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Veefriends Price Prediction and Background

Since the project's launch in May 2021, VeeFriends has amassed phenomenal value in a short span of time. Should you buy the VeeFriends NFTs now? In this guide we'll speculate on potential VeeFriends NFT price predictions for future years.
Veefriends NFT review online
Veefriends NFT review online

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

One of the most successful NFT projects of all time, Veefriends has been created by VaynerX Chairman and Web3 innovator Gary Vaynerchuk, now also a millionaire. Veefriends is only the first NFT collection by the serial entrepreneur.

The Veefriends NFT collection comprises 10,225 tokens centered around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community. It is considered to be a fairly recent NFT project, having launched not even a year ago on May 11, 2021, but has already amassed phenomenal value in a short span of time.

What’s so unique about this collection and should you invest your money in it? Read ahead as we answer such questions along with speculating on potential VeeFriends NFT price predictions for future years.

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What is Veefriends?

The NFT project VeeFriends was founded on the premise that doing business with friends can be enjoyable and that you can create a community around shared interests.

Veefriends NFT review

As already highlighted earlier, VeeFriends NFTs are a set of 10,255 tokens that are divided into three categories: Access, Gift, and Admission. There are 300, 555, and 9400 tokens respectively in each class.

Veefriends Tokens

Access Tokens can be used for unique experiences with Gary, such as playing tennis with him or dining with him. Virtual access is provided by 210 of the 300, while the remaining 90 tokens are one-on-one tokens with unique token art that can be redeemed for in-person events.

There are also group tokens, with 125 virtual and 40 physical tokens available, using which you will be able to spend time with Gary and other token owners. These also include 22 Competition tokens, owning which, you can compete against Gary in the game that’s displayed on your NFT. Finally, 5 tokens grant access to a scholarship.

veefriends tokens

Next come the Gift Tokens that can be considered verifiable entrance points into Gary’s gifting experience. Admission tokens are the most valuable of the three, with a total of 9400 tokens available. They’re entertaining to me because the quantity of each character type varies.

Veefriends Characters

The collection features 268 distinct VeeFriends characters, all of which Gary drew himself. Every character type includes 40 tokens each – 20 core ones and 20 limited ones. The latter includes 8 Rare, 5 Very Rare, 2 Epic, and 5 Spectaculars, which are 1 of 1 art tokens with only a single edition inside the Veefriends collection.

Perhaps the characters’ backstories add to their uniqueness. Gary aimed for the characters to embody human attributes that he admires while bringing them to life.

Characteristics that contribute to happiness and success. Also the characters make references to popular culture, making it a lot more entertaining. Because having a good time is crucial, especially when you’re doing business with friends.


Although this is a fantastic philosophy, what these NFTs allow you to do with it is even more fascinating. Unlike most other initiatives, the highlight or largest benefit of this collection is admission to VeeCon.

VeeCon is a multi-day event where each NFT owner (a total of 10,255) will have unique access to an annual conference. It’s possible to call it the first “NFT-ticketed conference.”


The phrase ‘conference’ may sound formal, but this event is really just a chance for people to get together. A place for all VeeFriends to get together and form long-term professional and personal partnerships. Industry innovators will be able to communicate with industry leaders, form contacts, and benefit from shared experiences at the event.

The Conference’s main focus will include, among other things, business, marketing, ideas, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, competition, and, of course, fun.

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Veefriends Price Right Now

As of March 19th, 2022, the entry price for a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is $49,215 or 16.69 ETH. On January 1, 2022, Veefriends began the New Year at a price of 9.98 ETH (about $37,085) and sold around 15 NFTs on day one.

So far this year, there hasn’t been much of a movement in prices, with its worth having fallen below 9.98 ETH for only a few days up to January 4, 2022. Since then, Veefriends has been witnessing constant upward movement in terms of value.

Bored Ape NFTs, on the other hand, went for as much as $48,042 or 18.26 ETH in the first week of March ’22. The most recent Veefriends trading volume is $254,958 USD, with 5 sales in the last 24 hours.

Veefriends Floor Price

Veefriends currently has a floor price of 16.69ETH, which stands at around $49,215. This floor price has risen and fallen dramatically over time, and it is now at a considerable high. The floor price for the project was roughly 14.5ETH when it was first launched.

But by the end of 2021, this trend had slowed, and the floor had fallen to as low as 7ETH. In retrospect, this would have been an excellent time to get in, as the floor price increased from there.

Veefriends Floor Price

Veefriends had its all-time high floor price on March 7, when the collection’s cheapest item sold for nearly 18ETH. At 14 ETH, there may be even more possibility for growth, especially if the NFTs are given additional utility. Over the last 7 days, Veefriends NFTs have recorded a highest sale of $171,765 and a lowest of $33,229. The listed ratio stands at 3.75%.

