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Scorp Price Prediction – $SCORP Coin Potential to Disrupt Gambling Industry

Scorpion token presale

Scorpion Casino is a crypto casino set to launch in full in Q3 of 2023 after the conclusion of the presale of its native crypto – SCORP. The crypto casino project aims to make the crypto gambling economy more inclusive by providing a unique affiliate program that makes SCORP holders an integral part of the casino’s ecosystem. 

Scorpion aims to build the world’s leading social online gambling platforms that offer a daily yield to investors based on the casino’s performance. That utility, combined with the current trajectory of the betting and casino industry, can fuel the SCORP price in days to come.

In this guide, we make Scorpion price predictions based on the token’s fundamentals and the unique utilities that the Scorpion casino brings to the space. The presale for $SCORP is currently underway at

Scorp Price Prediction 

Since the SCORP token is yet to arrive on cryptocurrency exchanges, we can’t forecast its performance based on technical indicators. 

That said, SCORP is another presale crypto offering that uses utility as its primary growth catalyst. This aspect is seen favorably by most in the crypto niche since the community is looking for utility-based crypto. Therefore, the token’s fundamentals can give us better insight into its long-term performance. Here is the peak at how Scorp will most likely perform this year and beyond. 


Scorpion Casino has just been introduced to the market as a one-stop gambling platform with upwards of 30,000 monthly betting opportunities. While the market doesn’t lack in the number of crypto casinos, it could definitely do more with casinos that focus on the community. Scorpion is powered by its native crypto – SCORP – which, in addition to powering the casino, also offers massive passive rewards to token holders. Once people can utilize this token, the SCORP price may go up. Also, since the listing price has been set already – $0.05 – we may see a 10x gain by the end of 2023, pushing the SCORP price to its 2023 peak at $0.5. A general retrace may push this token around the $0.2 mark. 


Scorpion has created a dynamic roadmap for its native crypto – SCORP. This means further developments are yet to be unveiled. If they are progressive, that would “progress” the price of $SCORP further. We estimate that by the end of 2024, the Scorp price will move around the $0.7 mark. And if Bitcoin halving brings back the bull cycle, the token may go up to $1. 

2025 and Beyond

2025 will likely bring more homogeneity in the cryptocurrency space. Regulations would be introduced. And while crypto gambling still exists in an ambiguous state, rules to the crypto space would directly impact it. If those regulations are progressive, we might see $SCORP 2x its 2024 highs and reach $2. However, if the regulations are regressive, the price can decrease to around $0.5. 

Read on as we deconstruct the reasons behind our bullish-yet-balanced price predictions about this utility token. 

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What is Scorpion Casino?

Scorpion Casino is a crypto casino that is said to be “building the future of online gambling.” It is a one-stop gambling platform that, in addition to offering a standard array of casino games, also provides betting opportunities to punters. 

The platform has listed over 210 games and 160 live games already from providers like Evolution, EGT, AMATIC, and Novomatic; for punters, Scorpion offers an array of betting opportunities, including football, American football, tennis, basketball, golf, boxing, MMA, and more. 

The SCORP token, a deflationary crypto with a total supply of 1 billion, powers the Scorpion casino ecosystem. 

A Look at the SCORP Presale

SCORP, the native token of Scorpion Casino, is a BEP-20 token. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, $SCORP is a deflationary asset with a total supply of 1 billion.

28% of this total supply is being offered via a 10-staged presale. The token’s price during the first phase is $0.01, increasing by 0.005 with each stage. The listing price has already been set at $0.05. That means those who become early movers would make 5x gains – see our guide on how to buy SCORP token.

SCORP Price Analysis and Profit Potential – A Case Study

To give SCORP a fair shake regarding where it could go in terms of price, we have to consider a similar asset, which inclines us to bring to light LBLOCK. 

LBLOCK is the native crypto of Lucky Block, an NFT competitions platform with many rewards. Introduced as a presale at the end of 2021, LBLOCK also sold out ahead of schedule. And once it went live, it became one of the fastest tokens to achieve a market capitalization of $1 billion. 

While it was short-lived, the project moved forward. And by the end of 2022, the Lucky Block casino was launched, shortly before two iterations of LBLOCKs came into the picture – LBLOCK V1 and LBLOCK V2. 

While the token has continued to trade inside the volatile zones in the crypto charts, it has garnered interest from the crypto casino crowd. The only difference is that holding LBLOCK doesn’t necessarily make one a stakeholder in the LBLOCK casino – which is different from how it is with Scorpion. 

Scorpion’s staking and affiliate programs alone provide SCORP an edge over its competitors. Furthermore, the casino itself is active already, so the introduction of the token will give users access to a platform that not only has already been robustly developed but will introduce more developments in days to come. 

That is one factor that can push SCORP’s value up once it goes live on the price charts. And considering its value is already higher than most of its competitors, it can grow further. 

Scorpion Bullish Catalysts

The SCORP presale has already hit the ground running, with 116 participants at the time of writing and over 75% of the minimum goal already raised. The token is getting closer to raising $300k, pushing the presale into the second stage. How fast this presale goes and how high the SCORP price goes after going live on cryptocurrency exchanges depends on the following factors. 

Interest in Presale Cryptos

The current volatility of the crypto market is steering people towards investing in crypto presales. 2022 was a great year for presales – and that was during when the crypto winter had the highest impact. 2023 has seen Bitcoin springing back up to get closer to its $30k mark, But the market is still volatile, and people still want to make gains in a risk-averse fashion. In light of this, SCORP is providing an opportunity for investors to make up to 500% gains. 

Staking Income

Part of the appeal of SCORP is its staking utility. According to the official whitepaper, it allows users to generate passive staking income. Users can make up to $10,000 USDT, with the APY not being impacted by the crypto market’s volatility. 

Free credits to play on Scorpion Casino

Those who participate in the presale will get 100% free credits that they can then spend to play on Scorpion Casino. For those already interested in eGambling, this could be a major reason to invest in SCORP early. 

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Scorpion Casino has partnered with the likes of BetRadar and CoinsPaid. This already adds to its legitimacy, making the presale more legitimate in the eyes of early investors. That could push the SCORP price upwards. 

Exclusive Bonus

Those who use the exclusive bonus code – Scorpion20 – during the presale will get 20% extra tokens from the presale. It is good to compound your returns during the presale. 

Doxxed Team

The team behind Scorpion Casino has already been doxxed, and SolidProof has already audited them. That increases this project’s transparency level, which would likely entice more customers. 

Bullish Roadmap

The original roadmap has already reached closer to its last stage. According to the official whitepaper, more developments will arrive soon. Depending on the nature of those developments, the SCORP price can increase in the coming days. 

SCORP Social Media Channels

The Scorp token is still in the early stages of its presale, and the roadmap is still evolving. So, for those who want to keep up with this project, joining Scorp’s social media channels is important. Here are the official links to Scorpion’s social media channels. 

  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Telegram

Keep in mind that the founders will not reach out to you first. Scammers generally do, so be careful. 

The Verdict

Scorpion (SCORP) presale has already launched with great success. It already has 116 participants and is getting close to raising $300k. And while we don’t have a chart to analyze its price, we do have its fundamentals that we can use to predict SCORP’s price. And our general prediction about SCORP is bullish. The token has enough offerings for its presale to make it complete early. And once it hits the exchanges, Scorpion Casino’s reputation in the eGambling space may further push it upwards. 

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