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How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix – BTCMTX Presale 2023 Review

Bitcoin Minetrix
Bitcoin Minetrix

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

In recent times, lower investment requirements have led people to pick staking above mining. But, there’s no doubt that staking revenue hardly matches the profits that can be generated through mining. Bitcoin Minetrix is a unique project that combines both features, thus becoming a stake-to-mine ecosystem.

By staking BTCMTX (Bitcoin Minetrix’s native token), investors can earn the financial benefits of mining. This simple yet unique perk has attracted many investors in Bitcoin Minetrix’s presale, which has now raised over $3.8 million already.

Amid the growing excitement greeting this project, we cover everything you need to know about buying Bitcoin Minetrix. If you want to know whether Bitcoin Minetrix is a good investment, this guide is for you.

How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix – Quick Guide

Bitcoin Minetrix is currently available as a 20-staged presale with a soft cap of $16.03 million. Here are the steps to buy Bitcoin Minetrix to gain an early-mover advantage:

  1. Step 1 – Visit the official website – Visit the official website – – to get started. Make sure to only use the affiliate link to visit the website.
  2. Step 2 – Connect your Wallet  – Connect your wallet after ensuring that it has a sufficient amount of ETH or USDT to buy BTCMTX. You can also buy BTCMTX via a debit/credit card. You can check our guide to discover where you can buy Ethereum safely.
  3. Step 3 – Buy Bitcoin Minetrix – Enter the number of BTCMTX you want to buy (minimum buy is $10) and swap your tokens. Claim your tokens once the presale concludes.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

What Is Bitcoin Minetrix?

Bitcoin mining is an industry that, despite the blowback it received during crypto winter, is poised to grow by $12 billion between 2023 and 2027. Bitcoin mining is still largely hegemonized under several large-scale miners, with only a small portion of mining available in the form of cloud mining, which is generally centralized.

Bitcoin Minetrix is bringing cloud mining solutions to the decentralized space, making it more inclusive, more secure, more transparent, and less scammy.

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix

As a new proof-of-stake cryptocurrency project, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to change the cloud mining landscape by introducing a novel stake-to-mine utility. This secure platform offers a unique mining approach where the native crypto of the ecosystem, BTCMTX, is staked in exchange for mining credits, which are then burned to gain access to mining power. This tokenization would make cloud mining more inclusive. In addition to mining utility, staking Bitcoin Minetrix also comes with APY rewards.

The native cryptocurrency of the project – BTCMTX – is currently available in a 20-staged presale, in which 2.8 billion tokens are being offered. Investors can gain an early-mover advantage by investing now. They can also buy and stake their tokens to get access to staking rewards.

Below is a complete guide on how to buy Bitcoin Minetrix via presale.

How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix – Complete Guide

Bitcoin Minetrix is currently available as a presale, which would allow investors to make early bird gains without having to deal with the current market conditions.

The presale has 20 stages, and the BTCMTX price at the first stage was $0.011. With the last stage price being $0.0129, early investors have a chance to make a 17.2% profit before the token lands on cryptocurrency exchanges. And with Bitcoin Minetrix’s unique buy-and-stake facility, early movers can further compound their gains.

With that said, here are the steps to participate in the BTCTMX presale:

Step 1 – Visit The Official Website 

Go to the official Bitcoin Minetrix website. We recommend that you use the affiliate link given on this page to access the platform.

Bitcoin Minetrix

The token’s recent success has already caught the attention of many, which might lead to the emergence of multiple copycats. When you visit the website, explore its official whitepaper to learn more about it.

Step 2 – Connect Your Wallet  

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button and select WalletConnect. For mobile wallets, scan the image below.

Connect your wallet to Bitcoin Minetrix

Desktop wallet users can pick among Ledger, Zerion, Ambire, Infinity, NOW Wallet, BC Vault, Metamask, and more.

Before you connect the wallet, make sure that you have a sufficient number of ETH or USDT. The minimum buy has been set to $10, which means you need $10 worth of these tokens in order to buy Bitcoin Minetrix. To buy ETH or USDT, we recommend Binance. As one of the best crypto exchanges, it has many inclusive features, including low fees.

