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How to Buy yPredict Token – YPRED Presale

yPredict presale
yPredict presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Update – the yPredict presale has now ended, and YPRED is set to be listed on Bitmart exchange.

yPredict is a new token on in Q2 2023 that brings crypto and artificial intelligence under one roof. The yPredict platform has been gaining popularity in trading circles, billed as the next generations premier trading research and analysis tool. With its sophisticated technologies, farsighted approach, and doxxed professional team, yPredict aims to provide the crypto world with insights and predictions driven by AI.

This article covers how to buy YPRED tokens in its ongoing public presale.

How to Buy yPredict – Quick Guide

At the time of writing yPredict has raised approximately $500,000 and is on stage four of its presale, during which the YPRED token price rises in stages. To invest in YPRED follow these steps:

  1. Visit the yPredict Website – YPRED tokens are on sale at Beware of fake sites impersonating the official domain
  2. Enter USD amount – On the homepage you will find the buy widget. Here put in your desired amount in USD to invest in YPRED
  3. Confirm YPRED Token Amount – You will find multiple coin options. Select the coin you wish to swap for YPRED tokens
  4. Enter your Email – Enter an email address and click next. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction
  5. Claim your YPRED Tokens – After the presale is concluded, you will see a claim button on the official website to claim your tokens

Buy yPredict

What is yPredict?

yPredict is a state-of-the-art ecosystem which will provide the next generation of trading tools and a marketplace. It is pioneering worlds first all-in-one ecosystem which consists of artificial intelligence experts, machine learning researchers, financial analysts and quants, and traders. It is offering a range of exciting products and will include analytical tools, cutting-edge financial prediction methods and metrics which will successfully provide accurate insights and analysis in a short time. This ecosystem is set to replace the traditional data world which is dependent on a whole lot of experts to do the calculations.

What is yPredict

The analytical tools and advanced predictive models, and data insights on this ecosystem are built by the top 1% of the AI developers, industry experts, and quants. Their combined brilliant minds will empower market researchers and participants to get an upper hand in predicting the trends across diverse industries ranging from health care, and finance, to human resources.

The native token of this ecosystem is called yPredict token and its symbol is YPRED. It is a Polygon Matic chain-based token with powerful utilities. The token will also offer staking opportunities in a staking pool of never liquidity. Each new subscriber to this platform will add to this pool. Thus, it will keep the APY% at a consistent level and make it lucrative for both old and new investors.

YPredict has chosen a Polygon chain for its token because the ecosystem would need a blockchain technology solution which will support its future growth and utility. This chain offers advantages such as compatibility as well as ETH, scalability, adaptability, security, and safety. Additionally, the Polygon community is inclusive and offered a more attractive value proposition for yPredicts developers. The decision to cap the supply at 100 million was taken to ensure that there is a reasonable growth in value for each token holder.

The platform also uses the DAO voting model subscription. Through voting YPRED holders can change or challenge each model listing. Any subscription model is subjected to scrutiny and cross-checking by DAO members. By using this DAO governance, aims to keep the standards and quality of its analytics very high. This will be an attractive proposition for traders and investors in the market. That makes it one of the leading DAO cryptos we have covered.

Developers of this ecosystem will get an incentive to sell their predictive model as a monthly subscription on the yPredict marketplace. 70% of the subscription payment will go to the developers. Regular users will get an incentive to place their vote on the marketplace, join the loyalty program, and generate income via staking pools. The liquidity for these staking pools will be 10% of the deposit, which will ensure consistent value growth.

Some of the powerful tools provided by this platform include-

  1. Ai Signals: With its cutting-edge predictive tools and models made by the worlds top 1% AI experts, will provide real-time trading signals
  2. Sentiment Analysis: The platform will also provide real-time sentiment analysis across all cryptocurrencies. Thus, reducing the massive workload of financial analysts and quants.
  3. Technical Analysis by AI: This will help investors recognise the most effective and important indicators of their assets.
  4. 25+ Chart Pattern Recognition: The ecosystem will also help investors locate the most profitable price chart patterns for short-term crypto investments.

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yPredict Project Analysis

Many predict the next best thing in cryptocurrency will be the combination between it and artificial intelligence. Both these forces when joined together could achieve remarkable things that will change the world for the better and yPredict aims to do just that.