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NFT Floor Price Definition

Because NFTs are non-fungible cryptographic tokens that represent items with distinct characteristics, each one has its own value and price. The majority of NFT providers are makers and sellers of crypto trends, which include digital artwork.

The floor price in NFT markets refers to the lowest price at which a buyer can purchase NFTs from that collection. It’s the best deal on any of the NFT project’s collector products, and it’s updated in real time. Only the owners of NFTs or an NFT project that is selling NFTs can set the floor price.

The lowest purchasing price of a service, good, or commodity is referred to as the “floor price” by economists. One of the most often utilized metrics in the NFT space to calculate an NFT’s market value is the floor price. One of the most popular NFT collections right now, Veefriends, has a floor price of 16.69 ETH presently.

Veefriends Price

Veefriends NFT Average Price

This is the most affordable price for a Veefriends NFT. Making an offer is one option for a buyer to get a Veefriends for less than the floor price. But the chances of the seller accepting the offer are slim. Customers do have the ability to make an offer or raise a bid to the seller, despite the uncommon opportunities.

The concept is intriguing because all such offers are time-limited and can even be offered at a lower price than the floor price.

An NFT collection’s floor price is the lowest price of any NFT in that project. This does not always imply that you should buy the cheapest item in the collection. The main goal of setting a floor price is to encourage first-time purchasers and beginners to become owners and participate in the project.

In terms of customer bank accounts, cheaper NFTs are more accessible to a bigger customer base. Another significant benefit of using a floor price is that it gives NFTs more visibility in the market when sorting them by price. Market statistics also imply that potential categories’ floor prices climb significantly faster than moderately priced categories.

Smaller NFT marketplaces, such as, are good places to look for NFTs for less than 1 ETH.

Veefriends Price Chart

CoinGecko has supplied a historical floor price graph for Veefriends, which you can see below.

Veefriends NFT price

Veefriends NFT Floor Price

With several celebrities jumping on the Veefriends bandwagon, the project’s value is only expected to rise in the near future. The total NFT sales as of March 19, 2022, stands at 3,951. The market cap has seen several fluctuations, at its lowest on January 1, 2022, at $87,739, and highest on March 16 at $225,508.

Veefriends Price Prediction 2022

The increasing floor price for Veefriends NFTs seems to emphasize the buzz this one-of-a-kind project. As a result of the tremendous demand for the collection, the floor is unusually high. Holders of Veefriends NFTs gain admission to exclusive events such as Veecon and other business conferences.

The Gary Vee’s Layer 2 NFT, Book Games, appears to be an intriguing up-and-coming layer 2 NFT. This may be a fantastic new endeavour to help Veefriends get traction. Investor perception toward NFTs, in general, might make or break projects like Veefriends. Expect the price of Vee buddies to continue to rise if investors maintain their high demand for projects.

Veefriends Market cap

Veefriends NFT Floor Price

If the NFT bull market resumes, the Veefriends floor price might soon retest its all-time high (ATH) of over 18 ETH, which it had reached in the first week of March. Even if the crypto markets need time to stabilise and trade sideways in 2022–2023 due to the current political context, which includes the Ukraine-Russia crisis and a stock market selloff, the next Bitcoin halving in 2024 is a huge bullish event on the horizon.

The last Bitcoin halving sparked the 2021 bull run from about $10k to $65k, and other Bitcoin halving occasions have traditionally been followed by bullish impulse moves to the upside, with new highs.

The future price of Veefriends NFT looks promising because worldwide enthusiasm in crypto, blockchain technology, and all of its developing asset classes – decentralized finance (DeFi), the Metaverse, and NFTs seems to be on an all-time high.

Veefriends Value: Why is it High?

NFTs are based on blockchain technology, which is one of the most advanced and innovative technologies available today. As a result, NFTs are considered as a link between the physical world and blockchain technology. Non-Fungible Tokens are as valuable as they are expensive because of their diverse abilities.

Despite the incredible technology that NFTs include, they have been referred to as a scam and a fraud since their introduction to the digital environment. It was claimed that anyone could just ‘right click and save’ a copy of an image of these cartoon monkey NFTs and therefore own one without having to pay for it. Others have dismissed them as ineffective and worthless.

Veefriends NFTs are redefining the cryptosphere through their meaning, utility and community-led purpose. To begin with, Veefriends NFTs are extremely useful in the real world. All holders receive access to Gary Vaynerchuk’s biennial event Veecon, which attracts thousands of people each year, including many renowned business executives.

Also, depending on its rarity qualities, each NFT has varied levels of unique utility. These will give holders admission to Gary’s special events, which are mainly business-related. This contributes a lot to the sensation of belonging.

