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Swords of Blood Project Review – SWDTKN Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The Web3 GameFi sector has produced countless titles of exciting games that provide earning mechanics for players. Many of these titles saw relatively good success, but the main problem was that they lost their player base when the rewards started to dry up.

Building on the lessons learned from previous Web3 gaming experiences, Swords of Blood intends to create the industry’s first AAA-rated hack-and-slash Role-Playing Game (RPG) that focuses on a user’s long-term retention through enjoyable gameplay – rather than earning potential alone.

After all, the best presales on the market are those that provide utility to its users, and Swords of Blood can provide a wide range of utility for its players through its native token – SWDTKN.

The game is a cross-play mobile and PC game built on the foundations of an award-winning title released on mobile platforms in 2019 to a great reception.

How to Buy SWDTKN – Quick Guide

The whole process of investing in SWDTKN is extremely simple. You can follow the steps outlined below to get started:

  1. Set up a crypto wallet
  2. Fund wallet with USDT or ETH
  3. Visit the Swords of Blood Presale site
  4. Connect wallet
  5. Choose payment option
  6. Purchase SWDTKN

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What is Swords of Blood?

Swords of Blood is a new contender in the play-to-earn Web3 gaming space that can boast flashy combat mechanics, stellar graphics, and a wide variety of game modes to keep every type of player happy.

With similarities to legendary titles like Diablo, Swords of Blood is a hack-and-slash epic adventure game that lets players immerse themselves in dozens of hours of epic storytelling through its campaign. In addition, it’s a game that allows players to experience old-school isometric gameplay as they learn combat mechanics. It also offers a wide range of multiplayer game modes, as its end goal is to become the industry’s most prominent MMORPG.

The game has much to offer and wants to become a gateway to attract traditional gamers into the Web3 world. In addition, its primary focus is attracting a player base that is there for enjoyment and fun as its number one priority – providing its players with earning opportunities is just a bonus for them.

In Swords of Blood, players start in the campaign mode as they get to grips with the gameplay mechanics and learn about the crafting system. Then, as they venture into the dungeons, they’re faced with battle after battle as they fight evil monsters and bosses, as well as overcoming traps across the map. Players earn gear, weapons, magic items, and resources and can spend these rewards on upgrading their equipment. The upgrades are required to progress through the game as opponents become progressively harder.

Features of Swords of Blood

In the game, players can choose their own route of action according to their gameplay style. They can become fearless dungeon crawlers, bounty-hunting battle mages, or powerful warriors as they embark on a quest through a range of gameplay modes.

Players can grind for loot and rare equipment on their journey as they fill their inventory with valuable items. Some items include weapons, armor, artifacts, and loot picked up during different battles. Using these resources, players can go on to craft epic gear as they forge weapons of magic and iron to become more powerful across the world.

Through hours of gameplay, players can master a wide variety of weapons and elements and build devastating attack combinations that help them in their pursuit to become the most powerful warrior in the groundbreaking hack-and-slash Web3 experience.

The great thing about the game is that players will have plenty of environments to explore, keeping them engaged. Some environments include forests, marshlands, ice caverns, abandoned mines, ancient ruins, and many more diverse environments.

As players continue to explore the world, they will have to fight against monsters, such as beasts, demons, goblins, assassins, and wizards. They can continue to raid enemy bastions, hunt down the evil bosses, and bring peace to the land consumed by evil.

Once proficient, players can start putting their skills to the test in the multiplayer modes in the contents of champions as they battle head-to-head in the PVP arena to climb leaderboards and earn rewards. There are also plenty of opportunities to boost experience points and claim unique rewards by entering Daily and Weekly Events and participating in challenges.

The team behind the game doesn’t agree with the traditional play-to-earn label, as they believe players should be there because they enjoy playing the game and not for earning mechanics. So instead, Swords of Blood incorporates play-to-win and play-to-own mechanics. With this, every player has an equal chance of earning in the game by progressing through the campaign, being an active member of the community, participating in tournaments, and minting Legendary Items and selling them as Game Utility Tokens (GUTs) – a.k.a NFTs – on the in-game marketplace.

Overall, Swords of Blood has created a jam-packed action and adventure game that will surely have players yearning to come back for more each day as they progress through the amazing World of Ezura – the land where the gameplay is set.

Backed By In-Depth Lore

The great thing about Swords of Blood is that the game is surrounded by in-depth lore, which creates a unique style of gameplay that helps immerse players into an entirely new world. As mentioned, the game is set in the World of Ezura, which was once a utopia but quickly became a place of violence, betrayal, and cunning evil due to its brutal downfall.

Before its downfall, the World of Ezura was protected by the Bladebound Order, a group of warriors tasked to protect the land, and The Sentinel – an eternal goddess. The Order initially consisted of around a dozen warriors personally hand-selected by the Sentinel and eventually grew into a strong army. The eternal goddess granted these warriors exceptional powers, allowing them to use the Tree’s energy to achieve amazing feats. Unfortunately, the entire Bladebound Order was wiped out and defeated by the Dragon Betrayer, a being of immense evil determined to bring terror to Ezura.

