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yPredict Price Prediction – YPRED Coin Price Potential

yPredict presale
yPredict presale

Crypto price predictions have flipped cautiously bullish since Bitcoin’s 100% bounce in early 2023, and investors are looking for the best crypto to buy now for the next crypto bull run if it’s around the corner. The yPredict crypto project is one of the latest new token presales, part of its utility also being to make AI-based crypto predictions.

The presale launched on its official site on 14th February 2023 with a large number of retail investors and experienced traders and quants showing their interest in the project and its native token YPRED with its finance and trading-related applications.

Having raised almost a large amount of seed round funding so far – around half a million dollars – and being well underway on stage four, the yPredict presale may sell out soon. In this guide we forecast a potential YPRED price prediction for the coming months and years.

yPredict Price Prediction

The price of YPRED as a cryptocurrency can depend on multiple factors, including its investor engagement, tokenomics, roadmap progress and more. However, price predictions are often reliant on the chart, from which the analysts collect data based on historical price actions. Here, making price assumptions using the chart is difficult, since the token hasn’t officially launched yet.

We will speculate on potential YPRED price ranges by considering other elements like the market trends, quality of the project and overall concept.



YPRED’s presale has been a success up until now, which goes to show that the token has already made its way to the watchlists of several investors. Based on the current interest, yPredict is perform well once it gets listed on exchanges. The listing price for YPRED is set to be $0.12, and could test the $0.50 level by the end of 2023.

That bullish price prediction is due to the high utility concept that yPredict offers its users and a product that can directly be used by customers without any hassle or need for extensive blockchain knowledge. YPRED token also already has a confirmed a listing on Bitmart, a reputable crypto exchange averaging up to $1 billion in daily trading volume.


The YPRED price and market cap in 2024 could continue to grow. yPredict would have already been listed on multiple exchanges, which could help it gain a higher level of exposure, causing new investors to find the project and learn more about it. However, it is vital that the developers keep upgrading their products to keep up with the constantly improving blockchain ecosystem. The failure to do so could stunt the growth of YPRED and could impact its prices negatively.

In the most bullish case, if all roadmap targets are hit and market conditions continue to improve following the 2024 Bitcoin halving, YPRED token could even break the $1 mark and reach the $1.20 level by the end of 2024.


2025 would be the most important year for YPRED in terms of long-term growth. The project would have ideally racked up a wide user base and would boast an active community across multiple social media platforms. It could prove to be one of the most profitable years for the token if the developers manage to retain users and invite more investors at the same time.

Business partnerships could help YPRED grow further, and gradually allow the market cap and yPredict price to grow. By the end of 2025, its possible the YPRED token may hit around $1.50 – $2.

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A Look at the yPredict Price Stages at Presale

The YPRED token price rises in increments as the presale progresses, and at the time of writing is on its fourth stage:

Offering Type

Token Sold Price Raise Price Diff. from Last Round (%)

Price Diff. from Round 1 (%)

Round 1

2,000,000 0.036 $72,000

Round 2

8,000,000 0.0375 $300,000 4.17


Round 3

1,500,000 0.03889 $60,551.25 3.71 8.03
Round 4 10,000,000 0.05 $500,000 28,57


Round 5

10,000,000 0.07 $700,000 40,00 77.78
Round 6 15,000,000 0.09 $1,350,000 28,57


Round 7

16,000,000 0.10 $1,600,000 11,11 155.56
Round 8 17,500,000 0.11 $1,925,000 10,00


The YPRED presale was launched on 14th February 2023 and saw decent interest within the first week itself. Within a month, the project was trending on some of the most popular crypto websites and was featured on the youtube channels of multiple popular crypto YouTubers as well. 80% of the total token supply is expected to be distributed during the presale process itself, with 10% allocated for liquidity. The remaining 10% will be split between the treasury and development equally. 

What is yPredict?

yPredict, also known as, is a newly launched cryptocurrency project that has been a hit among finance enthusiasts in the blockchain space at the moment. While the project is yet to launch officially, investors seem to already be interested in its upcoming product release which could help them make profits from trading in the crypto markets. 


yPredict has created an ecosystem that brings together financial quants, traders, and AI/ML professionals to offer a range of AI-based analytical tools and platforms for traders of all types. These specifically designed tools can provide advanced insights and analytics, utilizing state-of-the-art financial prediction methods and metrics built on alternate data sources, according to the developers. 

yPredict provides access to professional ideas and strategies to overcome the challenges that traders face in today’s complex financial markets. These challenges include excessive noise and a lack of statistical edge, which often results in suboptimal decision-making. Many traders rely solely on news and public opinion from social media, or signals from unscrupulous providers. By utilizing yPredict’s analytical tools and platforms, traders can make more informed trading decisions, thereby optimizing their trading strategies.

yPredict’s artificial intelligence driven prediction marketplace is a unique feature that enables financial data scientists to monetize their predictive models. This marketplace allows data scientists to offer results and signals generated by their predictive models as a monthly subscription service. 

yPredict Trading

By leveraging this marketplace, data scientists can sell their model predictions as a service, without having to manage trading operations or find a market for their services. This creates an opportunity for data scientists to leverage their skills and expertise, while also providing traders with access to a wide range of predictive models to inform their trading strategies.

This year has seen an increasing demand for AI crypto projects, predicted by some to be the next big crypto narrative that could spark a new bull run.

There are five main features of the project that could make yPredict meet that demand and stand out as a high-potential project:


The yPredict marketplace rewards developers who list their model results as monthly subscription products with YPRED tokens. Developers receive 70% of the subscription payment, and the tokens are locked for 30 days to maintain price stability. 