Financial markets currently suffer from too many complexities and challenges. The first factor to contribute to these challenges is the sheer volume of trades that are being executed. With such significant traffic and volume, the financial markets or cryptocurrency market loses their predictability. Plus, the advanced tool and sophisticated algorithm these market uses and follows cause dramatic changes in the price dynamics and as a result too, the market becomes volatile and difficult to predict for humans.

Secondly, the advisors and analysts in the financial industry are not always professionals. There is no way we can check all of their track records to confirm that the signals they are providing will be 100% profitable. Currently, the industry is dependent on a trust-based model which uses fabricated past results, fake reviews and testimonials to back up their price predictions. And sadly, if this goes wrong, it will cost investors their precious money.

This is where comes in. The ecosystem aims to bridge this gap in the market. It has been designed to provide data-driven insights, predictive tools, and tried and tested analytical metrics. Using these state-of-the-art tools financial data experts, and data scientists can offer accurate results or signals as a monthly subscription service. yPredict will also provide these experts with a marketplace where they can sell their predictions to investors who otherwise have to rely on news and social media to make an informed trading decision.

These predictive models will be checked, verified, and validated by DAO members to get rid of any bugs, anomalies, or biases before it is allowed to be offered as a subscription service. This will increase the quality of the predictions and at the same time make these insights trustworthy and reliable for a common investor. This is to get rid of all the trust-based models like word of mouth, fake social media hype and manipulated price trends to offer a clearer picture.

How to Buy yPredict – Complete Guide

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to buy yPredict. The process is not different from what we have mentioned earlier, however, the complete guide will provide you with a more step-by-step approach while highlighting some crucial points.


The first step is to visit the official website of the token. It is always advised to buy any tokens either from the official website or other equally authentic platforms to be safe. To visit yPredicts website, just go to When you are ready to buy tokens, we recommend you open an account on either Metamask or Trust Wallet. You will need to make the payment at the end.

You can find all the crucial information there like its whitepaper, presale information, roadmap etc. On the right side of the website, you will find the presale information and the presale listing price.

Enter USD Amount

Once you are in the presale section, you will notice how much the ecosystem is planning to raise from its presale, and how much it has already acquired. Just pass all this information, and you will easily locate the buy widget section. You will see a blank space where you need to put in your desired USD. One crucial thing to note here is to confirm that the value you put here is equivalent to the value of the coin you already have in your wallet

Confirm YPRED Token Amount

After you put in the desired USD amount, you will see on your right the number of yPredict coins you are going to get with that amount. So, if you want to buy more ypredict tokens, you will need to raise the value of your USD. Once you have done this, you see a selection of coins via which you can buy yPredict tokens. The options provided are- ETH, MATIC, and BNB. Select the one you preferred and proceed to the next step.

Enter Email

Once you complete step 3, you will be guided to a new pop-up. Here you will see information like how much USD value you are planning to use to make the payment, what its equivalent of the coin you selected, and how yPredict token out will fetch you. The next step is to enter your email address and hit next.

Connect Wallet & Complete Payment

After this, you can connect to your desired wallet- either Metamask or Trust Wallet. After this, send the exact amount or a slightly higher amount of your desired coin to this address. Next, follow the instruction on the screen to complete the transaction.

You can also make the payments by making a withdrawal request of either your MATIC, ETH, or BNB coins from exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase to this email address. However, during withdrawal from the exchange please make sure that you select the correct chain. For MATIC coin, please select the Polygonchain. For ETH, if you want to pay with BNB, then you must select the BSCchain. If it is ETH, you must select the Ethereumchain.

Claim YPRED Tokens

The last step is to claim the tokens you have bought. After the presale is concluded, you will see a claimbutton on the official website. Click on it and claim your yPredict tokens.

Visit yPredict Presale

yPredict Tokenomics

The symbol for the yPredict token is YPRED. It is a Polygon network token with a total supply of 100 million.

yPredict Tokenomics

YPRED token holders will benefit from three utilities while holding the asset. First, they will get free access to the ecosystems analytical platform and tools to get data-driven metrics and predictions. Second, they will be able to pay for any yPredict range of tools through the yPredict marketplace. Third, they will get voting rights and incentives for votes regarding the yPredict marketplace. Fourth, they will get rewarded, and earn an APY by staking the tokens.

