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How to Buy Lucky Block Coin

The online gambling industry has boomed in the past decade, with over $50 billion in total value locked (TVL). Blockchain technology is also filtering into the online lottery service and smart contract protocol Lucky Block leads this growing niche. This guide will show you how to buy Lucky Block coin and where you can buy the Lucky Block crypto.
LuckyBlock crypto
LuckyBlock crypto

Here are a few key details on what Lucky Block aims to do and what the crypto project is all about.

  • Online gambling has continued to shoot up in value, and the global pandemic has lent its more popularity among several users.
  • Lucky Block is an online lottery service that uses blockchain tech to enable transparent and fair gameplay, faster payout processes, and a solid investment strategy.
  • Players have better odds at winning and are not geographically restricted from entering the lottery game space.
  • Lucky Block is a fast-growing BSC-based project, and you can easily buy the LB token at the presale price.

How to Buy Lucky Block – Quick Steps

If you want to easily and quickly buy Lucky Block coin in a matter of minutes, then you can follow these quick-fire steps to get started.

  1. Download Wallet – Download either Trust Wallet or MetaMask to store your funds.
  2. Buy BNB – Buy discount token Binance Coin on either Binance exchange or any other Bitcoin that offers BNB.
  3. Connect your Wallet – Click on ‘Unlock Wallet’ to select a wallet to buy a Lucky Block coin.
  4. Buy Lucky Block – Once you have connected your wallet, insert how much Lucky Block coin you want to buy in BNB and click on ‘Buy Now’ to complete the purchase process.

How to Buy Lucky Block Crypto Tutorial

Lucky Block is a revolutionary solution in the online lottery ecosystem, and investors are currently snapping up LB coins through its ongoing presale. Purchase can either be done on the Lucky Block website or through the Telegram channel. To do either, follow the steps highlighted below:

1. Download Wallet

Buy Lucky Block coin

The first step in buying Lucky Block crypto is to download a crypto wallet if you do not already have one. The most popular is Ethereum-based MetaMask which will securely store and safeguard all your crypto funds. Another popular choice is Binance-owned Trust Wallet, which operates as a decentralised applications (dApp) browser.

These crypto wallets are free, and you can either download them for your Android or iOS devices or use a browser extension.

2. Buy Binance Coin (BNB)

Discount token Binance Coin is the preferred crypto mode of payment for the Lucky Block coin, so you will need to own some BNBs to buy Lucky Block token. Several platforms support BNB, and you can use any of them for the purchase. The principal platform to use is the Binance exchange. You can also buy BNB on trusted crypto broker eToro and transfer to your wallet.

3. Connect Wallet

The next step will be to head over to the Lucky Block website to connect your wallet. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ to open the purchase page and click on ‘Unlock Wallet’ to choose a preferred crypto wallet solution. Link your crypto wallet to buy Lucky Block coin.

4. Buy Lucky Block coin

Once your wallet is duly funded, you can insert the amount you want to purchase. The minimum BNB is pegged at 0.16 BNB, while the maximum BNB contribution is pegged at 400.

Follow the succeeding onscreen instructions on the Lucky Block website to complete the purchase. The equivalent value of Lucky Block coins will be deposited into your crypto wallet within minutes.

Where To Buy Lucky Block Coin?

Lucky Block coin is not yet listed on popular exchanges as the digital asset is still in the presale phase. However, you can expect that Lucky Block will be listed on many popular exchanges once the presale stage is over because the token has huge use cases.

Some of the exchanges where to buy Lucky Block coin include:

  1. PancakeSwap – Top Destination For Newly Launched Crypto Projects
  2. Kucoin – Top Platform For Digital Asset Variety
  3. Binance – World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange

1. PancakeSwap – Top Destination For Newly Launched Crypto Projects

PancakeSwap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) launched in September 2020, where you can buy the Lucky Block coin.

PancakeSwap allows the swapping of BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap, is an automated market maker (AMM), meaning that the exchange uses liquidity pools rather than order books.