You can also buy Bitcoin Minetrix using the card. Just select the card option from the top of the screen and enter the amount of USD for which you want to buy BTCMTX.

Note – It is also possible to buy Bitcoin Minetrix using BNB. However, it would mean that you won’t be eligible for the 156% annual returns from staking. 

Step 3 – Buy Bitcoin Minetrix 

Once your wallet is connected, you can now buy Bitcoin Minetrix. You can claim your tokens once the presale concludes. Or, you can go to the staking page and click on “Buy and Stake” to stake your bought tokens to earn APY.

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix Token

Bitcoin Minetrix – A Complete Analysis 

The cloud mining system has caught the attention of many investors who don’t have the technological savviness or the money to manage mining hardware. However, legacy cloud mining system has an array of issues that have long been unaddressed.

Cloud Mining

These issues have brought on the surge of many bad actors, which has led many investors to lose faith in cloud mining, regardless of its benefits.

Shortfalls Of Traditional Cloud Mining Ecosystem

Here are some of the key issues that are damaging the traditional cloud mining ecosystem:

Cloud Mining Scams 

The issue of scams has marred the cloud mining ecosystem to such a degree that many believe that cloud mining is a scam altogether. Many cloud mining “companies” promise unrealistic returns with little or no investment to entice investors. When these investors are trapped, they often find themselves stuck with a deal where withdrawals are difficult and chances of losing funds are high.

Bitcoin mining

Complete Dependence On Cloud Mining Provider

Being centralized, cloud mining ecosystems beholden users to a single provider. And when there is a centralization, there is a single point of failure. If such companies go down, users may lose their investments.

No Control Over The Mining Process

Users don’t have any control over a centralized cloud mining process. They have to rely on pre-build packages, which means their mining times are limited. And once mining is complete, investors have to go through multiple hoops to get their Bitcoins.



Mined Bitcoin Is Subject To Market’s Volatility 

The fourth shortfall is that mined crypto is subject to market volatility. While it is natural, there is no secondary crypto that users could use to hedge these market risks.

How Bitcoin Minetrix Is Addressing These Shortcomings

With its unique stake-to-mine utility, investors can use BTCMTX, an ERC-20 token that acts as an “access card” as a way to interact with a unique form of Bitcoin cloud mining. When staked, users gain access to mining credits. These mining credits are ERC-20 tokens themselves. Non-transferable and non-tradable, these tokens can be burned to gain BTC mining time or a percentage of mining yields. When the mining process is complete, mined Bitcoins are transferred to the user’s wallet.

What is Bitcoin Minetrix

Here are some of the perks that come with Bitcoin Minetrix:

Users Will Get Access To Decentralized Mining 

The first perk is that users will get access to decentralized mining. With decentralized mining, there won’t be any single point of failure. The presence of tokenization of cloud mining ensures growth for the ecosystem since every member has a stake in it. Furthermore, with decentralization, the mining process will be more secure and transparent.

Investors Will Retain Full Control of The Funds 

Users will have complete control of their funds. They will be able to withdraw their BTCMTX tokens and sell them at any time they want. This approach gives 2 utilities to BTCMTX – one is access to stake-to-mine, and another is access to a tradable asset.

Bitcoin Minetrix Staking Utility

Cash Contracts Are Removed

With the stake-to-mine utility, the need for cash contracts is removed. Since there are no upfront payments, the chance of encountering fraud is less.

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Is Bitcoin Minetrix A Good Investment?

Bitcoin Minetrix is presenting the world with a unique prospect. It tokenizes cloud mining through blockchain technology, which promotes transparency and security. Also, it gives users access to a simplified ecosystem where staking and mining perks work together, and it is currently available as a presale, which further bolsters its appeal.

If we are to go deeper into its perks, the following are the upsides that make Bitcoin Minetrix a good investment and one of the best cryptos to buy.

