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5th Scape Crypto Price Prediction – 5SCAPE Price Potential for 2024

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

5th Scape is a blockchain project that has taken the market by storm with its unique VR-focused features that aim to bring more realism to video games. The project’s recent release as a presale has gotten a lot of attention as it has raised more than $25k within a couple of days.

Major publications like Bloomberg and Bezinga have covered this project already. But what lies in the future for the 5th Scape crypto price? In this guide, we give our 5SCAPE price analysis based on its VR-centric utilities and the current market fundamentals to see the potential of this project beyond the current presale.

5th Scape Crypto Price Prediction

While 5th Scape’s ongoing presale doesn’t give us anything to give a technical analysis, there is enough information in the project’s whitepaper to tell us where it might be heading. With that in mind, here are our 5th Scape crypto price predictions for 2024 and beyond.


5thScape was launched as a presale in early January 2024. With 12 stages and the price of the 5SCAPE token increasing with each one, the token will likely go live on multiple DEXs and CEXs rapidly once the presale concludes.

5th Scape Crypto Price Prediction

The 5th Scape price for the final presale stage is set at $0.0087. Following the presale’s conclusion, it will go live on Uniswap, which will likely pump its value by 10x in the initial days, reaching $0.087. If the presale concludes within the first 6 months of 2024 and within a couple of months after April’s Bitcoin halving, 5SCAPE may be able to ride the wave of positive market sentiments. It is possible that this token will go as high as $0.87 before correction.

However, the project’s official whitepaper states that the development of multiple games is already underway. That could help 5th Scape remain in the crypto community’s eye till 2024’s end. That could help it win a spot in high-tier cryptocurrency exchanges, giving it another boost. Considering these factors, we believe that the 5th Scape crypto price will likely trend around the $0.5 mark by the end of 2024.


If 5th Scape is able to follow its roadmap, it may bring a new VR experience to the community – Epic Arena – by the end of 2024. As a result, it could experience an upswing upon entering 2025. Another factor that could boost its value is the Bitcoin bull run since 2025 will mark a year since Bitcoin halving.

Bull runs have historically caused the crypto prices to increase parabolically. If 2025 follows the same trend, the Bitcoin price will go up, boosting the price of other assets. Considering 5th Scape’s potential to develop past its current roadmap, it is possible that its value will also increase. We predict that the 5th Scape crypto price will reach $1 in 2025.

2026 – 2030

We believe that VR in blockchain will become common in 2026. Blockchain’s decentralized approach can make it possible for more multiplayer games to arrive. By then, 5th Scape would be counted as one of the pioneers of this project. It could go on to become a leading metaverse token in the market, beating the likes of Decentraland and The Sandbox. Furthermore, the VR gaming market size is expected to reach a CAGR of 22.7% by 2030, which could also impact the 5th Scape crypto price. Keeping these factors in mind, the 5SCAPE price could reach $4 by the end of 2026, and by 2030, it could move past the $10 mark.

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Read on as we do a complete breakdown of this project and take a closer look at the VR industry to forecast the 5SCAPE price.

A Look at 5th Scape Crypto Presale 

The 5th Scape crypto project has arrived as a presale, which has 12 stages. $15 million is the presale funding target. There are 5,21 billion tokens in total; 80% of it has been dedicated to the presale. The following table is the breakdown of the presale’s stages.

Round Price  Raise Quantity
1 0.00187 125m 668m
2 0.00215 125m 581m
3 0.00248 125m 504m
4 0.00286 125m 438m
5 0.00327 125m 382m
6 0.00376 125m 332m
7 0.00433 125m 288m
8 0.00498 125m 251m
9 0.00572 125m 218m
10 0.00658 125m 189m
11 0.00757 125m 165m
12 0.0087 125m 143m

5th Scape opened its presale for the public in the first week of January 2024. It has been going on successfully, with more than $25k raised already. See our guide on how to buy 5SCAPE here.

The price of the token progressively increases with each stage. The 5th Scape crypto price for the final stage is set to $0.0087, which means those who are able to move early will be able to make more than 4x gains even before the token goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

But what could help it pump once it starts trading live? Read on to learn more.

What is 5th Scape?

The Virtual Reality landscape has started to boom ever since the arrival of affordable virtual reality headsets and the launch of multiple VR games and experiences. 5th Scape is a blockchain project that aims to leverage this intersection of entertainment and innovation to create immersive gameplay experiences with multiple possibilities.

According to the whitepaper, the project will leverage cutting-edge technology to let users enjoy a wide range of VR games. However, providing software is not the only concern for this project, for it also intends to offer users VR headsets and ergonomically designed gaming chairs.

The physical aspects of this project are the reasons 5th Scape stands out from most crypto gaming projects we have covered before.

Core Elements of 5th Scape 

The following are the product segments that 5th Scape aims to cover:

VR Games 

VR Games lie at the front and center of this project, with 5th Scape promising heart-pounding adventures into the mysterious realms and next-level excitement of sports through cricket and soccer. The list of first games that it has already announced includes Cage Conquest, Epic Cricket Arena, Immersive KickOff, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter.

