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How to Buy Launchpad XYZ – LPX Token Presale

LPX coin
LPX coin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

While the public has started to become aware of Web 3, few are making the transition to it due to the technical knowledge required. Aiming to solve this “fracture in the Web 3 market,” the Launchpad crypto project uses a “human approach” to create a humanized, curated protocol that gives people access to the best new projects in the Web 3 space.

Everything from NFTs to P2E games will be accessible through the Launchpad XYZ project. Its new Web 3 venture seeks to help industries onboard the next 10 million Web 3 users by giving them what they need to proceed to the third iteration of the internet – knowledge.

In this guide, we cover how to buy the native Launchpad crypto asset – LPX token –  and what it has to offer to potentially make it one of the next big cryptos on the market.

How to Buy LPX Token – Steps

Launchpad has just recently started its presale, and some analysts have tipped it for success. There are ten stages to the presale, with the presale launch price set at $0.035 and the launch price set at $0.070. That means those who invest now have a chance to make 2x gains even before the token’s first listing. Here are the steps to buy LPX token via the presale:

  1. Go to the Official Website – Head over to, the official website of the project (beware of fake sites).
  2. Connect your wallet – Connect a wallet to get started – common options are a MetaMask or Trust wallet, but the website also lets you choose between 41 other wallet options.
  3. Buy Launchpad – $LPX, the native token of Launchpad, is an ERC-20 token that you can swap USDT or ETH for. The platform also provides a fiat option for those who wish to buy tokens using a card.
  4. Claim your Tokens – Once you buy Launchpad tokens, they will be reserved to your wallet address. And when the token generation event arrives, you can claim these tokens.

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What is the Launchpad XYZ Project?

There has been a lot of talk about Web 3 and how it makes the internet ownable by individuals, giving them complete autonomy over their content. As amazing as this prospect is, it doesn’t reach out to everyone. The technical jargon, the technical knowledge, and the lack of human element has made the concept of Web 3 – as popular as it is – a thing of novelty.

Launchpad crypto presale

The Launchpad crypto project, also known as referring to its website domain, states it is setting out to fix this issue by adding a human element to it. The official whitepaper of this project states that Launchpad is a humanized, curated portal that makes the best Web 3 project accessible to everyone. The project seeks to provide an unbiased window into what Web 3 can do for people who are still bound inside the Web 2 space.

At the core of this project is a Web 3 wallet address. Believing that a Web 3 wallet address will “become the new standard for digital identity”, Launchpad seeks to create the easiest wallet for Web 3 newcomers.

Bridging the Gap Between Web 2 and Web 3

The project promises to deliver people a bridge between Web 2 and Web 3, through which they can access all the goodness that comes with the power of validated data and immutable brands. Taking this approach, Launchpad seeks to onboard the next 10 million users to Web 3 by providing them with all the knowledge and tools necessary to interact with the current infrastructure.

Launchpad seeks to create a platform where “everything is in one place” to catalyze mass adoption of Web 3. On this platform, people will get access to all the tools related to Web 3 related to their interests. With no need to visit separate platforms to interact with the different attributes of a Web 3 ecosystem, users will be able to embrace this new internet without any friction.

The project is set to feature multiple platforms, including NFTs, fractionalized assets, utility tokens, Web 3 presales, P2E hubs, and others that deconstruct further in this guide as it gives our own analysis of this project.

How to Buy Launchpad Token – Complete Guide

Launchpad offers an easy-to-access widget for you to participate in the $LPX token presale. Here are the steps to follow before you get started:

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website

Head over to, the only official website of the Launchpad crypto project. The project has only recently launched, and many copycats have emerged already with fake PPC adverts. Then start the next step – which is connecting your wallet.

Buy Launchpad

No Launchpad project admins will ever ask for your seed phrase, or to ‘validate your wallet’ – also be aware of impersonators. Admins don’t send unsolicited DMs.

Step 2 – Connect a Wallet

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your wallet. You can choose the Metamask wallet as it is the first option. But if you are on the desktop, you can click on Wallet Connect to scan the bar code with your wallet. That said, there are 41 wallets supported by the platform, including Zerion, Ledger, Tokenry, SecuX, Verso, Embedded, Crossmint, Infinity, and more.

Step 3 – Swap ETH / USDT / Fiat for $LPX Tokens

Launchpad has taken an inclusive route when it comes to letting people buy tokens. You can go with the standard fiat methods if you choose. But for that as well, you must connect your wallet, and after selecting the card option, complete the order.

