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How To Buy 5th Scape – 5SCAPE Token Presale Review

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The blockchain gaming sector has been the center of criticism for several years now due to multiple factors, starting with bad graphics, uninteresting storylines, and, most importantly, a not-so-immersive playing experience. 5th Scape is a brand new crypto project that has been introduced with the aim of changing this.

The project, which announced its presale just a couple of days ago, has been taking the market by storm with its innovative and unique VR-based concept. This guide aims to help you buy 5th Scape’s 5SCAPE tokens from the ongoing presale.

How to Buy 5th Scape Token – Quick Guide

The native token of 5th Scape, 5SCAPE, recently launched its presale, allows investors to stock up on the token for a discounted price. Let us take a quick look at the process involved:

  • Visit the Official Site – Start by navigating to the official 5th Scape website. As with all popular crypto projects, beware of fake sites imitating the official one.
  • Fund Your Crypto Wallet for Purchase – Check the website interface for the crypto you can purchase 5SCAPE with and ensure that your wallet is funded with that specific cryptocurrency.
  • Connect Your Wallet to the Website – Once funded, connect your wallet to the 5th Scape page and get ready to purchase your tokens.
  • Buy 5th Scape Token – Once your wallet is connected, input the number of tokens you wish to purchase from the presale and click on “Buy Now”. The tokens will be deposited into your wallet after the presale ends. There is also an option to purchase tokens via UPI; those who prefer that method can buy tokens directly from the website by selecting that option.

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What is 5th Scape?

When it comes to new-generation gaming, one of the few things that gamers, as well as game developers, put a lot of faith and hope in is VR gaming. This is precisely what the 5th Scape project aims to revolutionize modern-day blockchain gaming with. “Beyond Boundaries, Virtually Infinite” is the project’s slogan, and given the level of offerings it has promised at such an early stage, it’s fair to say that such a slogan may indeed suit the project.

5th Scape

The project positions itself as the world’s first-ever AR and VR ecosystem that is a hub for the virtual reality realm. Not only does it focus on providing users access to a highly advanced and innovative set of games, but it also manages to create a dedicated product line, which currently includes a VR Headset and VR Chair. Launched just a couple of days ago, 5th Scape has quickly garnered media attention, being featured on some of the top crypto reporting pages and news websites such as Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes.

What sets the native token of the project, 5SCAPE, apart and makes it an excellent investment prospect is the fact that holding tokens will earn users a lifetime of complimentary access to a curated section of VR content within the 5th Scape universe. The project has emphasized the token’s importance in the ecosystem, as tokens can also allow users to gain early access to the products launched by 5th Scape, along with access to a wide VR-friendly community. While there is not much clarity on this, the higher amount of tokens an investor has, the higher competitive edge they will be able to gain, while also unlocking special features in games and real-life goods.

The team behind 5th Scape comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the VR space, having previously worked in top firms like Microsoft and Unreal Engine.

5th Scape

Essentially, one may think of 5th Scape as a complete VR and AR ecosystem that one can participate in to enjoy some high-quality VR blockchain games while also gaining access to advanced gaming merchandise, which currently includes the VR Ultra Headset and a Swiftscape VR chair. Impressively, the developers have managed to introduce a couple of VR games one can expect to play upon launch, including MMA, Cricket, Soccer, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter games. The ongoing presale has also managed to raise more than $30k within a single day, earning the attention of some of the top crypto enthusiasts in the space.

How to Buy 5th Scape Token – A Step-by-Step Guide

We already saw the simple steps to participate in the presale and buy the 5SCAPE tokens. However, for those seeking further clarity, the following detailed set of steps will guide you more effectively.

Step 1 – Visit the Official Site

Visit the official page of the 5th Scape project. Ensure that you have entered the correct URL. This is crucial, as scammers often imitate legitimate projects by creating fake interfaces to exploit investors. The official website is

Step 2 – Fund Your Crypto Wallet for Purchase

To purchase tokens, you need to have the accepted cryptocurrencies. The 5th Scape website allows payment in ETH, MATIC, BNB, and USDT tokens. Fund your crypto wallet with any of these cryptocurrencies. You can transfer them from your other wallets or CEX account or load funds into the wallet via your bank if a third-party service supports it on your wallet.