These pools are filled with funds from users. Users deposit their funds into the pool and receive a liquidity token in return. These tokens can be used to reclaim their share and earn rewards on the platform.

PancakeSwap has over 2.8 million users. Users can trade almost any token without going through any know-your-customer (KYC) registration procedures.

Trades are completed in seconds on the platform; all that is required is to connect your wallet to PancakeSwap. The decentralised exchange does not hold your funds, allowing you to retain complete ownership of your crypto assets.

On PancakeSwap, you can make your crypto work for you by simply adding to the liquidity supply on the exchange. PancakeSwap helps users make the most out of their crypto assets in three ways: trade, earn and win.

The fees charged on PancakeSwap are much lower because the DEX protocol runs on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain that has lower fees when compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin.

On PancakeSwap, users have the opportunity of buying digital assets in their early phase, thus paying very little for them in the process before they get listed on many other exchanges when the price has rallied.

This platform is a good place for smart investors who buy digital assets early, wait for the price to rally before selling for huge profits margins.

Aside from enabling token swaps and earning rewards, PancakeSwap runs a lottery service for investors, with the lucky winner getting a commensurate amount of utility token CAKE.

Also, the AMM platform recently tapped into the non-fungible token (NFT) sub-sector and currently runs an NFT marketplace for investors keen on adding to their digital collectibles.


  • Low fees
  • Buy crypto assets at low prices
  • Invest in early projects
  • Earn for providing liquidity
  • Access to digital collectibles and lottery services


  • Many unpopular projects listed
  • Kucoin – Top Platform For Digital Asset Variety

68% of retail investor accounts lose money. Invest responsibly.

2. Kucoin – Top Platform For Digital Asset Variety

Kucoin is another top place where to buy Lucky Block coin when the digital token is launched. KuCoin exchange was launched in September 2017 and is headquartered in Seychelles.

The platform provides an exchange service for users to conduct digital asset transactions securely and efficiently. There are over 500+ coins available on Kucoin.

The firm prides itself as ‘the people’s exchange’, and is available in over 200 countries, boasting 10 million global investors.

Kucoin also has a native token called KuCoin Token (KCS). The ‘people’s exchange’ offers support for over 50 fiat currencies via the peer-to-peer (P2P) market and the credit/debit card channel.

Deposits on Kucoin are free, but withdrawal fees vary, depending on the token. Kucoin is a popular choice among several investors looking to enter the crypto market and currently has a daily transaction volume of $2.2 billion, and is the 5th most popular Bitcoin exchange per trading volume.


  • Wide varieties of coins are available
  • Offers user-friendly interface
  • Trusted crypto brand
  • Multiple everyday payment solutions


  • Susceptible to attacks

3. Binance – World’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Binance logo

Binance is a top-rated crypto exchange founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. Since its launch, Binance has grown in leaps and bounds and has established itself as the number one ranking crypto exchange globally based on trading volume.

Binance has over 500 crypto assets listed and hundreds of trading pairs. The crypto exchange is well-secured and trusted by many investors.

Deposit on Binance are free, while withdrawal fees vary. However, users can enjoy a 25% discount in fees when they trade using the Binance native token, BNB. The minimum trade on Binance is pegged at $10.

Binance has a lot of training resources ranging from videos, blog posts, charts, and other analytical tools that make trading great for both new and experienced traders.

Alongside this, the top Bitcoin exchange is notable for its innovative services for both retail and institutional investors. One of such is its ‘Earn’ program, the hottest passive income program in the crypto scene.

This income program is largely due to the high reward ratio and the large number of tokens investors can earn from.

Investors can choose between regular savings split into flexible and locked or decentralised finance (DeFi) staking, which is riskier but has higher rewards. Binance is a good platform to buy the Lucky Block coin once it is launched.


  • Great users interface
  • Large library of altcoins available for trading
  • Great learning resources
  • Trusted crypto brand
  • High liquidity
  • Top spot for best-performing crypto assets
  • Great platform for passive income generation


  • Not regulated

What is Lucky Block Crypto?