You can also buy $LPX with USDT, ETH, and support for BNB is also being added. Make sure you have one of these tokens in your wallets beforehand. Visit eToro to buy ETH or BNB using fiat, a regulated crypto trading platform open to the US, UK and most countries globally.

Step 4 – Claim $LPX Tokens at the Token Generation Event

Once you buy Launchpad tokens, they will be reserved under your wallet’s name. And when the token generation event takes place at the end of the presale, you can claim your tokens by clicking on the “Claim” button on the screen once visible.

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Launchpad Crypto Project Analysis

Web 3, as a concept, became vogue as soon as Polkadot founder and Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood came up with the term to describe a “decentralized online ecosystem”. But it wasn’t until 2021, during Bitcoin’s biggest bull run, that this term captured the imagination inside and outside the crypto space.

“Owning a piece of the internet,” where you would have full autonomy of your content, is an attractive thing in this censor-heavy era where differing opinions are often suppressed. And Web 3 has also provided a way for people to deal with the lack of ownership over their online content. However, this concept hasn’t been communicated properly to the public.

While many people are asking about it, few have an answer in simple terms. And the tech-heavy scenario that Web 3 is embroiled in is acting as a bottleneck to participation. That is where Launchpad is here to make a difference.

Launchpad platform

Launchpad aims to act as a bridge between Web 2 and Web 3 by providing users with all the tools they need to learn about the third iteration of the Internet. The project also aims to provide a central portal that individuals can use to identify decentralized projects of their interest and interact with them with as little friction as possible.

And since Launchpad focuses on bringing all features together onto a single platform, here are the different features that it will entail.

Non-Fungible Tokens

2021 was ruled by Non-Fungible Tokens. But they started out more or less as novelty purchases and fostered an economy that came to a standstill after the arrival of 2022’s bear market. With over a 150% loss of interest in NFTs, devs have no choice but to introduce new NFTs with better utilities and more focus on value.

Launchpad will cater to these types of tokens and allow users to engage with the NFT economy.

  1. Users will able to use Launchpad to access NFTs listed on other marketplaces
  2. NFTs that are in vogue and are generating the most value will be available to them in real-time, along with the price trends of these NFTs
  3. The platform will provide enough information to help investors choose the best NFTs to buy with the largest potential
  4. Users will be able to upload their own NFTs and curate them inside an NFT gallery
  5. Holders will get access to exclusive deals if they list, stake, or custody high-end, blue-chip NFTs, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  6. The platform will assess NFTs using Launchpad Quotient – a metric that uses 400 data points to assess the true value of a project

Launchpad Quotient

Launchpad has come up with a unique indicator known as Launchpad Quotient. This unique metric is able to discern the value of a crypto asset, whether it be cryptocurrency or an NFT, by using up to 400 data points. They include moving averages, volumes, sentiments, and other indicators.

All cryptocurrency assets are assessed using this metric based on data that Launchpad updates and refresh in real-time continuously. The platform is also using a Bespoke AI model to ascertain emerging patterns and alert users when an asset move into their risk profile.

Utility Tokens

The crypto winter has led to the emergence of many utility tokens that aim to provide customers with more value. Launchpad will have a feature that will help users keep an eye on these tokens and stay informed about them. Facilitating that will be in-depth information about these crypto assets.

Launchpad will also provide user info about the exchange that has the best liquidity and the best opportunities for arbitrage to make the most gains. Users will also be able to compare DEX and CEX utilities and get access to trading insights from top traders.

Furthermore, Launchpad will feature indicators for technical analysis that will provide detailed information about a utility asset’s revenue model.

Crypto Presales

Crypto presales are how you maximize your earning potential in the crypto space by becoming an early mover. Presales allow you to get tokens at a discount, and since many presales happen in stages, you can make gains from stage appreciation even before the token generation event.

That said, finding the right presales to participate in is a challenge – one that Launchpad is attempting to fix. With Launchpad, users will be able to stake $LPX tokens to get participation allowance into certain presales. These presale tokens will be accessible through the Launchpad wallet.

Launchpad Wallet

Launchpad Wallet is a beginner-friendly wallet that will allow beginners to interact easily with the Web 3 space. People will be able to sign up using this wallet by only using their email addresses or mobile numbers.

And when it comes to utilities, the Launchpad wallet will feature all perks that come with standard wallets, but only better. Those will include swapping, self-custody of assets, interacting with decentralized applications, signing into Web 3 services, and browsing Web 3 experiences.