The project also has a large and active community. Gary Vee sought to build a strong community by focusing the project on the concept of high utility. He has done exactly that, as evidenced by the 317k discord members. In addition, the initiative has over 240k Instagram followers and over 198k Twitter followers, demonstrating its significance in the NFT community.

Veefriends NFT owners

Veefriends NFT Number of owners 

The project’s founder, Gary Vee, is the final and arguably most interesting aspect. Gary Vee is a strong NFT champion and one of the leaders in bringing NFT and Web 3 information into the larger media, as discussed before in this article. The fact that such a dedicated and skilled individual is at the helm of the initiative should instil enormous trust in NFT investors.

Not just that, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Veefriends. There may be just one NFT collection in the project, but users can also access the ‘Book Games’ section of the Veefriends website by clicking on the ‘Book Games’ option. This is a unique layer 2 NFT that allows users to earn tokens while playing.

It’s based on Gary Vee’s best-selling novel Twelve and a Half, which is an interesting premise. This demonstrates how NFTs can be used for a lot more than just being a cool piece of digital art that you own, and hence its high value.

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How to Buy Veefriends NFTs?

NFTs are frequently sold at auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, where potential purchasers place bids on the NFTs they want. Customers can now acquire NFTs at a predetermined price on some websites. Choosing the finest NFT marketplace might be difficult with so many options on the market.

The Ethereum network’s native currency, Ether (ETH), is used to purchase most NFTs today, and there’s a reason for that. Ether, like most cryptocurrencies, may be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro, Bitstamp,, Binance, and Coinbase.

Beginners in the crypto sector may believe that purchasing an NFT is a difficult task, but it is thankfully no more difficult than ordering your favorite food online. To begin the process of buying an NFT, you must first create an NFT wallet in which to keep your cryptocurrencies.

A crypto wallet is essentially a personal blockchain address that, while visible to all, can only be accessed by the owner. One of the most prominent sites for digital wallet services is eToro. Prospective buyers must perform thorough research and thoroughly assess their investment intentions to prevent incurring losses and making mistakes.

Begin by selecting a wallet that best meets your requirements. One of the benefits of an eToro wallet is that it works with both Android and iOS apps in addition to the Google Chrome browser. eToro is an extremely adaptable wallet choice because it is compatible with practically every webpage on the Ethereum blockchain.

Etoro wallet

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The next step is to purchase Ether or ETH when your digital wallet has been successfully set up and activated. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to purchase Ether via the wallet provider, but only if that option is available. If not, another option is to use a crypto exchange to move any Ether you may already have to the new wallet.

Ethereum etoro

Buying Ethereum on eToro

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, eToro and are two of the most popular options because they are both secure and well-established. Once you’ve acquired enough ETH to purchase the NFTs you desire, look for an NFT marketplace that sells them.

Where are Veefriends NFTs listed for Sale?

One of the best NFT marketplaces to purchase Veefriends NFTs is All you need to do is connect your crypto wallet to this platform and select the Veefriends NFT that you want to buy. If the NFT has a “buy now” pricing, you will be able to purchase it right away. If it doesn’t have a current bid, you can place a bid on the NFT and wait for the seller or owner to accept.

If your bid is accepted and the transaction is completed, you will be the proud owner of a Veefriends NFT in no time, and it will be placed in your wallet safely.

Veefriends Alternatives

You can buy NFTs for as little as $1 at auction on smaller marketplaces if you want to invest in them at a lower price point. NFT markets such as Bybit,, and FTX are linked to cryptocurrency exchanges, are safe to use, and offer low-cost alternatives to Veefriends NFTs. You can read our detailed review of the marketplaces here.

You might also be interested in the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers club, which will be released in 2022 and will give you the chance to win daily jackpot rewards.

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Veefriends’ tremendous growth potential has been demonstrated by its growing floor price over the last few months. Also the project’s robust community, excellent leadership, and interesting utility suggest that it could rise even higher in the coming months.

The larger NFT market appears to be on a tremendous bull-run right now, highlighting the exciting opportunity that these crypto-assets provide. To purchase Veefriends, you must first create a wallet, which we recommend using eToro for. It’s simple to set up, secure and supports multi-crypto trading.

But one cannot deny that the Veefriends NFT price is currently so high that many investors will be unable to participate in its purchase. Many more NFT projects are also launching, some of which will mint at considerably cheaper prices and might lead to massive future growth.

Lucky Block top crypto to buy

Take the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club collection for instance. After its inception a few months ago, the high-growth altcoin has taken the crypto markets by storm. The first 10,000 NFTs will be released next week, with each token serving as an entry into daily prize draws. These will entitle holders to a $10,000 daily jackpot draw, with the possibility of massive payouts.

