high of $1.31 in early 2021 in a new bull market cycle. The cryptocurrency kept rising, reaching $2.46 in the middle of May 2021. Early in September 2021, ADA reached $3.10, a brand-new record high.

As an eco-friendly cryptocurrency like Cardano, but with a greater focus on climate change, waste management, and carbon footprint reduction, Ecoterra is poised to perform well. The team behind Ecoterra has ensured that all its initiatives are sewn with ecological perspectives, while also giving individuals and businesses incentives to participate.

The additional features like Recycle2Earn, Carbon Offsets, Recyclable Materials Marketplaces, and an Impact Trackable Profile to improve brand image and customer loyalty only make its case stronger.

How is Ecoterra Different from Other Eco-Friendly Cryptos?

Today’s users are increasingly wary of the urgent problems facing the planet. Businesses, too, have begun actively adopting sustainable business strategies to cater to the user- and climate-centric demands. As a result, the crypto market is also witnessing a plethora of green projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and negative environmental impacts.

Ecoterra Features

And yet, Ecoterra stands out from the sea of eco-friendly crypto projects announced in recent years. It has already attracted much attention on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter as one of the top crypto ICOs to debut this year due to the following unique features:

Focus on Facilitating Business Strategy and Growth

Instead of imposing regulations on businesses to align them with climate goals, the Ecoterra project takes on a new way of helping businesses become more eco-friendly while also reaping the rewards. It offers them the opportunity to earn incentives and credits through its Recyclable Materials and Carbon Offsets Marketplaces while helping them maintain an Impact Profile that their customers can see.

Thus, Ecoterra is combining pro-environment steps with rewards, incentives, and brand loyalty for businesses, contributing to their strategy and growth.

Motivating Individuals to Recycle

Introducing the Recycle2Earn mechanism is probably one of Ecoterra’s most impactful USPs. Ecoterra app users can receive rewards for recycling waste each time, thanks to the R2E mechanism embedded into the app, through a simple process:

  1. Create a profile.
  2. Scan the recyclable object’s barcode.
  3. Launch the Ecoterra app.
  4. Locate the closest recycling vending machine (RVM).
  5. Place the recyclable object on the RVM.
  6. Get a receipt detailing the materials and quantity recycled.
  7. Photograph the receipt and upload it to the app.
  8. Get Ecoterra tokens in return.

Users may even upload receipts of items recycled at clothing stores, etc. to receive ECOTERRA benefits. They may also earn tokens for choosing to become active energy producers by using solar panels to generate their own power. Thus, the Ecoterra project has something for everyone who makes an environment-friendly choice, and its use cases could only expand in the future.

Guiding Businesses Towards Sustainability

The Ecoterra app will also be useful for companies with more extensive recycling requirements. Businesses can purchase detailed sustainability plans from the app and earn rewards upon implementing them successfully.

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What Makes Ecoterra a Good Investment?

Below are some potential reasons to invest in Ecoterra coin:

An Experienced and Able Team

The development staff at Ecoterra is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that the project realizes its maximum potential. A number of the team members managed one of the most successful recycling businesses in the Southeast European region, so they are familiar with the challenges and potential in the industry.

The team has already been successful in securing a collaboration with Delhaize, one of the largest grocery chains present in Europe, North America, and Asia, thanks to their experience. Due to this collaboration, Delhaize will add RVMs to its retail locations, enabling millions of people to participate in the Recycle2Earn program.

The Time is Right to Launch This Project

The team behind Ecoterra has curated it as one of the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies to invest in by creating a project that promotes a circular economy. Users are incentivized to recycle their unwanted waste, which businesses could then buy through the marketplace for recycled materials.

These resources could be recycled once more after the company has used them and then bought by another company. With this configuration, Ecoterra would significantly reduce the global environmental impact of people, products, and businesses. With the growing focus on climate change and global warming abatement actions, the time is ripe for such a project to enter the market.

Planned Exchange Listings

The development team’s intention to list the token on major exchanges in Q3 2023 is among the most important developments that will have an impact on the price of ECOTERRA. Since ECOTERRA is presently only accessible through the presale, this will be the first time it may be exchanged openly.

Since new tokens frequently have exceptional hype surrounding them, crypto token listings are typically significant events in the market. When tokens are published on exchanges, individual investors frequently rush to buy them, driving up the price by a large amount. When ECOTERRA is made accessible to the public, the Ecoterra team (and investors) will be hoping for a similar outcome.

Relevant and Exciting Partnerships

Ecoterra’s line-up of interesting partnerships will also have an impact on the price of the ECOTERRA token. The relationship with the Delhaize Group has already been mentioned, but that’s not all that the team is working on.

The development team has partnered with, the organization behind the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), to verify all the carbon offsets offered through Ecoterra’s marketplace. This assures customers that they are having a real influence on the environment.

The Social Media Following Has Started to Pick Up

Finally, the buzz and publicity created by social media platforms around the project will only help increase ECOTERRA’s price further. Reddit and Twitter, which have developed into useful resources for retail investors eager to learn about new initiatives, are probably the two most popular sites abuzz with Ecoterra’s developments.

In the video above, crypto analyst Jacob Bury reviewed the Ecoterra coin presale.

Ecoterra Social Media Channels

If you wish to be part of the rapidly growing Ecoterra community online, you can connect with the following social media platforms and stay abreast of the project’s progress.

As with any crypto presale project, the developers and admins won’t generally DM you first. Any private messages you receive from individuals posing as team members or project founders should be ignored because they may be scammers.

Check out our tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to invest in ECOTERRA.


We have provided our price prediction for Ecoterra based on the project’s current fundamentals and market response. The blockchain-based platform stands out with its multiple use cases and functionalities, of which the most outstanding are the Recycle2Earn feature, the Carbon Offset Marketplace, the Recyclable Materials Marketplace, and the Impact Track Profile.

According to a recent McKinsey estimate, the demand for carbon credits could rise by a factor of 15 or more by 2030, indicating that Ecoterra’s market could expand rapidly over the next few years. Whether or not it will be one of the best cryptos to invest in 2023 is difficult to say now since the token presale launched only a few weeks ago.

Yet, with the positive buzz around the project building rapidly, and Ecoterra’s lofty goals centered on the environment with genuine reward opportunities, the project does seem to have the upper hand.

Besides, choosing a public presale phase instead of restricting investment to private individuals has significantly increased public knowledge of the project. The development process is also completely transparent, allowing early investors to watch the project take shape in real-time, thanks to the efforts of Ecoterra’s team.

Overall, these factors indicate that Ecoterra’s prospects are very promising. Ecoterra is, therefore, definitely worth monitoring as 2023 draws to a close.


What is Ecoterra?

Ecoterra is an environment-friendly project that leverages blockchain technology to promote the growth of circular economy practices. Through its app, Ecoterra offers individuals and businesses access to its Recycle2Earn mechanism, a Carbon Offsets Marketplace, a Recyclable Materials Marketplace, and an Impact Track Profile to measure their pro-environment performance. The native token of the platform is $ECOTERRA, and its presale started on 29th March 2023.

Will the Ecoterra price perform well?

The unique Recycle2Earn protocol developed by Ecoterra and the simplicity with which individuals and businesses can earn rewards or buy carbon offsets are just a few reasons why ECOTERRA tokens might perform well shortly. Ecoterra’s launch as a sustainability-focused project is also well-timed, and will probably keep tokens in demand in the long run.