Converging Staking And Mining 

We already talked about how environmental concerns are pushing people to stake. However, recent developments show that many of these concerns were unfounded. Over 50% of Bitcoin’s mining is done using renewable energy sources.

Bitcoin Minetrix Stake-to-Mine Dashboard

But since that hasn’t even turned many into believers, Bitcoin Minetrix’s stake-to-mine approach, which can be even more eco-friendly, can be a good asset for bolstering the Bitcoin adoption rate.

Check out our guide to discover other great coins to stake this year.

It Is Available As A Presale 

Another perk of Bitcoin Minetrix comes from its ongoing presale. Being part of a 20-staged presale, Bitcoin Minetrix gives ample opportunities to make gains even before the token lands on cryptocurrency exchanges. The price appreciation, though small, is still significant when compared with the current market’s volatility.

Bitcoin Minetrix Minedrops

Investing in such an asset will give investors stable gains. For more details, read our Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction.

Can Be Directly Influenced By Bitcoin’s Surge

Bitcoin Minetrix is one of the closest Bitcoin equivalents that we have today. It doesn’t necessarily walk the same path as the old Bitcoin, which earlier presale cryptos that were released this year have done.

Rather, it makes investing in Bitcoin more valuable. As a result, when Bitcoin’s price surges in the upcoming bull cycle, Bitcoin Minetrix is sure to gain benefit from it.

For more information, read our Bitcoin Price Prediction.

Staking Utility 

Other than giving users access to a unique cloud mining ecosystem, Bitcoin Minetrix also offers a standard staking utility. Stakers can earn up to 156% APY as of press time. This return will decrease as more investors come to stake their tokens.

Bitcoin Minetrix

However, the official website states that the ecosystem will distribute BTCMTX token rewards at the rate of 158.5 BTCMTX over a period of 2 years. It gives BTCMTX long-term upsides. This long-term benefit is another reason for investors to buy Bitcoin Minetrix. Outside Bitcoin Minetrix, you can also discover other long-term coins to buy now in our guide.

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Bitcoin Minetrix is one of the first multi-staged presales to have been released this year. The simple approach to this presale makes it even more valuable for crypto investors to buy Bitcoin Minetrix early. Hence, it is not surprising that it has been able to earn the interest of scores of crypto whales, raising o $3.8 million to become one of the best crypto presales in the market.

Here is a table showcasing the price of the Bitcoin Minetrix at different presale stages.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens Total Tokens USD Value
Phase 1 $0.01100000 5.0% 140,000,000 140,000,000 $1,540,000
Phase 2 $0.01110000 5.0% 140,000,000 280,000,000 $1,554,000
Phase 3 $0.01120000 5.0% 140,000,000 420,000,000 $1,568,000
Phase 4 $0.01130000 5.0% 140,000,000 560,000,000 $1,582,000
Phase 5 $0.01140000 5.0% 140,000,000 700,000,000 $1,596,000
Phase 6 $0.01150000 5.0% 140,000,000 840,000,000 $1,610,000
Phase 7 $0.01160000 5.0% 140,000,000 980,000,000 $1,624,000
Phase 8 $0.01170000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,120,000,000 $1,638,000
Phase 9 $0.01180000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,260,000,000 $1,652,000
Phase 10 $0.01190000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,400,000,000 $1,666,000
Phase 11 $0.01200000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,540,000,000 $1,680,000
Phase 12 $0.01210000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,680,000,000 $1,694,000
Phase 13 $0.01220000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,820,000,000 $1,708,000
Phase 14 $0.01230000 5.0% 140,000,000 1,960,000,000 $1,722,000
Phase 15 $0.01240000 5.0% 140,000,000 2,100,000,000 $1,736,000
Phase 16 $0.01250000 5.0% 140,000,000 2,240,000,000 $1,750,000
Phase 17 $0.01260000 5.0% 140,000,000 2,380,000,000 $1,764,000
Phase 18 $0.01270000 5.0% 140,000,000 2,520,000,000 $1,778,000
Phase 19 $0.01280000 5.0% 140,000,000 2,660,000,000 $1,792,000
Phase 20 $0.01290000 5.0% 140,000,000 2,800,000,000 $1,806,000

Bitcoin Minetrix Tokenomics

Bitcoin Minetrix Tokenomics

Bitcoin Minetrix has simplified tokenomics. There are 4 billion BTCMTX tokens in total, and they have been divided in the following ways:

% Allocation
Amount of tokens
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix Roadmap

Bitcoin Minetrix has a realistic roadmap, which makes it one of the more suitable investments for risk-averse traders.

