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Secret Crisis Blueprint Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Rating 4.5/5

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

A crypto trading platform is an online platform that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. These platforms usually provide a user-friendly interface that enables users to access the cryptocurrency market and execute trades with ease. The Secret Crisis Blueprint review will help you understand how this platform works and present all the facts you need to know before deciding whether you should trade crypto on this platform or choose another one. We will try to answer the question many are asking “Is Secret Crisis Blueprint a scam?”

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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Secret Crisis Blueprint Summary

Platform Type Crypto trading platform
Supported markets Cryptocurrency
Minimum deposit Not specified
Demo account Yes
Winrate Not specified

What is Secret Crisis Blueprint?

Source – Secret Crisis Blueprint website

Secret Crisis Blueprint is a crypto trading platform offering users detailed information on trading cryptocurrencies. All traders are aware of the extremely volatile crypto market. Therefore, they always want to be in a loop with everything that happens. Secret Crisis Blueprint assures traders they will be updated if they start trading on this platform. 

Crypto trading can be a bit challenging for those with experience, not to mention for those who are entering this market for the first time. They should be informed and updated on the most recent crypto trends and news. Also, being equipped with special strategies and investment flair is crucial if traders want to succeed. 

Secret Crisis Blueprint promises a user-friendly interface that’s easy to manage, allowing traders to concentrate on their crypto trading adventure. Before making an investment in a crypto asset, newcomers who wish to learn the basis of cryptocurrency trading can use a demo account. Secret Crisis Blueprint claims to develop this demo account with the intention of enabling users to familiarize themselves with the platform and make easier gains. 

Secret Crisis Blueprint Pros and Cons

We need to look at the pros and cons of Secret Crisis Blueprint. 


  • It has tools and features to navigate the crypto trading.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Demo account.


  • Unverified winrate.
  • Unknown development team.
  • Lack of backtesting info.

Visit Secret Crisis Blueprint

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

How Does Secret Crisis Blueprint Work? 

Secret Crisis Blueprint, as trading software, declares itself as a perfect choice for those who are just entering the crypto world. It says it has an easy-to-use platform with features suitable for beginners and experienced traders. 

According to the website, once traders sign-up, there is no limit regarding crypto investments. Users have to choose between short-term and long-term investments. Secret Crisis Blueprint advises users to play the long term by investing in multiple crypto assets. This trading platform allegedly allows traders to practice trading with a demo account. They can get familiar with how the platform works by using virtual money. It’s still unknown what is the minimum deposit that an individual must make. 

Although this trading platform praises all its features and tools, we didn’t test it; therefore, we can’t say whether Secret Crisis Blueprint is worth your time and money. Read more about bitcoin trading robots in our full guide to find more investment opportunities. 

Secret Crisis Blueprint Features 

We can’t help but refer to the features of Secret Crisis Blueprint.

User-Friendly Interface 

Most trading platforms play on the interface card. They are constantly trying to simplify the registration process and, in this case, trading. Secret Crisis Blueprint claims to have features suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders. They say navigating is quite simple, where you can find all desired features in no time. InsideBitcoins found no testimonials on TrustPilot or any other digital platforms showing customers’ reviews of Secret Crisis Blueprint. 

Source – Secret Crisis Blueprint website

Demo Account 

Demo accounts are useful features many trading platforms have. Secret Crisis Blueprint allegedly allows traders to practice trading with a demo account before going live. This way, they can get familiar with the platform and see how it works. But remember that a demo account is not the same as live trading. If you profit while playing with a demo account, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same will happen in live trading. 

Secured Platform

The main concern of every investor is the security of the platform they invest in. Secret Crisis Blueprint assures that it uses high-level security where traders don’t need to worry about the private information being shared. This trading platform claims to use high encryption, ensuring that information doesn’t go into the hands of third parties or hackers. 

Although they refer to the safe storage of information, you can notice in the Privacy Policy that by leaving your personal details, they reserve the right to share your data with a third party. Hence, be careful when leaving your personal info because you never know who might misuse them. 

Who Is the Secret Crisis Blueprint Founder? 

Developing a successful crypto trading platform requires a deep understanding of the crypto markets, as well as expertise in software development and security. It’s important to create a platform that users can rely on, with easy-to-use, secure features and helpful resources for understanding the basics of trading. 

The founder of Secret Crisis Blueprint apparently wanted to enable all that for users, so he started developing the platform in 2013. At that time, people were becoming interested in cryptocurrencies, but there were few user-friendly platforms that allowed for easy access to the market. The founder probably saw an opportunity to create a platform that could provide users with the tools and resources they needed to understand the basics of crypto trading and develop smart trading strategies. Besides this, he seems to recognize the importance of security, given the high-profile hacks and scams that have occurred in the crypto world. 

Still, it’s unknown who is the Secret Crisis Blueprint founder. 

How to Use Secret Crisis Blueprint? 

InsideBitcoins described the process of using the platform in this Secret Crisis Blueprint review, in case you want to try it. 

Step 1: Visit the official website

Secret Crisis Blueprint claims to have a straightforward registration process. The only thing you have to do is leave your full name, email, and phone number. To do that, visit the official Secret Crisis Blueprint website

Step 2: Deposit 

Anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies on this platform is required to deposit funds. The minimum amount that must be invested is not specified. InsideBitcoins advises you to deposit only the amount you can afford to lose. The crypto market is unpredictable, and you should protect yourself and your assets. 

Step 3: Demo account 

Good thing that comes with a demo account is the ability to learn how the platform you are about to trade on works. Once you are ready, switch to live trading. 

Step 4: Live trading

Live trading is not easy. You should have certain knowledge and skills and, in most cases, luck. Secret Crisis Blueprint asserts people it’s suitable for beginners. We didn’t have a chance to try it out, so we can’t claim that. 

Secret Crisis Blueprint Review: Final Words

What did this Secret Crisis Blueprint review teach you? What did InsideBitcoins discover? Is Secret Crisis Blueprint a scam? Since we didn’t test the platform, we can’t say it’s a scam, nor can we say it’s legit. We summarized all the facts and presented them to you. 

Secret Crisis Blueprint claims it’s highly secured and suitable for beginners. It says to help users earn money without investing much of their time and energy.  

Source – Secret Crisis Blueprint website

If you don’t want to start trading with Secret Crisis Blueprint, you can go with one of the regulated brokers – eToro. 

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets and are not regulated. Keep in mind, investor protection is not applicable while trading with unlicensed brokers.

Visit Secret Crisis Blueprint

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Automated Trading on Exchanges 

An alternative to using a bot is to use the copy trading feature on eToro – this FCA and CySec-regulated cryptocurrency exchange allows you to replicate the trading decisions of a winning, profitable trader of your choice or a combination of several.

InsideBitcoins recommends diversifying your portfolio by allocating part of your funds to a long-established, safe, and reputable platform such as eToro – never invest 100% of your cryptocurrency into one trading bot or hold it on one website, broker, or exchange. Start with a minimum deposit on any platform you use, and make a small withdrawal as a test.

Copytrading on eToro is similar to using a bot in that you can grow your investment without having to monitor it, trade yourself or make any decisions – all buy, sell, take profit, and stop-loss orders are automated.