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NFT Digital Art – The Best Upcoming Art NFTs in 2022

Which are the top digital NFTs that have proved their mettle in a short span of time? And most importantly, are they worth investing in? In this guide our experts discuss the top 10 Digital Art NFTs to invest in for 2022.
Randos Yubo NFT buy
Randos Yubo NFT buy

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

NFTs have changed the art world forever. By giving a chance to crypto artists to have their comeuppance, non-fungible tokens have created many new millionaires. Whether eliciting nostalgia with their pixelated or retro digital artwork, or yielding good ROI for investors in the digital world, there is no crown that NFTs aren’t wearing.

Investing in NFTs opens brand new ways of investments within the digital space and will continue to do so in 2024. NFT investments surpassed 40 billion dollars in 2021, proving that tokens have generated legitimate interest within the blockchain and in the mainstream.

But 2024 will be much wilder, broader and consist of quirkier NFT artworks. And like always, buyers will be emotionally attached to them, and investors will find them more profitable than ever. Below we review the best NFT projects of 2024, digital artworks ready to widen their scope in the Metaverse.

Top 10 NFT Digital Art Projects to Watch in 2024

Whenever there is a new NFT project, the crypto crowd goes wild. Every investors want to find that “one” project on Twitter or Discord that can take their portfolio to another level.

This guide will take you through the top 10 digital arts NFT projects that are coming with the promise of inclusivity, more ROI and more empowerment for those new to the Metaverse.

1. Randos: A Digital NFT project driven by social media platform Yubo

Yubo NFT Digital Art

If retro pixelated digital arts are your thing, Yubo has got you covered.

Launched in 2015, Yubo is a social live streaming app created by engineering students Sacha Lazmi, Jérémie Aouate and Arthur Patora. It allows you to connect with fellow enthusiasts worldwide and befriend them. Simply put, it is a social media platform that combines aspects of the most prevalent social media platforms into a neat package.

With Yubo, you can chat with your friends, create YouTube videos, and play games. Community creation within an NFT space hasn’t been easy for anyone, considering most projects are here to rake in the moolah and just want to take a piece of that crypto-pie and run away.

Yubo is addressing this issue through its unique approach to community creation – allowing you to create your own with friends and like-minded people with similar interests and probably, similar dreams for the Metaverse.

Introducing Randos NFTs

But how does Yubo fits into the NFT space? It is all because of Yubo Randos, an NFT collection that takes inspiration from the social media slang for Random as ‘Rando’.

“Everyone needs a Rando in their life”, the developer states, emphasizing our need to have unknown – random – people in life to create worthwhile experiences.

This NFT project is a collection of 10,000 different Randos, each with a unique tagline. Residing on the Ethereum Blockchain, Randos can be resold with a 10% royalty fee. The profits generated from the royalty go into creating unique merchandise, giveaways and other perks to reward the Rando holders.

Apart from exclusive merchandise and the bragging rights, what sets Randos apart from the rest is the ability of holders to share, send or PIN their Rando NFTs on the app. The developers are also planning to introduce exclusive events and live streams for the Rando owners this year; the first will happen in July 2022. The project will feature other aspects staple to crypto-assets – passive income, and revenue sharing through Yubo’s in-app activities.

Also, the project is heading towards a full-blown metaverse. So Randos NFT owners would also get an exclusive 3D avatar that they can use in the upcoming ‘Yuboverse.’

Reasons to invest in Yubo in 2024:

  • A Digital Art NFT project with the backing of a huge social media platform
  • Has utility and a use case already from the very start
  • One of the better profile picture NFT artwork styles on the market
  • Passive revenue generation through in-app activities
  • 3D Avatars being used in the Yuboverse will market themselves effectively

Visit Yubo Randos

2. CryptoPunks: A defining NFT digital artwork that continues to thrive in 2024

When Larva Labs released CryptoPunks in 2017, they didn't know that they would change the face of NFT space forever. As one of the Old Guard NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, this project has 10,000 algorithmically generated portraits with versatile traits.

It was free at launch, requiring nothing more than gas fees. Within the crypto space, such a concept an unknown. But once the DeFi space found its footing, CryptoPunks left their storage and now lie in the owners' wallets.