Step 3 – Connect Your Wallet to the Website

5th Scape

After funding your wallet, return to the website and connect your wallet. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button, and accept a popup from your wallet asking for permission. Once done, you will be ready to purchase 5SCAPE tokens.

Step 4 – Buy 5th Scape Token

5th Scape

Input the amount of crypto you wish to buy in the presale box on the website and proceed with your purchase. The tokens will be deposited into your wallet as soon as the presale ends. For those not looking to purchase using crypto, there is an option to buy tokens using UPI as well. If UPI is your preferred payment mode, you can proceed to purchase your 5SCAPE tokens using this option.

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5th Scape Project Analysis

Over the past years, groundbreaking technology has entered the blockchain space, an already advanced sector. The VR industry, around which 5th Scape is created, has experienced substantial global growth. For example, the United States, the top revenue generator in the sector, is projected to have a market volume of US$ 38.6 billion by the end of 2023, with an expected user base of 6.8 million by the end of 2028. New users are anticipated to increase by 104.9% by 2028. This surge can be attributed to the rising demand for immersive experiences and advancements in VR technology.

VR gaming remains a significant driver of the industry, accounting for a substantial portion of the market share. 5th Scape smartly taps into this unexplored but high-potential space, making it an exceptional project to consider at the moment. Blockchain gaming, for instance, took off when projects like Axie Infinity gained popularity. AXS, the project’s native token alone, amassed a market cap of more than $9 billion during its all-time high. This illustrates how the blockchain community embraces projects that offer innovative and new technology, a good example of which is 5th Scape.

5th Scape

At the time of writing, the 5SCAPE token is still in its first presale phase and has already begun gaining momentum as a high-potential project. Being in its early stage, investors have an opportunity to invest at a relatively low cost for a project that may reach a billion-dollar market cap in the upcoming years. This suggests a potential 100X return, which is possibly why the presale raised amount has been increasing every hour since its commencement.

In fact, investors stand a chance to make about 437% profit already, as the current presale price for one 5SCAPE token is set at $0.00187, while the listing price will be $0.01. This means that every investor who manages to acquire 5SCAPE tokens will essentially guarantee a significant profit right upon launch.

5th Scape Tokenomics

The project’s token presale is being carried out for two primary reasons: firstly, to provide a launchpad for the ongoing project development, and secondly, to help the project generate a community and gain popularity post-launch. Both of these objectives appear to be executed excellently, given the increasing interest in the project. This success is attributed to the smartly set up tokenomics of the project.

5th Scape

5SCAPE is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 5.21 billion tokens. It has been designed to offer robust utilities to 5th Scape users and staking opportunities, enabling them to generate passive income effortlessly.

The token allocation has been carefully planned, taking into consideration the long-term potential of the project, community interest, and other technical factors. A significant 80% of the token supply has been allocated to the presale, with 10% allocated to the treasury and development. The remaining 10% is designated for liquidity, ensuring seamless trading of the token upon future listings. This allocation strategy aims to balance immediate project needs, long-term sustainability, and the interests of the community, contributing to the overall success of the 5th Scape project.

Is 5th Scape a Good Investment?

While it is still too early to make assumptions about the project’s price trajectory going forward, there are certainly some unique elements, as well as common factors that make the project an excellent investment to consider. Let us take a look at some of them:

The Virtual Reality Concept

In the gaming sector, innovation is undeniably one of the most important factors. Gamers are constantly seeking new and improved game formats, styles, and titles. While the console or PC gaming community has been strong, there is a continual demand for a new and advanced style of gaming. This is where the VR concept can be a high-potential avenue with massive scope for growth.

Virtual Reality (VR) in gaming introduces a new generation of gaming, revolutionizing the entire sector by creating a more immersive experience. Instead of a 2D screen, players can become an integral part of the games. Since the games are set up in 3D, there is a new requirement for a set of gadgets, such as quality VR headsets, which is one of the chief offerings of the 5th Scape project. The concept is groundbreaking, contributing significantly to the considerable scope of growth for 5th Scape.

