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How to Buy and Invest in 0x (ZRX)

While tradeable, public market cryptocurrencies may at first seem strictly to be composed of technologies that’s sole purpose is to be transacted across the globe with limited friction, cryptocurrency projects such as 0x (ZRX) have established platforms that can truly change finance. 0x is a protocol, however, it is also represented as a cryptocurrency known by the ticker symbol of ‘ZRX’. Cryptocurrencies such as 0x might seem complex at first glance, but to become a part of the ecosystem and invest in the vision of the project, you don’t need to be an absolute computer genius – otherwise, the number of investors in 0x would be very limited.

In this guide, we will overview how to buy 0x (ZRX), what the best options for buying 0x are, and go into more detail about what 0x actually is and what it can do. Keep in mind, the process to buy Bitcoin is similar to that of 0x(ZRX) but is not exact. For beginners, the road to learning how to buy cryptocurrency can seem complicated and nearly impossible; however, stick with this us on this guide, research thoroughly, and be attentive and within no time you’ll be able to buy different cryptos seamlessly.

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How to Buy 0x (ZRX)  – Fast Guide
  • Create an account with an exchange that supports 0x buying and selling such as Coinbase.
  • Verify your account
  • Secure your account by adding a second method of authentication (2FA)
  • Link a valid method of deposit, such as a bank account or credit card (In the case of Coinbase)
  • Fund your newly created account with fiat from your linked deposit method relative to the amount of 0x you want to buy (Check the prices of 0x)
  • Navigate to the market or exchange section and select 0x (Or ZRX) and click ‘Buy’
  • Input how much in fiat you want to buy and press ‘Create Order’ or ‘Buy ZRX’
  • Upon execution, you will now have successfully bought 0x

Cryptocurrencies such as 0x are newer forms of technology that are tradeable only on select exchanges. You can find a list of some of our reviewed exchanges here.

Buy 0x Now

You can follow our guide thoroughly within the proceeding content, or skip directly to the exchanges to buy it by selecting our list below. Keep in mind, we highly recommend following and listening to our tutorials prior to diving directly into the buying process. Additionally, you can browse other sections of our site to increase your skills in regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
What is 0x (ZRX)?

Before getting into what 0x is really technologically capable of, understanding what 0x is at it’s most basic understanding is essential to confidently buy it, make money from it, or use it for transactions. 0x, represented on the digital markets by the symbol/ticker of ‘ZRX’, is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, that can be sent and received to anyone in the world with a working 0x-supported wallet. 0x is similar to Bitcoin in this sense: It is a form of technology that allows bits of code to be sent to other people no matter who they are, or where they are, and runs on a blockchain. 

0x is different than many other cryptocurrencies, however, mainly because it serves a different purpose than other cryptocurrencies. 0x’s main purpose is essentially to be a protocol for blockchain-ran exchanges. To understand its functionality, let’s assess the current state of online market exchanges. Usually, whether in the stock market or with cryptocurrencies, a centralized system is behind the exchange; that means the processing, order books, and functionality is completed in a central manner. This incurs high costs, slower processes, and vulnerability in terms of hackers and security. With the retail introduction of blockchain came the concept for ‘decentralized exchanges’, types of exchanges that run on blockchains and are processed with no middleman, only the DEX (Decentralized exchange) to serve as the interface and place to interact with the blockchain. 0x noticed that in order to build decentralized exchanges, you needed a very complex level of technology and knowledge to successfully finish the job. Therefore, 0x launched as a protocol for decentralized exchanges.

Now, that might be confusing; isn’t 0x a cryptocurrency that can be sent and received? Yes, exactly, however, it’s underlying infrastructure is one tailored to assist the creation and building of other decentralized exchanges served for multiple purposes. Think of Ethereum; Ethereum has the main ‘Ether’ cryptocurrency (Represented on the markets by the ticker symbol of ‘ETH’) that can be sent and received by different parties and people, however, Ethereum itself is an infrastructure, a technology that can be built upon. Think of 0x as another layer on the Ethereum infrastructure, with a purpose to develop virtual exchanges between people digitally and easily. Subsequently, as 0x is a technology, it also has the 0x (ZRX) cryptocurrency linked to it. Just like Ether on Ethereum, ZRX is a great solution for transactions and is usable amongst any online participants.

