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“The cannabis industry is ripe for investors”. This is our assertion having studied the industry. Although the industry had been put on the sidelines for some time now,  it is one which should be focused on as it has a lot of goodwill in it which could be used to transform the pharmaceutical industry in providing medical solutions to various illnesses. And what better way to invest in Cannabis than with a robot that claims to place profitable trades for you automatically? In this review, we analyse the Cannabis Millionaire software, a new robot that promises to deliver big profits by trading cannabis stocks. Is it a reliable robot or not? We have tested it and believe that it is a reliable software. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this software.

Is Cannabis Millionaire Legit or Scam?

In a bid to confirm the news about the profitability of the Cannabis Industry, we researched the various trading robots used for trading Cannabis stocks. Cannabis Millionaire is one of them and we found it to be a legit software. It basically partners with legally recognised and regulated online brokers to allow users to trade with Cannabis stocks. In a bid to test the operations of this platform, we set up an account via its web platform. After registration, the software connected us with a broker STOX50, to assist us through the process. Having set up our broker account properly with the correct details i.e. name and phone number, we received a call from a representative who guided us through the deposit process and how to trade in general.

A quick glance at the homepage of the website details the growth of the industry. The software is a secured platform that helps its users to trade in automation. InsideBitcoins confirms that Cannabis Millionaire is a reliable software for traders looking for a good market to invest in.

Another aspect that convinced us about Cannabis Millionaire’s legitimacy is that it offers a Web Trader app, an Android app, an iOS app and, an MT4 desktop terminal. The platforms are two of the most popular trading spaces used by most brokers and robots to support trades. Whenever we test robots or brokers, we take into consideration whether the platform we are reviewing uses MT4 or Web Trader. It is a very good indicator of their reliability. Both platforms have simple and intuitive interfaces and at the same time they provide users with all the functions they may need to pursue complex investment strategies. They are therefore suitable for both novices and professionals because the former can learn how to trade on them within a few minutes and the latter are most likely already familiar with their functions so they will certainly be able to benefit from all the tools and resources they have to offer.

Is Cannabis Millionaire Scam or Serious? The Verdict!

  • 1). We have tested this automated trading robot and come to the conclusion that it is a legit software.
  • 2). Cannabis Millionaire's reported trading accuracy is set at 99.67% as it claims that it has only lost 5 out of 1552 trades.
  • 3). There are risks associated with trading. Thus, an investor planning to invest in the software should have a risk asset management.
  • 4). We recommend every investor to take the software as an investment experiment and start with a moderate investment of $250.
  • 5). Try it for yourself now by clicking here.

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What is Cannabis Millionaire?

Following the observation of Cannabis concerning its influence on the health sector, legalization of the plant is being done presently in a different part of the World. Presently, Cannabis has been legalized in about 20 states in the United States of America, Canada, and some other North American countries.

For this reason, platforms are being created to allow people to trade cannabis stocks. Among such is the invention of an automated trading platform known as Cannabis Millionaire. This software allows investors to partake in the “Gold Rush” of the Cannabis Industry. By purchasing CFDs, Cannabis Millionaire claims that investors can make thousands of dollars daily. With a minimum deposit of $250, anyone can have access to this software. Surprisingly, this software claims that it has recorded a total of 1547 winning trades in all its 1552 trades according to their website. This, according to Cannabis Millionaire, sets the trading accuracy of the platform to be 99.68%.

How does the Cannabis Millionaire App work?

This automated trading platform works absolutely in the same way as a human trader would work, however, it is allegedly faster, easier to use and more accurate. Expert traders have to go through hours of hard work every day, studying the market, financial news, finding good entry points and doing technical analysis before placing a single trade. An automated robot like Cannabis Millionaire is reportedly capable of doing that within seconds. It is based on an algorithm that allows the system to analyse the market and place trades for users while they can just sit back.

Its success rate is reportedly close to 100% which would mean that almost all of the trades it places will be profitable according to this bot. Of course, a risk of losing part of all of the funds remains, but funds can be lost even when a human trader puts in all that hard work. Trading with a robot has been said by many traders to have the ability to increase the chances of making profits, especially if it is a reliable robot with a remarkable success rate.

