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8 Best NFT Staking Projects to Invest In

Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, are a big thing in the crypto world and in general. These are unique cryptographic coins that cannot be replicated and enable the trading of real-world items such as music and art files, domains, and even tweets. So, in this article, we suggest the top 8 NFT staking project to buy right now.
Best NFT Staking Projects
Best NFT Staking Projects

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Along with the growing market of non-fungible tokens, NFT developers also think of new ways to make them practical. NFTs are getting more and more popular and can benefit you in different ways. One of the greatest features of non-fungible tokens is the opportunity to stake them and generate rewards. 

While the market is flooded with hundreds of options, the colossal selection of NFTs may turn it into a real challenge to find the best NFT staking projects to invest in for 2022. No worries, as we have carefully analyzed the most popular NFTs and created a list with the best NFT staking options to buy in 2022. 

Apart from the list, in our article, you will also find detailed descriptions of each of the NFT staking projects included in our list and 2 step-by-step guides about how to buy NFTs with eToro and OKX. 

8 Best NFT Staking Projects to Buy in February 2024

Below you will find the top 8 NFT staking projects to buy in 2022. These are the projects that we mostly recommend investing in according to our research. 

  1. RobotEraBest NFT Staking Project to Invest in for 2024
  2. Lucky Block – This year’s leading NFT competition’s Platform
  3. TamadogeMemecoin Project that Combines NFTs, Blockchain, and P2E Features
  4. IMPT – A Green Cryptocurrency with Multiple Opportunities
  5. Moonbirds – Excellent NFT Collection with 10,000 Unique PFP Birds
  6. Axie Infinity – NFT-Based Video Game with Play-to-earn Elements
  7. Illuvium – Ethereum-based Online Battle Game where Users Fight to Collect NFTs
  8. Grimes – Highly Popular NFT Collection Created by Famous Musician Grimes
  9. NBA Top Shot – Exciting NFT Staking Project with Collection of NBA/WNBA Plays and Players
  10. Art Blocks – Popular NFT Platform Hosting Digital Art from Different Artists

Top NFT Staking Crypto Projects to Buy Reviewed – Full List

In this section, let’s take a deep dive into the NFT staking projects introduced in our list. All in all, there are two important things to consider before selecting an NFT project to invest in. The first thing is the project itself – it is essential to know about the project that you want to purchase. Hence, you need to explore all the necessary details about it, find out its advantages and chances to prosper in future. 

Another thing to consider is its compatibility with staking, in other words, whether the NFT project has staking features or not. Once you have your wallet with NFTs, the next steps are quite straightforward. You will just need a staking DeFi platform to process staking. However, it is a daunting task to take a look at hundreds of NFTs to find out whether they are stackable or not. So, below we have discussed the NFT projects with a potential for growth and their staking characteristics.


RobotEra (TARO) is an Ethereum-based Metaverse platform where users may develop their own online teams out of virtual land and structures using non-fungible currencies (NFTs). The presale just started, and early investors may acquire 1 TARO for 0.02 USDT.

RobotEra NFT Staking


RobotEra Metaverse participants will take on the role of robots tasked with the production and management of specific NFT-based plots of land within RobotEra virtual environment. Players will be able to make robot friends, participate in various missions assigned, engage in in-game events such as virtual concerts, enable NFT staking on the platform and gather materials from the game environment in this Sandbox-style game.

RobotEra expects to complete construction of the initial release of the Metaverse galaxy in the first quarter of 2023. The TARO presale will end, and the currency will be available for trading on exchanges before the end of the year.

RobotEra has received private investment from LBANK Labs, which speaks well for the company’s chances of being listed on the LBANK Exchange and other major exchanges in the near and distant future.

Buy Robotera

Lucky Block – Best NFT Staking Project to Buy in 2022

Lucky Block has become quite a popular crypto and NFT project recently due to its attractive features and unique experience. It launch a decentralized competitions and giveaways platform that is more customer-oriented, transparent, and enjoyable. The platform gives you a chance to participate in prize draws and get rewarded even without winning in the contests. All you need to do is to buy Lucky Block NFTs which will grant you access to competitions.