Let’s assess that once more: 0x as an entirety is a protocol to ease the swapping or ‘exchange’ of different parties for value online through ‘Decentralized Exchanges’, and 0x is also a cryptocurrency that can be bought, sold, sent, or received, that is commonly represented by the symbol of ‘ZRX’. Tieing this together with actually buying 0x, when you say you are ‘buying 0x’, you’re buying a cryptocurrency a part of a larger ecosystem. In fact, as stated before, 0x functions on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token.

What’s an ERC20 Token?

An ERC20 token is similar to a subsidiary to the Ethereum blockchain. It functions as a ‘sub-cryptocurrency’ of Ethereum’s blockchain. Think of it like this: Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, and 0x is a separate cryptocurrency, however, they function on the same blockchain. In order to send or receive 0x, you need an ERC20 supported wallet or an exchange wallet such as Coinbase’s ZRX wallet to not only hold but send/receive the crypto.

ERC20 tokens can be aggregated on a single wallet, such as MyEtherWallet. Wallets such as these can hold infinite amounts of ERC20 tokens, however, they must be ERC20 supported. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are not ERC20 supported.

Buying 0x: The Best Exchanges to Buy 0x (ZRX)


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta that provides the buying and selling of a number of different cryptocurrencies without needing extended preliminary verifications of your account. Additionally, you can buy ZRX on Binance through a variety of different ways including direct credit card or deposited cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum (For which ZRX is also paired to via trading). Let’s get started, then.

(Step by Step) How to Buy 0x On Binance

The first step in buying 0x on Binance is to first create an account which will be used to hold our funds (Both deposited and subsequently the 0x that we buy via an exchange wallet). To do this, first, make sure you have an accessible and working email. Next, head over to the Binance site and on the homepage you’ll see a lot of different options. Look for the navigation bar in light grey at the top of the homepage and click on the option that says ‘Register’ located directly next to the ‘Log In’ section.

This will as a result prompt a new page where you’ll be asked to input your email as well as a password; make sure this is a secure, non-guessable password and then complete the captcha, enabling Binance to send you an email that will be used as a means of account verification. Head over to your main email provider and within your account, select the email from Binance telling you to click the ‘Verification’ link. This will subsequently verify your preliminary account. Next, head back to Binance and log in using the credentials you’ve just verified on Binance. If you followed the steps diligently, you’ve successfully created a Binance account – you don’t need to verify it either unless you’re looking to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crypto like 0x.

The next step to buy 0x is to deposit funds to your Binance account; Binance is entirely digital so you can’t use a standard bank account to fund your account, however, you can use either a credit card or utilize previously-purchased Bitcoin to deposit. To buy 0x using a credit card, log in to your account and at the top-right section of the navigation bar click on the ‘Account’ button. This will then give a drop-down menu, click on the final selection which is ‘Buy with Credit Card’. In order to buy 0x, you have to first buy a base cryptocurrency (You can’t buy 0x direct with credit card) –> as a result on this page, enter in your CC information and select Bitcoin as the item to purchase in this case (Don’t worry we’ll be exchanging this Bitcoin for 0x). Specify the quantity worth in fiat that you want to buy Bitcoin and press execute.

Otherwise, let’s say you already bought Bitcoin from an exchange like Coinbase and want to use it to buy 0x, the process for this is to head to your account drop-down menu and click the ‘Deposits’ section. This will load a list of different cryptocurrencies that are able to be deposited to the exchange. (Note: If you bought Bitcoin using a credit card in the previous step, you can skip this section. You already have Bitcoin on your account and can use it for buying 0x) On this new page, select Bitcoin from the drop-down menu or “BTC”. Doing so will create the following prompt:

Underneath the label of ‘BTC Deposit Address’ will be your uniquely generated Bitcoin address. Next, send Bitcoin from wherever you are holding it to this newly created address. Wait for the transaction to process and after completed, you’ll now see that the balance in your Binance account for Bitcoin has been updated. Next, we’ll use this newly deposited balance to buy 0x,