That's why the only way you can get your hands on punk is directly from the owners,

The worth of CryptoPunks has only increased over the years. The unique traits are getting increasingly scarce and fetching good money for the owners. That's why, even in 2022, it continues to be a suitable investment for NFT-enthusiasts. Considering it is not a fringe collection anymore but has got a mainstream fanbase, several derivatives have emerged.

And while they are capable of mimicking the look, they can't elicit the same emotion. In 2022, CryptoPunks would be the first to go from being a digital collector piece to mainstream art. With the current price that averages at $204,890, CryptoPunks still has the pulse on the NFT crowd.

This NFT OG will remain scarce, continues to impress the markets and is a vital part of the crypto space, making it a worthwhile investment.

The recent acquisition of Punks by the Yuga Labs will also give NFTs more utilities in the Metaverse.

Reasons to invest in CryptoPunks in 2022

  • One of the OG NFTs
  • It is a favourite among digital collectors.
  • Is crossing the boundaries of the Metaverse with physical merchandising
  • Unique pixelated arts that hold up to this day

3. Meebits: An NFT project about to open its wings under new leadership

Larva Labs, the creator of genera-defining NFT like CryptoPunks, entered the space of 3D digital arts with Meebits. And like CryptoPunks, Meebits enjoyed immense popularity among the crypto crowd. Part of it was the trust that Larva Labs have fostered with CryptoPunks.

As foreseen, the launch of Meebits was met with an epic response from the crypto-crowd.

The curiosity around this particular set of NFT was so high that two months after launch, ME #17522 sold for a whopping 1,000 ETH (2.066 million dollars), a price that we can only see as unprecedented and wild within the crypto space.

There were many red tapes involved for the NFT owners. NFT holders who wanted to leverage their Meebits beyond their crypto wallets. Necessarily, they desired to create their own line of NFTs and leverage the bits in other projects such as games or music videos.

But because of Larva Labs' inexperience in implementing the legal requirements of such utilities into the smart contract, nothing happened.

A collection of 20,000 3D characters, 1711 of whom are now under Yuga Labs, Meebits have more utility in the crypto space than its peers. It goes beyond the standard PFP, for NFT holders don't only have access to the model but also source code. It allows them to integrate their avatars into a #d modeling software. Now, after the acquisition by Yuga Labs, new contracts are in place - granting the holders power to truly leverage their Meebits freely in the crypto space.

Therefore, in 2022, we expect many Meebits derivative collections to arrive. And with the creative rights finally handed over to the owners, the digital space will now see more varieties of digital assets. Many of them would be based on Meebits, and all of them would be fun and personalized to their owners – heralding a new age of Web3.0.

Reasons to invest in Meebits in 2022

  • 3D avatars that you can readily use in the Metaverse
  • A unique NFT collection with many utilities
  • More creative freedom for the NFT owners

4. ApeGang: A rising NFT star project featuring digital apes

The Ape Gang NFT project is a collection of 10,000 pixelated apes randomly generated from different trains such as fur, eyes and fats. Made with Python and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC -721 tokens, these NFTs are enlarged by 10x times from 50x50 to 500x500 pixels, giving them a pixelated look.

Currently, the project has 60,000 followers (Twitter and Discord combined). But this small community is enthusiastically marketing the NFT project using the best advertising method there is – word of mouth.

What has Ape Gang done to cultivate such fierce loyalty? The answer lies in free stuff and rewards that members get for actively engaging with the community. One visit to their discord, and you'd find each member contributing positively to the space with their own small creations.

Another aspect that separates the apes from the rest is the storyline behind the apes. The word "Gang" is taken to heart, and these Ape "Gangsters" are vying for the control of their city: the Ape city.

Their background reads -

"Apes have watched humans live their lives. Hidden from the human eyes, these apes picked up on the human expressions, attire, work, and transport. Now, they are ready to take on the human race. To take control, they have established Ape City, a prosperous metropolis hidden in the jungle housing multiple gangs with moralities ranging from good to bad, and looks ranging from ugly to scary."

