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Copium Price Prediction – $COPIUM Potential in 2024

Copium Club meme coin
Copium Club meme coin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

$COPIUM is a memecoin based on fellowship, humor, and FOMO of investors and traders who have missed out on opportunities in the crypto markets.

It is following in the footsteps of other new meme coins like Wojak (WOJAK) and Pepe (PEPE). Within five minutes of being launched on Uniswap, the coin reached a market capitalization of $8 million, @COPIUMDROP tweeted.

Will the Copium price continue to grow in the coming years? In this guide, we give our Copium price prediction based on the current info available.

$COPIUM Price Prediction

Here are our price prediction estimates for $COPIUM for this year and coming years.


Meme coins are driven by community sentiments and are highly volatile. The recent popularity of meme coin in the cryptocurrency industry put a lot of hope into the meme coin community. $COPIUM was launched on Uniswap on May 18th, and within a few hours, its price soared to $0.0163, a rise of hundreds of percent.

Copium price chart

The Copium price has now corrected, but crypto analysts think that its bull run is not over yet. The COPIUM price is now around $0.006. By the end of this year, the price may flip the $0.01 level to support by the end of 2023.


$COPIUM has no roadmap or strong utility as of now. However, according to the tokenomics part of the website and 10% of its supply has been reserved for future developments and collaborations. This indicates that they could add some utility to the coin in the future which will drive the Copium price high. Our prediction of $COPIUM price for 2024 is $0.015.

2025 and Beyond

If $COPIUM continues to charm the cryptocurrency world and the memecoin community, it has a solid chance of surviving in the future. But for that to happen, it would need a strong roadmap. If this happens, we could witness a growth in its price to the $0.10 level in 2025, which would be a $100 million market cap – breaking into the top ten meme tokens, similar in valuation to Dogelon Mars (ELON), and just over half the market cap of Bone ShibaSwap (BONE).

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What is $COPIUM Token?

$COPIUM is the latest addition to the long list of meme coins in the cryptocurrency space. It was launched on Uniswap on 18th May 2023 and has already seen a growth of over 500% before a correction. The Copium project ran a private, invite-only presale and about 30% of its total supply of 1 billion was made available.

300 million tokens were burnt on May 23rd, making Copium token deflationary. Find an analyst’s Copium price prediction in the video below.

According to its official website, $COPIUM is not just a token but a movement unifying humor, a community of meme coin enthusiasts, and financial returns. It is created for people who have faced dejections in the cryptocurrency space or have made blunders in the past. $COPIUM aims to turn these negative experiences into profits.

$COPIUM has a strong team of meme wizards and cryptocurrency enthusiasts working for them and they aim to depict the true spirit of the internet- resilience, laughter, and memes. They claim that they are here to prove laughter can make you rich.

$COPIUM Price Analysis And Profit Potential

$COPIUM had a private pre-sale with invitees only. Then soon after its launch, its price soared. $COPIUM is inspired by Wojak and thus following its footsteps. Thus, we can predict $COPIUMs price analysis and future growth if we look at Wojak.

Wojak Price Chart

Wojak also had a peak soon after its launch but has corrected its price since. Like Wojak, $COPIUM does not have any utility or roadmap yet. So, unless $COPIUM developers team come up with some utility, we may not see any future growth in its journey.

However, the crypto influencers who are backing the memecoin like to believe that $COPIUM will give a 1000% return. While this is a huge number, I think the community will be just as happy if the return percentage comes to 50.

As per its tokenomics, the team has allowed 30% of the supply for marketing and 10% for future projects. This indicates that they do have plans for the future, and this should benefit the coin hugely.

As of now, $COPIUM is gaining popularity by the hour and has gained a strong social media presence. Since memecoins are driven by community sentiments, a strong social media community can change things for the better.

In addition to this, $COPIUM has a unique token unlocking which makes sure that early investors will not dump the tokens, which generally brings the price down. Thus, we can expect its price to be a bit steady for a while.

The $COPIUM Fanbase

Even the best memecoins are completely dependent on the social media frenzy and community sentiment. A tweet from a famous personality can change the fate of a meme coin in just seconds. Crypto enthusiasts are driven by the meme coin craze, and right now, $COPIUM is a new player in the market.

$COPIUMs social media account has already blown up in popularity. Its official Twitter handle already has almost 20k followers. While its Telegram has amassed an engaging community of 1000 people.

Is $COPIUM a Good Investment?

$COPIUM has been launched for those self-deprecating people who have experienced the frustrations of cryptocurrency market volatility and uncertainty. This meme coin was launched to bring together humour, community unity, and profitable returns. This coin is here to make your past crypto blunders and indecisiveness to future profits. The question of whether or not it is a good investment would be subjective. It will depend on person to person and their trading styles, skills, cryptocurrency knowledge, and risk-taking abilities.

We would however advise our investors to invest carefully and responsibly.

What are the Benefits of $COPIUM Token?

With $COPIUM, you will not just be buying a token, you will be joining a movement. This new meme coin is leveraging on humour, camaraderie, and people who missed out on investing early in other meme coins like Pepe and Sponge. $COPIUM has already gained a good social media following on Twitter and Telegram. The coin is being supported by top crypto influencers which could move it to the top.