The next step is to navigate to Binance’s main homepage which can be found by clicking on the button that says ‘Exchange’ and specifying the type as basic. Doing so will launch the exchange portion and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of different charts, tables, and more. Now, to buy 0x, we have to load up a liquid 0x pair which we’ll interact with to buy 0x. For this, head over to the right-hand side of the exchange and on the area where different types of assets are demonstrated, select ‘BTC’ and type in the box “ZRX” as shown below:

Click on the ‘ZRX’ for ‘BTC’ pair and as a result, the pricing of ZRX in exchange for BTC will now load up. Underneath this chart will be an input box where you input how much worth of ZRX relative to BTC that you want to purchase. Click on the ‘Market’ tab –> This will create an order that will execute as fast as possible at the best price available. Once this is selected, click on ‘Buy ZRX’, and this will send an order into the market. Upon execution, which will more than likely be instant, you will then be able to check your balance on Binance to see that you now have ZRX.

Once you select the pair, you’ll be prompted with the trading portal where you can create a buy order; you have 2 options, market order or limit order. A limit order executes only if XVG/BTC crosses a certain price point while market orders simply execute at the next best price. Either will work; market orders are definitely in many cases good for beginners since you don’t need to do much analysis or due diligence prior to placing the order, so a market order is recommended for beginners. Plus, XVG is liquid enough where market orders will not put you at a huge loss.


  • Assets that are listed and available for purchase on Binance are preliminarily audited and checked.
  • Binance’s team is actively on top of reviewing their listed assets and cryptocurrencies and have been quick to remove any assets undergoing imminent shutdown (E.g. – Centra)
  • You don’t need to verify an account in order to buy cryptocurrencies, just an accessible email address.
  • In case you were, in fact, looking to verify your account, the process takes a bit of time as many parameters need to be reviewed and approved prior which can traditionally take time.
  • Not registered with mainstream financial authorities, only with Malta

Coinbase is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges on the mainstream front arguably because it was one of the first cryptocurrencies to offer instant purchase of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum using a credit card. Coinbase has since evolved into one of the more reputable and trusted exchanges because of its registration with United States authorities as well as abidance with global financial authorities. Coinbase, headquartered in San Francisco, United States, has made an active initiative to not only follow global compliance in a manner other exchanges are struggling to accomplish but also, an initiative to list assets in a law-compliant method. Coinbase listed 0x (ZRX) to buy and sell on their exchange in late 2018 and stands as one of the best exchanges for 0x purchases to date.

(Step by Step) How to Buy 0x On Coinbase

Prior to starting, if you’re looking to buy 0x Coinbase, it should be noted that you need to be able to verify your exchange account which includes providing valid investor materials such as your passport, a valid phone number for verification, and a bank account or credit card for linking.  To get started, first register for a preliminary Coinbase account. We can do this by heading over to the main page of Coinbase’s website and clicking to the ‘Get Started’ button on the homepage next to the sign-in button. Adversely if you have an account already, log in and skip this step.

Coinbase will then load a screen that asks you for a basic account and user information that ranges from your first and last name to area of residence as well as a secure password. For all of these parameters ensure that you’re inputting good, valid information as typing random information will only slow down the process in this case.  The following image depicts the type of screen that you will traditionally see after pressing the ‘Getting Started’ button and opting to register for their platform. This will give you a preliminary Coinbase account, however, in order to proceed further, you’ll have to submit verification documents to Coinbase in the next step.

In order to submit verification materials to Coinbase for finalization of your account, click the opt-in buttons that ask you to verify your identity; additionally, you can head here to find the verification screen depending on your account status. To fully validate your account you’ll have to submit the following relative types of documentation:

  • Identification (Passport, driver’s license, registration card, etc.)
  • Selfie with ID – You’ll need to provide a selfie image where you are holding up your ID next to your face.
  • Phone number – You will require a valid and accessible phone number in order to fully verify your account.

Once you’ve submitted the above documents, the next step is to fund your account, link a deposit form, and finally buy the 0x.