AI Search

2022 has seen people bull-rushing into new AI concepts and technologies, and the Web 3 world is also taking notice. Launchpad will allow users to find big opportunities in Web 3 using an AI-enabled technology that will use large language models and natural language to find quantifiable results.

These results will be sharable across social media – which would further increase the level of engagement people have about crypto.

Decentralized Exchange

DEXs – Decentralized Exchanges – are better than standard trading platforms. They allow users to interact with the cryptocurrency market anonymously. But the current DEX standards don’t allow for much flexibility. They are hard to understand, and beginners can’t interact with them properly.

Launchpad will launch its own decentralized exchange that will feature hundreds of asset pairs – including perpetual contracts on selected pairs.

Users will only need to pay a nominal fee for trading, which they can reduce by staking $LPX tokens.


NFT DEX is a novel concept. It isn’t very popular, and not many people are privy to its offerings. Launchpad will be offering an NFT decentralized exchange that will allow for the P2P trading of NFTs. It would work in a fashion similar to standard DEX and will also include its perks. For instance, users will be able to reduce their fees by staking $LPX tokens.

P2E Hub and Metaverse Experience Library

The Play-to-Earn space has started to grow now that the community is slowly putting more fun games forward. Launchpad will allow users to gain access to an extensive selection of games that will be categorized based on earning potential and fun factors.

The project will also provide a Metaverse Experience Library. that will allow users to browse through all the Metaverse platforms launched through the Launchpad. The Library will also have a filter, allowing users to find a project that matches their requirements.

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Launchpad Tokenomics

Powering the Launchpad ecosystem is the web 3 crypto, $LPX. It is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1 billion. 25% of this token has been dedicated to the presale, according to the platform’s whitepaper.

Launchpad tokenomics

The breakdown of the remaining tokens is as follows.

  1. 125 million goes to the team
  2. 150 million is for user acquisition and marketing
  3. 400 million is for the development of the platform
  4. And the final 100 million will go into the market making

$LPX has multiple utilities, including interacting with the different utilities of the Launchpad ecosystem and staking.

Those who stake an average of 10k $LPX tokens monthly will get access to the following perks.

  1. Discount on fee when trading on DEX and NFT DEX
  2. Access to Whitelist spot on NFT mints
  3. Access to a large number of presales
  4. Partner discounts
  5. Access to the beta version of the P2E hub
  6. Community prestige badges to interact with the ecosystem

Launchpad Presale Analysis

Launchpad has dedicated 250 million tokens to a 10-staged presale. Here is the breakdown of the presale.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens USD Value Price Step Raised Totals
Stage 1 Price $0.035000 10.0% 25,000,000 $875,000 $875,000
Stage 2 Price $0.037500 10.0% 25,000,000 $937,500 $0.002500 $1,812,500
Stage 3 Price $0.040000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,000,000 $0.002500 $2,812,500
Stage 4 Price $0.042500 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,062,500 $0.002500 $3,875,000
Stage 5 Price $0.045000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,125,000 $0.002500 $5,000,000
Stage 6 Price $0.050000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,250,000 $0.005000 $6,250,000
Stage 7 Price $0.055000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,375,000 $0.005000 $7,625,000
Stage 8 Price $0.060000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,500,000 $0.005000 $9,125,000
Stage 9 Price $0.065000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,625,000 $0.005000 $10,750,000
Stage 10 Price $0.070000 10.0% 25,000,000 $1,750,000 $0.005000 $12,500,000
100% 250,000,000 $12,500,000

The presale has a hard cap of $12.5 million and a soft cap of five million. The listing price has been set at $0.070, and the first stage price is $0.035. That means those who buy Launchpad now will 2x their ROI if they participate in the presale today.

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Launchpad Roadmap

Launchpad features a well-thought-out roadmap that combines realistic expectations with the developer’s ability to deliver. There is a breakdown of the same roadmap.

Q2 2023

The token contract was developed during the first quarter of 2023. Then, an Inside Edge Newsletter was published, followed by the launch of news and signals telegram. A Web 3 wallet and profile were then created soon after.

Q3 2023

Launchpad hopes to begin and close out the presale during the third quarter alone. That is possible considering the possibilities of this project. A launchpad feed will be launched. The developers will also focus parallel on a token directory, metaverse library, NFT directory, and the gaming hub.