Seeing the pixelated apes would give you an idea that Ape Gang has no intention to remain a simple PFP NFT. To expand the horizons and give weight to the backstory, the developers released the Ape Gang mobile game in June 2021.

In November 2021, the developers launched Gangwars Manager, a text-based gang management game that had Ape holders use their NFTs as players to battle against each other to earn rewards and prices.

In 2022, The Ape Gang Team will take these NFTs worldwide with events in Asia, North America and Europe.

Reasons to invest in Ape Gang in 2022

  • Unique pixelated artworks
  • A loyal fanbase
  • Constant interaction with the community on discord
  • High growth potential with upcoming events

5. BitCats: NFT digital artworks suited for blockchain starters in 2022

It is not easy to see the worth of pixel art. Even though we have expressly stated the reasons why people seek it, many aren't able to see them. Therefore, heeding the call of newbie crypto investors is BitCats, a collection of 2D digital artworks featuring 81 Genesis BitCats and 1024 Gen BitCats. This collection of ERC-7721 tokens living on the Ethereum blockchain has taken a similar approach to CryptoPunks – embracing simplicity.

Even though each pixel defines a unique trait, the art is simple. While the veterans of NFT space will instantly understand its value, the newcomers will appreciate the complex work behind creating such simple artworks. These cute bit cats can be used as profile pictures as they are extremely rare within the community.

Vincent first ideated BitCats with the creation of his first BitCat NFT, the wizard. Afterwards, by learning, engaging with the community and understanding the appeal of pixel art, he launched the full catalogue in March 2021.

Fast forward to 2022, and the website has got a new look, featuring the full Genesis collection. This year, the developer is also planning to integrate Bit Cats with the Metaverse, increasing the utility of the project beyond the confines of PFP space.

Reasons to invest in BitCats NFT in 2022:

  • Interesting pixel arts
  • Beginner-friendly project
  • Dedicated developer
  • Upcoming integration to Metaverse

6. Crypto Baristas: An NFT drop for caffeine romancers

CryptoBaristas NFT worth buying

Everyone loves coffee, but some love it more than most. Imagine our surprise when we found an NFT project that caters to coffee lovers. Crypto Barista is an NFT project with digital arts depicting various characters pouring coffee. These fun loving and "funny looking" baristas take a new spin on the NFT ecosystem.

Aiming to support real-life coffee initiatives, the Crypto Baristas NFT are yearning to bring tangible change to the physical space. The developers aim to set up a real-life coffee shop in New York.

Also, the developers are leveraging this project to work for the environment.

Explicitly stating in their whitepaper that sustainable production of coffee is the reason behind the introduction of this NFT, the developers are environmentalists under the guise of NFT-developers. They are genuinely trying to bring change to this world by leveraging crypto assets.

Many have believed if used correctly, NFTs can bring tangible change to the real world. The Cofee Baristas NFT project has taken a step in this direction.

But what about the perks? What do the Crypto Barista holders get apart from being part of a sustainable project vying to create a lasting environmental impact?

The token holders will receive a lifetime discount online platform and on real-life Crypto Barista coffee shops.

Reasons to Invest in Crypto Barista NFT in 2022

  • A unique NFT project focusing on the environment
  • Has a direct way to influence the real world
  • Multiple perks for the token holders like lifetime discounts

7. Doodles: An NFT Digital Artwork Project that lets you decide its future

Doodle is a recently launched NFT project that, within a few short months, has won the hearts of many NFT watchers. The collection of a line drawn digital arts has swept people across the globe who are ranking it high on the list of top Profile Picture NFTs.

It is a collection of 10,000 artworks randomly generated by combining hundreds of unique traits. Following the steps of its predecessors such as CryptoPunks, Cool cats and BAYC, this NFT project creates special characters with multiple unique traits.

Thus, it is continually gaining traction within the crypto space. Keast, Martin and Castro are the minds behind Doodles, who launched it in Oct 2021 at a relatively high price of 0.123 ETH. After selling out the entire batch of NFTs within a few months, the developer closed the discord.

It was a decision that was met with mixed reactions from the community. But little did the crowd know that by doing so, the developers were creating an innovative way to reward early NFT adopters.

