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Swords of Blood Price Prediction – SWDTKN Price Potential in 2024

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Swords of Blood is one of the latest games to be introduced to the blockchain gaming sector and is arguably one of the best titles set to be launched this year. Focused on revolutionizing the graphics and gameplay seen so far in crypto games, this project is likely to experience explosive growth in the coming months.

The presale for Swords of Blood commenced on 15th March and has been recording a considerable surge in demand ever since. It has an extensive set of features, boasts a backstory and is the continuation of a highly acclaimed game that wasn’t completed initially. Thus, as a project with the potential to eventually rank among the top blockchain games, it is likely that Swords of Blood may raise its hardcap in a very short span of time.

By integrating blockchain into the initiative, developers have opened up the chances for players to earn in a very convenient and competitive environment. This article shall provide a price prediction for Swords of Blood’s native token SWDTKN, keeping in mind the current trends, market conditions and many other factors that may influence the game’s growth as a whole.

Swords of Blood Price Prediction

The first and foremost choice when looking to predict the price of any token is technical analysis. These can give you a general idea about the most likely outcomes in terms of price, with the help of various indicators and graphs. However, the same cannot be said for SWDTKN since the token is still in its presale phase.

So, we shall focus completely on the potential of the project as a game with respect to the current market conditions and similar factors. Keeping that in mind, let us take a look at where the token price may be heading after the presale ends in the upcoming months and years.


Despite being launched very recently, Swords of Blood has attracted an impressive amount of crypto enthusiasts and gamers. Naturally, the game is what has hooked a majority of the players to the project presale. We speculate the price of SWDTKN to go up mainly because of two reasons- a string of exchange listings after the presale and open beta release of the game by Q3 of 2023. Both these events can cause investors to flock to the project and stock up on the tokens expecting good returns.

Swords of Blood

Update – over $1 million has now been raised

The listing price of a single SWDTKN token is set at $0.1. We expect this price to go as high as $0.69 by the end of 2023 since the project is a small market cap initiative, and even a lesser amount of funds being injected will be able to influence the price greatly.


We expect 2024 to be one of the best years in terms of growth for Swords of Blood. As per the roadmap, Q1-Q2 is when the open beta shall end. The game shall be released to the public, which could act as a major catalyst of growth for the token. If the market conditions are ideal, then this event could cause the price of SWDTKN to skyrocket.

By the end of 2024, we expect SWDTKN to be trading in the $1.2 range, since the project may be exposed to a much larger audience with the game release and other important upgrades that the team has planned and featured on its roadmap already.


If Swords of Blood manages to make an impact on the blockchain gaming industry, then 2025 could be a year of unprecedented growth for SWDTKN. We have a very bullish target for SWDTKN in 2025 since the quality and concept of Swords of Blood manage to outdo a majority of projects in circulation at the moment. However, the market conditions and trends at that time would also impact the price of the token considerably.

swords of blood

If the industry remains bullish, then the adoption of Swords of Blood may increase substantially, which means the demand for SWDTKN may also rise. Keeping all these factors in mind, we expect SWDTKN to be priced at around $2.1 by the end of 2024.

Note that we consider this a realistic target since the market cap of any project plays an important role in determining the growth of each token. Since Swords of Blood will launch as a small market cap token, its total valuation towards the end of 2024 may also be low when compared to other projects in the domain. However, 2025 could drive more adoption, which would mean more investors parking funds to acquire tokens. This could impact prices quickly and at a major level, which is why a $2.1 target by the end of 2025 is very likely.

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Swords of Blood Project Background

The game is headed by co-founder and CEO James Seaman, who along with the game director Mariusz Szynalik had previously worked on the same initiative in a different company. Both individuals were initially part of a game company called Artifex Mundi, which released the game in 2019.

However, the game was only available on mobile back then and wasn’t completed. James Seaman’s current gaming company Hitbox Games LLC managed to obtain unlimited rights to publish a fully reimagined version of an award-winning mobile game, which is how Swords of Blood was born again.

Read more in our full Swords of Blood project review.

