Quantum AI Review: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Author: joe maurice

Quantum AI alleges to help traders to consistently make €1,320 in every 5 Hours. But is it legit? InsideBitcoins has been looking for answers and can confirm that Quantum AI is a scam. This is one of those blatant scam robots that associate themselves with celebrities. One of the celebrities mentioned in the Quantum AI scam is Elon Musk. We can confirm that there is no and there will never be a Quantum AI Elon Musk Endorsement.

In this review, we will look at the red flags that show Quantum AI is a scam. We will also provide tips on how to identify legit robots and also suggest the robots we believe are worth a try. Keep reading to learn more about Quantum AI or click the ‘trade now’ in the table below to go straight to a legit robot.

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    Is Quantum AI legit? No!

    • Quantum AI has an accuracy level of zero percent – Those who try it end up losing their money
    • This platform does not disclose crucial details such as its legal registration and partner brokers– legit robots must disclose this information
    • InsideBitcoins gives Quantum AI a legitimacy score of 3% – Legit trading robots must score above 70%
    • Keep reading to learn more about Quantum AI or visit our review of top Bitcoin Robot 2019 for legit robots

    Quantum AI is a scam platform that aims to solicit deposits from unsuspecting traders. InsideBitcoins can confirm that this scam mainly targets people with little knowledge about the risks of trading. Like most scam robots, they use spam and affiliate marketing to reach out to traders.

    Furthermore, their marketing approach is mainly emotional. You will find a lot of stories on their website about people who were living in squalor before stumbling on the robot. Of course, these are lies aimed at baiting people in financial desperation. There is little information about its trading technology. Our live test indicates a high likelihood that they do not have any underlying trading technology.

    Even worse, Quantum AI falsely associates itself with celebrities and mainstream media. Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and tech guru, is among the celebrities falsely associated with this robot. As mentioned earlier, there is no Elon Musk Quantum AI endorsement. This robot also claims that it has appeared on CNN and MSNBC. Our investigation reveals that these are lies.

    What is Quantum AI?

    Quantum AI is a scam platform that impersonates legit trading robots such as Bitcoin Code. Read our Bitcoin Code review to learn more. InsideBitcoins reveals that Quantum AI targets inexperienced and desperate traders with promises of helping them generate millions of dollars. This scam literally calls itself the cure of poverty.

    From our live test, we are convinced that Quantum AI does not have any underlying trading technology. Their web-trader is nothing but a simple web-page that mimics a real web-trader. When a trader deposits money with Quantum AI, the fake web-trader automatically switches itself displaying consistent losses.

    In other words, there is no real trading involved and the results are given by the web-trader are predetermined. A deeper look at Quantum AI reveals that it partners with scam brokers. These brokers have no regulation and are known to defraud traders. Quantum AI does not reveal about these brokers until you make a deposit.

    The role of brokers in algorithmic trading includes receiving deposits and facilitating transactions. Regulators require brokers to segregate deposits and use them for the intended purpose only. With proper regulation, depositors have an assurance that their deposits are safe. Read our RI Markets review for a legit robot broker.

    How does Quantum AI work?

    Quantum AI allegedly uses sophisticated algorithms to scan the crypto markets big data and generate trading insights. However, we did not find any evidence that they have such technologies. We are 99 percent certain that Quantum AI is nothing more than a webpage that mimics a real web-trader. Scam robots mostly depend on fake trading platforms to create the illusion of live trading platforms.

    When a trader deposits money through Quantum AI, it goes to the underlying sham broker. The broker then pays a commission to the scammers behind the robot. These scammers can further pay a commission to the referring affiliate if the deposit was made through an affiliate link.

    Case in point, if you make a deposit of $250, the broker keeps $100 and pays $150 to the scammers behind the robot. The Quantum AI scammers usually pay their affiliates a commission of $50 on every deposit. This means that they get to keep $100.

    Legit trading robots apply complex sophisticated algorithms to do trading research and execute trades. Trading bots tend to be more accurate than human given that they can analyze big data and execute trades at a supersonic speed. In trading, the ability to analyze big data within microseconds translates to high accuracy in decision making. Moreover, the ability to execute trades at lightening speeds means more money making opportunities. This explains why top robots such as Bitcoin Future can make thousands of dollars per day from an investment as little as $250. Read our Bitcoin Future review to learn more about this robot.

    Is Elon Musk the founder of Quantum AI?

    This ridiculous scam claims that it was founded by Elon Musk. They even provide an audio of a guy speaking like Elon Musk and claiming to be the founder of the platform. This is not the first scam robot to falsely associate with this entrepreneur. Elon Musk has distanced himself with these scammers and has promised to take legal action.

    While scam platforms are known to falsely associate with celebrities, very few are shameless enough to claim that they were founded by a celebrity. Quantum AI is among these scams. The fact that they can impersonate a renowned person like Elon Musk means that they do not care. Any experienced trader can tell that they are a scam right from the beginning. This means that their target audience is the naïve, less educated, and financially desperate wannabe trader.