Lucky Block is a blockchain-based platform for decentralised gaming apps based on random number generation, transparent gameplay, payout mechanisms, and cross-game asset exchange.

The Lucky Block platform uses a decentralised smart contract framework to ensure that random number generation, calculations, rewards, and fund distribution are all done fairly.

LuckyBlock Lottery

The Lucky Block designers stated their belief that the lottery should not be confined geographically or related to local banking systems.

Instead, they’re focusing on increasing game transparency and fairness by developing a lottery where every participant has a higher chance of winning and offering a strong investment plan for token holders and contributing to the community.

General lottery chances are stacked excessively high, and because they are centralised, participants have no way of knowing where their money is going.

Furthermore, platforms hosted on a centralised server are prone to hacking, whilst physical systems are more likely to be subjected to ‘fixing’ or game rigging.  Because Lucky Block is decentralised, every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, allowing for more transparency.

LuckyBlock shortens draw periods and allows numerous drawings each day, thereby increasing players’ chances of winning while cutting lottery costs.

Due to the utilisation of distributed ledger technology (DLT), the blockchain enables speedier, if not instant, prize payouts and comprehensive monitoring and record-keeping, regardless of the magnitude of the gains.

To allow early adopters to get in at a discounted rate, 32.5 billion tokens will be accessible until February 1, 2022. Lucky Block will use a one-year smart contract lock-up to allocate 20-25% of the presale launch profits to the liquidity pool.

When the prize is delivered, 70% of the money goes to the winners, with the remaining 30% going to token holders, Lucky Block, and charity.

To purchase Lucky Block cryptocurrency, you must first link your wallet to the site. Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the popular low-cost decentralised application (dApp) facilitator, was used to create Lucky Block Crypto. As a result, Trust Wallet is the most appropriate wallet. You can also explore other options like MetaMask and Wallet Connect.

After you’ve completed this step, you can purchase as many tokens as you desire. The current price of One Lucky Block is $0.00015. You get 3.7 million Lucky Block tokens in exchange for 1 BNB.

Lucky Block has teamed up with Finixio, a European marketing powerhouse, to generate the necessary buzz for this product. Finixio is a media firm based in London that operates leading comparison brands and software solutions in the realms of cryptocurrencies, trading, and personal finance.

Why Buy Lucky Block Coin?

Lucky Block coin is currently in a presale phase, and many traders are encouraged to invest in this cryptocurrency. Lucky Block coin promises to solve many problems that plague the present lottery systems.

This will undoubtedly attract many lottery players buying into this coin leading to an increase in the value. Listed below are a few reasons why investors should buy Lucky Block Coin:

1. Prevention of data loss

This is a prevalent issue with today’s lottery systems. The online approach uses a centralised database, whereas the manual system uses a piece of paper. The loss of data is irreversible if the servers or tickets are destroyed.

The Lucky Block Coin, based on blockchain technology and a decentralised database system, easily solves this since data is recorded on numerous computers on the network when signed in as a block. Winners will receive their prizes more easily and quickly with more secure data.

2. Prevention of data manipulation

Lotteries hosted on a single server are vulnerable to hacking, allowing fraudsters to alter data. There have also been reports of fixing or manipulation in the physical lottery.

The Lucky Block smart contract protocol uses blockchain technology to ensure that data is correctly documented. Data is assured to remain unmodified since it is recorded as blocks on a database dispersed across several machines.

3. Unbiased Grant System

Lottery corporations choose which initiatives or causes receive lottery funding under the general lottery system. Bias is frequently used to support projects, and often, deserving causes are kicked to the curb. Numerous gamers worldwide will actively determine which charity will receive the lottery prize by using the voting tool on Lucky Blockchain.

Fairness and honesty are ensured as a result of this. This way, every lottery player gets the opportunity to vote in the cause they feel should receive the needed grants, thereby enabling equal and fair distribution of funds.

4. Swift payment of winnings

Unlike other lottery setups where giving out winnings is frequently a painstaking process, payout processes are readily validated and handed out quickly using Lucky Block currency. These payments are monitored and documented thanks to blockchain technology.

