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How to Buy Copium Token – $COPIUM Uniswap Listing

Copium Club meme coin
Copium Club meme coin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Copium is the latest in the long line memecoins designed to capitalize on the recent success of tokens like $PEPE, $WOJAK, and more. 2024 has seen low market cap memecoins outperform Bitcoin, Ethereum and other big caps. Launched as a private sale that was over within hours, Copium is now available on Uniswap for purchase alongside AscendEX, LBank, MEXC and Poloniex.

The community-centric memecoin presents itself as a token that combines humor, camaraderie, and FOMO to create a unique experience for holders – its Copium Club.

Copium token’s arrival on Uniswap was a success, bringing more than 1100% gains for early buyers. This guide explains how to buy Copium token and what factors make it stand out among the more recent crypto assets coming out during the meme coin-mania.

How to Buy COPIUM Token on Uniswap – Quick Guide

The most popular DEX in the world has seen traders flocking to buy this asset as quickly as possible in a bid to replicate the successes of $PEPE, $WOJAK, $TURBO, and more recently, $SPONGE. $COPIUM has been the top trending ‘hot pair’ on DEXTools in recent days.

Here is a quick guide to buying Copium from Uniswap:

  1. Step 1 – Go to the official website – Head over to, the official website of this memecoin. Use only the official link, as imitators have emerged to exploit the overtly bullish reaction this token has gotten from the crypto crowd.
  2. Step 2 – Click on Buy Now on Uniswap – Click on the “Buy Now on Uniswap” button, which will direct you to the decentralized exchange.
  3. Step 3 – Connect your wallet – Connect your crypto wallet after ensuring that it has ETH tokens. For those without ETH, we recommend eToro. It is a beginner-friendly crypto trading platform that allows users to buy crypto using most fiat payment methods.
  4. Step 4 – Buy COPIUM – Enter the contact address of the Copium token since you might not be able to find this token by name, being a new memecoin – 0x36520f6336490088c2455279C59CEFaC66984b36. Then proceed to make the swap.

Alternatively, if you want to assess the trading chart before buying, find the COPIUM trading pair on

Visit Copium Site

What is Copium?

Many new memecoins emerged during 2024 in response to Bitcoin recovering, bouncing around 100% from its 2022 lows. Tokens like PEPE rose by over 100,000%, reaching close to $2 billion in market capitalization in record time. Close to similar trading volumes appeared in the case of tokens like $SPONGE and NoMeme.

However, these successes were short-lived, and those who bought these tokens on top were left holding the bag. Copium is an Ethereum chain project that describes itself as more than just a memecoin. It asserts that it is a movement driven by fellowship, humor, and shared experience, allowing people to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency marketplace and turn “regrets into riches. ”

How to buy Copium

This token’s primary draw is like many memecoins, which is to bring high gains within the short-term. The official site states that the reason it has emerged is to help those who missed out on the gains made by the memecoins that already exploded.

While the identities of the team behind this project are not known, Copium reveals that the team consists of members that are meme wizards and crypto enthusiasts. In essence, the team combines all the aspects of memes, from laughter to quirkiness to a “healthy dose of trolling”

Copium token has a total supply of 1 billion, 30% of which have already been sold via an invitation-only presale. Copium describes these early buyers as “early copers” who were selected on the basis of the memes they post on social media and the level of interest they showed on Copium’s official Twitter page.

Copium token price chart Uniswap

Copium token price chart

And the interest has been high. Within half a day of being released, Copium’s official Twitter page has garnered more than 18k followers – and the number is growing. The same type of growth has been seen in this project’s price chart.

Within a few hours of arriving on Uniswap, the COPIUM price shot up by more than 1000%. The token’s value has been corrected since then. But there are four hour green candles showing that the bulls are pushing back – following recent news that 30% of the Copium token supply will be burnt, reducing the circulating supply.

Copium has at its peak reached a market capitalization exceeding $20 million, and according to DEXTools, is currently just under $8 million with 3,000 holders at the time of writing.

While many may be ready to brush off claims by Copium that it is “more than just a memecoin”, the token’s NFT project tells a different story. Those who remain active in the Copium Club – the official name of the Copium community – get a chance to acquire Copium NFT and an airdrop of Copium tokens.

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Visit Copium Site

Copium Tokenomics 

One aspect that makes many believe in Copium’s claims to being more than memecoin is its tokenomics.

Out of 1 billion tokens, 30% were sold in the private sale. 25% of the supply has been dedicated to the liquidity pool. 10% for the future development of the project, 33% of the total supply is being poured into marketing, 1% is for the airdrop, and only 0.69% of the total supply remains with the team.

Copium Tokenomics

According to DEXTools, the Copium token liquidity is $3.4 million.

Copium has also taken additional measures to ensure that early movers don’t immediately sell their tokens. It is known as the “safety first” unlocking structure.

According to this unlocking structure, Copium only unlocked 10% of the presale tokens after it was listed on Uniswap. The remaining 90% will become open to unlocking after a 3-week vesting period. That delay has prevented some of the selling pressure and ensured that those who invest late also get a chance to make gains.

The combined approach to adding a buffer period and dedicating less than 1% of tokens to the team shows that this project is community-centric. While that doesn’t necessarily comment on this project’s long-term prospects, Copium could make sense as a short-term investment.

Is Copium a Good Investment?