Coming back to Veefriends, even if it isn’t a great fit for you financially at the moment, the project has immense influence over the NFT market in particular, and the entire crypto sphere in particular. Though relatively new, Veefriends NFT has steered NFTs in a fresh direction beyond art, towards real-world utility, community-powered participation, and huge investment potential.


What is a Veefriends?

Veefriends is a unique NFT project that has amassed huge success in only a short span of time. Created by VaynerX Chairman and Web3 innovator Gary Vaynerchuk, the Veefriends NFT collection comprises 10,225 tokens centered around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community. It was launched not even a year ago, on May 11, 2021, and provides a blueprint on using NFT technology to give access, community and real-life value through its smart contracts. Veefriends proves that NFTs are more than just art. It attaches a smart contract with each token purchase to give the NFT holder some ‘utility’ through metadata. Through this unique concept, Veefriends is helping its token holders enjoy the most out of their NFT experience.

Which Veefriends NFT has been sold for the highest price?

VeeFriends NFTs has seen some amazing secondary sales after its first release in May 2021, according to the current state of the collection. On January 4, 2022, a Gary Originally Owned (G.O.O.) Spectacular Gold edition Empathy Elephant sold for an incredible 130 WETH ($503,672). Gary not only announced a collaboration with Empathy Wines on November 26, 2021, to make an exclusive premium wine—the 2019 Empathy Elephant Cabernet Sauvignon—after the original drawing of Empathy Elephant sold for $412,500 at Christie's Auction. Other top Veefriends NFT sales include the Alert Ape at 105 WETH or $326,787, Adaptable Alien at 100 WETH or $308,857, Courtside Cat at 100 WETH or $282,137, and the Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik at 90 WETHor $290,450.

Can you purchase Veefriends NFT with Ethereum?

Yes, you can purchase Veefriends NFTs using Ethereum. The NFT project built itself is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Who are some of the celebrities who own Veefriends NFTs?

VeeFriends NFTs have received more than $68 million in celebrity money, making it the most valuable celebrity collection. Its creator, Gary V, continues to have the highest figures, with around 74% of his wealth coming from his own collection. Celebrities like Steve Aoki, Marshmello, and Beeple are known to hold Veefriends NFTs.

Why are Veefriends NFTs expensive?

The Veefriends floor price has skyrocketed due to a combination of enthusiasm, community, and utility. In addition, Gary Vee, the founder of Veefriends, has a lot of power in the NFT world, so he'll be a wonderful leader and marketer for the project. The larger NFT market appears to be on a tremendous bull run right now, highlighting the exciting opportunity that these crypto assets provide. The 'Adventurous Astronaut' is the costliest Veefriends NFT currently on the market. It's listed for 1997 ETH, which is nearly $5 million. But it's quite improbable that someone will pay this much for a Veefriends NFT. The 'Podcast Panther,' which sold for 120 ETH (about $330k) on Veefriends this month, was a remarkable pricey Veefriends sale. This demonstrates the enormous quantities of money individuals are prepared to spend for some of the project's most valuable NFTs. If you go to OpenSea's activity button and go down a few pages, you'll notice Veefriends selling for far over 30ETH.

What is the Floor Price of Veefriends NFTs right now?

The current floor price of Veefriends is at 16.69ETH, which roughly translates to around $49,215. This floor price has risen and fallen dramatically over time, and it is now at a considerable high. The floor price for the project was roughly 14.5ETH when it was first launched. But by the end of 2021, this trend had slowed, and the floor had fallen to as low as 7ETH. In retrospect, this would have been an excellent time to get in, as the floor price increased from there.

What does NFT floor price mean?

Economists refer to the lowest purchasing price of a service, asset, or commodity as the 'floor price.' In NFT markets, the floor price is the lowest price at which a buyer can acquire NFTs from that collection. It's the best deal on any collector goods offered by the NFT project, and it's updated in real time. The floor price can only be established by the owners of NFTs or an NFT project that is selling NFTs. The floor price is one of the most commonly used metrics in the NFT space to calculate an NFT's market value. Veefriends, currently one of the most popular NFT collections, with a floor price of 16.69 ETH. This is the most cost-effective Veefriends NFT.

Veefriends NFT owners have access to what kind of Exclusive Content?

Gary V wants to give his community an educational experience by providing great value and educational content to all VeeFriends token holders. Veefriends NFT tokens come in three flavours, each with its own set of specific benefits for token holders. For three years, the ‘Admission’ tokens will serve as an access pass to VeeCon (a flagship summit that brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and mentors from around the world) (2022, 2023, and 2024). Entrepreneurship, creativity, business concepts, marketing, innovation, and entertainment will be the focus of the worldwide flagship conference. The ‘Gift’ token will grant the token holder entrance tickets as well as six presents per year for the next three years. For the next three years, the ‘Access’ token will grant one virtual hangout session with GaryVee per year.