The only thing that users have to do on a daily basis is decide on the trade settings of the robot. They are required to decide on things such as stop losses, maximum trades per day and so on. Once that is done, they will be able to click on "auto trade" and the software will do everything for them.

Having done all these, after depositing funds on the account (i.e. a minimum of $250), the broker makes trading signals available which the robot, in turn, follows to set up the trades. The software follows the modified settings in setting up trades, find a good entry point when buying stocks and setting good exit points when selling. This is how Cannabis Millionaire claims profits are made. Take, for instance, the trader sets his profile to a maximum of 3 trades daily. Once, the three trades are complete, the trading robot automatically ceases to trade and keeps the funds in the profile.

Why should I invest in Cannabis?

The market of Cannabis is currently growing at a very fast rate because states are starting to legalise it and its demand for recreational and medicinal purposes has been increasing. It is one of the few steady markets right now which means that it is a secure investment. That is the reason why lately, quite a few robots trading with Cannabis stocks have been emerging. Our suggestion would be to pay attention to which one of these robots you trade on. Other than Cannabis Millionaire you can check out Cannabis Wealth or Cannabis Trader.

Advantages of Cannabis

There are a number of positive impacts which Cannabis brings. It is very useful in the medical field, experts say. The following are a few of the advantages of this plant.

  • Cannabis can be used to lessen the side effects of treating Hepatitis C.
  • It helps to protect the brain from concussions and mental trauma.
  • It helps to reduce pain and nausea tendencies from a patient who underwent therapy.
  • It helps to reduce pain for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • As funny as it is, it can help eliminate nightmares.
  • Its intake also helps a stroke patient in the protection of his brain.

Opening a Cannabis Millionaire App Account – Step by Step

Trading with Cannabis stocks is easy, however, trading with the right software is the big deal. Continue reading to know how to set up your account for trades.

Step One: Registration

To sign up for a Cannabis Millionaire account, simply follow this link. The registration form is on the right-hand side of the homepage and it can be filled in three simple steps. As a responsive website, the Cannabis Millionaire platform upon a visit to the site automatically detects your location. So, the first step involves filling the basics details such as Name (First Name, Last Name), Email address. Having done that, you’ll be required to fill in your Password. Note, your password must not be less than 6 characters and it must consist of only alphanumeric characters (1 Uppercase Letter, 1 Lowercase Letter & a digit). After this, you’ll be required to include your Phone number. Usually, upon detection of your country, the web platform includes your country code automatically as a prefix and you only need to include the remaining 10 digit number. Having done all these, you will be sent a congratulation message and connected to a broker who will help you through the deposit process and initiating your trade.

Step Two: Deposit

Having registered, you’ll be connected to a broker and you’ll click the link on the Thank You page to be redirected to their platform. On the platform, the deposit pane will be shown to you to choose your preferred payment methods. Usually, this can be via payment with cryptocurrencies or Payment with Credit cards. To pay with your credit card, all you need are your Card details, i.e. Card Number, Security Number, Expiry date.


The minimum requirement needed to initiate a trade is $250. However, you can invest more if you wish to do so. Cannabis Millionaire also has a maximum deposit limit which is unusual for robots of this kind. The limit is of $4,000, which is lower than those other few reliable robots that have a maximum limit. This is definitely a positive aspect of the robot. The limit is imposed to protect users from taking greater risks than what they can afford. Many users often irresponsibly deposit too much money hoping to make greater profits but in some cases they end up losing it, which can have heavy effects on the financial situation of the user in question. The deposit limit stops traders from doing that. After depositing, you’ll be redirected to the trade room to start a trade.

Step Three: Demo trading

Demo trading room is a very essential part of a trading interface. It helps to acquaint the trader with the operations of the trading platform. Thus, depending on the broker, you can have access to a trading room to understand the trading style. Once you feel confident with the functions and proceedings of the platform, you may begin your trading experience with real money.