Assuming you were successful in verifying your account, next head to your Coinbase dashboard. Click ‘Buy/Sell’. Select Buy and under Payment Method select this and press ‘Add New Account’.

Pressing this button will load a new page where you’ll be asked which type of account you want to link. This can be a bank account, credit card, and so on. Then, you will be asked to input your account information and complete a basic payment test to validate that this is, in fact, your personal account. After inputting the information and processing it successfully, head back to the ‘Buy/Sell’ section. Now, from the list of assets that are displayed, select ‘ZRX’, and your screen will subsequently look as follows:

Then, underneath this screen, you should see an input field where you can specify how much worth of 0x you want to purchase. Then, simply click the payment method that you linked in the previous step, and press ‘Buy 0x’ – Coinbase will then retrieve the funds from the account that you linked earlier and make a purchase for 0x. Upon completion, which is typically only a few moments, you will now be able to head back to the dashboard section of your Coinbase dashboard and see that your 0x balance has now updated to reflect your purchase.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully bought 0x on Coinbase! From here, you can send and receive 0x at your own discretion and are free to move the newly purchased 0x to another wallet if you choose.


Plus500 is one of the more popular CFD providers that enables the buying and selling of CFDs, which are contracts for differences; these types of financial products are representations of asset holdings and allow you to be exposed to an assets price without ever having to buy the underlying asset. This is convenient for those who have absolutely no idea how to work with cryptocurrency but are accustomed to traditional market products in stock or when trading forex markets. Plus500 recently made a jump to list a plethora of different verified and supported cryptocurrencies only buyable via CFDs on their inclusive exchange. At this time, Plus500, unfortunately, does not support 0x listings, however it does offer trading of different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. We can definitely see the possibility of Plus500 listing 0x as a tradeable asset within the near future, however, at this time, the listing is unclear. Be wary of any user or trader claiming services on Plus500 to trade 0x, as this is not possible at the moment.

Buying 0x (ZRX) in Your Country

UKUS & Canada

You can buy 0x very easily and quickly if you are in the UK by using either the Binance exchange or by using Coinbase. Each one is supported in the UK and has no restrictions for residents; keep in mind, this can change and regulatory outlooks are changing very quickly, especially in the US and the UK, so it’s always best to keep an eye out for any potential banning of each aforementioned exchange.

Binance and Coinbase each have their own benefactors and positive attributes, especially for UK residents. Binance is relatively quicker; it requires no verification on your account, no validation, and you can buy 0x instantly on the exchange. Coinbase, adversely, does take longer to verify and get situated on the exchange, however, it is regulated, registered, and funds are insured to an extent which is no the case with Binance. Nonetheless, both are viable options to buy 0x as a UK resident.

The US and Canada have undergone very high levels of scrutiny, and arguably the largest levels of regulation (Besides countries that have banned or prohibited cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges). Fortunately, however, Binance and Coinbase are both options to buy 0x if you’re in the United States or Canada. Both have their respective pros and cons, yet, overall, they are both legal, verified options.

Binance does not require verification for US users. Coinbase, does; take this as you will. Binance is somewhat faster than Coinbase, however, Coinbase is more regulated and overseen than Binance.

Differences Between Buying and Trading 0x (ZRX)


  • ‘Buying’ 0x means you’re actually physically owning it, under all circumstances.
  • If you wish to use 0x’s protocol functionality and utility to serve as a decentralized exchange intermediary you are strictly buying 0x.
  • In the case that you’d like to send 0x to another user or to another person across the globe, you will first buy 0x.
  • Purchases for 0x are traditionally associated with holds, associated with wallets.


  • Trading 0x is a process where you look to strictly benefit off of the price movements of 0x on the markets, but not 0x in any way for its functionality.
  • Trading cryptocurrencies such as 0x are traditionally cross-referenced and used with financial products such as CFDs (Contracts) or futures.
  • In the case of trading crypto like 0x using CFDs or futures, you never actually own the underlying cryptocurrency, just representational value of the cryptocurrency.
  • You cannot use 0x for its underlying decentralized exchange protocol if you’re only trading it.
  • Using 0x as a payment method is not done when trading.

