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Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction – $BTCBSC Price Potential in 2023

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Update – Bitcoin BSC will be listed on Pancakeswap on October 4th, 2023 at 09:00 UTC, its presale phase is now sold out.

2023 has seen many new versions of established crypto assets emerge that aim to give investors a second chance to profit from the bull runs similar to the original tokens. Bitcoin, too, has seen multiple iterations in this regard. Bitcoin BSC is the latest one among them. Built on the BNB smart chain, Bitcoin BSC is an innovative project that brings the core fundamentals of Bitcoin to a greener blockchain. The astonishing success of its ongoing presale has positioned it among the most trending cryptocurrency projects on the market.

This Bitcoin BSC price prediction will take a look at this project’s fundamentals and forecast its price action for months and years to come. We will also look at the factors that could influence Bitcoin BSC’s price before providing you with a quick guide on how to buy this asset via presale. Nevertheless, you can also read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency with ease.

Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction

Bitcoin BSC is currently available only as a presale, which means that we can’t employ our standard technical indicators to predict its price. However, the token’s fundamentals are common, which can help us estimate how it will perform in the future.


Bitcoin BSC is currently available as a presale. Following the same fundamentals as Bitcoin’s 2011 days, it is being sold during presale at a discount price of $0.99. The low-cost factor has allowed it to raise more than $5 million as of late September. If the same momentum is maintained throughout the presale, it may conclude early, which could fuel its price action once it lands on DEX. Much like BTC20, another token that pumped by 600%, Bitcoin BSC can rise by 10x after the presale concludes, reaching $9.9. But the excitement of the listing pump will wane, settling Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) around the $5 mark by the end of 2023.

Bitcoin BSC Price Prediction


2024 is the year of halving. Since BTCBSC will likely follow Bitcoin’s price action closely, it may be above to move up to reach $7 by Q2 of 2024. Another attribute to look at this year is the project’s staking utility. If it gets enough stakers, BTCBSC can reach even higher. Our optimistic estimate is around $8.

We recommend also keeping a close watch on spot Bitcoin ETF applications. Approval of multiple applications at the same time that many experts, including Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood, have predicted, could create a bullish momentum for Bitcoin, leading to Bitcoin BSC getting more attention.

However, if the crypto market goes through the same level of volatility as this year, we might see this token’s value dropping to around $3 by the end of 2024.

2025 And Beyond

Bitcoin’s last halving happened in 2020, which led to its going on a bull run in 2021. It is likely that we will see the positive impact of the upcoming halving in 2025. Experts say that Bitcoin needs to be around $52k for its mining to be productive. It is likely that this would push bulls to back BTC in 2025, which may prove positive for Bitcoin BSC, pushing it above the $10 mark.

However, if Bitcoin isn’t able to cross the $50k barrier in 2025, people’s confidence may shatter, leading to people selling their BTC holdings. In that scenario, people may think it wise to move away from Bitcoin BSC, pushing its price down to the $1 mark.

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Bitcoin BSC Price History

Bitcoin BSC emerged on September 5 and ended up raising $25,000 within 24 hours of launch. Before the end of the month, it netted more than $5 million.

The pace of the presale suggests growing interest in the Bitcoin clone, which could prove fruitful once the presale concludes and the Bitcoin BSC starts trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin BSC has attributes similar to the original Bitcoin in terms of tokenomics. There are 21 million tokens in total, out of which 29%, equivalent to 6.125 million tokens, are allocated to a two-staged presale. The presale price for the token has been set to $0.99 for both stages to simulate the similarity with Bitcoin’s offering back in 2011.

The goal is first to sell off 4 million of the presale tokens. If this allocation sells out quickly, the remaining 2.125 million will be offered in the second presale round. Once the presale concludes, Bitcoin BSC will go live on Uniswap. Bitcoin BSC has reserved 2% of the total supply for the DEX liquidity.

Key Points To Know About Bitcoin BSC

  • Bitcoin BSC opened its presale on September 5th
  • It is a Bitcoin clone built on the BNB smart chain
  • There are 21 million tokens in total
  • 29% of the total supply – 6.125 million – has been allocated to the presale
  • The first phase of the presale will offer 4 million tokens
  • 2% of the total supply has been reserved for DEX liquidity
  • 69% of the total supply is allocated to the staking pool

What Is Bitcoin BSC?

Bitcoin BSC is a Bitcoin clone built on the BNB smart chain. This BEP-20 version of Bitcoin is simulated to start at an early point in Bitcoin’s history in 2011.

It aims to follow Bitcoin’s fundamentals closely, from its tokenomics to the reward-based utility, in order to give users access to an alternative investment that could go on the same bullish rally Bitcoin did after 2011.

What is Bitcoin BSC

Being built on the BNB smart chain, Bitcoin BSC is a proof-of-stake token, with its staking utility closely resembling Bitcoin’s reward structure. Just like Bitcoin releases 1 block every 10 minutes, Bitcoin BSC’s staking pool releases one block of reward to stakers every 10 minutes. The size of the reward depends on the number of tokens staked and the APY.

Bitcoin BSC plans to release the tokens locked inside its staking protocol over the next 120 years, giving itself a long-term upside.

What Factors Drives Bitcoin BSC Price?

