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Distributed Ledger, Inc. Acquires Crypto Mining Tools

Tradeblock Expects Bitcoin Mining Costs to Touch $12,500
Tradeblock Expects Bitcoin Mining Costs to Touch $12,500

Distributed Ledger, Inc., a self-described “blockchain technology service provider,” has revealed that it acquires Crypto Mining Tools, according to a press release from the group.

Crypto Mining Tools is “a well-known industry leader in cryptocurrency mining hardware brokerage and the creator of many trusted free online tools for miners,” the release states.

The press release continues, stating:

“These tools include a hosting provider directory, a bitcoin mining profitability calculator, an in-depth ASIC mining hardware comparison chart, educational YouTube videos, and the Crypto Mining Tools Podcast. With this acquisition, DLI is excited to welcome CMT’s founder, Scott Offord, as the company’s Director of Asset Management. Scott will leverage this new role to continue the outstanding work and relationships he has built with Crypto Mining Tools.”

Over time, the company will rebrand the entire platform, and even start scaling to manage more customers.

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