Q4 2023

The last quarter of 2023 will see the complete development of the project’s roadmap. And all the features featuring the $LPX tokens will be unlocked. Also, people will have the first look at a presale directory, and Launchpad will also launch an educational platform.

Q1 2024

Launchpad Quotient, the metric that measures the performance and value of crypto assets, will be revealed to the public. The AI search module and the trading terminal will also come to fruition.

Q2 2024

The second quarter of 2023 will witness the launch of the first-of-its-kind NFT DEX.

Q3 2024

Additional developments concerned with fractionalized asset creation and exchange will happen during the third quarter of 2024. Also see our LPX coin price predictions.

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Is LPX Token a Good Investment?

Launchpad is an all-encompassing cryptocurrency project meant to help people interact with the offerings of the Web 3 space easily. And for that, it hits all the spots from NFTs to DEX to Metaverse.

But this project might seem too ambitious to some. There have been many cryptocurrency projects in the past that have used words like “inclusivity” and the “ease of access” as buzzwords and have failed to deliver on their promises. So, what makes Launchpad any different from them?

Can it deliver? And is Launchpad a good investment? Yes, it is, and here are the points to know about it.

Focus on All the Pain Points of the Current Web 3 Space

Web 3 is a fashionable concept, but many projects are so focused on it that they don’t understand that most of the technical community has no idea what it means. Launchpad is coming up with a human solution to this issue. It rightly addresses all the pain points of the current space and answers them in simple language.

Yes, we need inclusivity, but that means access to educational platforms and utilities that people can interact with easily, for that is the only way to increase Web 3 and crypto adoption. Launchpad has come up with a simple solution for this issue – an all-in-one platform that lets people pick and choose what they want from Web 3. That level of customization makes the entire blockchain concept more palatable to a common person – which will bring positive news for the cryptocurrency space.

Simplifying Web 3

Web 3 has been an appealing concept that has also vexed many. But with Launchpad’s all-in-one platform, users will be able to find and interact with all features of Web 3, from cryptocurrency trading to NFT trading to creation, in one place.

The site is also set to provide users with learning and understanding of the blockchain ecosystem using in-depth analytics and insights from news and market sentiments.

One Metric to Find Out the Community’s Sentiment About an Asset

Since cryptocurrencies don’t follow the traditional patterns of the market, people must look at different platforms to gauge an asset’s true value. But with Launchpad, users will be able to discern an asset’s value by looking at their LQ (Launchpad Quotient), which is an easy-to-understand format that combines over 400 data points to give users access to what’s hot on the market.

A Diverse Team

Backing this cryptocurrency project is a diverse team of professionals that focus on creativity and efficiency. These include Terence Ribuado, a CEO with over a decade of experience in Web 3, Alexis Garcia, the Chief Operating Officer of the team, and other professionals with experience from various market verticals.

A dynamic team is necessary for a project like Launchpad to prosper. In that regard, at least, Launchpad has already put the right foot forward. So, if you want to place your bets on a project where you can hold the devs accountable, you should buy Launchpad.

Focus on AI

Artificial Intelligence has experienced major tailwinds of growth as a vertical over the last quarter of 2022, and that continues to happen in 2024. Launchpad’s AI search module might look like a single search bar understanding different language models to give appropriate answers, but it has long-term implications for a market that wants to access information quickly and into digestible bits.


We have covered all the different aspects of Launchpad in this guide. You now know how to buy LPX token via the presale and how this project might redefine how people learn about Web 3.

Overall, Launchpad is a high potential cryptocurrency project to consider. Being an ERC-20 token already makes it a green crypto, and since it encompasses everything Web 3 has to offer, people might not need to look at multiple resources to learn about blockchain in the coming days, which could give it an edge in the industry.

Update – the LPX token sale raised $150,000 within minutes of announcing its presale, showing a high level of demand from early investors.

Launchpad Logo

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What is the Launchpad crypto project?

Launchpad is an all-in-one crypto portal that will deliver people insights about all the Web 3 factors via an interactive and simple interface.

Why invest in LPX token?

According to the official whitepaper, Launchpad focuses on the two needs that people are looking for - independence and decentralization in the Web 3 space. These factors may help users maximize their returns in the next bull run.

What do people get for staking Launchpad?

Those who stake Launchpad's native token, $LPX, will get a wide array of bonuses. Staking 10k tokens for 90 days will provide people with discounts, whitelist spots, partner discounts, access to P2E games early, and more.

When will Launchpad be released?

Launchpad aims for the first phase of its working product to be live by Q3 2023.