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Meghan Markle Bitcoin – Did she invest?

There is a rumour that Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, has invested in bitcoin through some viral trading robots.  The rumour is rampant on Pinterest and Reddit and has been picked by several gossip blogs.

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But is it true that Meghan Markle has invested in Bitcoin? We have conducted background checks and didn’t find any evidence. The popularity of the said robots is perhaps the reason they are a target for gossip and fake news platforms.

All the robots associated with Meghan Markle are top ranking on Google Trends. They include Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Loophole, and Bitcoin Era. These robots seem legit and maybe worth a try. However, you should read this review to the end before trying any of them.

Bitcoin Meghan Markle– Viral trend!

You have probably come across social media posts making the Meghan Merkel bitcoin allegations. The rumour about Meghan Markle investing in bitcoin has gone viral thanks to some mainstream media picking it. While some sources debunk these rumours, others seem to support it.

However, Meghan Markle has not come forward to clarify the claims. It is therefore prudent that you treat it as unfounded until there is enough evidence to confirm it. As mentioned above, gossip blogs seem to be taking advantage of the popularity of the said robots to create clickbait titles.

Even so, what matters most is if the said robots are legit. As mentioned in the introduction, they all appear to be trustworthy. Some of these robots can supposedly make daily profits of up to 400%. Read on for a preview of the said Meghan Markle bitcoin systems.

Bitcoin Evolution

This robot receives signals from hundreds of expert crypto traders and implements them to the users’ accounts. It is said to be among the few robots in the industry that automatically conducts copy trading.

For the record, copy trading enables individuals to copy the trades of expert traders and implement them in their accounts. Copy-trading can be manual or automated through a Bitcoin robot. Bitcoin Evolution recruits the world top ten best crypto traders to provide the signals.

Its algorithms identify the best signals and automatically implement them on users’ accounts. The signal providers earn a commission every time their signals generate a return for users. Bitcoin Evolution also charges a small commission on returns made through the robot. As it is with most robots in the same category, this robot does not charge any license fees.

It is worth noting that Bitcoin Evolution relies on robot brokers to facilitate transactions and offer leverage. The robot doesn’t have the legal mandate to handle deposits and hence must rely on brokers to receive deposits and process transactions. Bitcoin Evolution partner brokers seem to be highly reputable and are well-regulated.

Legit brokers only collaborate with reputable and regulated brokers. The world-leading regulators safeguard depositors by requiring robots to segregate funds and observe strict reporting measures. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Evolution review here.

Did Meghan Markle invest in Bitcoin Evolution?

We have combed the internet for evidence to support these claims to no avail. It appears that the rumour is rampant on social media and is from questionable sources.

Bitcoin Evolution has recently warned users about the gossip and fake news targeting it. We have reasons to believe that the Meghan Markle Bitcoin Evolution claims are false. It is prudent to verify the authenticity of a news source before taking its publications as true.

Moreover, you should never get investment advice from social media. InsideBitcoins is dedicated to conducting comprehensive robots reviews to help you make informed choices. As mentioned above, Bitcoin Evolution appears to be legit.

How do I register and trade with Bitcoin Evolution?

You do not need any trading experience or knowledge to use Bitcoin Evolution. The robot generates trading signals and implements them automatically. You only need to define the trading parameters, and the robot will do everything else for you. Follow steps below should get you started with Bitcoin Evolution.

  1. Register a free account on Bitcoin Evolution website using the provided form. Submit your name as it appears on your government issued ID and a working email and phone number.
  2. Verify your account with the partner broker and deposit a minimum trading capital of 250 USD. You can deposit through debit/credit cards, wire transfer, some e-wallets and major crypto wallets.
  3. Read the trading manual provided by Bitcoin Evolution and familiarize with the settings through a demo account.
  4. Click the “open session” button to start live trading. It is prudent to let the robot run uninterrupted for at least 8 hours daily.

Bitcoin Loophole

This robot was founded in 2015 and is among the most popular today. It is said to make up to $3k in daily profits from a deposit of less than $500. Bitcoin Loophole speculates on the price swings of bitcoin against other currencies. The robot utilizes sophisticated trading methods such as short-selling to bet on plummeting prices.

Bitcoin Loophole allegedly utilizes advance AI algorithms to read market news and derive tradable insights. With a good robot, news trading can be highly lucrative. Bitcoin Loophole also conducts technical analysis to derive tradable insights from charts. The bot relies on a technology known as Machine Learning to analyze hundreds of charts and identify patterns that translate to trading insights.

Bitcoin Loophole trades at a speed of 0.0001 microseconds and a supposed accuracy of about 99%. Speed and accuracy are the two most important factors in trading. Regarding ease of use, Bitcoin Loophole is beginner-friendly. Moreover, it has excellent customer service and provides a dedicated account manager to help users through the account set up and trading.

The withdrawal process with Bitcoin Loophole is also seamless. All you need to do is to fill a request through the provided form, and your funds will reflect in your bank account in less than an hour. Read more about Bitcoin Loophole here.

Did Meghan Markle invest in Bitcoin Loophole?

There is no evidence of Meghan Markle investing in Bitcoin Loophole. You must treat such claims as a mere gossip until Bitcoin Loophole or Meghan Markle confirms it.

As said earlier, it is imprudent to rely on celebrity gossip to make an investment decision. We make robot choice easier for you by providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Our investigation reveals that Bitcoin Loophole is likely to be legit.

This bot is popular with users and has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot after over 3000 reviews. Very few robots have managed to attain such a score after that many reviews. Bitcoin Loophole operates in a fully transparent ecosystem powered by the blockchain technology.

How do I register and trade with Bitcoin Loophole?

The registration process is surprisingly straightforward and fast. Unlike other bots, Bitcoin Loophole doesn’t require users to go through the tedious KYC process.

  1. Register through a form displayed on Bitcoin Loophole homepage. Verify email and phone as requested and click proceed
  2. You will redirect to a partner broker page where you will need to deposit a minimum of 250 USD. This is your trading capital.
  3. Go through a practise account to test different levels of risk. The best risk per trade to apply for beginners is 10%.
  4. Start a live trading session by clicking the live button.

Bitcoin Era

This robot is similar to Bitcoin Loophole only that it has higher supposed profitability. Some of the posts we have seen allege that it generates up to $5k in daily profits from an investment of less than 250 USD. Bitcoin Loophole is easy to use for all and comes with tools and educational materials to help users navigate through. Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Era reveiw to learn more.

Did Meghan Markle invest in Bitcoin Era?

Meghan Markle Bitcoin Era investment claims appear to be false, and it is, therefore, advisable that you avoid them. Bitcoin Era is a popular robot, and it is consequently unexpected that it is a target for gossip. The robot appears to be legit and has high supposed profitability.

How to trade with Bitcoin Era

Live trading with Bitcoin Era is also straightforward. You need to create an account first and practice various settings through the demo. Follow the steps below to trade with Bitcoin Era.

  1. Visit Bitcoin Era website and register a free trading account using the form on the right corner of the page.
  2. Deposit at least 250 USD through an underlying partner broker. You may need to verify identity.
  3. Read the trading guide and practice risk settings through a demo account until you find the level that works best for you.
  4. Enter into a live trading session by clicking the live trading button.

Bottom line

Meghan Markle hasn’t invested in bitcoin, but this doesn’t mean that the bots reviewed here are not legit. You can try any of them but always remember that all trading involves significant risk. Invest wisely!