VR Games on 5th Scape

VR Headset

5th Scape also plans to launch an “ultra VR headset”, which features an ergonomic design for comfort, advanced tracking technology for more realism, and cutting-edge visuals for immersion. The platform states that it will be instrumental for both gaming enthusiasts and content creators.

It is said to be an ergonomic tool retrofitted with adjustable straps and made from lightweight materials for maximum comfort.

Gaming Chairs

5th Scape is also introducing ergonomic chairs. Focusing on long VR sessions, these chairs will bring comfort, support, and style to players. Physical well-being will also be accounted for so that people don’t get too into the immersive game worlds.

Known as the SwitScape VR chair, it will feature Swift Motion Support, allowing in-game movements to synchronize with players properly.

Developer Centre

The project will also involve a developer center, which 5th Scape describes as the heart of the project, fostering innovation and collaboration among players.

Resources, tools, and support are what this center will offer, leading to the creation of a vibrant community of developers who will share their VR experiences to create VR games for the global audience.

A Look at The 5th Scape Token

At the heart of the 5th Scape project lies the 5SCAPE token. It is an ERC-20 crypto-asset built on the Ethereum blockchain and capable of integrating with the existing DeFi ecosystem. The total supply of this interoperable asset is 5.21 billion, and when it finally launches upon the conclusion of its presale, it aims to have a defined market capitalization of $52.11 billion.

Here is a look at the tokenomics of this project:

Presale Round

5th Scape has dedicated 80% of the total supply to the presale. Each round has six tokens allocated, with the funding goal for each round also the same.

Treasury and Development 

10% of the total funds of the project are dedicated to the continuous development of the 5th Scape ecosystem.


The final 10% of the total supply will be reserved for liquidity to ensure that no unforeseen circumstances damage the project and the 5th Scape ecosystem remains sustainable in the long term.

What are the Utilities of the 5SCAPE Token?

Owners of the 5SCAPE tokens will get access to the following range of utilities and perks:

Access to All Digital Products

5SCAPE tokens will be the primary mode of exchange in the 5th Scape ecosystem. According to the whitepaper, it is through 5SCAPE that users will be able to get access to games, educational content, animations, and movies.

Getting Discounts

Token holders will also get access to a range of discounts on the 5th Scape ecosystem. Holding a certain number of 5th Scape tokens will allow users to get access to the latest game releases, animations, and educational materials at less cost.

5th Scape Profit Potential – A Case Study 

5th Scape is one of the latest VR projects coming at a time when the market is growing, and the technology is more accessible. The VR market size has gone beyond $15.8 billion dollars in 2023 alone, with more developments to come.

However, in order to analyze the profit potential of the 5th Scape, we have to look at the projects that are already ruling the VR arena. According to CoinMarketCap, the token leading the VR/AR charts right now is Render.

Render (RNDR) is a distributed GPU rendering network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Launched as a private sale back in 2018, the project quickly became a favored asset among metaverse developers. However, it was not until its full release in 2020 that it generated interest within the community, leading to the token performing well on the crypto price charts.

Render was able to ride the bull wave of 2021 to reach its all-time high, peaking above the $7.7 mark. 2022’s crypto winter saw the token’s value dropping. However, better price movements in 2023 allowed this project to get experience a second wind, and it has managed to go up by 780% within a year.

Render Token 1 Year Price Chart

While this growth can be attributed to Bitcoin reaching another high, Render’s Apple integration is also one of the key reasons why this project has continued to grow. Render’s 3D rendering services have found some mainstream adoption, which is the reason that many RNDR holders are still swimming in the green.

However, the project has yet to be adopted by independent game developers. Furthermore, this project doesn’t provide a platform to create games but instead delivers 3D rendering services.

5th Scape addresses both of these shortfalls. One, it introduces a Developer Center to provide a place for VR game developers to craft virtual reality experiences. Second, it offers a more full-fledged suite of tools, giving devs a way to create games from the ground up.

The community factor that it introduces is another reason to be more bullish about this than Render.

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What Differentiates the 5SCAPE Token From Other Projects

There are almost 32 tokens listed under the AR/VR category on CoinMarketCap. They don’t rank very high in terms of adoption and trading volume. Furthermore, most of them have yet to present any significant VR games in the market. 5th Scape has done things differently. It creates an accessible roadmap, an understandable whitepaper, and a collaborative community, all of which can work in its favor to help it gain widespread adoption.

The following list details the factors that make 5th Scape different from other AR/VR projects in the market.

Presence of a Better Community

By providing an ecosystem such as the Developer Center, 5th Scape offers users a community to thrive in. Developers can come together to exchange ideas, hereby creating unique VR experiences for the global audience.

Simplified Explanation

Complex jargon and terminologies that slip past most people are common in most AR/VR projects available. Their whitepapers are meant for those who have already established themselves in the gaming space. With 5th Scape, accessibility is the mantra, which can engage more people in the crypto community.

Fair Tokenomics 

5th Scape has adopted a fairer tokenomics. While top projects like Render have 10% of the tokens dedicated to the team and over 65% for the ecosystem’s development, 5th Scape has taken an inclusive route. 80% of the tokens are for the presale, and the remaining 20% are distributed equally between treasury, development, and liquidity. In doing so, 5th Scape has handed off the control of the project to the community.