Some of these influencers have predicted to get around 1000% return on $COPIUM.

The Token unlocking structure

The $COPIUM unlocking structure is uniquely designed and will stop pre-sale buyers from dumping their tokens immediately when launched. This move will protect those buyers who will buy when the price drops. This has been designed to facilitate a fair launch and to prioritize the financial safety of its investors.

With this unlocking structure, 10% of the pre-sale token will be unlocked immediately. This will allow investors to recover their money. However, 90% of the pre-sale token will be unlocked linearly in three weeks.

Tokens are affordable

When we think of cryptocurrency, a majority think about Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, not all crypto investors have a huge amount of money sitting in their bank and thus cannot afford to buy the old candidates in this space. Memecoins, on the other hand, are affordable and have a good potential to grow parabolically. Thus, investing in meme coins like $COPIUM could give you a chance of winning big with just a small investment.

Check out our cheapest cryptocurrencies list for more alternatives.

$COPIUM Tokenomics

$COPIUM tokenomics looks strong and well distributed. The projects total supply is 1 billion. 30% of this total supply will be up during the presale stage. 25% of this will be reserved for the liquidity pools for the future. The project is also offering a NFT Airdrop and 1% of the total supply is being allocated for the same. Its NFT Airdrop is no doubt getting all the hype at the moment.

Copium Tokenomics

The developer team is keeping 0.69% of the supply for themselves. The interesting thing to note here is the project is allocating a huge chunk of 30% for marketing. This indicates that the project may have plans in the pipeline. On top of it, 10% of the supply is allocated for future developments and partnerships. This means that the team is thinking seriously about the future roadmap and we may expect collaboration and expansion soon.

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The $COPIUM NFT Airdrop consists of three stages of the cope journey. This unique NFT Airdrop rewards the top $COPIUM holders.

Copium Airdrop

The stages of the ‘cope journey’ to claim the Copium airdrop are:

The Snapshot

One needs to rank the top 200 $COPIUM holders to be eligible for the NFT Airdrop. This will be based on how many coins you have in your wallet. Two hours after the $COPIUM launch, the team will take a snapshot. If you made it to top-200, you would receive the NFT and airdrop of $COPIUM tokens.

The Tank Filling

The airdropped NFTs will have a $COPIUM tank. This tank fills up in 20 tiers with a 5% increase. It shows the amount of $COPIUM one holds. The visuals and records of your NFT will update and depict the accurate level of your $COPIUM tank. This stage will take 2 weeks.

Claim your airdrop

In the final stage, you can claim your $COPIUM airdrop with the help of your NFTs.

Copium Club on Social Media 

$COPIUM has amassed a huge social media presence already. If you want to be a part of this new community and keep up-to-date with its progress and market movements, then follow it on these social media channels:

  1. Twitter
  2. Telegram

How to Buy $COPIUM

The quick steps to buy Copium are:

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet. You can use a wallet such as a MetaMask, Trust Wallet or other WalletConnect options
  3. Swap your ETH for $COPIUM.

Alternatively, you can also buy Copium from DEXTools.

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Copium Price Prediction – The Verdict

The launch of $COPIUM could not be more right than the present moment because the whole crypto space has been caught up in a meme coin frenzy. Most new emerging meme coin projects are seeing huge gains in a short period.

Predecessors of $COPIUM, namely Pepe, Sponge, and Wojak, have successfully done the groundwork and have made meme coins profitable for investors who were quick to dive in. This has influenced traders now to move quickly in the case of $COPIUM too. The token already witnessed an over 500% growth just a few minutes after its launch.

Ever since the coin was launched, it has been receiving a lot of positive attention. Which could mean that the coin may witness a bullish run. The token is also backed by some of the popular names in the crypto space, such as Faze Banks and Foobar, which could influence other traders to incline towards $COPIUM.

However, deciding to buy $COPIUM will completely depend on your financial goals, crypto coin preferences, and market conditions. Read more in our guide to buying Copium token.

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What's a realistic Copium price prediction?

Many new meme coins reach a $100 million market cap before a correction, and currently seven meme coins have held their value above that point - DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, FLOKI, BabyDoge, BONE, and ELON, with WOJAK and LADYS recently dropped back below it. Its possible COPIUM could test that psychological level if the meme coin bull run continues.

What is $COPIUM token?

$COPIUM is the latest addition to the meme-based digital currency market. The token brings together comedy, fellowship, and the shared experience of navigating the uncertain cryptocurrency space. According to the Copium Club website, it is not just a token but a movement. The new meme token is implementing distinctive tokenomics and airdrop incentives to offer entertainment and profits.

Is $COPIUM a good investment?

$COPIUM is a meme coin that creates a meme out of the FOMO of not participating in cryptocurrency sooner and thus losing out on potential profits. With humour, fellowship, and strong fundamentals, $COPIUM is bringing new opportunities to those who have experienced the frustrations and volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Deciding whether or not $COPIUM could be a good investment for you would depend on factors such as your profit expectations, risk appetite, and whether Copium can continue to trend and reach new buyers following its token burn.