Traders can also earn incentives by voting on the marketplace, joining loyalty programs, and generating passive income through revenue-sharing staking pools. Unlike other staking pools, yPredict’s pools source liquidity from 10% of the platform deposit, resulting in consistent growth. This creates a thriving ecosystem of data-driven insights and predictive models for both developers and traders to participate in.


The project uses a DAO model to empower YPRED holders to vote for the listing and delisting of models. By implementing this governance mechanism, yPredict maintains high standards of analytical offerings on the platform, which attracts more traders, investors, and developers. This creates a positive feedback loop, where the platform’s reputation for quality attracts more participants, which in turn drives further growth and development.

Play 2 Earn 

On, you can capitalize on your market knowledge by making directional bets and earning a portion of the YPRED reward pool. This has been done to make the entire process of learning strategies interesting and rewarding at the same time.

Learn 2 Earn 

Community members can drastically improve their financial knowledge with yPredict’s educational resources, including modules and quizzes. Upon completion of each resource, the platform rewards learners with YPRED tokens. This incentivizes continued learning and rewards users for their engagement with the platform.

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yPredict Profit Potential – A Case Study

The concept behind yPredict is relatively new to the crypto industry. The idea of a cryptocurrency helping traders wade through the volatile waters of the crypto industry could have widespread appeal to investors. An NBC news poll found one in five Americans owns cryptocurrency.

There are some projects that are also in the DeFi space and share a few similar components to the YPRED token. While these cryptocurrencies may not have the same use case as yPredict, their common DeFi factor could be a good indicator of YPRED’s potential price action. 

Let us take a look at the Avalanche project which is a completely different cryptocurrency, but was launched at a time when the Defi industry was starting to pick up. The project at the time of its introduction entered the market with a unique concept and quickly latched on as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the industry. While the same kind of growth may not be possible for the yPredict token in the distinct future, it could be a good example of the project’s price may move after its launch. 


For instance, the AVAX token rose from its $10 range back in 2021 before skyrocketing to the $134 level, thanks to the defi craze and the bull market. While AVAX gained a 13x increase in value, it may not be surprising to see yPredict see a better result, as the market cap of both tokens varies greatly. Since the price of AVAX is in the billions, a huge sum of money is required to move its prices. At the same time, a lower amount of funds being injected into the YPRED token could help its price increase considerably, thanks to its low market cap. 

While we have speculated a rather conservative price range for yPredict in 2023, it is possible that the price will rise beyond our prediction. 

How is yPredict Different From Other Crypto Projects?

The success yPredict has had so far at presale could be due to it identifying a problem faced by its target market and provide a tailor-made solution. It has even featured this information on the website itself, which has helped the initiative gain more trust from a majority of its community. 

The problem as mentioned by yPredict is that:

The signal provider and advisory industry, especially in the blockchain sector is plagued by unverified professionals with questionable track records. Many investors are forced to rely on fabricated past performance results and fake testimonials, which eventually leads to a trust-based model that could be risky for a majority of those who use such services. 

The solution provided by yPredict is:

The creation of a reliable trading signal and research marketplace for data analysts and AI/ML engineers to offer their predictive models as a subscription. Each new model is verified by DAO members before it’s available on the platform. This vetting process ensures high-quality offerings and prevents the sale of poor-quality models. This way, investors can stay protected from any risky trades or investments that would end up costing them their hard-earned money. 

There are multiple other factors too, that makes the project worth investing in. Some of these factors we found to be highly appealing to investors were:

The First-Player Advantage

As mentioned before, yPredict can be considered as a first-of-its-kind project. The initiative is being launched at a time when major exchanges and institutions like FTX have collapsed, which has been straining the crypto industry and the investors’ ability to park funds into good projects. With its unique concept, we believe that yPredict could be a better pick when it comes to investing in newly launched cryptocurrencies. 

Trading, Simplified

The whole point of a project that can act as a bridge between novice traders and certified professionals is making the generation of money easier for both parties. Instead of sticking to creating a complex website and dashboards that a beginner would not understand, the project has focused on keeping things light and concise, with very few complex components. It lets the data analysts and AI/ML engineers do the heavy lifting, while also helping them gain a passive income stream on the side. 

Prompt Customer Support

Cryptocurrency projects often avoid setting up a customer support service that can be accessed at any time or day. However, yPredict has taken a completely different approach and set up a live chat service so that anyone can get their queries answered or their issues solved right from the homepage of the platform. That’s particularly useful for a platform like yPredict as the crypto markets trade 24/7.

yPredict Social Media Channels

Investors can keep up with updates and announcement made by the core team by following the yPredict project’s social media channels across multiple platforms. Some of the social media platforms where yPredict has an active community include:

The global team are also public on the website, with their previous work experience and LinkedIn profiles included. Meet the team at the bottom of the homepage where the whitepaper is also linked.


This guide follows the price prediction of yPredict and tracks the reasons why it may rise to the speculated price levels following its upcoming listing on Bitmart. While the cryptocurrency market may remain volatile, buying at the presale stage can have significant upside potential, including from the presale price stages itself. Visit the official website – – to do your own research and learn more about this project. Beware of fake sites and PPC ads – also admins will not DM you first on social media platforms like Telegram.

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yPredict FAQs

Who are the founders of yPredict?

The founders of yPredict are a group of professionals based in the blockchain and IT sector. The team is currently headed by Raj Sharma, who is the CEO of yPredict.

What will be the price of one YPRED token during launch?

The YPRED token shall be priced at $0.12 at the time of launch.

Which blockchain is the yPredict project built on?

The yPredict platform is built on the Polygon network.

What is the primary purpose of yPredict?

The project aims to ideally act as a bridge between professionals in the finance industry and novice traders looking to make good profits. It is essentially an AI-powered platform that provides accurate predictive analytics and real-time sentiment analysis on all popular crypto coins.