Lucky Block

The competitions are held weekly during which you have the possibility of winning quite a variety of prizes and even Lamborghini cars. However, even if you do not win in the draws, you are still rewarded with LBLOCK tokens as long as you hold Lucky Block’s NFTs. Additionally, NFTs also give you access to various features and services on Lucky Block’s platform. Once you get rewarded with LBLOCK tokens for your NFTs, you can stake those tokens to generate rewards. 

As you may get confused about which Lucky Block token to buy, it is crucial to note why the project issues two types of tokens. The first one is designed to assist Lucky Block’s network: it can be staked, used to buy NFTs, and get rewards. LBLOCK v1 is listed on several decentralized and centralized exchanges such as Uniswap, LBank, MEXC and

Due to its features, v1 can’t be listed on centralized exchanges that’s why the team issued LBLOCK v2 which can be supported by CEXs. is among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that list LBLOCK v2 and support its trading. Along with a lot of benefits, Lucky Block’s token is also a deflationary coin. It is gradually burnt in some amounts to reduce the number of circulating tokens which means that its supply will decrease over time.

Lucky Block is an excellent NFT staking project to invest in for several reasons. First and foremost, it is the first competing platform based on blockchain that offers services well-suited for users. Participants of the competitions have more privileges on this platform compared to the traditional prize draw platforms, including higher winning chances, more prizes, more reliability, etc. All these features can make Lucky Block popular.

Also see our LBLOCK V2 price prediction for 2024.

Tamadoge – Memecoin Project that Combines NFTs, Blockchain, and P2E

Another popular NFT staking project that has blown the market in recent days is Tamadoge. Tamadoge’s native token, TAMA, was launched officially at the beginning of October and increased over 200% in just a couple of days. The coin got listed on the OKX platform immediately after finishing its presale and is currently available to buy. 


The project is pretty much similar to the Axie Infinity: similarly combines NFTs, blockchain technology, and play-to-earn elements but has its own peculiarities and distinctive features. The whole game is about obtaining, growing, feeding, and taking care of so-called Tama pets which are introduced as NFTs. Once your pets are mature you can fight them against other Tama pets in battles. The more points you get in these competitions the better for you as long as you will be included on the monthly leaderboard and get rewards for your points. 

Winners get rewarded in Tamadoge’s native token – TAMA which is a utility token for the network. You can either trade your TAMA tokens for money or use them to upgrade your pets and buy them new items from the Tama store. As Tamadoge is an NFT staking project built on the Ethereum blockchain TAMA tokens can also be staked to generate rewards. 

Though Tamadoge is dubbed memecoin its concept goes far beyond just being a simple memecoin project. It is more sophisticated than usual memecoin projects and offers practical services for users who can earn money while enjoying the game. Another exciting thing about the TAMA token is that the project does not charge any taxes for transactions in TAMA. Additionally, it is a deflationary coin and though it has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, the number will gradually decrease due to the burning events. 

Visit Tamadoge



While the energy consumption by blockchain networks has raised environmental concerns, IMPT has come up with a solution by introducing carbon credits. The project has partnered with over 10,000 brands including Amazon and Microsoft. 

Every time a customer makes a purchase with the affiliated businesses, they receive IMPT tokens. These tokens can be traded for carbon credits, which in turn can be sold or retired in return for NFTs by popular artists. 

The project has also managed to make a name for itself, being rated as one of the best cryptocurrency projects lately by popular sites such as and It has also completed its presale recently closing at $20.5 million. The token is now available to trade on LBank and Uniswap, and future listings will be updated on their official Telegram. 


Moonbirds – Excellent NFT Collection with 10,000 Unique PFP Birds

Moonbirds NFT collection is a distinctive product in the PFP NFT sector which is filled with apes and kitties. It is hard to catch users’ attention when your competitors are such popular NFT collections as Bored Apes, Crypto Kitties, etc. But Moonbirds succeeded in its mission and drew the attention of many NFT collectors. And there are many reasons for Moonbirds’ success. 

Moonbirds is an NFT collection of 10,000 profile pictures representing pixelated owl characters each having its distinctive features and traits. It is believed to be created by entrepreneur Kevin Rose who is a tech founder and the creator of the popular PROOF Collective Membership Club. As a dedicated NFT collector, he founded the PROOF collective which combines a lot of NFT enthusiasts on one platform. 