What is Swords of Blood?

Swords of Blood claims that it is the first-ever AAA-quality fast-paced F2P hack-and-slash RPG created on the blockchain. Built on the Polygon blockchain, the game is undoubtedly an upgrade from the commonly seen RPG initiatives within the crypto space at the moment. This is evident from the teaser videos, images etc that the team has put out already.

It has the goal of attracting traditional players by removing all the barriers commonly found in Play-To-Earn games. Swords of Blood is essentially a Free-To-Play game that incorporates blockchain technology to enhance its in-game economy, much like other alternatives out there. However, this project manages to do so while doing justice to the creative aspect of the game, which is unfortunately rather uncommon in the space at the moment.


Instead of simply relying on the blockchain factor to sell its product, the team has strived to bring high-quality graphics and a truly immersive gaming experience for players. The entire game is based on a very interesting story, which revolves around a mythical world and characters. This theme has been integrated into each and every aspect of the game beautifully, which has gained appreciation from the community on multiple social media platforms.

This initiative lets players can earn real money by participating in tournaments, playing frequently, or by simply being lucky. Interestingly, players can enjoy the game without paying a single penny or owning a crypto wallet, as the game automatically creates custodial wallets for every user in the background, ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience.

The developments of Swords of Blood have been very public, as the team seems to update its community on everything happening within the project on its social media channels. It has already partnered with some very popular names in the industry like Lab Asteroid, Fundamental Labs, Labs, Enjinstarter, ABGA, Chainplay etc.

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Swords of Blood Profit Potential – A Case Study

While it doesn’t belong to the same category of games, Axie Infinity can be an excellent example to compare Swords of Blood with. Axie Infinity was launched in 2018, as a first-of-its-kind project, similar to Swords of Blood. Today, it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in the industry, thanks to the concept and innovation it brought to blockchain gaming.

From 2020 to 2021, the price of Axie Infinity experienced an explosive run, soaring from $0.10 to over $160. This meteoric rise allowed early investors to make remarkable returns of 1500x on their initial investment. However, the following bear market crashed this price level, bringing the token down to its current range of $8.2.

Swords of Blood

Axie Infinity is a large market cap project today, with its valuation being billions of dollars. However, its growth has stunted since the focus of developers shifted from providing users with a great gaming experience to simply the cryptocurrency aspect of it. Swords of Blood manages to tackle the problem with ease, as it already focuses on an immersive gaming experience that may only get better with time.

The idea of providing players with a game that they may not eventually get bored with, while also keeping the Web3 standards intact is what could make Swords of Blood a top gainer in the upcoming years.

How is Swords of Blood Different From other Blockchain Games?

Surely, there has to be a reason why Swords of Blood’s SWDTKN token would increase. The bullish price prediction we mentioned above in the article is due to certain factors that make the project stand out from the rest of its competition.

It has identified the shortcomings of blockchain games

Blockchain games have often failed in combining Web3 elements and high-quality game components, which has been tackled by Swords of Blood in an excellent manner. They have somehow come up with a concept that can explore monetization using blockchain while also providing gamers with a chance to truly enjoy a game without any technical hindrances.

It is the first of its kind

It goes without saying that being a pioneer project carries a lot of value in the crypto industry. Well, Swords of Blood is the first ever AAA-quality fast-paced F2P hack-and-slash RPG that is integrated with the blockchain. This gives it a major advantage over projects. The fact that it is a triple-A quality project puts Swords of Blood way ahead of the majority of its competition since there are very few projects that can claim to have graphics that match the quality displayed by the initiative.

PVE, P2E, P2O, PVP elements


One thing we noticed about Swords of Blood is that it has attempted to provide players access to every component that could make their gaming experience better.