One thousand years of darkness followed the end of the Bladebound Order as the Dragon Betrayer turned Ezura into a land of despair. In desperation, The Sentinel used the last of her power to resurrect the final soldier in the Bladebound Order lineage, with the sole task of bringing peace back to the land of Ezura.

It’s now up to the players of the game to ensure that the Dragon Betrayer is eradicated and peace is restored to the beautiful World of Ezura.

Making Web3 Gaming More Accessible to Everybody With Play-to-Own

Swords of Blood isn’t happy with the current state of affairs in the play-to-earn space. Instead, it wants to ensure its game becomes a gateway for traditional gamers to enter the Web3 gaming space and adopt cryptocurrency technology.

The first step to making the game accessible is ensuring the mobile, and PC versions are free. Furthermore, the team has gone to great lengths to ensure that all of the barriers to entry that previous play-to-earn games faced are completely removed.

One of the aforementioned barriers to entry was the fact that non-crypto natives typically struggle to create a wallet and ensure that their tokens are kept safe. To remove this barrier, Swords of Blood created a custodial wallet for every player when they sign into the game through a company called StarDust. The wallet allows them to store, buy, and sell tokens and ensures they do not need to create a wallet outside the game.

Furthermore, the wallet created allows for the direct purchase of tokens using credit or debit cards through Simplex. Players can also directly purchase the native token behind Swords of Blood, SWDTKN, through SphereOne.

Together, these features ensure that the adoption of a Web3 gaming experience is as seamless as possible for players that have never interacted with blockchain technology previously, allowing them to dive straight into the gameplay with little delay.

MVP Already Available to Play With Many Game Modes

Although the presale is currently underway, Swords of Blood has wasted no time in bringing their vision to life after releasing a fully-fledged MVP version of the game. You can play the MVP of Swords of Blood on their website, and it includes a wide range of game modes, such as:

  • The main campaign mode
  • Monster Hunt Dungeons
  • Boss Fortress
  • PvP
  • Daily Dungeons

The main campaign has over 100 hours of immersive gameplay that lets players tackle the levels over three different difficulty levels. The initial segments of the campaign are designed to provide the backstory for Swords of Blood and serve as a tutorial to help players understand the gameplay better.

The Monster Hunt Dungeon is an exciting challenge that requires players to battle off waves of progressively difficult monsters. Using the attack combinations mastered in the campaign, players can use the character’s power in a high-paced action battle to defeat the hoards of monsters.

The Boss Fortress is a multiplayer game mode that requires players to team up with four other players to fight powerful bosses. Using teamwork, players take turns to attack the bosses over three phases while sharing their weapons and abilities to help deal further damage to the boss. The player with the most damage inflicted on the evil boss is the winner and is rewarded based on Battle Ranking.

The PvP (Player-vs-player) mode allows players to compete against one another to test their skill level and win points to rank in a leaderboard for prizes. Players can compete against AI bots controlling other players’ avatars, and winning the duel gives them points to climb the leaderboard.

Lastly, the Daily Dungeons provides an exciting variety of game modes that changes daily. Every day, players are given different challenges to complete. If they are successful, they receive in-game resources as rewards, allowing them to upgrade and become stronger.

For an MVP, this is quite an experience for gamers, as Swords of Blood practically offers a fully formed game. Ultimately, the game intends to become a community-centric MMORPG as the team intends to make more multiplayer features, such as;

  • Tournaments,
  • Clans,
  • DAOS,
  • 4/8/16 PVP arenas.

4 Million Downloads: Building on Solid Foundations With Elite Level Backers

A compelling reason to get invested in the SWDTKN presale is that Swords of Blood is building on the solid foundations of a previous game that managed to attract over four million downloads. The initial game was called Bladebound, released in 2019 by Artifex Mundi. Although unfinished, the game was incredibly successful and still has an active gamer community with an impressive retention rate.

HitBox Games LLC bought the intellectual property rights for the game. The rights were acquired so HitBox Games could publish the game with a set of new features. One of the new features was integrating blockchain technology, allowing them to integrate their play-to-own and play-to-win mechanics.

The deal also allows HitBox Games to create a micro e-sports tournament around the gameplay and introduce a new 150-hour expansion pack to the game. The great thing about the expansion pack is that team members from high-profile games such as Cyberpunk, the Witcher, and Command & Conquer wrote it.

Alongside the deal, HitBox Games injected $4 million for added development. With that comes an entirely new marketing campaign to attract more users, the addition of Ben Abbott, weapons specialist and creator from the famed show Forged in Fire, and a new soundtrack featuring famous acts such as Disturbed and Trivium.

