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Where to Buy Amp (AMP)

AMP is full of unique use cases and premium functionalities. Our expert will share details on how to buy AMP in minutes via an SEC-regulated platform - eToro.
Should I invest in AMP
Should I invest in AMP

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Popular crypto platform eToro has announced some new assets to keep the wheels going despite a market dip. Each asset provides some resilience to the current market meltdown and represents a new use case that, in the long run, will be better for the crypto community.

The inventors of Amp define it as a “new digital collateral token that provides instant, verifiable assurances for any type of value transfer.” Any type of value transaction can be insured by staking Amp, including digital payments, fiat currency exchange, loan payouts, and property sales. If AMP is the latest digital token you want to add to your portfolio, this guide will help you understand how to buy it with an SEC-regulated broker within minutes.

How to Buy AMP Coin – Quick Steps

  • Step 1: Open an eToro Account

To get started, create an eToro account. To do so, select the ‘Join Now’ option and complete the relevant fields. Then upload a copy of your ID to verify your account.

  • ? Step 2: Deposit Funds

Fiat currency deposits are free at eToro, and US customers must deposit $10 to get started. You can pay using a debit/credit card, PayPal, a bank wire, or any other supported method.

  • ? Step 3: Search for Amp Coin

To get to the relevant investment page, search for ‘AMP’ and click ‘Trade.’

  • ? Step 4: Buy Amp Coin

Finally, tell eToro how much you want to invest in AMP, starting with $10. Click ‘Open Trade’ to confirm.

Buy AMP Now

Your capital is at risk.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s get into the finer points of how to buy AMP coin. Continue reading to discover.

Where to Buy AMP Coin?

1. eToro – Overall Best Place to Buy AMP Coin in 2024

At the top of our list of the best places to buy AMP coin is eToro, a registered online platform created in 2007.eToro exchange

With eToro, you can buy AMP on a spread-only basis, meaning your charge will be the difference between the buy and sell price at the time of the order instead of standard fees. According to eToro, spreads on cryptocurrency transactions start at just 0.75% when buying Bitcoin.

There are no deposit fees while funding your eToro account in US dollars. All accepted deposit and withdrawal methods, including debit/credit cards, ACH, online banking, and domestic wire transfers, are subject to this rule.

eToro’s minimum deposit requirement for US users is only $10. Because eToro permits fractional crypto purchases, you only need $10 to buy AMP. In addition to AMP, eToro supports over 60 additional digital assets. eToro‘s most popular coins include Bitcoin, EOS, Cardano, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. Binance Coin (BNB) can also be purchased with a 2.45% average spread.

eToro also offers traditional asset classes such as US and foreign shares, ETFs, FX, indices, etc. The eToro Crypto Portfolio is an excellent alternative if you want to buy AMP while also getting exposure to other digital assets.

The Crypto Portfolio on eToro is a passive financial instrument that allows you to buy a variety of cryptocurrencies at varied weights with a single investment. Because eToro manages the portfolio, you won’t have to worry about research or continuous upkeep.

Depending on the supported platforms, you can buy AMP currency on eToro’s main website or through its iOS/Android app. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates eToro and is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Being one of the leading crypto staking platforms, eToro is also an excellent alternative for AMP staking.

  • It has a larger pool of popular coins than other prominent exchanges.
  • A commission rate of 0%
  • Competitive spreads are available depending on the type of cryptocurrency.
  • Copy trading tool enables investors to imitate other traders’ trades.
  • Offers Virtual Portfolios and myriad educational tools for first-time investors.
  • Social connectivity of users available.
  • Available on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Easy to use the mobile application.
  • Fee transparency.
  • The virtual balance on the demo account is $100,000.
  • Not available in a few states in the United States.
  • Investment possibilities are limited.
  • Traders searching for advanced technical analysis may not find it helpful.
  • Fees for withdrawals
  • Fees for inactivity

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Your capital is at risk.

2. Coinbase – User-Friendly Platform to Buy AMP Coin Today

If you’re looking for a user-friendly cryptocurrency platform that makes it simple to buy AMP coin, Coinbase might Coinbase Logobe the right broker for you.

This well-known platform, formed in 2012, is now a publicly-traded stock on the NASDAQ. With tens of millions of customers on its books, Coinbase has a good reputation in the market.

To purchase AMP coin on Coinbase, you must create an account and provide proof of identity. Then you can pay for your digital tokens with a Visa or MasterCard deposit.

The cost of buying AMP coin with a debit or credit card on Coinbase is nearly 4%, which is relatively high. Coinbase includes hundreds of other digital tokens and AMP, making it an excellent platform for those looking to diversify their holdings.