Strong Team

The team behind a crypto project is one of the most vital components, and 5th Scape seems to have assembled a strong one. While there may be multiple other members as part of the team, the core group, as mentioned on the website, includes four individuals: Anoj Kumar, Manish Yadav, Aaryvrat G, and Sumit Kumar. Anoj Kumar, the CEO of the project, brings a decade of experience in the VR field. With previous work in Unreal Engine and other popular VR companies, his leadership can guide the project in the right direction.

5th Scape

The Director of VR, Aaryvrat Gupta, also has extensive experience in the field, having worked in companies like Microsoft, HCL, and Infosys. The fact that all key team members are doxxed adds to the project’s credibility and helps in gaining the trust of investors. The collective experience and expertise of the team members position 5th Scape well for success in the competitive crypto and VR spaces.

Media Coverage

The success of a project in the dynamic crypto landscape often hinges on its perception among investors and the extent to which it reaches them. 5th Scape appears to have excelled in this aspect, securing multiple features on reputable news websites such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, among others. This extensive media coverage not only enhances its visibility but also has the potential to significantly elevate the project’s value.

Staking Feature

In crypto projects with a utility-focused native token like 5SCAPE, investors often seek staking options to augment their token holdings for use within the project or as a source of profitable returns. While specific details about 5SCAPE’s staking mechanism are not abundantly clear, the website emphasizes that staking will be integral to the 5th Scape ecosystem. It aims to provide investors with the opportunity to earn high Annual Percentage Yields (APYs). This feature adds an additional layer of utility and potential earnings for investors within the 5th Scape ecosystem.

Audited and Verified

In a landscape where numerous projects make ambitious claims that turn out to be scams, investors must seek out projects that are genuinely legitimate. One effective method is to look for audit reports with positive ratings. It’s not uncommon for fraudulent projects to feature random images of individuals as fake founders to deceive investors. However, 5th Scape takes a different approach. The project has undergone a thorough audit, and its team members have been verified by Coinsult, a reputable audit company for crypto projects. Interested parties can access and review the audit report by visiting the official 5th Scape website, providing transparency and reassurance to potential investors.

Multiple Product Offerings

5th Scape

The growth of any project is directly tied to what it offers to investors. Unlike meme coins, which rely on hype for short-term value, utility tokens experience rapid growth and have sustained long-term potential due to the project’s use cases. 5th Scape presents two major offerings featured on its website. The first is a set of games that players can expect to enjoy once the project is launched, potentially incorporating Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics where players can use tokens to enter, play, and win rewards. Four titles have already been introduced, with more promising titles planned for the future.

The second offering is gaming merchandise, including the VR Ultra Headset curated for gamers within the 5th Scape ecosystem. It boasts stunning visual realism, good ergonomics, precise motion tracking, intuitive controls, and content compatibility. The second product is the SwiftScape VR Chair, designed for seamless integration with the user’s VR experience, featuring premium materials and swift motion support.

Growing Community

The interest and engagement of the community can significantly impact a project’s value potential. Despite the project being less than a week old, it has already raised a substantial amount of funds and garnered attention on its social media pages. 5th Scape has captured the interest of the gamer community, which bodes well for the growth of the entire 5th Scape ecosystem in terms of both engagement and value in the coming days. This community-driven interest has the potential to propel the project to a significant increase in value, possibly reaching a 100X valuation after the token launch.

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The recent surge in crypto prices has ushered in a new wave of crypto projects. While many of these may be memecoins lacking inherent value or use cases, some projects manage to distinguish themselves by offering real value to investors and the community. 5th Scape appears to be one such standout project, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to invest in a project with the potential for favorable outcomes both in the short and long term.

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What is the listing price of 5th Scape set at?

The listing price of 5th Scape is set at $0.01. This would mean a 4x growth from the current price since the project is still in its first presale stage.

Who founded 5th Scape?

The 5th Scape project has been co-founded by Anoj Kumar and Manish Yadav. They serve as the CEO and CTO of the project respectively.

What are the devices that have been created for the 5th Scape ecosystem?

The 5th Scape ecosystem currently boasts of two devices. One is the VR Ultra Headset and the other a VR gaming chair called the Swiftscape VR Chair

What cryptos can I use to buy 5SCAPE presale tokens?

The 5SCAPE presale tokens can be brought from the website directly using BNB, USDT, ETH or MATIC.