    Why you should not register with Quantum AI

    Quantum AI is currently the most popular scam trading bot in the market today. It appears they are doing a good job of baiting unsuspecting users through dishonest affiliates. Keep reading if we are yet to convince you on why you should not sign up with this scam robot.  If you are convinced, click here to visit Bitcoin Future, a tested and proven trading robot.

    Unsafe signup process

    Like most scam robots, Quantum AI appears to share users’ data with other scammers. People who open an account with this robot report receiving a lot of spam emails and calls. It is no wonder that their primary marketing approach is spamming.

    Furthermore, our live test shows that they collect unnecessary data during signup. Legit robots only require email and phone number. With Quantum AI, you may be asked to submit your government ID. Also, they appear to store billing details after deposit. There are a lot of complaints online about this scam trying to charge credit cards without consent.

    Further research reveals that their website is a spoof of Quantum AI, a project that has nothing to do with trading robots. Also, they keep shifting from one domain to another to avoid being blacklisted by Google.

    Fake live trading platform

    InsideBitcoins investigation proves beyond doubt that the Quantum AI web-trader is a fake. The platform does not connect to a real broker and there is no live trading involved. When you deposit money with them, it goes to the scam brokers in partnership with Quantum AI. As mentioned earlier, these brokers share the deposit with the scammers behind the robot and the referring affiliates.

    When you make a deposit with Quantum AI, they direct you to their fake web-trader. The platform is set to make consistent losses until your account depletes. They will then ask you to deposit more to get a bonus equal to the lost amount. Their intention is to get in the endless and excruciating cycle of chasing losses. You will never make a profit through this platform and they won’t allow you to withdraw your deposit.

    Unsafe website and trading platform

    On top of stealing your deposit, Quantum AI will also expose you to other scammers. You are likely to receive a lot of spam calls and emails after signing up with this platform. We have also determined that they keep shifting from one domain to another which is a clear sign that they are not serious about what they claim to offer. The main aim of Quantum AI is to con unsuspecting rookie traders. InsideBitcoins suggests you keep of this platform and instead try tested and proven robots.

    How to identify a legit trading robot

    With studies showing that at least 90% of all trading robots are a scam, it is important to carry out enough due diligence before signing up with a robot. The due diligence hustle is worth it given the high profitability shown by legit trading robots. InsideBitcoins makes the process easier for you by providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when selecting a trading robot.

    • Reputation – Legit trading robots should have generally positive reviews. We recommend that you review robots through consumer review sites such as TrustPilot. Avoid trading robots that have generally negative online feedback and those with a few perfect reviews.
    • Partner brokers – Legit robots only partner with regulated brokers. Avoid any robot that is not willing to disclose about its partner brokers. All the robots that we recommend have well-regulated brokers.
    • Customer service – Scam trading robots tend to have terrible customer service. Avoid any robot that does not provide a direct line through which the customer service is reachable. Scam robots mostly provide email as the only channel of communication.
    • Transparency – Avoid any robot not willing to disclose about its legal registration and the founding company or individuals. Also, conduct enough research to determine the legitimacy of the information provided on their website. If you are still not sure about a robot, notify us and we will do a review about it.

    Is Quantum AI Legit? The Verdict!

    Quantum AI is a scam and we recommend that you stay away from it. Our investigation reveals that this platform is used by scammers to fish for deposits from unsuspecting traders. When you make a deposit through this platform, your money goes straight to the scammers’ bank accounts. This means that there is no way you can withdraw it back.

    Furthermore, Quantum AI appears to sell users’ personal data to other scammers. We find their platforms to be unsafe and therefore susceptible to hacking. Further research reveals that they do not have any data protection policy. We can also confirm that they do not have any trading technology. Their web-trader is nothing but a webpage that mimics a real trading platform.

    We recommend that you avoid this platform and instead try a tested and proven robot. Bitcoin Future is one of the best trading robots in the market today. Click the trade now button in the table below to start trading with this robot.

    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


    Is Quantum AI legit?

    Yes! Quantum AI is a big scam? Do not sign up with this platform or else you will lose money. Our live test shows that it takes less than a day to lose a deposit of $250. Their platform is configured to make consistent losses.

    How much should I deposit with Quantum AI?

    You will lose money if you deposit with Quantum AI. We recommend that you only sign up with tested and proven robots. Read our review of Bitcoin Future for a legit robot.

    How much can I make with Quantum AI?

    You won’t make a dime trading with Quantum AI. This robot is a scam and you should avoid it. They promise a daily profit of up to $13000 per day but our investigation reveals that this is not true. We suggest that you stay away from this robot or you will lose your money. Only trade with tested and proven robots. We can confirm that all the robots recommended and in this review are highly legit.

    Can I withdraw my money from Quantum AI?

    Like most scam robots, Quantum AI does not allow users to withdraw their money. Once you make a deposit with them, consider your money lost. We cannot repeat enough on the need to keep away from this scam. Apart from stealing your deposit, they will also expose you to other scammers including scammers. We recommend that you stay away from this platform.

    Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.