We favor the broker despite its high costs because of its top-notch security protocols. For example, when you log in from a new device or IP address, you’ll be asked to verify your identity with an email code. Also, two-factor authentication must be enabled by all account users. Client digital tokens are also kept offline 98% of the time.

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap bank withdrawal fees
  • Varied security options
  • Live chat support enabled
  • Fewer cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange compared to others like Binance.
  • Unable to short coins
  • Expensive fees on debit card transactions
  • Complicated KYC compliance requirements
  • It does not support credit cards anymore
  • It does not support ApplePay and GooglePay anymore

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Your capital is at risk.

3. – Simplest Place to Buy AMP Coin with Debit Card has become one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges on the internet today. logoThe exchange aims to give consumers a straightforward, low-cost way to invest in digital assets.

Once you’ve registered a account and validated your identity, you may buy AMP coin with a debit card. charges a 2.99% commission when buying AMP in this way.

Conversely, the platform waives this fee for 30 days after signing up. In addition to AMP, has over 250 additional digital tokens.

Besides the standard exchange and trading services, offers a comprehensive range of other digital asset products. The platform, for example, provides a Visa-backed pre-paid debit card that can be used to buy goods and services online and in stores and withdraw cash from an ATM.

With the Earn tool, you can earn interest on your idle Bitcoin assets. also offers a mobile wallet that supports over 250 different digital currencies.

The platform also serves as an NFT exchange, letting users buy and sell NFTs with AMP and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

  • Wide variety of crypto assets available for trade.
  • Low fees on cash transfers when compared to other crypto platforms.
  • Transparent fees and there are several reductions available.
  • Great for mobile-first users because of its primary and straightforward user interface.
  • Transactions using a wide range of fiat currencies are possible
  • DeFi tokens available on the platform
  • All pertinent information, such as investment premiums, supported assets, and account-related directions communicated transparently.
  • Visa cards can be used to spend cryptos and earn incentives
  • Interest rates higher than even the highest-yielding savings accounts
  • Assistance with taxes is provided.
  • Purchases made with a credit or debit card have comparatively high fees.
  • Some services are still unavailable in the United States.
  • Crypto-to-crypto trading is not currently possible
  • Customer service could have been more thorough.
  • Trading fee savings are difficult to navigate.
  • Difficult to find educational resources.

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Your capital is at risk.

4. Binance – Buy AMP with Crypto at Just 0.10% Per Trade

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to buy AMP coins from the comfort of your own home, BinanceBinance is an excellent choice. Due to its meager prices, over 100 million dealers use this top-tier exchange.

Binance will only charge you a 01.0% fee when you trade AMP for a supported digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, or USDT.

However, your capacity to deposit payments in Bitcoin is required to take advantage of the cheap charge structure. This is because depositing cash using a debit or credit card costs 4.5%, and buying AMP with USD costs an additional 0.5%.

Using the Binance US website gives you access to over 60 other digital currencies. Both large-cap blockchain assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, as well as less liquid ERC-20 tokens, are included.

Regardless of how you wish to pay for your AMP investment, Binance offers a range of storage options. This includes its Trust Wallet program, which gives users access to PancakeSwap, a well-known decentralized exchange.

  • Account creation takes only a few minutes.
  • Low fees
  • Hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs are available.
  • Multi-currency wallet that is safe and secure
  • Setups for basic and advanced trades
  • Liquidity in abundance
  • Plenty of educational resources
  • Several deposit options are available.
  • The complicated platform is not ideal for beginners.
  • Has run into regulatory issues in several nations.

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Your capital is at risk.

5. Bitstamp – Good Choice for Fee-Conscious Investors

Bitstamp is a good alternative for fee-conscious crypto investors because its trading fees are lower bitstamp exchangethan those of many of its competitors. This crypto exchange is simple, making it suitable for novices and advanced traders.

It offers a basic cost structure where your trading fees are calculated depending on your 30-day trading volume. For users with less than $10,000 in 30-day trading activity, the highest trading cost on Bitstamp is merely 0.50%. Users that trade larger quantities every month save a lot of money on fees.

On Bitstamp, there isn’t much of a learning curve when trading cryptocurrency. It is one of the more user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges for those entering crypto trading for the first time.

Bitstamp was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to open in 2011, and it has since outlasted the competition to become the longest-running exchange. Consistency is a great selling feature in a market where many exchanges fail or face severe regulatory challenges.

The exchange also offers Tradeview, an active trading platform with more extensive charting features and trading forms, in addition to its regular platform.

Bitstamp allows users to trade 75 different cryptocurrencies. Although not the largest, this exchange features many coins, including many of the most popular and lesser-known cryptos.

