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Jort Kelder Bitcoin – Did he Invest?

Jort Kelder is a famous Dutch journalist and TV presenter. He is one of the celebrities rumoured to have invested in several bitcoin systems. But are these rumours true? We did a background check and found no proof that Jort Kelder has invested in bitcoin systems.

This TV celebrity has never expressed interest in bitcoin let alone systems that trade it. The platforms reporting a Jort Kelder bitcoin systems investment are fake news platforms taking advantage of the popularity of some bitcoin systems.

Read this review to the end to learn about the top robots associated with Jort Kelder and whether they are legit.

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    Bitcoin Jort Kelder – Viral Trend!

    As stated above, the Jort Kelder bitcoin systems investment claims are lies from gossip blogs. But why are they making these claims? Fake news platforms are now using a black hat marketing technique that involves generating clickbait headlines using viral keywords and celebrity names.

    Google Trends currently list bitcoin systems such as Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Era as having high search volumes. Like any other viral topic, these systems continue to attract a lot of news, including fake news. People tend to react more when a celebrity name is involved. Consequently, fake news platforms are using viral bitcoin systems keywords and Jort Kelder in their headlines to get more clicks.

    We have taken a look at the bitcoin systems listed above and found that they appear legit. All of them have positive news coverage and positive feedback from users who have reviewed them online. Let’s discuss each of these platforms and how they associate with Jort Kelder.

    Note:A bitcoin system is a piece of software that allegedly automatically conducts the functions of a professional crypto trader. It is a trading robot that is attached to a specialised broker to do trading research and execution and allegedly deliver profits to the user. Crypto robots claim they can generate thousands of dollars per week from a deposit of as little as $250.

    Bitcoin Evolution

    Bitcoin Evolution is a piece of software that is reportedly coded from the trading strategies of the world best crypto traders. Those who use this robot claim to make thousands of dollars per month from a little deposit of $250.

    Many testimonials we have come across indicate that it is profitable. At least 90% of individual users who have tried Bitcoin Evolution report profitability. Moreover, nearly 98% of the reviews claim that this robot is easy to use and have excellent customer services.

    We also found good feedback about its withdrawal process. Bitcoin Evolution appears not to have withdrawal limits and does not charge any withdrawal fees. The robot claims to facilitate all withdrawals in less than 24 hours. For more information, read our comprehensive Bitcoin Evolution review.

    Did Jot Kelder invest in Bitcoin Evolution?

    Bitcoin Evolution is a viral robot, and as is expected with any popular subject, there is a lot of media coverage revolving around it. We have determined that Bitcoin Evolution appears in at least six publications in a given day.

    High media coverage attracts both legit and fake news sources. The fake sources are responsible for spreading the Jot Kelder Bitcoin Evolution investment rumour. InsideBitcoins investigation finds no evidence connecting Jot Kelder with any bitcoin system.

    As explained in the introduction, the sites spreading these rumours aim is to hijack the web traffic generated by the viral keyword. It is advisable to always conduct enough due diligence before taking any piece of news as the truth.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Evolution

    Bitcoin Evolution claims to be the best tool for trading cryto online. As explained above, this bot runs on autopilot, meaning that anyone can use it. Follow the steps below to register and trade with Bitcoin Evolution.

    1. Visit the Bitcoin Evolution homepage to create a license-free account.
    2. Deposit your trading capital with the matched broker – a deposit of $250 is enough
    3. Trade with a demo platform to familiarise with the real web-trader
    4. Click the live button to open a real-time trading session

    Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is similar to Bitcoin Evolution in that it it claims to have a similar profitability. This bot claims to generate up to $1000 per week from a deposit of $250. According to Bitcoin Revolution, the more trading capital a user has, the higher their profitability potential.

    Bitcoin Revolution claims that its high profitability is as a result of the level of leverage it applies. This robot’s partner brokers offer leverage of up to 1:1000. This implies that users can place bets worth up to 1000 times their capital. As a result, the bot claims that profits usually multiply up to that level.

    Even so, high leverage can also result in irrecoverable losses. This explains why we insist that you only invest what you can afford to lose. A deposit of $250 is enough to test this robot. Read our detailed Bitcoin Revolution review for more information.

    Did Jort Kelder invest in Bitcoin Revolution?

    There exists no evidence that Jort Kelder has invested in Bitcoin Revolution. You should keep off any site making such claims. Gossip blogs are all over Bitcoin Revolution due to its extensive news coverage and top search engine ranking.  As explained earlier, these sites combine celebrity names with high ranking keywords to create clickbait headlines.

    They aim to divert traffic to their sites and hence improve search ranking. The fact that Bitcoin Revolution popularity is growing by day means that the fake news will continue coming up. It is therefore crucial that you only rely on authoritative sources for information.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

    Bitcoin Revolution is also fully automatic. This means that, according to Bitcoin Revolution, you do not have to be a professional trader to use it. From the many reviews we have come across, most people who trade with Bitcoin Revolution have no background in crypto. You can register and start using Bitcoin Evolution through the steps below;

    1. Register a free trading account on their homepage
    2. Deposit a minimum of $250
    3. Trade demo to familiarise with the features of the real platform
    4. Start trading by toggling the live trading button

    Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era is another bot that fake news associate with Jot Kelder. This robot was founded in 2018 and has since then grown to become an online sensation. As of today, Bitcoin Era is estimated to have over 300k users. User reviews claim that this platform is transparent and profitable. We have found several reviews which claim that this bot can make up to $1k in a week from a deposit of $250.

    Bitcoin Era also ranks high on ease of use and customer services. We did not find any negative reviews about Bitcoin Era withdrawal process. Bitcoin Era allegedly facilitates withdrawals within 24 hours. Read a detailed Bitcoin Era review to learn more.

    Did Jot Kelder endorse Bitcoin Era?

    Jot Kelder has never endorsed Bitcoin Era. Once again, the sites making such claims are spreading fake rumours. Jot Kelder is a TV personality and not an investment guru or a crypto enthusiast. We found no information linking Jot Kelder to bitcoin or its underlying technology of blockchain.

    As explained above, the platforms spreading the Jot Kelder Bitcoin Era endorsement rumours are gossip blogs. These sites use high ranking keywords and celebrity names to create clickbait titles. Bitcoin Era remains a high search keyword hence the fake news.

    How to trade with Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era is also automatic. Here are the steps to trade with this robot.

    1. Create a free trading account on Bitcoin Era homepage
    2. Deposit $250 with the underlying broker
    3. Practice with a demo account
    4. Start a trading session by clicking the live button

    Bottom line

    The rumours about Jot Kelder investing in bitcoin systems are false. We suggest that you avoid any site making such claims and only get your information from authoritative sources. The bots presented in this review appear to be legit. You can learn more about legit trading robots like Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader by reading our top bitcoin robot 2019 review.