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Did The Project show Feature any Bitcoin Robot?

The Project is a popular Australian talk show that discusses the latest trends. There are rumours that this show has featured and even endorsed some bitcoin robots. However, this review finds no evidence of such a feature. It appears that most of the sites peddling these claims are gossip blogs and fake news platforms.

You should, therefore, stay away from such news and only get information from authoritative sources. InsideBitcoins has been in the frontline in providing unbiased and comprehensive robot reviews. We recommend that you browse through our bitcoin robot section when looking for information about any robots like Bitcoin Code.

You can also request a review in the comment section at the bottom of this page. This review will look at some of the bitcoin robots falsely associated with the Project show talk show and clarify if they are legit.

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    The Project Bitcoin – Viral Trend!

    The Project show has recently gained a lot of attention thanks to the anticipated crypto rebound. It is this popularity that has triggered a deluge of fake news with clickbait titles. The titles include popular bitcoin-related keywords, including bitcoin robots such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Era, and Bitcoin Aussie System.

    We have conducted a background check and confirmed that these three robots are the most popular and are ranking on Google Trends. A headline that has The Project show Keyword and a popular bot such as Bitcoin Revolution is likely to attract a lot of clicks.

    The fake news platforms are making these fake headlines to divert web traffic to their sites and consequently boost their search ranking. Some of the Bitcoin Robots that have been targeted by this fake news have come forward and warned investors. It is essential to always get information from reputable sources.

    Read our thorough top bitcoin robot 2019 review where you can find more about robots like Bitcoin Era and other top trading robots. Here is a review of some of the bots mentioned alongside The Project talk show.

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution ranks on top on Google Trends. The bot is estimated to have over two million users in Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Bitcoin Revolution has alleged profitability of up to $1k per day from an investment of $250. This robot supposedly has a win rate of above 90%, meaning that it is accurate in at least nine out of every ten trades. Moreover, it appears to be extremely easy to use for all types of traders.

    We have done a demo test on Bitcoin Revolution and confirm their web-trader is highly intuitive. You do not need to master the MT4 or the MT5 to use this robot. For the record, Bitcoin Revolution connects with the MetaTrader systems in the background and operates them automatically. This means that users only need to interact with the Bitcoin Revolution interface, whose functionalities only include risk management.

    The bot appears to be legit, and it is for this reason that we suggest that you read our in-depth Bitcoin Revolution review to determine if it’s worth a try.

    Did The Project Bitcoin endorse Bitcoin Revolution?

    Bitcoin Revolution is one of the viral bots linked to The Project talk show. However, there exists no proof that this show has featured let alone endorsed Bitcoin Revolution. As stated earlier, gossip blogs and fake news platforms are all over viral bitcoin robots to create clickbait titles and divert traffic to their sites.

    These platforms use a black hat marketing technique that involves creating headlines that connect viral bitcoin keywords with popular shows such as The Project, Shark Tanks, and the Dragons Den. You have probably come across titles associating Bitcoin robots with these TV shows.

    We suggest that you take any such claims with a pinch of salt. It is prudent to only rely on authoritative sources for any information that relates to Bitcoin trading and investment. InsideBitcoins conducts in-depth research on robots to help you make an informed choice.

    How to register with Bitcoin Revolution

    Registering with Bitcoin Revolution takes less than five minutes. However, you may have to wait for up to 12 hours for your identity to be verified by the underlying broker. Identity verification is a mandatory step with all well-regulated brokers.

    1. Visit the Bitcoin Revolution homepage to register a free account
    2. Verify ID with the partner broker
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Practice via a demo account
    5. Go live

    Bitcoin Trader

    Bitcoin Trader is viral trading software said to be featured on The Project show talk show. However, this review finds no evidence of such a relationship. Bitcoin Trader is a trading bot that allegedly generates up to a thousand dollars per day from a deposit of $250. This robot has a lot of great reviews on dependable review sites such as the ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot.

    Most reviews appear satisfied by Bitcoin Trader performance. We haven’t done a live test on Bitcoin Trader and therefore cannot guarantee the performance. Bitcoin Trader has an extremely easy to use the platform and professional and friendly customer service. InsideBitcoins has done a demo test on this bot and therefore can confirm that it is easy to use.

    Bitcoin Trader high alleged profitability is as a result of the sophisticated technologies it uses to identify and execute trading signals. Their white paper lists AI and ML as Bitcoin Trader core technologies. Read our kickass Bitcoin Trader review to learn more.

    Did the Project Bitcoin Endorse Bitcoin Trader?

    InsideBItcoins background check finds no evidence of The Project show endorsing Bitcoin Trader. Once again, the sites making these claims are spreading fake news. Bitcoin Trader is currently sensational on social media and hence makes a good case for gossip and fake news. We suggest that you keep off such news and you verify any piece of news before taking it as the truth.

    The Project show is a popular show in Australia which explains why it is a top target for gossip platforms targeting that region.

    How to register with Bitcoin Trader

    Creating an account with Bitcoin Trader takes less than 5 minutes. You do not have to be a crypto guru to use this robot successfully. Follow the steps below to start trading with Bitcoin Trader.

    1. Register a free account on Bitcoin Trader website
    2. Verify your ID and address with the partner broker
    3. Practice with a demo account to get familiar with the platform
    4. Go live through the trade now button

    Bitcoin Aussie System

    Bitcoin Aussie System is a computer algorithm that attaches to a broker system to automatically conduct all the functions of a professional trader. This robot can allegedly make up to $1k per day without needing any human intervention. All you need to trade with Bitcoin Aussie System is a minimum deposit of $250.

    We have combed the internet for feedback about this robot and found it to be popular with most users. The bot has a reputation for exceptional performance, excellent customer services, easy to use platform and safety. Some of the reviewers allege making hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year from the minimum deposit. We used a compounding calculator to determine the size of a $250 account at a daily return of 10% and when all profits are reinvested and found out that it is possible to make up to $1m in a year. Read our kickass Bitcoin Aussie System review to learn more.

    Did the Project Bitcoin talk show feature Bitcoin Aussie System?

    Bitcoin Aussie System is another trending robot falsely associated with The Project. As usual, we have done a background investigation on these claims and can confirm that they are inaccurate. Once again, this appears to be another attempt by gossip blogs and fake news platforms to divert traffic to their sites.

    These sites use trending keywords such as Bitcoin Aussie System and The Project show to create fake clickbait titles. Their goal is to get people to click their links and hence boost their search engine and social media ranking. This black hat marketing technique has gained a lot of popularity in the tech sector. If you have been into crypto for long, you have probably stumbled upon fake headlines associating the likes of Facebook Libra to celebrities and famous shows.

    Bitcoin Aussie System has distanced itself from these platforms and vowed to crack a whip on those peddling fake news related to investment.

    How to register with Bitcoin Aussie System

    Follow the steps below to register a free account with the Bitcoin Aussie System.

    1. Register a free account on Bitcoin Aussie System website
    2. Verify ID on the underlying broker page
    3. Deposit a minimum of $250
    4. Practice via a demo account
    5. Go live

    Bottom line

    This review confirms that The Project show has not endorsed any Bitcoin System mentioned in this review. However, this is not to mean that they are not legit. We have conducted a background check on all of them and confirmed that they are likely to be as legit as Bitcoin Loophole. You can try any of them and let us know about your experience in the comment section below. In the mean time why not check out our review of the up and coming robot Bitcoin Pro?