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How To Buy Sui Token – Crypto Exchanges Listing SUI

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Sui (SUI) has been on the rise and has gone up by more than 300% since October 2023. This project’s unique prospect of providing a faster blockchain with a large array of applications and lower gas fees has been the contributor to its climb.

Where to buy Sui token? This guide is going to highlight the top cryptocurrency exchanges that have listed SUI. It will also take a look at the token’s fundamentals and give a small price prediction based on SUI’s current state.

How to Buy Sui Token – Quick Guide

Investors can pick between 66 cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Sui. However, here is a quick guide that streamlines the process.

  1. Step 1 – Find a suitable cryptocurrency exchange – As we have already mentioned, SUI has been active on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges since its launch. Research and pick a suitable one. In this guide, we have highlighted four key exchanges that investors can pick if they so desire.
  2. Step 2 – Create and verify your account – Once an exchange has been picked, complete the registration process and also fulfill the KYC requirements since it has been made mandatory on most CEXs. This process involves providing government-issued ID and other details, which is why investors must research the platforms fully before proceeding.
  3. Step 3 – Make a minimum deposit to buy SUI – Deposit the amount required to buy Sui tokens. Investors can either choose to deposit cryptocurrencies to make a swap for Sui tokens or deposit fiat.
  4. Step 4 – Transfer the assets to a non-custodial wallet – It is recommended that investors pick a non-custodial wallet to store their Sui tokens. Centralized exchanges have come under fire due to security issues in the past. While the listed exchanges have taken appropriate security measures, we recommend using a hard wallet to store tokens offline.

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Where to Buy SUI Tokens?

After Sui’s release in Q2-2023, multiple crypto exchanges came forward to list it. These included even the biggest exchanges in the world by market capitalization. If you are planning to buy SUI, we recommend that you try out any of the four crypto exchanges that will be highlighted below.


Binance added support for SUI on 3rd May 2023, becoming the first exchange to list this utility crypto. It added support for SUI/BTC, SUI/USDT, SUI/TUSD, SUI, BNB, SUI/EUR, and SUI/TRY trading pairs.

Buy SUI on Binance

Binance listing did have a small pumping impact on SUI, which led to it crossing the $1 mark for a short time. It was partly because Binance stands as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by market capitalization.

Serving over 174 million users, Binance has an average daily volume of $65 billion. Since 2022, it has engaged in more than 300 billion spot transactions. Furthermore, it supports 40 languages and offers 24/7 customer support.

Binance’s ecosystem lies beyond its simple exchange. With Binance Labs, users will be introduced to promising cryptocurrency projects in the web3 space. With Binance Academy, users get full access to a learning hub, Binance research offers high-grade analysis, Binance NFT delivers a unique marketplace, Binance Feed feeds people with regular updates, and the recently introduced Binance charity is using blockchain technology as a force for good.

Considered one of the most complete exchanges, Binance supports spot trading, margin trading, P2P trading, futures trading, trading bots, and more. It also features an earn program for those looking to park their cryptos in return for regular APRs (Annual Percentage Returns).

That said, Binance is not the most accessible exchange in terms of fee, as it takes a maker/taker fee of 0.1% for spot trading. Getting BNB tokens will provide users with discounts, but to truly lower the fee range, investors need to become VIPs, which will depend on how much they trade within a span of 30 days.

Security is a big factor for Binance, which has implemented platform-level security and user-level security. Facilities that secure a user’s asset include cold storage, safe sign-in, access control, real-time monitoring, and more.

Learn more about this platform in our Binance review.


  • World-leading cryptocurrency exchange
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Supports multiple assets
  • Has a robust Earn program
  • Features an NFT marketplace
  • Offers regular updates about the crypto space
  • Complex UI
  • Not directly available in the US
  • The fee could be been lower

Buy SUI on Binance


Kucoin added support for SUI/USDT spot trading on May 3rd, 2023. Shortly after, it listed SUI USDT margined futures and isolated margin trading pair SUI/USDT.

Buy Sui on KuCoin

Since Binance and KuCoin’s listing of SUI tokens coincided, there was a small pump in the SUI price once it went live.

