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Quantum Pro 360 Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Quantum Pro 360Quantum Pro 360 is a popular crypto trading robot that’s been on the market for quite some time. It’s one of the robots that help those interested in trading crypto. It claims that users don’t have to make trades manually, as everything happens automatically. 

Quantum Pro 360 apparently developed a unique piece of software that uses AI to act for users. The advantage of AI is that it helps trading robots improve and understand the market so they can trade in a split second. Continue reading our Quantum Pro 360 review and discover if this trading bot is legit. We did thorough research on this bot and will present all the facts we found to help you decide whether you should trust it. 

You can also read the best bitcoin robots reviews on this site to see if you can find an alternative crypto trading bot to start trading with. Just remember, trading carries risk, and you shouldn’t act recklessly and invest all your money at once. Be patient and follow the market. Inform yourself before you start swimming in the ocean full of cryptocurrencies. 

Quantum Pro 360 Summary

It’s important to summarize everything before defining another trading robot. Below are the basics you should be aware of. 

Platform type Cryptocurrency trading platform
Mobile app No
Success rate 90%+ (unverified)
Deposit Minimum $200
Fees None

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Is Quantum Pro 360?

Source – Quantum Pro 360 website

As mentioned earlier, Quantum Pro 360 is a trading robot intended for cryptocurrencies. It said to be a sophisticated system that combines intuitive trading features with a thorough compilation of educational resources to try and provide crypto traders an edge in the market. According to the website, users don’t have to waste time trading manually since the bot acts automatically. It is said that the reason for this is that Quantum Pro 360 has developed an AI in their software. AI helps trading bots to beat the market. Is this true? We are not sure because we didn’t test the platform. But we are here to introduce you to this trading bot and help you if you want to try it. 

Additionally, the platform claims to make it simple and convenient to access all of the features of the platform. Both beginner and experienced investors may be better educated when investing in the market this way. 

Since the crypto market is volatile, it is sometimes hard to track all changes and trends. Therefore, as per Quantum Pro 360, this trading robot can make this easy. It allows you to see all the performance of the market and cryptocurrencies in order to follow the signals and know when to make a trading decision. 

How Does the Quantum Pro 360 Bot work?

Quantum Pro 360 assures users they can select a number of different investing methods. The most popular is the one where you leave the crypto robot to make your trades because it says this way, you can maximize your profit. This robot appears to work in a smart way and carefully chooses which crypto to invest in. 

Source – Quantum Pro 360 website

The platform advises its users to let their program handle all the work if they wish to benefit from trading. Some users praise their software and claim future users are safe when leaving money with them. We haven’t tried this platform; therefore, we can’t advise you the same. 

Their software uses the same trading methods as day trading. In other words, it detects a trade pattern. For example, if one crypto is rising, people will buy it. If it starts to fall, they will sell it. That’s how Quantum Pro 360 software works. Reacts at the moment and closely monitors the development of market situations. InsideBitcoins can say Quantum Pro 360 will assure you of constant winning since trading is not easy and is often unpredictable.  

The website refers to AI as a major advantage since it claims AI will attract more users, and based on their experience, it will be able to develop further and improve its performance. It accomplishes this by analyzing a number of market indicators to ascertain whether the market is moving upwards or downwards. Does it really work this way? Well, we are not sure. But, one thing we can say for sure – you need to be careful when trading and trusting your money. Research each fact before starting dancing with this trading bot. 

How to Use Quantum Pro 360?

One positive thing about Quantum Pro 360 is said to be opening the account. How so? Users say it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to be fully up and running. 

Step 1: Visit the Quantum Pro 360 website 

Quantum Pro 360 signup form

If you want to start trading with Quantum Pro 360, you need to visit the official website. You will be asked to register by filling up the form. Enter your full name, email, and phone, and press the ‘Register Now’ button. 

You will then get access to your Quantum Pro 360 account, where you can start trading automatically after you complete step number 2. 

Step 2: Transfer money to your account 

You can’t start trading without money. Therefore, you need to deposit first. We advise you to start with the minimum, which is $250. Make sure to invest only the amount you are ready to lose. Nobody can guarantee you will win a million dollars. Trading is like a lottery. You can win or lose everything. 

Step 3: Set up automatic trading 

With money in your account, you can now set up automatic trading with Quantum Pro 360. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about what you would like to get out of your trades. 

This trading bot includes trading with several different cryptos, but the most popular is Bitcoin because of its trading volume. The best is to choose medium risk as it is a nice balance between earnings and risk. 

Is Quantum Pro 360 a Scam?

No trading robot can promise you the stars, not even Quantum Pro 360. Some users say they feel safe with Quantum Pro 360 since they gain huge gains when they start investing. But we can’t vouch for this claim because we didn’t test the platform. 

It’s important not to be idealistic and too trustful. You should realize that there is always risk involved when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies or any other assets. Furthermore, you have no one holding you back if you lose money. Invest smart because you can’t predict the future. No one can. Even if a crypto robot gives a good return over a long period, there may be big price changes in the crypto ecosystem you realize too late. Or, maybe some platforms turn out to be nothing more than a hoax. 

One thing we can recommend you try is trading with a regulated crypto broker – eToro. It doesn’t mean you will make a huge profit owing to the fact that trading is risky. You can read our detailed review of this broker and let us know what you think.

If you decide to go with Quantum Pro 360, write down what you think about this trading bot in the comment section. 

Note – there are two similarly named crypto trading bots, Quantum AI and Quantum Code which appear to be unrelated to the Quantum Pro 360 platform, as wells as a crypto token QTUM.

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Automated Trading on Exchanges 

An alternative to using a bot is to use the copy trading feature on eToro – this FCA and CySec-regulated cryptocurrency exchange allows you to replicate the trading decisions of a winning, profitable trader of your choice or a combination of several.

InsideBitcoins recommends diversifying your portfolio by allocating part of your funds to a long-established, safe, and reputable platform such as eToro – never invest 100% of your cryptocurrency into one trading bot or hold it on one website, broker, or exchange. Start with a minimum deposit on any platform you use, and make a small withdrawal as a test.

Copytrading on eToro is similar to using a bot in that you can grow your investment without having to monitor it, trade yourself or make any decisions – all buy, sell, take profit, and stop-loss orders are automated.

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