In addition to the brilliant foundations that Swords of Blade is building on top of, they are also backed by some of the most heavyweight venture capitalists in the industry. The project is backed by prolific partners such as Fundamental Labs, Solana Ventures, Master Ventures, Labs, Magnus Capital, StarDust, Simplex, and so much more. With such an extensive list of backing, the project is destined for greatness.

The Team Behind Swords of Blood

Alongside the solid foundations and insane venture capital backing, Swords of Blood is led by an expert team with extensive experience in the gaming sector.

The CEO is James Seaman, a veteran with more than 35 years of experience in the gaming sector. Seaman has been involved in the industry at multiple levels, from programming all the way to being a CEO. He has worked on high-profile games such as Redshift, Sim Isle, The Sims, Earth 2180, Sim City, Myst, Ghost Recon, Command & Conquer, and WarCraft.

The COO of the project is Jeremy Brown, a man who has previously worked extensively on the Sony Playstation and X-Box Marketing accounts. He has also worked on some of the most iconic game titles in the industry, such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed.

Finally, the Director of game Development is Mariusz Szynalik, a gaming executive focusing on video game publishing and sales of PC/Consoles.

With a team full of such extensive experience, it’s not surprising that Swords of Blood is well on the way to delivering an AAA-quality hack-and-slash RPG game that has the potential to totally revolutionize the entire Web3 gaming industry.

SWDTKN Tokenomics

Swords of Blood is currently undergoing a presale for its native token, SWDTKN, which will be used as fuel to drive the entire Web3 gaming ecosystem. Users can earn SWDTKN in the game by playing and competing in tournaments. The rewards pool is distributed based on the Leaderboard Rank of the tournament, with a higher rank equaling a bigger payout.

The native token will be used to pay for all fees, fines, and rewards on the platform. Furthermore, players can use their tokens to upgrade their characters by purchasing Gems to spend in the store. Some of the items that can be purchased using the earnings include;

  • Buying missing materials for weapons upgrades.
  • Resetting the timer cooldown on tournaments and special events.
  • Purchasing season passes, allowing players to get additional rewards.
  • Buying and selling commodities, characters, and skins on the marketplace.

In addition to the above, there are a host of other utilities for the token. For example, games like World of Warcraft have proven that players are willing to spend thousands of dollars to acquire in-game items to improve their success in the game. With Swords of Blood being a free-to-play game, the team believes players will be willing to spend money on the game through the same method.

One utility is for serious players that want to advance in the game. The SWDTKN will be required if they want to get past a certain hero level and past a threshold for PVP content. There will be no way for players to get into the game’s late stages if they haven’t bought SWDTKN at some point, adding further to the token’s utility.

The SWDTKN is also how Swords of Blood intends to introduce its Play2Own earning mechanics. Rather than having players playing the game to earn funds to feed their families, Swords of Blood intends to introduce new dynamics that will help players stick around for fun – rather than making an income and instantly cashing out.

During each season in the game (typically three months long), the top 10 players on the leaderboard will be rewarded with $SWDTKN. As a result, this P2O mechanic will require players to develop their skill set to help them rank and reach the top ten positions on the leaderboard.

Furthermore, Swords of Blood has also thought up an excellent token flow for its game, driving value back into the ecosystem rather than letting it seep out. In total, there are five different flows of $SWDTKN;

  • Buyback and Burn & Liquidity – some of the tokens will be used to buy back SWDTKN from the open market and support prices. In addition, another portion will be added to the liquidity pools for stable prices. The market-making team will manage this.
  • Prize Pool – 25% of the tokens go directly into the Game Prize Pool, distributed to the winners at the top of the leaderboard.
  • Marketing and Operations – 15% of the tokens will go toward marketing and keeping operations running, helping the community to grow through advertising and gameplay improvements.
  • Licensing – 10% of the tokens are allocated for game licensing
  • Server Maintenance – 10% is allocated to ensure the servers are powerful enough to sustain a growing player base.

At the time of writing, the Swords of Blood presale is just starting, with the first stage selling the token for $0.054. Like many crypto presale projects, Swords of Blood is using an increasing price mechanism for its presale, meaning that the price for the token will increase during each subsequent presale stage. For example, when the first stage of the presale ends, the price for SWDTKN will increase to $0.6 in the second stage. The price will continue to increase across the stages, meaning those that invest earlier will benefit from the rising prices in the presale when the token finally hits tier-1 exchanges across the industry.


In conclusion, the Swords of Blood presale provides the perfect opportunity for investors to get involved at rock-bottom prices. Investing in the SWDTKN presale grants investors the opportunity to back a game with a thriving community and intense gameplay.

Those investing will be grateful to learn that the team has carefully assessed the tokens utility in the game and has ensured that it’s totally tied to the ecosystem, providing it with a reason to exist and grow. As the game continues to expand, we can expect more users coming into the ecosystem to use the SWDTKN – which should hopefully increase its price and provide a solid return for presale investors.

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