To have access to the club one must hold NFTs. And Moonbirds NFT collection is one of the ways to become a member of the club. The members of the club are regularly granted multiple prizes, including NFT airdrops, access to exclusive events and content, etc. Apart from granting access to the network of PROOF Membership Club, Moonbirds have other significant use cases too. One of them is that they are considered your intellectual property and you can later use them for creating other products, merchandise, and other things. 

Another exciting use case is that they are an NFT staking project and you can stake them for further benefits. This process is referred to as “nesting” within the Moonbirds’ ecosystem. You don’t receive your rewards in crypto but you get a lot of benefits for “nesting” them. What you need to do to stake your Moonbirds NFTs is just to hold them in your NFT wallet and the longer you “nest” the more benefits you get. 

Moonbirds’ NFT collection can be considered an excellent NFT staking investment not only for the “nesting” features but also for its further development. Its popularity is connected with such prominent people as Kevin Rose and his PROOF Collective, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian who invested in the project, and celebrities like comedian Jimmy Fallon who owns some of the Moonbirds NFTs. 

Buy Moonbirds

Your capital is at risk.

Axie Infinity – NFT-Based Video Game with Play-to-earn Elements

Axie Infinity is a popular DeFi project among blockchain-based games that combine NFTs and play-to-earn elements. It is a blockchain-based game that underwent the NFT games hype and turned into a well-established gaming project which offers to have fun and earn rewards simultaneously. The project was founded by Sky Mavis studio and is based on Nintendo’s Pokemon series. 

Axie Infinity

Through Axie Infinity incorporates P2E elements you need some initial investment to get started. To play the game, you must have three Axie NFTs which you can buy at Axie’s marketplace by collecting your Axie’s Ronin wallet to your Ethereum wallet. Once you do this, you transfer some ETH tokens to your Ronin wallets which are transformed into wrapped ETH and which you can use to buy Axie NFTs. 

As soon as you possess those three NFTs you can start playing Axie. But what is the point of the game? In the Axie Infinity, you own some cute monsters which are linked as NFTs and use these teams of Axie monsters to fight battles against other Axies. You can play either against the computer-based Axies or against real opponents. If you win the battles you get rewarded in SLP tokens which you can later exchange for money. Additionally, you can breed your Axie monsters to upgrade your team and generate more rewards. 

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Axie uses the Ronin sidechain to make the game more affordable by cutting the costs of transactions and reducing transaction delays. The game is available on multiple operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, PC, Max, etc. It has gone through a lot of development since its creation and attracted a lot of investments from famous people, including Mark Cuban and Alexis Ohanian. 

Axie also issues AXS native tokens which are currently used to breed monsters. The goal is to create an Axie Infinity decentralized autonomous organization where AXS tokens will act as a governance token and will grant voting powers to its holders allowing them to take part in the decisions related to the game’s project. You can buy AXS tokens now at an extremely low price ($12.66) compared to its all-time high AXS can be staked to generate rewards as well. 

Buy Axie Infinity

Your capital is at risk.

Illuvium – Ethereum-based Online Battle Game where Users Fight to Collect NFTs

Illuvium is an exclusive NFT game that claims to be the first AAA game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides its players with unique experiences and is enriched with a range of playing elements and DeFi products. The platform features little creatures called Illuvias which can be beaten in battles. Users then nurse them back through various items after which the Illuvia becomes an integral part of its Illuvias collection.


There are 100 Illuvias scattered on the platform and users can browse the area to battle and collect those Illuvia. Later on, the Illuvias can be used in other battles. Each of them has unique properties and differs in its attack speed, danger, and other features. The illuvias are diversified through their classes, affinities, strengths, and other characteristics. Apart from winning Illuvias, users can also participate in different challenges and quizzes. 

They are constantly rewarded for their success on the platform in Illuvia native token – ILV. ILV is also the governance token of the network and holders can take part in voting and decision-making processes about the game. It has a maximum supply of 10 million tokens 30% of which is locked for yield farming rewards which is another exciting product introduced by the project. 