Step Four: Trading

After depositing, you will need to modify your trading account to certain settings. These settings should normally be changed on a daily basis based on the amount of money you want to spend and/or earn. You will first have to decide on your daily stop loss, daily maximum trades, the profits you want to make with each trade and so on. You may also decide on which assets you wish to trade with. You can decide to choose with your preferred assets only or to leave it up to the robot. After you have modified the settings and saved the changes, click on the Launch Auto-trade button to start trading.

Note: As we have already mentioned, trading with crypto can be risky. If you are not sure about trading with real money yet, you can try a demo account. You will have access to all the tools and functions of a real account, including placing trades. Once you are ready to trade with real funds you can switch to a real account by depositing funds. Click here to give the demo account a try.

Cannabis Millionaire: Key Features


The official website claims that you can earn thousands in one day. Of course, that may not always be true but based on testimonials, users report great profits. With a deposit of $250, in one week, several users reported their balance seeing a 300% increase, reaching a total of $900 or more.

Verification System

Cannabis Millionaire does not have a verification system, which makes the registration process a lot easier than it already is. After inserting all your details, including email address, phone number and so on, all you have to do is click on "register" and you will have a new account ready. You will not be sent any kind of verification code to your email or to your phone.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Withdrawing funds is very straightforward and all withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours. Like wiithdrawals, deposits are quick and simple and there is a great variety of payment methods that you can choose from. The fact that these processes are made so easy partially proves the reliability of the robot.


Cannabis Millionaire is one of the few platforms that do not have fees or commissions. Having such costs has an impact on your tradings. With this robot you do not have to worry about these additional costs because all of the funds in your account belong to you.

User Testimonials

The website provides testimonies of users that recently joined Cannabis Millionaire. They claim to have earned hundreds within hours and thousands within days. You may not see the same returns but the platform is definitely active and working.

Customer Support

Cannabis Millionaire offers great customer support. Members of staff are available 24/7 to respond to any concern you may have. They can be contacted mainly via email. However, we hope that with the information we provided on the robot you will not be needing any kind of support.


Robots like Cannabis Millionaire channel your funds through online brokers. The funds that you choose to invest in auto-trading mode will be automatically invested on assets through these brokers. At different times and locations, the brokers are most likely going to vary but they all offer more or less the same features, so you should not worry about that.

Cannabis Millionaire App versus Other Robots

Cannabis Millionaire Other robots

✅Cannabis Millionaire offers access to WebTrader and MT4, the two most popular and well-reputed trading platforms available. ❌ Robots of this kind do not usually offer users access to these kinds of portals.
✅ The registration process is fairly simple and quick. ❌Most of the reliable robots that we have tested have similar registration processes but for some the verification system is very lengthy.
✅ Cannabis Millionaire sets a maximum deposit limit of $4,000, which protects users from risking too much of their funds. ❌Most robots do not set a deposit limit, which exposes users to greater risk.
✅ Cannabis Millionaire offers users the opportunity to decide which currencies to trade with in auto-trade mode. ❌In auto-trading mode, there are robots trading with a standard set of cryptocurrencies that users are not allowed to change.
✅Cannabis Millionaire is linked to reliable and regulated brokers. ❌Many robots are connected to unreliable brokers that are not legally recognised.

Five tips on how to make money on Cannabis Millionaire

  • 1. Start Small

We always advise users to begin by investing the minimum amount required to start trading on a platform. In the case of Cannabis Millionaire, that is $250. The amount is small enough to not affect anyone’s financial circumstances in case they went lost but Cannabis Millionaire claims it is also big enough to see some significant returns. Once users feel confident and ready to earn more, they may start depositing more money.

  • 2. Withdraw a Percentage of All Returns

Our suggestion is to withdraw up to 75% of your profits. Investing everything is never wise considering that you may lose all of your funds, including the profits.

  • 3. Follow Expert User Advice

If you are an inexperienced user, the best thing to do is have a look at online videos on the best strategies to follow. Even though Cannabis Millionaire is an automated robot, there are still certain strategies you can adopt for the trade settings. Make sure you have a look through most of the different strategies to choose the one you prefer.

  • 4. Keep Tax Records

You will be paying taxes on your returns. We advise you to keep tax records to make sure you do not reinvest more than you earn.