  • Competitive trading fees
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced features are also available
  • Simple to use, high-rated mobile application
  • Diverse cryptocurrency pool to choose from
  • Some major cryptocurrencies that traders might be interested in are missing from the platform.
  • The staking program is not that attractive
  • It was hacked in 2015, exposing safety issues

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Your capital is at risk

What is AMP?

Amp is a platform for collateralizing asset transfers that can be expanded. It effectively decentralizes the risk of asset transfer through collateral pools, making it ideal for fraud-proof networks and real-world applications.

Amp uses staking as a mechanism to ensure the security of transactions. Smart contracts are used in staking to freeze assets until the transaction is validated, after which the money is released to the receiving party. Developers can construct apps that use Amp to encrypt transfers because it is open source.

Amp also makes it easier to distribute network rewards after a transfer is completed. Micro-distributions and continual compounding are built-in incentive schemes in the Amp smart contracts.

what is AMP

Amp was built by the parent company Flexa, an open-source digital payment processing network. Flexa ensures transactions are made using digital dollars from the United States and Canada, as well as a variety of loyalty tokens and digital currencies. Amp happens to be the preferred token on the Flexa network.

The token is ERC20 compliant. On-chain collateral managers, also known as smart contracts, are built into these AMP tokens, and they lock and release AMP as collateral for transactions involving other cryptocurrencies.

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Is AMP a Good Investment?

Given the token’s resiliency in the face of the recent crypto market crisis, it is reasonable to say Amp is a good investment.

Amp serves a legitimate purpose: it secures asset transfers, preventing fraud and default without requiring a third party to verify or enforce the contract. According to, anyone can use the Amp network. All that is needed is a compatible digital wallet.

Is AMP crypto worth buying

Another advantage of Amp is that it is pretty widely used. The Flexa technology is already used by over 40,000 merchants in the United States to execute digital transactions that might be collateralized by the amp.

Collateral as a Service

Amp collateralization has been thoroughly tested and audited and is freely available to anybody. Apps that lock and unlock Amp on demand to secure transfers, facilitate lending, and move value more swiftly are simple to create.

Extensible and Open Source

Amp was created to be as adaptable and future-proof as possible. Because Amp is open source, you can design and deploy bespoke collateral managers for your app to interact with Amp on your terms.


Existing implementations benefit from improved liquidity and decentralization when new projects adopt Amp, which minimizes volatility and improves collateral quality due to the token’s fixed quantity. Despite the crypto dip, the token’s strength supports its independence from inflationary environments.


Amp makes no distinction between consensus mechanisms or asset types. It can be used as collateral for any type of transaction, whether digital or physical.

AMP Price

AMP went on its first major bull run back in 2021 when Bitcoin crossed the $69k barrier to reach its all-time high. The AMP price rose beyond its $0.100 mark around the same time, and the token reached a market capitalization exceeding $4 billion.

That started a cycle of corrections and resurgence, during which AMP moved between $0.080 and $0.040 until the beginning of 2022. The token’s price then took a downturn, falling steeply below $0.020 for the remainder of 2022, and the token accumulated below the $0.01 mark.

AMP opened in 2023 at $0.0031, where it experienced a steep increase thanks to more interest coming toward crypto. That price increase reflected Bitcoin’s success in crossing the $20k resistance.

As of now, the price of Amp stands at $0.002560, accompanied by a 24-hour trading volume of $7,569,094. It has experienced a considerable decline of 98.05% from its all-time high of $0.1211, recorded on Jun 16, 2021. However, there has been a notable increase of 196.99% from its lowest point on Nov 17, 2020, when it was valued at $0.0007946.

Regarding its market position, Amp holds the #197 rank on CoinMarketCap, boasting a market capitalization of $99 million. The total circulating supply of AMP coins currently amounts to 42 billion, with a maximum supply of 99 billion AMP coins.

AMP Price Prediction

AMP is a unique asset within the crypto space thanks to its unique staking technique. By implementing pre-determined staking, AMP has allowed users to stake their assets and earn yields without giving out their wallet addresses. That factor promotes better transaction speeds while maintaining the user’s privacy at the same time.

While factors like privacy could have been one of the major reasons for this crypto’s subsequent upliftment, 2022 has changed people’s view of the market. LUNA crash pushed the entire cryptocurrency market down, collapsing many crypto assets, in which AMP was one of the lucky ones to retain some value still. And another hit by the FTX crash pushed the AMP price below the $0.01 mark.

Further, in Feb 2023, New York AG sued crypto exchange CoinEx for being an unregistered securities broker. AMP and other tokens mentioned in the lawsuit are considered securities and commodities under state law. After that, AMP fell to $0.040 and continued a downturn ride. However, AMP is currently in a very tight range, trading between $0.0024 to $0.0020.

Furthermore, the token’s bullish resurgence was mostly because Bitcoin gained more support. While it is common, that also puts AMP in the oversold zone. You can get a better look at the price prediction. Here is the video by Jacob Crypto Bury.