KuCoin is another popular cryptocurrency exchange, ranking 4th and just behind Kraken in terms of market capitalization. The platform is available in more than 200 countries, where it offers services to more than 30 million customers. It has added support for more than 700 tokens and averages a daily trading volume of $1.42 billion.

In terms of fees, KuCoin has the same tiered structure as Binance. The fee varies depending on the VIP level of the trader, which is determined by their 30-day trading volume. Newcomers who sparsely trade on KuCoin must pay a maker/taker fee of 0.1%. At level 12, which is for traders with trading volume exceeding 120,000 BTC, the fee is 0.005%/0.025%.

In addition to spot trading, KuCoin is also a good place to trade crypto futures. It also offers margin trading on leverage and features a trading bot meant for those looking to generate passive income.

Speaking of passive income, KuCoin also features an Earn program that offers regular APY rewards for holding the tokens. There is also a KCS staking feature under the Earn program that allows investors to compound their gains.

Other utilities within the KuCoin ecosystem include fractional NFTs, institutional trading services, learning programs, and more. The platform also features an optimal crypto wallet.

Explore more about this platform in our KuCoin review.


  • Offers margin trading on leverage as well as crypto derivatives trading
  • Supports 700+ assets
  • Features an earn program
  • Features a trading bot
  • Customer support requires some improvement
  • The fee could have been lowered

Buy SUI on Kucoin


Bybit also listed SUi around the same time as the other two cryptocurrency exchanges listed above. However, in addition to listing support for SUI on its spot and derivatives trading exchange, it also organized a Bybit x SUI 100,000 SUI USDT prize pool.

Buy SUI on Bybit

Bybit is considered one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the market right now. The platform ranks at number 5 on CoinMarketCap in terms of market capitalization. It has more than 20 million customers in more than 160 countries, and has an average daily trading volume of more than 10 billion.

Launched in 2018, the platform started small but then implemented more features. Over time, it became a regulated exchange and is currently being regulated by the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in Dubai, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Astana Financial Services Authority of Kazakhstan.

In terms of markets, Bybit supports spot trading, margin trading, ETP, and OTC trading. It also features a trading bot and a derivatives portal. Bybit has also included an earn program and offers crypto loans.

In terms of fees, Bybit features a tiered structure, and its maker/taker fee for spot trading ranges from 0.0555/0.02% to 0.01%/0.015%. Users who reach the Pro 5 level, which lies five levels beyond Supreme VIP, will only have to pay 0.01% taker fees when engaging with the platform’s spot trading features.

Security-wise, Bybit has implemented multiple features, including triple-layer asset protection, privacy protection, advanced data protection, and real-time monitoring.


  • Offers SUI – USDT spot trading facility
  • Sports a simplified UI
  • Has an affordable fee structure
  • Regulated by multiple authorities
  • Does not offer support for fiat
  • The web app could have been more responsive

Buy SUI on Bybit


Uniswap is a good pick for those looking for a more streamlined way to buy cryptocurrency. Being a decentralized exchange, the most prominent way to trade SUI on this platform is through swapping. While it has recently added support for fiat via Moonpay, SUI has not been added to this module.

Sui on Uniswap

On Uniswap V2, investors can swap SUI for USDC. However, the Gecko Terminal has warned that the pool has a very low liquidity.

Uniswap is the world’s leading decentralized exchange and is generally the first exchange where new cryptocurrencies are listed before they go live on centralized exchanges. It has a straightforward approach to swapping crypto, and it does not require any KYC details, which are the reasons most crypto enthusiasts prefer it.

Furthermore, Uniswap is home to multiple decentralized applications and liquidity pools, both of which are suitable for those looking for more from the crypto ecosystem. It has also added a simplified NFT marketplace recently, which has garnered a lot of attention.

While Uniswap does provide a lot of freedom due to its status as a DEX, investors must tackle some of its security issues as well. That is why we only recommend Uniswap to advanced users.


  • Offers a simple DEX
  • Has recently added support for fiat
  • Supports SUI/USDC
  • No KYC required
  • Security issues are prevalent
  • Not meant for beginners

Buy SUI on Uniswap

What is SUI?

Sui is a blockchain project that has been described as a melder of the simplicity of Web2 with the benefits of Web3. This blockchain project offers a scalable infrastructure with a low gas fee. Furthermore, Sui is known for its speed. It has a transaction speed of 297,000 TPS, and the time of finality is close to 400 milliseconds.