Fast forward to 2022, and now the discord is open. Now, doodles have collectors among big celebrities and NFT influencers – solidifying the NFT project as one of the biggest PFP NFTs of all time.

But what makes Doodles a good investment in 2022? The answer lies in Doodle's desire to move the community forward. Other projects claim to be putting the community's needs at the forefront. Doodles has been a community-led project from the start. The Doodle DAO allows the community to vote on the project's development, necessarily empowering the community to create a roadmap for Doodles to follow.

NFT projects such as these won't only prove lucrative for the holders, but they will empower them to decide the future of the blockchain space.

Reasons to invest in Doodles in 2022:

  • Interesting PFP NFTs
  • Empowers token holders to create the roadmap for the project’s development
  • Uniquely rewards early adopters of the NFTs.
  • One of the biggest Profile Picture NFTs of all time

8. Mutant Ape Yacht Club: A unique take on a popular existing project

Unless you've been living under a blockchain rock, you might have heard about the little NFT project called the Bored Ape Yacht Project. The number one NFT in the market, whose fanbase exists in celebrity communities with the likes of Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon, are more than happy to show off their apes.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a different take on BAYC. Aesthetically, they look the same as the apes. They have mutated into something more visceral and unique. To create your own Mutant Ape, you must expose your Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT with the vial of a mutant serum. Your Ape will transform into a new piece of digital artwork, taking on unique mutations that will solidify the uniqueness of your Ape even more.

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club, MAYC, is a collection of 20,000 NFTs that non-BAYC owners can also mint via public sale. But keep in mind that like BAYC, MAYC is ridiculously expensive. There are many apes in the Opensea that are selling at 20ETH, giving one Ape the price of $65,000 (approximately).

That being said, MAYC is still trying to find its footing. In addition to being new, it is also expensive. That's why many crypto-guys are choosing more lucrative – and less pricey – NFT projects. But because of the project's association with a Bored Ape Yacht Club, it has a wave of hype around it. We estimate that its popularity within the space will only grow with time.

Reasons to invest in Mutant Ape Yacht Club in 2022

  • It is a project of Yuga Labs, the guys behind BAYC, the world’s number one NFT.
  • It follows the same roadmap as BAYC and will enter the Metaverse.
  • It adds more uniqueness to the current batch of apes.
  • It allows current Ape holders to mutate their NFTs.
  • It can fetch a good price on the secondary NFT marketplaces.

9. PsychoKitties: An NFT rumored to bring a new era of digital artwork

PsychoKitties is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated metaverse characters with varying traits like background, body, clothes, mouth, nose, eyes and hat. From the marketing standpoint alone, this NFT is creating more buzz in the crypto space than anyone in 2022.

Quirkiness is the word that comes to mind when we look at these artworks. It is expected, considering it has been created by Ugonzo, one of the most renowned psychedelic artists worldwide. Each Kittie is "high", sometimes drooling, sometimes looking at the space, but always wearing attire and gadgets inspired by Cyberpunk.

But Kitty's uniqueness doesn't end here. Because the entire artwork is psychedelic, the traits are more diverse, giving true uniqueness to each artwork.

Ugonzo's last NFT collection was sold out within 89 seconds. And currently, the most expensive Kitty is worth $250,000.

Amongst many crypto-speakers on YouTube, PsychoKitties is growing up to be a money-making NFT. People are flipping these unique digital artworks on the OpenSea, making lucrative profits by doing so.

The perks of PsychoKitties do not end here. The project contains multiple rewards for the holders, including raffles, access to special events and more.

Reasons to invest in PsychoKitties in 2022

  • It is unique artwork with versatile traits.
  • It is backed by a renowned psychedelic artist.
  • It has appreciators among celebrities.
  • The unique traits of PsychoKitties make them excellent as PFP NFTs.

10. WomenRise: A Women-led NFT project bringing feminist ideals to the Metaverse

Women Rise NFT is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated art pieces whose diverse traits go beyond the norms of colour. Each NFT represents women from various professions, from coders to artists to scientists and more.

Aimed at bringing inclusivity to the NFT space, WomenRise has many crypto-traders watching it closely. Many call it the project that adds a flare of diversity to the blockchain space.