The next significant product designed by the Illuvium team is its Illvui DEX which is a decentralized exchange where users can trade their NFTs through gas-free transactions. The latter is due to the 2-layer scaling solution Immutable X which Illuvium uses to back its blockchain. 

All these diverse features of the Illuvium project indicate that it is an extremely functional and sophisticated blockchain-based game that can offer to play and earn at the same time. And it comes as no surprise that the project is being developed by an international team of 40 different people. And its co-founders Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick have strong backgrounds in the field with the first one being a serial entrepreneur and the second one being a popular game designer. 

Buy Illuvium

Your capital is at risk.

Grimes – Highly Popular NFT Collection Created by Famous Musician Grimes

Along with the popularity of the NFTs a lot of celebrities got involved in it and started to create art using non-tangible tokens. Among the most popular people obsessed with NFTs were Bella Hadid, Ricky, Gateway, Madonna, Mura Masa, Yaeji, and even Snoop Dog. Famous musician Grimes also created her own collection of NFTs when she was releasing her 5th album “The Anthropocene”.

Grimes created her collection of NFTs in collaboration with the “Wifty Gateway” which was founded by Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster and has since been acquired by the Winklevoss twins. The company partners with different artists and musicians to create exclusive collections of high-quality NFTs. And Grimes’s collection is among the most popular NFT collections. 


It is called the “WarNymph” collection and is inspired by the avatar that the singer created for herself. The first drop included both limited edition and open editions and included such NFTs as the “Death of the Old” image, “Earth” and “Mars” animations, etc. Due to the popularity of Grimes, her NFT collection gained mass attention and was bought even by such people as influencer CrypoCobain who managed to buy one of the pieces during the first drop. 

Buy Grimes

Your capital is at risk.

NBA Top Shot – Exciting NFT Staking Project with Collection of NBA/WNBA Plays and Players

NBA Top Shot is another popular NFT collection that is created by NBA in partnership with the CrypotKitties NFT collection founder Dapper Labs. The collection launched in 2020 but became significantly popular in just a year. The NBA Top Shot combines digital basketball collectibles and blockchain technology to create non-fungible tokens which users can buy, sell and trade or add to their collections. 

NBA Top Shot

It introduces multiple sport trading cards with highlights of different basketball games, including the most popular ones such as Lebron James dunk or Steph Curry layup. The value of the video card depends on its scarcity, rarity, and the video that it introduces. Obviously, a video card having 1,000 samples may be more worthy than one having 10,000 pieces. Also, it significantly depends on which game or which player is represented on that trading video card. The value of the cards varies significantly starting from a few dollars to even a million dollars. 

All the cards are minted and licensed by the NBA which means that their ownership is protected and it is hard to steal due to the safety of the blockchain on which NFTs are based. So, if you buy the video card you also get the ownership of that card and can sell it for a better price. Among the most popular investors of the NBA, Top Shot include popular professional basketball players Michael Jordan, Kevin Durrant, and others.

Buy NBA Top Shot

Your capital is at risk.

Art Blocks – Popular NFT Platform Hosting Digital Art from Different Artists

Art Blocks is a platform for generative art NFTs that differs in the experience users buy NFTs. Usually, before buying NFTs users can see what they are buying. However, with the Art Blocks platform purchaser can only see the background of the art piece and can see the complete NFT only after finishing the purchase. Art Blocks is quite popular in the NFT industry and gave rise to some of the most valuable NFT collections.

The platform was founded in 2020 by Eric Calder who is also currently the CEO of the project. He was inspired by the CryptoPunks NFT collection and decided to launch a platform where users can mint NFTs during the purchase process and get familiar with them only after the transaction is successful. Art Blocks became popular especially in 2021 when the collection of NFTs called Fidenza was created. 

Art Blocks

Currently, it showcases the works of almost 200 artists who generate NFTs in three different collections – Curated, Gameplay, and Factory. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain and the NFTs are created by artists through a generative minting technology. All the NFTs are unique and have a distinct look. Users can visit the Art Blocks platform and buy generative art to add to their collection. For that purpose, they need to connect their Ethereum wallet, browse the platform to choose the collection they want to buy, and finalize the transaction. 

Buy Art Blocks

Your capital is at risk.

What is NFT Staking?