  • 5. Don’t Invest What You Can’t Afford to Lose

The risk of losing your funds remains. So do not invest more than what you can, especially if you are a beginner. Putting too much at risk before even knowing how the platform and the system works is never a good idea.

5 Reasons to trade with Cannabis Millionaire

  • It supports MT4 and WebTrader, two of the most popular and well-reputed trading platforms on the market.
  • It has a trading accuracy of 99.67% is high compared to many other trading robots.
  • It has no hidden fees.
  • It has connections with legally recognized stockbrokers across the site.
If you are not convinced about trading with Cannabis Millionaire, can can try another reliable robot. You can have a look at our Bitcoin robot to find more brands.

Cannabis Millionaire on the Dragons Den, and Shark Tank

Dragon's DenShark Tank

Contrary to the popular opinion that Cannabis Millionaire is using the image of Dragons Den judges for promotional advert, there is rather no fact suggesting that. It may be recalled that earlier last year, a Dragons Den investor tweeted a reply to a tweet directed at him asking him if he owns 20% shares in Bitcoin Trader, he replied in the negative.

shark tank

The same goes for Shark Tank. There have been rumours that Cannabis Millionaire may have used the faces of stars from the popular show to advertise their product. This rumour was found to be false as well. The platform was never involved in the matter and has never been associated with scams or fake celebrity endorsements. If you decide not to trade with Cannabis Millionaire but with some other platform that you believe to be reliable, please make sure it actually is a reliable robot first. Many fraudulent platforms, biased reviews and fake celebrity social media profiles claiming to be using such platforms are circulating the web, so please make sure you are placing your money in the hands of a legit software and not in the hands of platforms designed to steal from you.

Does Cannabis Millionaire have a mobile app?

The platform does not have a mobile app that connects to it. However, you can access the trading space on any device with an Internet connection, including smart phones.

Cannabis Millionaire Review: The Verdict!

We have discussed intensively the software and we conclude that Cannabis Millionaire appears fully legit. With an excellent customer support system, complaints are attended to. With varying methods of payment, the trader has options through which he can inject funds into his account to trade. And lastly, with a stress-free withdrawal process, Cannabis Millionaire seems to be worth a try. As always, remember that trading carries risk - do not invest more than you can afford to lose.


Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


Is there a maximum fee to invest?

No, there is no pegged amount for your investment. You can invest as much as you like.

Any hidden fees?

No, there is none. The software is free to use for all registered users.

Is the Cannibis Industry profitability likely to end anytime soon?

No, since it is an industry that would be useful in Medical Health, many experts claim that cannabis will be a profitable industry for years.

When the affiliated broker with Cannabis Millionaire stop rendering broker services, what is the next line of action?

Contact Customer Support for more inquiries.

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  1. Question

    Should I trade cannabis or cryptocurrency? what would you recommend is the best investment for 2019? I’ve heard a lot of hype around weed recently as well and just wondering why this is the case? Thanks

    • Answer

      Hello XYZ, it depends on your preference. If you think that cryptocurrency is your thing then you should invest in cryptos as you can learn about it easily. On the other hand, if you are into weed trading, then it would be a better option to go for cannabis stocks trading.

      Inside Bitcoins
  2. Question

    this is a good robot. Would you recommend a beginner to invest in it?

    • Answer

      Hello oui=218, yes, we would highly recommend a beginner to use Cannabis Millionaire as its user interface is very simple and easy to learn along with being secure and legit.

      Inside Bitcoins
  3. Question

    This it s an easy way to make money on the cannabis market. It’s legit and worth it.

    • Answer

      Hello zgs_453, you are absolutely correct, Cannabis Millionaire is a legit and secure trading bot which is trusted by thousands of investors in the industry.

      Inside Bitcoins
  4. Question

    How can you receive your money if needed? Are there time constraints etc?

    Marie Peck
    • Answer

      Hello Marie Peck,Cannabis Millionaire has a very simple and easy withdrawal procedure. During our testing, we observed that the transaction time for fund withdrawal was less than 24 hours. Also, there are no hidden constraints on maximum allowed funds while withdrawing money.

      Inside Bitcoins

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