  1. The PvE or Play vs Enemy element makes the game interesting, while also allowing the in-game character to roam around in environments that can be appealing and exciting to explore.
  2. The P2E element is what blockchain gamers are all about- they can easily invest in the project to potentially make massive returns. This can be done through several methods as well since players can play and earn money through tournaments or simply power up and stock up on NFTs that can be sold for higher amounts on NFT marketplaces.
  3. The P2O or Play to Own feature highlights the complete control users would have on their NFTs and purchases. They will be able to access, buy or sell NFTs and other game components to their liking at any given time.
  4. The PVP mode is a fan favourite when it comes to blockchain games. Players will have the ability to compete against 4, 8, and 16-player PVP battles for rewards in the form of SWDTKN.

Exceptional artwork and storytelling

The game is built around a very intriguing story that players will surely find exciting. Traditional games often feature storylines that make them popular, unlike blockchain games which fare poorly in similar attempts. However, Swords of Blood has appointed a dedicated Narrative Director with considerable experience in the field to guide the story to a satisfying conclusion.

The artwork is evidently impressive, while the NFTs are also some of the best creative work one might come across in blockchain games. Weapons specialist and creator, Ben Abbott, from the famed show “Forged in Fire” has been appointed as the Weapons Creator and Consultant to add a realistic touch to the weapons, which form an integral part of the game ecosystem.

What Makes Swords of Blood a Good Investment Right Now

There are several factors that make Swords of Blood a great investment to consider at the moment. Here are some pointers that can be insightful in understanding why the project has the capability to eventually reward investors with exceptional returns.

Swords of Blood

  • The initiative has been created taking inspiration from popular games like Dota 2. It has been seen historically that such titles often have massive potential for growth. Swords of Blood not only aces in actualizing a sought-after concept but also integrated cryptocurrencies as a monetary incentive that may further drive the game’s adoption. This growth collectively benefits the native token, which is an integral part of the ecosystem, thereby helping it shoot up in value.
  • The current market trends are changing, and investors are starting to become more mindful of their investments in the projects they contribute to. This is great for a project like Swords of Blood, since investors may consider parking funds into a high utility token like SWDTKN instead of projects that pump solely due to hype.
  • As the presale is being conducted, members of the Swords of Blood community have access to purchase SWDTKN tokens at a discounted price. The price of SWDTKN at the time of launch is set to be $0.1, which means that each presale investor will already be profitable by the time the presale officially ends. Thus, investing in the token right now can be one of the best investment strategies to consider when it comes to Swords of Blood.
  • The project has a very ambitious roadmap, which clearly indicates that the SWDTKN token is due to gain much more utility features in the upcoming months. This will undoubtedly affect its price, causing an uptrend that could end up being very profitable for early investors.

Swords of Blood Social Media Channels

One of the best parts about the Swords of Blood project is its welcoming community and social media channel moderators. The project has set up accounts on multiple social media platforms, which have already started attracting the masses in huge quantities. Those who wish to keep up with the project developments and become a part of Swords of Blood can find the project on platforms like:

  1. Discord
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitch
  4. Twitter
  5. Telegram
  6. Instagram
  7. Facebook
  8. Medium
  9. GitHub

Each platform has admins that can guide you to understand more about the project in a convenient and simplified manner. However, one must be careful while looking for assistance since a lot of scammers try to impersonate social media admins of the project – admins will not DM you first.


This guide provides a Swords of Blood price prediction based on the current fundamentals of the project. As a novel addition to the world of blockchain gaming, Swords of Blood offers an immersive gaming experience that combines Web3 elements. With its distinctive utility, this project holds the potential to become the next 50x crypto this year. Interested readers can learn more about the project by visiting its official website,

Update – since writing this post the Swords of Blood presale has raised over $1 million, now close to finishing its first round.

Be cautious of fake sites and PPC ads, as many have surfaced in response to this asset’s remarkable success during its first presale stage.

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FAQs on SWDTKN Token

Does the SWDTKN token have potential for growth?

Yes, we expect the price of SWDTKN to be bullish in the upcoming months.

What kind of a game is Swords of Blood?

Swords of Blood is the first ever AAA-quality fast-paced F2P hack-and-slash RPG created on the blockchain

How much is the SWDTKN token going to be priced at during launch?

The SWDTKN token is set to be worth $0.1 at the time of launch.