The abbreviation NFTs stands for non-fungible tokens which are cryptographic assets on a blockchain but differ from the cryptocurrencies in a way that they are unique and identical. It means that while you can exchange 1 bitcoin with another 1 BTC you can’t exchange a non-fungible token with another NFT. 

The first NFTs appeared in the market in 2012, however, they have become popular only recently. A lot of NFT collections sprung up in the market with most of them tens of millions of dollars. Among the most popular NFT collections are Crypotkitties, Crypopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and many others which were bought by such popular celebrities as Eminem, Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, Dj Khaleed, etc. 

Famous musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs also joined the NFT industry by creating their NFT collections or investing in the NFT projects with the most popular names being Alexis Ohanian, Grimes, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Ratajkowski, and lots of others. Even the first tweet of Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey was sold as an NFT for millions of dollars. See our guide to the most expensive NFTs.

However, apart from being just a piece of art that you can buy and add to your collection or sell when it becomes more valuable, NFTs also entered the gaming industry and in combination with blockchain and P2E elements create a unique experience for players who play and generate rewards during it. Among the most popular NFT games are Lucky Block, Tamadoge, Axie Infinity, Battle Infinity, and several others. 

Another unique feature of NFTs is that they can be staked. Not all NFTs, but there is a vast number of non-fungible tokens that you can lock in the network to generate rewards. All you need to have is an NFT wallet where you can keep the NFTs meanwhile staking them in the network. However, you can’t sell your NFT when they are locked. For example, Lucky Block’s NFT collection not only enables you to participate in competitions but also brings you rewards in LBLOCK tokens for just holding the NFTs. 

Why Should You Invest in NFT Staking Projects?

If you are wondering how NFTs can be useful, you can find some answers to that question in this section of our guide. Below we have introduced some of the reasons why you should invest in NFT staking projects. 

NFTs Are the Future – Huge Potential Returns

When it comes to blockchain-based games, NFTs can help you significantly to generate rewards. By investing in such NFT staking projects, as Axie Infinity, Tamadoge, Illuvium, and Lucky Block you can not only play and enjoy the game but also be rewarded for getting high points or winning in the battles. These platforms also constantly reward the NFT holders with prizes or cryptos from the gas fees. If you don’t want to play you can stake your NFTs and generate passive income. 

They Are Cheap to Invest In

While there may be a number of NFT collections that cost millions of dollars apiece, others may be quite affordable. You can invest in NFTs for less than $10. Lucky Block has different NFT collections and the prices of the NFTs from its Platinum collection start from $3.75. 

You can find a bunch of affordable NFTs on Tamadoge’s platform too as the game is about buying pets represented as NFTs. You can also find affordable NFTs from Grime’s collection on the NBA Top Shot’s platform and from other collections as well. 

Easy to Get Started

Eventually, NFT staking is extremely easy. In many cases, you just need to hold NFTs in your crypto wallet and be rewarded for holding them. But you can also find the appropriate platforms that support NFT staking and simply connect your wallet to lock your NFTs. If your staking time has finished you can collect your rewards with a click of a button and unlock your NFTs to use for other purposes. 

How to Buy NFT Tokens?

Now that you have a lot of information about NFT staking projects and know how to choose the best ones, let’s get introduced to the process of creating an online account and buying NFT staking projects. We have prepared two detailed guides about investing in NFT staking projects – one with OKX where you can buy TAMA coin, and the other with eToro which supports a number of popular tokens and cryptos. 

How to Buy NFT Tokens Step by Step with OKX

The first guide is a step-by-step introduction to the process of buying TAMA tokens with the OKX cryptocurrency exchange. 

Step 1: Create an Account with OKX

To get started, you must create an online account with OKX which is a 2-minute process if you don’t undergo further verification. You just fill in your email address and create a strong password for your account. However, you must verify your account for more advanced features and trading opportunities on the platform. 

Step 1. Create an Account with OKX

Step 4: Select a Payment Method and Deposit Funds

Once you have verified your account you can immediately buy the token and the broker gives multiple choices to do that. If you just want to invest in the project and don’t have any trading goals, select the “Buy with Card” option in the “Buy Crypto” section and you will be navigated to a page where you can fill in the number of coins you want to buy. 