How to Trade 0x (ZRX) with a Trading Robot

If you’re someone who enjoys deploying methods that enable passive income, then you’re most likely familiar with trading robots; these are programs and platforms that essentially trade your cryptocurrency for you without having to do anything. Every trading robot is different and has its own unique attributes that makes it attractive for users to use it. Cryptocurrency trading robots function like so: You link your API exchange key (This is a secret sequence of numbers and letters that is unique only to your account) to the trading robot and specify on the program what parameters you want. Then, you let the robot trade for you, without having to worry. Is it possible to use a trading robot to trade 0x? Yes, definitely.

In order to trade 0x using a cryptocurrency robot, you have to first find a robot that enables trading on an exchange that supports 0x trading; the most common example is Binance. Then, once you’ve acquired this robot, navigate to the parameters section where you specify which assets you want to be traded, and select ‘0x/BTC’ or another equivalent. Then, the robot will automatically trade this pair and you’ll be able to keep track of it through the platform’s interface.

This is in no way a form for guaranteed profit, and it should be noted that cryptocurrency trading robots are very susceptible to fraudsters, hackers, and scams so always do your own due diligence and research the project in question. Also, stay away from any 0x project that promises results. Nothing is guaranteed in the markets, anything that guarantees above-average profit is traditionally a Ponzi scheme, a scam, or some sort of fraud.

Alternative Methods to Buy 0x (ZRX)

Credit/Debit CardPayPalBitcoin

Currently, the most readily available exchange to buy 0x on is Coinbase as it maintains a liquid market for 0x trades and sales. You can buy 0x directly using a credit card by navigating to your Coinbase dashboard and going to ‘Buy/Sell’ tab – then, select 0x from the ‘Cryptocurrency’ drop-down menu that is available (Bitcoin should be there by default). Then, for ‘Payment Method’, select the credit card you’ve added to Coinbase, or if you haven’t added a credit card yet, click on the ‘Add New Account’ button and enter in the necessary credit card details and confirm it by following the on-screen instructions.

Additionally, you can buy 0x through Binance using a credit card by buying Bitcoin and then swapping it for 0x through the 0x/BTC trading pair (As we instructed above). To do this, sign in to your Binance account, go to ‘Funds’ and on the drop-down select the ‘Buy with Credit Card’ option. Enter the necessary information, specify how much BTC you want to buy, and press confirm. Once processed, use the newly purchased Bitcoin to purchase 0x through the BTC pairing.

The following screen depicts the buying process for Bitcoin using a credit card.

Buying 0x using PayPal is possible, however, the process is a bit unconventional as 0x is not directly buyable using PayPal. As a result, we’ll first have to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and then use the Bitcoin we bought using PayPal to swap for 0x on an exchange such as Binance.

In order to do this, you’ll first have to use a Bitcoin PayPal exchange that is available in your country. The process for this is different per user and platform, however, generally, you will just sign up for an account, verify your account, and then link PayPal as a deposit method and use it to either deposit fiat or make a direct transaction for Bitcoin. Then, withdraw the Bitcoin to an exchange that offers BTC pairing such as Binance; once completed, sell the BTC for 0x in the 0x/BTC pair, and you’ve bought 0x using PayPal!

Using Bitcoin directly to buy 0x is the most cost-efficient and arguably the best method to buy 0x. However, it should be noted, that it is relatively only the best method for buying 0x if you already have Bitcoin, either pre-purchased from a different exchange or held in a wallet somewhere. If this is the case, then the process for buying 0x is extremely simple, fast, and cheap. In this case, deposit the Bitcoin from wherever you’re holding it currently to an exchange that supports 0x/BTC pairings, such as Binance. Binance does not incur any deposit fees and their transaction fees are minuscule. Once your deposit processes, then head to the markets and use the Bitcoin you deposited to buy 0x; it’s that simple.