These digital artworks comprise 453 hand-drawn traits consisting of 123 backgrounds, 80 cloths, 39 skins, 7 badges, 224 makeups, 32 accessories, 22 Eyes, 17 lips, 82 hairstyles, and 25 scarfs.

This NFT project celebrates global women and has been the flagbearer of feminism in the blockchain.

Reasons to invest in WomenRise in 2022

  • It is a more inclusive NFT project.
  • Dedicated community
  • It is an NFT project with a purpose.
  • Growth potential is high in 2022
  • Backed by a renowned visual artist – Maliha Abidi

Why do simple NFT Digital arts get so much attention from the crypto crowd?

The NFT space is full of a variety of digital artists, many of whom are working day and night to create life-like art pieces and storing them in the Ethereum blockchain as NFTs. But, whenever there is a pixelated project on the scene, a feverish mania surrounds crypto-enthusiasts, leading to millions of dollars worth of profits within hours (sometimes minutes) after launch.

Why is that? Like the concept of blockchain itself, the reason behind this phenomenon is led by the whims of the community and the emotions of its members.

  1. Pixel artworks set the precedence: CryptoPunks, forefathers of the Digital Art NFTs, changed everything. It laid the foundation of a phenomenon that defined and will continue to define the crypto space for years to come.
  2. Pixelated arts tap into the nostalgic factor: Pixelated artworks have a way of taking us back to the simpler times of gaming when hours of clearing levels on arcades like Mario, Aladdin and other arcades made us happy. The old school games banked upon hardcore storytelling and players' ability to connect with pixelated characters for their success. Pixelated NFTs are doing the same and are winning.
  3. The randomized traits of digital artwork are valuable: NFT digital artworks have randomized features. The scarcity of these traits dictates the price of the NFT. But that's not all. Every feature gives the art a new level of uniqueness – making it memorable even when looking a bit simple. Such simplicity is what the crypto community craves. It wants to invest in artworks that the members can one day create themselves. The collective creativity of the community members pushes the NFT projects even more.

Digital Art NFTs aren't seen as a mere investment but as owning a piece of history within the blockchain space. Therefore, the prices of NFT digital arts tend to inflate a lot more than its competitors.

What to consider before investing in NFT digital arts?

Every NFT project launches with a high level of advertisement, all claiming to create a community around the Non-Fungible Tokens - promising a continuous flow of rewards. But much of this is nothing more than "marketing hype" aiming to create a rewarding narrative.

Over the past months, more than a few new NFT projects have emerged whose developers disappear after the sale of those projects. With no one to bolster the community around the NFT arts, the project deteriorates, and its price drops.

Therefore, make sure to get the lay of the land by taking the following points into account before investing in NFTs:

  1. Know the team: While NFT newbies should have a chance to shine in NFT-space, as an investor, you should look at this matter pragmatically. Therefore, learn who is behind the project before deciding to invest.
  2. Know the project's traction: Even though crypto assets are volatile, their prices are determined by the community's interest. Therefore, keep an eye on the traction.
  3. Know the project's longevity: Buying an NFT at its minting phase is suitable for the project but might not be for you. Wait for a bit. Look at the graphs. And, if it sustains for more than a couple of weeks, invest.
  4. Know the community: An engaging community is the core reason behind the success of any project. Without it, an NFT can't persist for long. Keep an eye on the community and discern how engaging it is. And if you see the project has its community's strength, don't be scared to put in your investment.

Learning before investing is how you win while trading in the crypto-space.


NFT projects are always coming up with new ways to engage the community. Some take the standard approach of brilliant artworks by brilliant artists; others put community needs at the forefront. But all among them focus on rewarding the Crypto holders. It has been true for the NFT OGs like CryptoPunks and will be true for social-media-based NFTs like Yubo Randos.

The year 2022 has seen many ups and downs in the blockchain sector, but it is persisting. And it will continue to do so. But that grit can only last if you wisely choose the projects worth your money. NFT artworks aren't only for storing in your wallet or using as profile pictures on your social media . They are investments that return 100x gains if you pick the right one at the right time.