Many memecoins don’t have much in the way of long-term growth prospects. However, these tokens have the potential to generate short-term gains, as evident by a close to 1000% increase within a few hours of being live on Uniswap. See our Copium price prediction article.

The following are the other factors that play in Copium’s favor as an investment:

Attention to Memecoins

When Bitcoin bounced in 2023, moving up to reach $31k, the entire memecoin community responded positively. People’s belief that investors seek tokens with utility only was put to question when trading volumes for new memecoins skyrocketed within a very short time. $PEPE went up by over 100,000%. Wojak, another memecoin and the inspiration behind the artwork of Copium, also acquired a similar trading volume.

And since these success stories were short-lived, new memecoins emerged to fill the vacuum, such as Sponge. Copium has arrived as another alternative for those who want to “embrace the FOMO and make gains in the process”.

The Community Catalyst

Memecoins have the community to back them up. The Dogecoin price and Shiba Inu price action in the last crypto bull run have shown is that when the community is bullish, it can push a token’s price up to a higher level, despite a lack of utility.

Copium is a community-centric token aiming to leverage the quirkiness of the Wojak meme that’s described by Know Your Meme as an “MS Paint illustration of a man with a sad face.” And with the addition of an oxygen mask to the meme, people have more assets to create even quirkier memes.

When those memes are in vogue on social media platforms and featured on crypto news outlest, the community may respond – with high buying pressure and push Copium token to a market cap in the three figures, a target many new meme coins have hit.

Potential Use Case on the Way

While Copium hasn’t given us any roadmap, it has given us hefty tokenomics. Such a well-defined explanation about a token that has only minimum fundamentals to speak of is not part of the norm. That gives us some indication that Copium might not remain a memecoin for long. Since people still look for utility when deciding on a token’s long-term potential, Copium’s tokenomics show that the project can potentially introduce utility.

Note that 10% of the tokens are for the development of the platform. And while that future isn’t clear as of yet, the longer this project keeps to the news, the more we might learn about it.

Low-Cap Cryptos are Better Investments

Even though tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum still hold the most value in the crypto space, they remain inaccessible to the entrants. Their high price and the current market’s volatility, which only brings smaller gains, don’t make these tokens viable investments for people who don’t have much to invest in crypto assets. Memecoins have emerged as better investment options in this scenario due to them being low-cap cryptos.

For instance, WOJAK launched on Uniswap at a $0.00005268 price point, making it far more accessible to traders than the likes of high-cap tokens. And when the token reached $0.0009954, it brought those investors a gain of 2360%. That’s what is meant by a parabolic level of profit.

By comparison, even though Bitcoin was trading at the $15k level in mid to late 2022, its surge pushed the token only up to the $31k mark. While was an over 100% increase, the degree of increase was lower compared to the traction that lower-cap tokens got.

Even Justin Sun has recently stated that he has started to actively trade memecoins, which help new memecoin projects continue to get exposure.

Partnerships with Major Crypto Influencers

Copium’s inclination to NFTs has drawn the interest of major crypto influencers. Influencer @MattinWeb3, who has more than 100k followers on YouTube, has partnered with the Copium Club.

Airdrops to Top 200 Holders

Copium offered an NFT to the top 200 Copium holders who bought a massive number of tokens and showed massive interest on Copium’s Twitter page. The artworks and GIFs featuring a Wojak with a “Copium tank” has been well received by the crypto crowd. Those who got their NFTs are creating memes even as we write this guide, which can potentially bring more attention to the Copium Club.

How to Buy Copium – Complete Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide to buy Copium via Uniswap:

Step 1 – Go to the Copium Club Website

The Copium presale was over quickly. Major players have already grabbed it. But the token is not available on Uniswap. So first, go to the official Copium website. Make sure to only use the official link.

Go to Copium Site

Step 2 – Click on Buy Now on Uniswap

Click on the “Buy Now on Uniswap” button that will direct you to Uniswap. You might tind on the DEX that simply writing Copium fails to bring up the token. So, use this contract address – 0x36520f6336490088c2455279C59CEFaC66984b36 – to find the token.

Step 3 – Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet – e.g MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or another of the WalletConnect options listed – to the decentralized exchange. Make sure that you have ETH to buy Copium token with and also to cover gas fees. If you don’t, we recommend going to eToro and buying ETH via fiat.

Buy Copium token

Step 4 – Buy COPIUM

Enter the number of Copium tokens you want to buy, which will automatically specify the ETH you need to spend. Make the swap, and the DEX will transfer the Copium tokens inside your wallet.


Copium is a crypto project that aims to capitalize on the memecoin-mania and has proven its success within a few hours of going live on Uniswap. While memecoins can generate parabolic short-term gains – Wojak moved up by over 2,300% within days – risk management is a must. Investing early is the best bet – memecoins often follow their parabolic increase with a massive correction, which makes them a high risk investment as well as a high reward one.

Visit Copium Site


What is Copium?

Copium presents itself as an innovative memecoin meant to help investors who regret not investing in PEPE tokens early make gains. The token has been inspired by the Wojak meme and grew by more than 1000% within a few hours of going live on Uniswap. An ERC-20 token, it has a one trillion supply.

Is it safe to buy Copium?

Copium is a memecoin, an asset-class often pegged as good investment options for short-term gains. That said, being a memecoin, it may be a risky long term investment since meme tokens don't follow traditional market fundamentals. Aim to buy Copium token when its price dips and dollar cost average in to get a better average entry position.