What Makes 5th Scape a Good Investment?

5th Scape is a VR crypto project that takes an inclusive route towards its development. It offers a more robust springboard for VR developers to grow and lays the foundation for more immersive VR games. Listed below are the factors that make it a good investment.

Investing in Crypto of an Emerging Niche 

VR games are developing fast and have become mainstream. The immersion factor that virtual reality increases is so high that developers have started to introduce VR versions of existing games to immerse players beyond the confines of their computer screens. For instance, Skyrim VR has been well received by the audience, with over 300k units sold to date.

5th Scape is a VR blockchain that brings the goodness of virtual reality to a decentralized arena. As the VR market share grows, so can the 5th Scape price. In simple terms, VR is an emerging niche, and 5th Scape is one of the better offerings within it.

Offering Value to Both Developers and Gamers

5th Scape doesn’t target gamers only. It has created an ecosystem that also makes room for developers. In fact, one of its product segments, Developer Center, has been advertised as a key element of the ecosystem.

By keeping the token price during the presale low, it can potentially onboard developers as early investors. That can work in the favor of gaming as a whole since there are many devs in the Web 2 space that have started to understand the value of Web 3 gaming. That can boost the blockchain gaming adoption rate.

Offering Value Beyond Software

5th Scape is not only centered around providing a unique VR experience to users through Web 3 applications. Its revenue stream is more diverse. Developers can explore multiple utilities with the ecosystem, including in-app purchases, VR headsets, and gaming chairs.

5th Scape is hereby providing more value than merely delivering gaming software to its user base.

Right Time to Participate in the Project

The entire crypto market is going through a mildly bullish phase right now. Bitcoin has moved past its $45k mark and found stability. People are anticipating what Bitcoin Halving brings to the table, and multiple metaverse projects might be arriving this year. This has created a positive sentiment around the crypto economy despite the macroeconomic conditions. That is why. the current time is good for investing in a project like 5th Scape.

It is Available as a Presale

Another reason we consider 5th Scape a good investment is that it is available as a crypto presale. It means that the 5th Scape crypto price right now is low, giving investors looking for an affordable crypto something to invest in.

Fully Doxxed Team

The 5th Scape team isn’t hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. It is being led by Anoj Kumar, with Manish Yadav as the CTO, Aaryvrat Gupta as the Director of VR, and Sumit Kumar as the head of marketing. A doxxed team means it has the confidence to remain accountable, which speaks volumes of the project’s confidence.

More Game Genres May be Coming

While the official whitepaper has only listed sports titles, new experiences covering more fantastical and fictional elements may also be coming. Furthermore, the whitepaper also hints at the arrival of VR experiences other than games, such as healthcare and education. That could help 5th Scape get a wider appeal in the market.

Realistic Roadmap

5th Scape isn’t going too unrealistic towards development. It hasn’t posted an unrealistic roadmap. In fact, most of its effort in 2024 will be to develop a community, get the token listed, and release one game by the end: Epic Arena. This realistic take on development indicates that devs are aware of Web 3 limitations, and are taking their time to develop the project further.

Rewarding Users and Developers 

Developers who craft and list their models on the Developer Center will earn 70% of the subscription fee in terms of 5SCAPE tokens. The project implements a 30-day lock to ensure that the value of 5SCAPE remains stable so that the developer rewards are valuable.

5SCAPE is also working on multiple loyalty programs. Engaging with them will bring users many rewards. The module is known as Access, Stake, and Earn. In this, users can earn APY rewards by participating in dynamic staking pools.

5th Scape Social Media Channels

5th Scape has been very active on social media channels, with the project gaining more than 8k followers on Twitter mere months following its launch. Here are the social media channels to join to keep up with the project’s developments:

  1. Discord
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Telegram

Remember that the developer won’t contact you first. Ignore any direct messages since they could be a scam.

Check out our guide to learn how to buy 5th Scape Crypto.

5th Scape Crypto Price Prediction – The Verdict

5th Scape is a VR crypto project introducing a novel fundamental – providing a space for developers to craft VR experiences and gamers to check out multiple VR titles. The addition of other product segments, like VR ultra headsets and gaming chairs, means that this project is also relying on traditional assets to create value in the market.

Based on these factors, we have a bullish view of where the 5th Scape price may go. Better macroeconomic conditions will also play a crucial part. However, investors are advised to go through the whitepaper thoroughly and understand the product’s fundamentals before investing.

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What is 5th Scape?

5th Scape is a VR gaming project within the blockchain space. It features multiple games, VR headsets, gaming chairs, and a Developer Center. The Development Center is meant to provide developers a way to create VR experiences. The project is powered by 5SCAPE, an ERC-20 token with a limited supply and multiple use cases.

Is 5th Scape a good Investment?

5th Scape introduces a novel concept of VR gaming in the blockchain arena while giving developers a chance to craft their own virtual experiences. Furthermore, the project is releasing at a time when the sentiments around crypto are good in the market. We believe that these factors make it a good investment. However, we advise readers to do their own research and make their own judgments.