How to Sell 0x (ZRX)

In order to sell 0x, we first need to have 0x to sell. This essentially means that we need to own the underlying asset in terms of 0x, not just representational ownership as in the case of trading. Once the actual asset is owned, let’s say that the 0x we own increases in price by 10% relative to USD and we want to sell it. To do this, we’ll need to transfer the 0x that we own to the exchange of our choice that supports trading of 0x. If we want to sell our 0x for USD, Coinbase is the optimal option, if we want to sell our 0x for Bitcoin, Binance is the most cost-efficient option. Let’s say for sake of argument, we want to sell our 0x back into USD for a profit. To do this, first make sure that our owned 0x is on Coinbase (Go to Accounts –> 0x –> Deposit, and then send 0x to the address generated for you if you don’t already have the 0x on your account).

Next, head over to the Coinbase dashboard and select the ‘Buy/Sell’ option. Then, click on the ‘Sell’ tab. This will load a screen where you can input which crypto you want to sell and for what currency. Select 0x as the asset to sell and then select ‘USD’ (Or your preferred fiat currency) as the currency to sell into. 

Next, simply input how much worth of your 0x that you want to sell and press the ‘Sell’ button. Upon execution, which doesn’t take long, you’ll see that your 0x was sold to the fiat currency you input.

While 0x might seem complicated from a technical standpoint, you don’t need to know everything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain to derive benefit from buying 0x on the markets.

Whether using 0x for its underlying decentralized exchange (DEX) functionality and protocol, simply holding onto it as a long-term investment, or using it as a form of payment for another person across the globe, 0x is a cryptocurrency that you’ll benefit from knowing how to buy. Buying cryptocurrencies such as 0x is an invaluable skill; make sure to browse InsideBitcoins for more tutorials, guides, and forms of investment holding technologies associated with cryptocurrency.


I'm confused, are 0x and Ethereum the same thing?

0x is a cryptocurrency, specifically an ERC20 token, which is a subsidiary token on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum and 0x are two separate cryptocurrencies, and they serve completely different purposes. They are very similar in terms of structure, as both 0x and Ethereum are platforms with cryptocurrencies used to 'power' these platforms, however, their targeted markets and purposes are very different from one another. 0x serves the purpose of enabling a better, more comprehensive ecosystem for the development and deployment of decentralized exchanges (Exchanges where there is no central intermediary where users are the ones in control, costs are cut and speed is increased. 0x also sports the ZRX cryptocurrency, which powers the 0x blockchain and enables users to send and receive 0x (ZRX) cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. In comparison, Ethereum is a platform aimed at establishing a decentralized world-computer where other assets and applications can build upon, and Ether (ETH) is the fuel of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency which can be sent and received to any person in the world. In this regard, Ethereum and 0x are similar, but it should be noted 0x is built on Ethereum. 0x is dependent on Ethereum, Ethereum is not dependent on 0x.

How can I add 0x to my project and start using it?

0x offers a variety of different products that users can integrate to their applications, websites, stores, and more to not only use a decentralized infrastructure with faster speeds and lower costs, but also derive from an ecosystem that can be potentially profitable for them.0x enables this in a quick, easy to set up product via what is called 0x Instant.

What factors should I consider when investing in 0x?

Prior to any investment or purchase, we recommend you do your own thorough due diligence and research as this will assist in not only being more confident in your investment but also understanding the technology you're investing in. 0x is an infrastructure for decentralized exchanges and subsequently, 0x (ZRX) is needed to fuel the overall crypto's ecosystem. Therefore, in order for an investment in 0x to succeed and prove profitable, the overall market for decentralized exchange's (DEX) needs to prove prosperous. Big players are entering the DEX market, which means there is promise within the DEX market, and subsequently promise within value of 0x.

Will 0x ever be illegal?

This question is very subjective; there are jurisdictions currently that have banned all cryptocurrencies and as a result, since 0x falls into this category, it is illegal there as well. 0x is legal in most known mainstream countries and jurisdictions, however, it's always best to check with your regional laws and relative legislation in order to be entirely comfortable in your purchase.0x has never been mentioned by regulatory bodies such as the SEC as potentially illegal, in fact, 0x was listed on Coinbase, which is one of the most advanced exchanges in terms of compliance and law-abidance, so it can be safely assumed 0x will not be deemed illegal in major jurisdictions, at least within the near future. However, nothing is guaranteed, always stay up to date with news as well.

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