Invest in AMP Now

Your capital is at risk

Ways of Buying AMP

The best way to buy AMP depends on the payment method you choose. When you select one of the top-rated brokers listed above, you may pick from the following deposit options:

Buy AMP with a Debit or Credit Card

After you’ve opened an account with an authorized online platform like eToro, you can buy AMP with a credit or debit card. This payment option lets you invest in AMP tokens immediately since your chosen broker will debit your card and then add the digital assets to your portfolio. On the other hand, some brokers charge high fees for credit and debit card transactions. charges 2.99%, while Coinbase charges 3.99%. EToro accepts fee-free USD-backed credit and debit card deposits.

Buy Amp Using PayPal

A few options are available to buy AMP coin with PayPal. For example, you can complete the transaction after opening a confirmed Coinbase account. However, as with credit/debit card payments, fees are 3.99% of the transaction amount. Using eToro, you may buy AMP with PayPal without paying any deposit fees.

Buy Amp Without KYC Verification

If you wish to buy AMP without going through a KYC process, you’ll only be able to do so if you have a cryptocurrency wallet. You can use an illegal exchange to deposit Bitcoin and trade the tokens for AMP. If you want to buy AMP using fiat money by credit/debit card or PayPal, you’ll nearly always be asked to upload some sort of identity as part of the anti-money laundering procedure.

Best AMP Wallet

Now that you have learned how to invest in AMP coin, you must consider how you want to hold your digital assets. AMP tokens are frequently housed in private wallets that may be downloaded as a mobile app or a desktop program.

Etoro wallet

Some of the major players in this sector include Phantom Wallet, Sollet, and Solflare Wallet. These wallets give you complete control over your AMP money; only you can access your private keys.

As a result, you’ll need to implement several security measures to protect your AMP tokens from being hacked remotely. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a more beginner-friendly alternative, you might want to look into the eToro Money Crypto Wallet.

Checkout eToro Wallet Now

Your capital is at risk

How to Buy AMP Crypto – a Tutorial

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to purchasing AMP coin in a secure and low-cost manner, whether to invest in it or to use it to buy the best NFTs, the steps below will walk you through the process utilizing top-rated broker eToro. As previously noted, this SEC-regulated platform allows you to participate in AMP on a spread-only basis and only requires a $10 minimum trade.

Step 1: Open an eToro Account

Go to the eToro website and establish an account to begin the AMP investment process. A form will appear when you click the ‘Join Now’ button. Fill out the form with your full name and contact details.

etoro signup

When you select the ‘Create Account’ option, you will be asked for additional information such as your home address, date of birth, and social security number.

Step 2: Upload ID

On eToro, you must authenticate your identity before purchasing an AMP coin with US dollars. Because this is an automated process at eToro, you shouldn’t have to wait more than 1-2 minutes after uploading the necessary documents.

etoro verification

To prove your identity, upload a copy of your state ID card, passport, driver’s license, and a bank account statement or utility bill to confirm your address.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

To purchase AMP coin, you must first fund your eToro account with a minimum of $10. eToro takes several different payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, and ACH, to mention a few.

etoro deposit funds

E-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller are instances of accepted e-wallets. No fees will be charged on your chosen deposit method if the payment type is denominated in US dollars.

Step 4: Search for AMP

At the top of the eToro AMPboard, there is a search box. Now you can start typing ‘AMP’. eToro will then choose AMP from a drop-down selection of suitable markets. When you see AMP, click ‘Trade.’

Step 5: Buy AMP

You must tell eToro how much money you want to invest in AMP coin. This can be any amount in US dollars, starting with $10 and continuing up to $10,000. To confirm your investment, click ‘Open Trade.’

Buy AMP on eToro Now

Your capital is at risk


AMP is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024, because of the project’s underlying blockchain, which allows for massively rapid, low-cost transactions.

If you wish to add AMP coin to your portfolio right now, the process takes about five minutes with SEC-regulated service eToro. You may pay for your AMP tokens quickly and without fees with a debit/credit card or an e-wallet, and eToro only requires a $10 minimum capital outlay.

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Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.


Where can I get AMP the cheapest?

After examining several leading cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges, we discovered that eToro is the best place to buy AMP. It just takes a few minutes to set up a verified trading account. You may buy AMP tokens with a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer.

Is Amp a good investment?

AMP token might be considered an excellent short-term investment due to its unique features and multiple application cases. It is anticipated to reach $0.4 in 5 years.

Is it possible to buy AMP using PayPal?

PayPal's list of approved crypto marketplaces does not include AMP. However, eToro, an SEC-regulated broker, accepts PayPal for AMP purchases.