Step 2. Deposit Funds and Buy USDT

Step 3: Buy TAMA through USDT Coin 

Note, that some of the coins may not be available to buy through fiat currency. Hence, you must buy another coin, such as USDT stablecoin, and later convert it with TAMA tokens. Just fill in the number of stablecoins you want to purchase and continue the contract by selecting and providing the necessary details about your bank card. 

Step 3. Buy TAMA Tokens

When you get USDT coins on your brokerage account you can easily trade them for TAMA tokens. Visit the Markets in the “Discover” sections and search TAMA. Click on the “Trade now” button and find the “Buy” window on the page where you can fill in the number of TAMA you want to purchase and complete the transaction. 

How to Buy NFT Tokens Step by Step with eToro

As a leading crypto broker in the industry, eToro supports some of the well-known NFT staking projects which you can easily and quickly. Here is how you can start buying NFT staking projects with eToro. 

Step 1: Create an Account with eToro

If you visit eToro’s website you will notice the “Register Now” button which you need to click on to start signing up for an account. The broker requires providing such details as your name, surname, address, email, etc. You will also need to go through eToro’s 4 stages of verification, which are email, phone number, identity, and address verification. While the first two are quite straightforward and you will just provide the codes sent to your device or email, the next two require a copy of your passport or ID and a bank document or driver’s license. 

Step 1. Create an Account with eToro

Step 2: Deposit Funds on Your Account

Once your account is verified, eToro will allow you to deposit funds on it. To charge your account you have multiple options. Select any of them available for you and go on to fill in the required details. 

Step 2. Deposit Funds on Your Account

Step 3: Select the NFT Staking Project

There are two simple steps left only – to select the crypto and find it and make the purchase. If you have already chosen the NFT staking project you want to purchase, simply put its name in the search area and click on the first results. If you have not chosen any token to buy you can visit eToro’s market of cryptocurrencies and browse there to select from the coin that the broker supports. 

Step 3. Search the NFT Staking Project

Step 4: Buy the NFT Staking Project

Now you are fully ready to make the transaction. If you are not completely sure, you can use eToro’s multiple tools and charts to explore the NFT project once again. Eventually, to buy the coin you need to click on the “Invest” button and type how many coins you want to purchase. After making sure everything is filled correctly, finalize the transaction and the coins will immediately be transferred to your exchange wallet. 

Step 4. Buy the NFT Staking Project

See our full eToro review.


In conclusion, the NFT market is booming these days with a lot of projects springing up in the industry. These projects refer to various fields including games, membership clubs, competing platforms, etc. However, apart from their usual features, there are a number of NFT staking projects that can bring you steady income due to the fact that they are stackable. In our guide, we have listed and thoroughly reviewed the top 8 NFT staking projects to buy in 2022. 

The article also explained how to buy NFT staking projects with cryptocurrency exchanges and there are also sections about NFT staking projects in general and why they are a good investment. In any case, before you invest in an NFT staking project, do your own research and make sure you consider all the risks involved in the process and the factors that can affect your investment. 


What is NFT Staking and how does it work?

There are many cryptocurrencies that you can stake to generate rewards especially if you buy them as a long-term investment. In the same way, NFTs can also be staked for passive income. In most cases, you just hold them in your NFT wallet instead of selling or trading, and the holders are constantly rewarded for just owning the NFTs.

Can I make a steady income by investing in NFT projects?

Yes, it is possible to make a steady income by investing in NFT staking projects. There are several projects that grant you for holding some of the NFTs. For example, apart from using Lucky Blocks NFTs to take part in competitions, you are also rewarded for holding them.

What is the best NFT staking project in 2022?

Based on our detailed research, we consider Lucky Block the best NFT staking project to buy in 2022. Our recommendation list also includes such popular NFT projects as Axie Infinity, Tamadoge, Moonbirds, Illuvium, Grimes collection, etc.

Is it safe to stake NFTs?

Crypto and NFT investments include high risks in any case due to their volatility and unpredictability. So you must admit the fact that it is always possible to lose your money by investing in them. However, it does not if you do proper research and find NFT projects with the most growth potential, you can build a strong and diversified portfolio and get high rewards in the long run.