What is SUI

At press time, the project has more than 9.5 million active accounts, and it has conducted close to 1.7 million transactions.

The platform is essentially a permissionless layer-1 blockchain designed to tackle the complexities of Web3 and make it more appealing by providing a Web2-like interface.

The key features that set Sui apart are as follows:

Object-Centric Design

Sui leverages objects to store data instead of relying on accounts. Developers can use this in order to define, create, and manage programmable objects. Each object has multiple attributes, including asset ownership. Updating the values of these attributes is done using the governing logic of the smart contracts.


All the data attributes are stored on-chain. On Sui, most assets are stored in a single address, on which these assets are recorded as a data value. Because these objects have a common address, they are referred to as owned objects. Changing the value is all it takes to transfer the ownership of the said object.

Sui also features shared ownership in which multiple accounts must come together to authenticate a transaction.

Programmable Transaction Blocks

Sui notes that programmable transaction blocks are its most powerful developer primitives. They elevate the fundamental unit of execution in which every execution is a sequence of transactions.

These blocks, per Sui, are heterogeneous and can access any public on-chain move function across the smart contract.

This approach allows the development to be more expressive. Furthermore, since the transactions are chained, the programming model is more intuitive.

Sui ecosystem

The programmable transaction blocks leverage gas-smashing to simplify coin management in which dust coins, which are the remainder of tokens of negligible value, are merged at the end of execution before transactions are returned.

Parallel Processing

Sui engages in parallel processing of simple transactions, such as peer-to-peer payments, asset transfers, and minting NFTs. Each transaction is independent, allowing it to be executed in any order.


In order to manage complex transactions, Sui leverages a bull shark consensus engine that is divided into two parts – Narwhal and Tusk.

Narwhal brings the transactions together so that data is available for processing by validators. Tusk provides a mechanism for ordering transactions involving shared objects.

Horizontal Scalability

Another major perk of the Sui blockchain is horizontal scalability. It scales horizontally as the demand for the network increases. Validators can increase or decrease the computing power, and the gas fees of the blockchain are kept low and stable.

Sui’s scalability solutions also extend to storage. As a result, developers become capable of defining complex assets with multiple attributes that live directly on-chain.

Sui Network

Other utilities that Sui has introduced include dynamic fields, randomness, package upgrades, sponsored transactions, standards for display and kiosks, advanced cryptography, zero-knowledge proofs, and log-in.

Sui Price

SUI’s price action has been very straightforward. When it launched in May of 2023, it climbed up the price charts and reached past the $1 mark. This happened due to a combination of marketing and rapid listing initiatives by leading cryptocurrency exchanges, most of which we have listed here.

However, the interest in the token soon subsided, which led to its fall below the $0.5 mark in October 2023. However, multiple developments within the ecosystem around that time and better macroeconomic conditions around Bitcoin started to push its value.

SUI Price

It then followed a linear path to growth, reaching its all-time high of $1.6 in January 2024. The token has been corrected by a small degree since then, but it still maintains solid support over the $1.4 mark.

Sui Price Prediction

SUI’s current price action indicates that it can potentially move up even more. Ever since the token bounced from its $0.3 mark in October 2023, it has been climbing up.

Price prediction for SUI

The only significant correction it has experienced was recently, and that was partly due to Bitcoin dropping to the $40k level. Since then, there have been more green candles than red ones.

Currently, the token is moving above its 20-day and 50-day moving average. While the latest candle for the token has been a long red, it is far from the 20-day MA trendline.

However, the project’s RSI indicates that it is moving too close to the oversold zone. While a long-term rise may reduce the RSI, for now, it looks like a correction may arrive.

For more information, explore our SUI price prediction guide.

Is SUI a Good Investment?

So far, SUI has shown signs of being a good cryptocurrency to buy. It has strong fundamentals, and its price action has also been great. If you consider only these factors, it may be a good investment.

However, a closer inspection of the price chart tells us that a correction might be coming soon. If that happens, those who invest in this cryptocurrency now will be left holding the bag since SUI has only recently hit its all-time high.