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yPredict Roadmap

The yPredict crypto project has set out the roadmap below:

Q1 2023

  • Rebranded to
  • The project set-up will be completed
  • Token sale round 1-3 will be completed

Q2 2023

  • Round 4-8 of the token sale
  • Listings to be made on exchanges
  • yPredict Analytics Beta launch

Q3 2023

  • More exchange listings
  • yPredict Repository Beta launch
  • Marketing campaigning will be made global

Q4 2023

  • yPredict Marketplace Beta launch
  • Full yPredict alpha version release

Is yPredict a Good Investment?

Now let us come to the most important question- Is yPredict a good investment?

For us, it is a good investment if the ecosystem serves a purpose and offers a solution to some existing problems. We also need to see the ecosystems roadmap to find out its future growth plan and potential trajectory. Next thing is, we need to look at the utility its token provides. Will it offer some real purpose? Will it maximise our earning potential? And most important, will it be able to attract traders and financial experts to the market? If yes, how does it plan to do so?

Is yPredict a Good Investment?

If an ecosystem offers satisfactory answers to all these concerns we have raised, then we will be satisfied that it is a good investment option,

yPredict offers powerful tools

With its powerful tools and metrics, the platform will be able to provide AI signals, sentiment analysis, technical analysis, and pattern recognition in real-time. These will attract more traders and financial experts because with these increase their results in accuracy and quality. The inclination toward AI could make yPredict one of the leading AI cryptos of 2024.

More earning potential

yPredict has at least 10-100 times more earning potential than its market competitors. Projects which are similar to yPredict but with much fewer offerings share a token with a market cap of 50-100 m. On the other hand, YPREDs were designed with a 4.5 market cap at the initial listing.

Unlimited predictions for a lifetime

YPRED holders will get a lifetime of free prediction models. These are designed by the top 1% of industry experts and will provide near-accurate predictions for top coins like BTC and ETH.

Attractive rewards for staking

The ecosystem will share a portion of its staking rewards with token holders which they believe has the strength to offer returns of 45% every three months.

Strong Roadmap

As we have already seen, the ecosystem has laid out its roadmap for this entire year. Unlike others, they have not filled their roadmap with lofty promises, but have kept it to a minimum. Such a roadmap has more chances of actualisation because the goals could be prioritised and achieved when there are not any distractions.

Bitmart have already confirmed they will list YPRED token after the presale, a leading crypto exchange with approximately $1 billion daily trading volume. Also see our yPredict price prediction article.


This guide has delved into all the areas and features that one should know about yPredict. We have discussed what is yPredict and pointed out how it is different from its competitors and why it is the next-generation analytical tool for market research. We have also covered the utility of its native coin YPRED, and the benefits of having it on the Polygon chain.

As per our research, we can conclude that yPredict has high potential and has a clear roadmap in from of them. It is clubbing together two more exciting things- crypto and AI.

The ecosystem aims to solve crucial challenges that the financial market faces today in terms of predictability and reliability. Thus, we believe that it is a fantastic cryptocurrency project.

There is huge earning potential for both investors and developers. Incentives can be earned by voting, staking pools, and passive income. In addition to this, the ecosystem is offering some powerful tools which will be in great demand in the coming years. So, overall this seems to be a good investment option.

YPRED presale is going on now, as we discussed earlier. The price of one token is now at $0.003889. After the presale ends, the token will be listed on a centralized exchange at $0.045 per token. If you do take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and invest in some YPRED coins now, you will be able to claim those after it has been listed.

yPredict Logo

Buy yPredict


How do I buy yPredict tokens?

It is easy to buy yPredict tokens. Visit the website. Enter the amount of USD you desire to invest and select the coin via which you want to complete the transaction. Then you will be guided to a new pop-up, where you enter your email and connect with your e-wallet. After that, in just a few clicks you will have your YPRED tokens to claim.

What is the price of yPredict tokens?

Currently, the YPRED presale is going on, for which the price of one token is kept at $0.003889. Once the presale ends, and the token is listed in centralized exchanges the price of one token will increase to $0.045. So, if you want a bargain to make good use of the presale.

Is yPredict a good investment?

The short answer is- yes. The long answer to this is- yPredict has brought together two most trending concepts in today’s world- cryptocurrency and AI. We will always need predictions, metrics, and analytical tools to get information from our data. This is going to be the future, so we think that it is a good investment option.