Phase 1

The first phase of its roadmap features the ongoing presale. Token and staking smart contracts have already been developed. The token’s marketing campaign is in full swing.

Phase 2

In phase 2, the devs will start the development of the desktop and software app. There are also plans to expand the teams, partnering with cloud mining companies, and developing the stake-to-mine contract. It is also the phase where BTCMTX will look for cloud mining conglomerates to partner with.

BTC Minetrix

Phase 3

In phase 3, the Bitcoin Minetrix app will be made available to everyone, and the token-burning mechanism to gain mining power will become operational. The devs plan to push more and onboard more cloud mining companies. More marketing will also happen, and the team will bring crypto influencers on board.

Phase 4

The final phase of the presale will consist of more marketing and expanding cloud mining rentals. It is here, Bitcoin Minetrix says, that the project will start disrupting the cloud mining ecosystem.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction

While there are no technical indicators available to help us predict where Bitcoin Minetrix will go in the future, the fundamentals of this project are strong enough for us to give our bullish forecast.

Business Wire has reported that cloud mining revenues will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.7% till 2026. However, much of these stats are meant for the legacy cloud mining ecosystem.

Bitcoin Minetrix is giving users an alternative. Decentralized, transparent, and away from any scam-related issues, this project will likely see long-term growth once the presale concludes.

Our assumptions are based on three factors.

Pace of the Presale

One, the current presale is surging ahead at high speed. While the presale started on September 26th, 2023, it has been able to raise over $3.8 million in a short time. That showcases the interest people have in this project and positions it as one of the cryptocurrencies with great potential.

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix

Multi-Staged Presale

Secondly, the presale has 20 stages, which means the project will create a lot of awareness in the crypto space once the presale concludes. That awareness may create bulls to come around and push the token to 10x levels once it goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Long-Term Prospects

The token will likely increase not just cloud mining but also Bitcoin adoption. As more stakers come, the value of Bitcoin may also increase, which could bolster the BTCMTX price as well. This circular growth-based relationship can positively influence the BTCMTX price in the long term.

Crypto experts such as Jacob Crypto Bury have said that it has the potential to become the next exploding crypto, which may go 10x once the presale concludes:

Nevertheless, we still recommend that beginners should read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely.


In this guide, we have highlighted how Bitcoin Minetrix is transforming the staking and mining ecosystem. We have explained how one can buy Bitcoin Minetrix, analyzed its tokenomics, and looked at the project’s long-term prospects.

Beyond staking and mining, Bitcoin Minetrix combines multiple attributes. It is also a green crypto, being suitable for those looking for more sustainable cryptocurrency investments.

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What are the perks of Bitcoin Minetrix?

Bitcoin Minetrix makes Bitcoin mining more cost-friendly via its unique stake-to-mine approach. Staking BTCMTX - the native crypto of the project - will give users access to mining credits, which they can use to buy mining time or mining yields. Other than the stake-to-mine utility, Bitcoin Minetrix also offers standard staking rewards to investors.

Is cloud mining different from Bitcoin Minetrix?

Bitcoin Minetrix is a blockchain cloud mining ecosystem that makes use of ERC-20 tokens. There is no money changing hands, and mining power is earned through staking.

Does Bitcoin Minetrix have the capacity to attract the attention of prominent exchanges after its ongoing presale?

Yes, Bitcoin Minetrix has the potential to attract the attention of prominent crypto exchanges upon the conclusion of its ongoing presale.