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How to Buy Scorp Token – Scorpion Casino Crypto Presale

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The always-evolving betting industry is raking in $530 billion annually but has so far kept many on the sidelines. Adding more inclusivity to this niche is Scorpion Casino, a licensed crypto sports betting and casino platform that aims to utilize its native token – SCORP – to offer a unique experience within the crypto industry. 

This high-potential token has many utilities, allowing holders to earn $10,000 USDT in daily passive staking income. This guide reveals how to buy Scorp tokens and why this digital asset might be the next 10x digital asset in the coming days. 

How to Buy Scorp Token – A Quick Guide

Scorp is currently available as a presale, allowing people to earn profits as early movers. Here are the steps to take to participate in this presale. 

  1. Go to the official website – Visit the official website – Make sure to only use the affiliate link since many spam-ridden copycats may likely emerge to capitalize on the recent popularity of this token. 
  2. Connect your Wallet – Click on the “Connect Wallet” button. Pick between Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase wallet, Or you can use WalletConnect to connect the digital wallet you do possess. 
  3. Buy ETH//USDT – To buy $SCORP, you must have ETH or USDT in your crypto wallet. Go to a reputed trading platform to buy these assets. 
  4. Buy SCORP – Once you have enough ETH/USDT to make the purchase, click on swap. Once you make the buy, your Scorp tokens will be reserved for you to claim during the token generation event. 

Visit Scorpion Presale

What is Scorpion Casino?

Scorpion Casino is a crypto casino offering upwards of 30,000 betting opportunities monthly, in addition to 160 live and 210 casino games. The platform is said to be provably fair and transparent. Furthermore, the casino has been licensed by the Curacao EGaming licensing entity. 

According to the official whitepaper of the website, Scorpion Casino covers most of the games that have vogue in the crypto casino space. Gambling enthusiasts could find games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, live casino, and more. Providing these games are industry-leading developers that include names such as Evolution, Play N Go, EMATIC, and EGT.

Punters will also find themselves busy with betting opportunities on sports, including football, tennis, American football, horse racing, golf, boxing, MMA, and basketball. 

But the key factor that sets Scorpion Casino apart from the rest is its native token – SCORP. SCORP holders will be able to get access to $10k worth of daily passive income with the integrated distribution in the smart contract. And according to the whitepaper, this offer also persists during the presale period. 

How to Buy SCORP Token – Step By Step Guide

It is easy to participate in Scorpion’s native crypto’s – SCORP’s – presale. Here are the three steps to follow. 

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website

The first step is to go to the official website,, using this link – beware of fake sites. 

Step 2 – Connect your Wallet

Click on the “Connect your Wallet” button on the official website. You will have an array of options available before you, but we recommend using a metamask or trust wallet. The devs consider those two the most suitable options. 

Step 3 – Buy ETH/USDT/BNB

You must ensure your account has either ETH, USDT, or BNB. If you don’t, you can use the checkout crypto trading platforms that allow users to buy these three assets using fiat. 

Step 4 – Buy SCORP

Enter the number of SCORP tokens you want to buy, and confirm the transactions. Once the token generation event arrives, you can claim your SCORP tokens. 

What is SCORP Token?

The $SCORP Token is an BEP-20 token. It is a deflationary crypto asset that allows users to interact with any game available on the Bitcoin casino. Additionally, its utilities include the following. 

Access to SCORPION Affiliate System

The SCORPION Affiliate system is an in-development utility designed to empower SCORP holders. According to the official whitepaper, this system will allow users to create their own tables within the Scorpion ecosystem and get access to other utilities. 

Paying to Play on Scorpion

SCORP is the primary mode of payment in the Scorpion ecosystem. Investors would like to get a spot on tables, play stocks, and get access to other utilities. Since SCORP is a deflationary crypto, this would make holding SCORP more valuable, creating a circular economy that may fuel the price of SCORP token once it goes live on exchanges. 

Passive Income

$SCORP also has a “non-standard” staking utility. Holding SCORP will allow users to earn up to $10,000 USDT, despite the market situation. That would make staking SCORP a suitable option for risk-averse crypto enthusiasts. 

Access to Weekly Bonuses

$SCORP will allow users to get access to competitions that offer weekly bonuses. Free games will also become accessible through this crypto asset. 

Dynamic Roadmap

SCORP has opted for a dynamic roadmap. 

SCORP Tokenomics

SCORP has a total supply of 1 billion — 28% of that total supply – 280 million has been dedicated to the presale. 

Here is the division of the remaining 72%. 

  1. 20% for liquidity pool for when DEX and CEX listings happen
  2. 1% is reserved for the airdrop
  3. 1% is dedicated to referrals
  4. 30% for rewards for the affiliate system
  5. And 10% is for team and advisors 

This tokenomics is fair. The founders have consciously decided to dedicate only a small fraction of the total supply to the team. And with 20% and 30% of the total supply dedicated to the liquidity pool and the affiliate system, it can be argued that the SCORP token is shaping up to be a community-centric asset. 

Also, there is a 10% total buy and sell taxes divided in the following way. 

  1. 2% for liquidity
  2. 2% for passive income
  3. 1% burn
  4. 5% for marketing and development

This fair taxation approach will ensure the ecosystem’s economy is stable as it develops. 

Why to Invest in the SCORP Token?

Crypto casinos have gained immense popularity of late. These blockchain-based gambling sites offer numerous fair gains and strive to provide an authentic experience to users. That said, with the SCORP token, users are looking for more upsides for the following reasons: 

Circular Economy

Since SCORP is the primary way to interact with the Scorpion casino, it will always remain in demand. Combining this aspect with the fact that SCORP is a deflationary asset, its price can increase further. 

Growing Market

The compound annual growth rate of the gambling market went up to $449 billion in 2022. And in the future, many predict it will reach $765 billion by 2027. Amidst this growth potential, investing in a crypto asset tied to a gambling platform is a good passive investment decision. 

Unaltered Staking Rewards

Scorpion states in its official whitepaper that users could earn up to 10,000 USDT despite market conditions. Considering the current volatility that the crypto space is going through, having a stable staking reward is reassuring. 

Inclusive Casino Platform

There haven’t been many crypto casinos focusing on bringing the community together – but Scorpion aims to break down that barrier. Through the casino’s affiliate reward system, it aims to create and foster a bi-directional relationship with SCORP holders. 

Automatic Burn 

A key element that would likely contribute to keeping the value of the SCORP token in the green is the autobahn mechanism. A portion of the holdings will be burned whenever the casino generates profits or transactions happen. That will increase the token’s scarcity and enhance its value. 

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This guide has covered all the key points of the Scorpion presale. We have highlighted the value this token brings to the crypto casino space and the benefit of holding it for crypto casino enthusiasts and others. 

Overall, we consider Scorpion Casino a worthy addition to the gambling platforms. Being powered by a community-centric crypto asset makes it more valuable to the consumer. Also, considering that the crypto asset – SCORP – is deflationary and has many non-standard utilities, including staking, it might have many upsides in the coming days. 

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