5. A higher number of Draws

Unlike existing lottery systems, which hold drawings on specified days of the week, Lucky Block Coin will shorten the time between draws, allowing for numerous draws per day. Players’ chances of winning the lottery are increased due to this. As a result, investing in Lucky Block Crypto increases your chances of winning the lottery.

Lucky Block Price

Lucky Block is still at the presale stage and has not been listed yet. However, Lucky Block price has great potential to become a great success.

Lucky Block foresees a global lottery system that will be operational on the Binance smart chain (BSC) with players using Blockchain Protocols.

Developers of the crypto asset aim to employ blockchain technology to bring in more transparency and fairness in lottery games, thereby eliminating any chance of cheating or ‘fixing’ in lottery games.

With the introduction of blockchain to lottery games, geographical location or local financial systems will no longer be a hindrance or barrier in playing lottery games.

With this innovation, anyone anywhere in the world can participate in lottery games and get paid in crypto or the fiat currency of their choice. These innovations will likely cause the Lucky Block price to rally when the coin launches.

Lucky Block Coin Price Prediction

The focus of Lucky Block crypto is the creation of a lottery where every player is guaranteed better winning odds and a solid investment opportunity for token holders.

Withdrawal of winnings in traditional lotteries can be a slow process because of the requirements like paperwork, administration fees, and bank transfers. Also, if a player loses their ticket, the player would not be able to redeem their prize.

However, with blockchain technology, Lucky Block will process instant pay-out, and all records will be safely and securely kept with distributed ledger technologies, thereby eliminating loss of earnings/rewards because of ticket loss.

Traditional lotteries cannot offer bigger winning odds partly due to the running cost, cost of equipment, and staff.

However, Lucky Block can dish out big winning odds because blockchain technology drastically reduces the running cost of lotteries.

These are pointers that Lucky Block price is expected to do well and gain ground in the crypto market in the coming years.

Forecast figures about Block price prediction are still largely unknown, but the Lucky Block price may likely rally a significant figure once the presale period ends and hits the popular crypto mainstream channels.


With the ease of access that online platforms give, online gambling has expanded tremendously in the last five years. It’s no surprise that these extremely profitable platforms and websites have been rapidly developing.

Lucky Block, a new blockchain project based in this niche, envisions a global lottery in which players utilise blockchain protocols to participate and win lotteries.

The Binance Smart Chain will host Lucky Block’s blockchain-based lottery. The platform decentralises gaming services that aren’t bound to local banking systems or restricted by player demography.

The new digital asset holds so much potential to bridge the gap between gambling and the expanding crypto market. The best time to get a hold of this phenomenal token is now during its presale event.

The Lucky Block presale went live on December 1 and would run until February 1 next year. Visit the lucky block official website and take advantage of their offerings for a chance to own a portion of the revolutionary token.


What Is Lucky Block Crypto?

Lucky Block promotes itself as a blockchain-based platform for decentralised gaming apps based on random number generation, transparent gameplay, payout systems, and cross-game asset trading. The Lucky Block platform uses a decentralised smart contract framework to ensure that random number generation, computations, rewards, and fund distribution are all done fairly.

How Do I Get Lucky Block Coin?

The Trust Wallet is the greatest alternative for this purpose since LuckyBlock runs on the Binance Smart Chain. You can get it on the play store or iOS App store if you don't already have Trust Wallet on your smartphone. To buy Lucky Block coin, you will need to own BNB, which you can buy on Binance exchange or other trading platforms.

Is Lucky Block a Good Investment?

Yes, Lucky Block is a good investment given its use of smart contracts to validate and randomly generate winning numbers, the digital asset is seen by many as the new face for the lottery business. This gives the protocol a first-mover advantage and early investment in the Lucky Block coin can lead to major gains once the digital asset lists on popular exchanges.

Where Can I Buy Lucky Block?

Currently, you can buy Lucky Block crypto during the ongoing presale via their official website or on popular exchange platforms like Coinmarketcap, coingecko and pancake swap when the digital asset is listed in the first quarter of the coming year.