Bitcoin BSC has hit the ground running, with its presale earning close to half a million over the course of a few days. However, once the presale concludes, the following factors will play a role in driving its price:

Clone Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin BSC portrays itself as a better, more efficient, and more eco-friendly version of Bitcoin. It states that it builds on the weakness of the original token, which could help it get noticed by the crypto community.

Also, bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately, partially due to the recent issues with the processing of spot Bitcoin ETF applications. Furthermore, the recent Bitcoin sell-offs by SpaceX have also had a detrimental impact on Bitcoin. Energy consumption issues are another reason most retail investors have chosen to backtrack from BTC.

Under these circumstances, people are looking for an alternative asset that could potentially make the same waves that Bitcoin did in the early days. Bitcoin BSC is one of the alternatives they could pick. Not only is it environmentally friendly thanks to being built on the BNB smart chain, but it also introduces investors to a faster and more secure blockchain with long-term prospects.

Furthermore, considering the recent presale is simulating Bitcoin’s moves of 2011, BTCBSC gives investors a second chance to invest in Bitcoin.

Staking Rewards

Another factor that could work in Bitcoin BSC’s favor is the presence of staking rewards. Much like Bitcoin releases a reward block every 10 minutes, Bitcoin BSC will be releasing 1 block of BTCBSC tokens to stakers following the same schedule.

Bitcoin BSC Staking

The size of the reward will be determined by the number of tokens staked and the current APY. At press time, Bitcoin BSC is rewarding 0.25 BTCBSC per block with an estimated annualized percentage yield of 1198%. This will drop significantly as more tokens are staked, but the promise of passive gains will be enough for investors to stick around.

Considering that these tokens will be released to stakers over the next 120 years, the long-term prospects of this token are also high.

Another impact of staking would be the reduction of sell-offs. As staking incentivizes users to hold the tokens, it would prevent them from selling off the asset during peak times. It would limit the circulating supply of the token, thereby increasing its value.

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Crypto Market Conditions

Bitcoin BSC is not an asset that would move on the price charts exclusively on its own merit. Being a Bitcoin clone that offers staking facilities, its price would be influenced by how high-cap tokens perform.

If there is a major whale buy action for Bitcoin around October, which would be by the time Bitcoin BSC’s presale has concluded, its price will experience major tailwinds from the market. Furthermore, the upcoming halving in 2024 and the bull run that Bitcoin will experience (hopefully) in 2025 would also influence how many buyers Bitcoin BSC is able to attract.

Crypto Mining Regulations

Most countries in the Western Hemisphere are up in arms about crypto mining. New York has gone as far as inflicting a partial ban on crypto mining partially.

More mining regulations will come in the future, which will likely move investors away from Proof-of-Work crypto, thereby compelling them to look for alternative investments that allow them to earn passive income through alternate means. Bitcoin BSC’s staking utility can be one of the answers for these investors.

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Bitcoin BSC Price Potential – Case Study

To glance at Bitcoin BSC’s price potential, we need to look at similar assets. There have been multiple variants of Bitcoin this year, and most of them have failed.

One of the closest examples to consider is BTC20. It was also introduced as a presale. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it also provides a staking utility, allowing users to earn passive gains by holding their assets.

It rallied after the conclusion of its presale, going up by 6 times on Uniswap before retracing to a sub-dollar level before rebounding and is currently hovering around the $1.5 mark.

BTC20 All-Time Price Chart

Bitcoin BSC, being built on the BNB smart chain, is providing a greener and better alternative to BTC20. It could help it rise even higher. And even if it doesn’t, BTC20 has shown that Bitcoin clones have many takers in the market.

For an in-depth analysis of this token, you can check out this video.

Bitcoin BSC Social Media Handles

In order to stay updated with the developments of the Bitcoin BSC ecosystem, follow the links below:

  1. X (Formerly Twitter)
  2. Telegram

Be mindful of clones of these channels. The fast presale Bitcoin BSC has been going through will likely invite copycats. Beware of these scams, and remember that devs won’t message you first. Also, only use the official link of the project – – to invest in this project.

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How To Buy Bitcoin BSC – Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide on how to invest in Bitcoin BSC:

  1. Go to the official Bitcoin BSC website.
  2. Click the “Connect” Wallet and make sure that you have enough ETH, USDT, or ETH tokens in your wallet.
  3. Swap your tokens for BTCBSC and claim them once the presale concludes. Alternatively, you can stake them right away to generate passive gains.

Also, see our full guide on how to buy Bitcoin BSC to get complete information on this token.


Even though Bitcoin BSC is yet to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, its key fundamentals are enough for us to give you a comprehensive insight into its future value. At press time, Bitcoin BSC has raised close to $5 million in early investment.

The current pace suggests that the presale might be over ahead of schedule, which makes it suitable for early movers to act now and invest in this project.

Update – Bitcoin BSC will be listed on Pancakeswap on October 4th, 2023 at 09:00 UTC, its presale phase is now sold out.

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What is Bitcoin BSC?

Bitcoin BSC is a Bitcoin clone built on the BNB smart chain. It has the same fundamentals as Bitcoin and also features a reward-focused utility mirroring Bitcoin's block reward mechanism.

What is the total supply of Bitcoin BSC?

Bitcoin BSC has a total supply of 21 million. 295 of this total supply is dedicated to the presale, 69% is allocated to the staking pool and the remaining 2% is for DEX liquidity pool.