From a technological perspective, Sui seems to be a good long-term token to invest in. Binance has even started a program on the Binance Academy, teaching people about Sui and offering SUI rewards. This endorsement can boost the community’s sentiments for this crypto in a positive direction, which can boost its value.

That said, there are still too many variables around this token for us to recommend it as a definite buy at the present time. Investors will be better off waiting for the upcoming Bitcoin halving and looking at the market as a whole before committing any funds to this project.

Ways to Buy Sui Token

The following are the ways through which investors can buy SUI tokens.

Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs

The most common way for investors to engage with SUI trading is by using spot trading exchanges. There are multiple SUI trading pairs available and nearly all the cryptocurrency exchanges we have listed deliver it. However, the best one among them right now is Binance. It offers a more streamlined approach to spot trading and is considered the most secure among centralized exchanges.

Debit and Credit Cards

There are cryptocurrency exchanges that also offer a way to buy SUI using debit or credit cards. All the exchanges we have mentioned, except for Bybit, offer this facility.

Debit and Credit Cards

Sui Alternatives

While the SUI project has several interesting prospects, it has been moving up very quickly. Many can consider it the climb before a rapid correction. While the project has good fundamentals to keep it afloat for a long time, the market is very volatile, and there might come a point when this token’s value will drop.

Therefore, it is better to look at alternatives that can give users a way to make gains outside the crypto space.

Two options that we consider are better alternatives to SUI are Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix is a blockchain project that merges two concepts together – staking and mining. It aims to bring mining to a more accessible space while also providing users with staking rewards.

Bitcoin Minetrix crypto presale

In its mission statement, Bitcoin Minetrix has clearly specified that its goal is to ensure that people have democratized access to mining solutions.

To make it possible, it has created a system in which users stake their Bitcoin Minetrix tokens to earn mining credits. Mining credits are ERC-20 tokens that can be used to mine Bitcoin. These non-transferable tokens are burned to give users access to the mining rig for a specific amount of time.

Once the time is up, mined Bitcoins are transferred to the miner’s wallet. This approach has two-fold benefits.

First, it allows investors to interact with the mining ecosystem without having to invest in mining rigs. Secondly, since it is based on staking, investors also gain access to staking rewards.

Bitcoin Minetrix is still available on presale, meaning investors can purchase the token at a discounted price. Visit the official website of the project today to invest in a crypto that has been tipped to become the next big thing in the market.


Meme Kombat 

Meme Kombat combines two elements that are considered favored among the fun-loving crypto community – meme coins and gaming. The project features an AI-driven arena where characters inspired by memecoins battle each other for domination and move up the ranks.

Meme Kombat

However, unlike the standard betting model where betting does lead to loss of assets, Meme Kombat works with a stake-to-bet model. Only the tokens that are being staked are used for betting purposes.

As a result, much like the other project we have discussed, users will get access to two perks. One will come from the project’s betting model. And another will come from staking.

This two-pronged approach gives this project the added advantage of providing multiple venues to make passive gains. Furthermore, being a memecoin, the community sentiment around this crypto is bullish during its ongoing presale. This can help fuel the price of the $MK token once it goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Buy Meme Kombat Now


SUI has turned out to be one of the best crypto projects this year. The price charts show no sign of slowing down, and the token’s fundamentals have been received well by the crypto community.

However, times are still volatile, which is why investors are better off investing in other projects that allow them to become early movers. The best ones we can think of are Bitcoin Minetrix and Meme Kombat. Both projects have good fundamentals, and have been generating a lot of attention in their respective presale rounds.

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Is Sui crypto a good investment?

SUI has shown multiple positive signs in recent times. It has moved up the price charts quickly and it has good fundamentals. If we are to judge this project by these factors alone, it appears to be a good investment. However, investors must do their own research before investing.

Where can I buy SUI?

SUI is available on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, and Bybit. Those who want to invest in Sui can pick one of them and make the trade.

Is Bitcoin Minetrix a better alternative to SUI?

Bitcoin Minetrix is considered the best alternative to SUI because of its innovative features. It merges two concepts together - staking and mining. It brings mining to a more accessible space while also providing users with staking rewards. It is currently available on presale, meaning investors can purchase it at a discount rate. Meme Kombat is also another great alternative to SUI