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Auto Trading Hub: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Auto Trading Hub claims to be a forex, crypto, CFDs, and stock trading robot. This robot alleges to help traders make huge profits with little capital investment. But is Auto Trading Hub a scam or legit robot? InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that Auto Trading Hub is a scam. We recommend that you stay away from it.

Our live test shows that traders consistently make losses when trading with this platform. Likewise, we have found a lot of complaints about people making huge losses with the platform. Like many scam robots, Auto Trading Hub appears to be configured to make losses. Users are trying legit robots such as Netflix Revolution which allegedly generate great profits. Read our Netflix Revolution review or click the trade now button in the table below to start trading.

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    Is Auto Trading Hub a Scam? Yes!

    • InsideBitcoins investigation gives Auto Trading Hub a legitimacy score of 11% – Legit trading robots such as Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Evolution must score above 70%.
    • Auto Trading Hub lacks transparency – Scam robots are known to hide any information that can be used against them.
    • This trading robot has an accuracy score of 0% – Most people who try it report making consistent losses until their account depletes.
    • Keep reading to learn more about this robot or read our detailed guide of 2019.

    InsideBitcoins carries out in-depth research to determine legit trading bots. Our investigation of Auto Trading Hub reveals that it is a scam. Apart from making consistent losses, this platform lacks transparency. The people behind it are not known, and neither is the country of registration or physical location.

    Auto Trading Hub claims to partner with regulated brokers, but they do not reveal them until a trader makes a deposit. This is because the majority of these brokers are scammers. They are unregulated and have a reputation of disappearing with users’ deposits.

    Likewise, they are untraceable meaning that there is no way of raising a dispute against them. The majority of scam trading platforms are owned by such brokers, and we suspect that Auto Trading Hub is not different. They seem only interested in soliciting deposits. Once you make a deposit, you will not get any help from them. Their trading platform appears set to start trading as soon as the deposit hits the account. Our live test reveals that Auto Trading Hub wipes out an account with a $250 deposit within 5 hours of live trading. Read our review of Bitcoin Trader for a reliable rading robot.

    What is Auto Trading Hub?

    Auto Trading Hub is a platform that claims to help traders make huge profits from forex, crypto, CFDs and stock trading. The platform alleges to apply top-level trading signals to ensure a high accuracy level. They claim to be among the few auto-trading platforms in the industry that provide high profitability with minimal risk.

    However, our investigation finds a lot of red flags indicating that this platform is a scam. We have determined that this platform does its best to hide these red flags which means that a less keen trader is likely to fall into the trap. Like most scam robots, there is a high likelihood that Auto Trading Hub does not have any proprietary trading technology.

    Most scammers bait traders through a webpage that mimics a web-trader. This webpage usually appears to have all the functionalities of a real trading robot. However, it does not have any underlying technology and does not connect to any brokerage. Moreover, it is set to deplete the trading account in a given period hence tricking the unsuspecting trader into believing that there was live trading involved.

    As we will see later in this review, Auto Trading Hub also appears to be in the business of selling users personal data to third parties. You are likely to receive a lot of spam emails and calls if you sign up with them.

    How does Auto Trading Hub work?

    As mentioned previously, Auto Trading App claims to apply sophisticated computer algorithms to scan the markets for trading signals. The platform alleges to execute these signals into users’ accounts. As mentioned above, Auto Trading Hub is a scam, and you should avoid it.

    According to Investopedia, a trading signal is a suggestion for entering a trade. These suggestions come from fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Legit trading robots analyze vast amounts of data to come up with these signals. In fundamental analysis, the data is qualitative an often involves scanning for tradeable news. Technical analysis, on the other hand, consists of an analysis of quantitative data including reading charts.

    The best trading robots are usually claimed to be more accurate than humans given their ability to analyze huge amounts of data within milliseconds and make decisions. For a legit auto-trading robot with allegedly highly accurate trading algorithms, we recommend that you try Bitcoin Evolution. Read our review of Bitcoin Evolution or click the “Trade Now” button in the table below to start trading.

    How to identify a scam trading robot

    Scam trading robots tend to have similar characteristics which mean that you can detect them if you have a keen eye. InsideBitcoins takes into consideration five factors when determining the legitimacy of a trading robot. These include;

    • Transparency – A scam trading robot is likely to hide crucial details such as the identity of the founders and the country of registration. This is because their founders are scammers and they have no legal registration. They also do not disclose the underlying brokers because they are a sham.
    • Reputability – Scam robots usually have a lot of negative online reviews or no reviews at all. A robot with a few perfect reviews is also highly suspicious. All the robots we find legit must have a good track record.
    • Alleged consistency in profitability – Scam trading robots are known to report consistent losses. The majority are configured to do so until a trading account is wiped out. According to user testimonials, legit trading robots show consistency in profitability.
    • Customer service – Scam robots often do not have responsive customer service. Most scam robots tend to only respond to inquiries relating to making a deposit. Once you make a deposit, they are likely to go missing in action.
    • Safety – Scam robots are known to share users’ data with spammers. You are likely to receive a lot of unsolicited emails and phone calls after registering with them. They also do not have any personal data protection policy.

    All the robots we find legit have been tested through the above metrics and determined to be real and legit. Read our review of Easy Trade App if you are looking for a legit, easy to use trading robot.

    Why you Should not Register with Auto Trading Hub

    Auto Trading Hub has all the tell-tale signs of a scam trading robot. Our live test and also analysis of reviews by people who have tried this robot shows that it is a complete scam. Here are some top reasons as to why you should keep off this trading robot.

    Zero profits / Consistent losses

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that you stand no chance of making any profits with this platform. From our live test and also analysis of other users’ feedback, it appears that it takes less than a day of live trading for a new trading account to deplete. This is typical of most scam trading robots.

    Predetermined live trading results

    We are certain that the results reported by this trading app are predetermined. Our investigation reveals that all traders using this platform get the same results irrespective of the trading strategy they choose. Likewise, we did not find any evidence that they have proprietary technology. Scam brokers rely on fake robots to get deposits.

    Unregulated brokers

    InsideBitcoins investigation has determined that Auto Trading Hub partners with scam brokers. They do not disclose information about these brokers until you make a deposit. Our investigation shows that these brokers are not under any regulatory jurisdiction and have a lot of negative online feedback. The majority of people who have tried them report losing money. Unregulated brokers are usually untraceable, and therefore there is no way of holding them accountable in the event of fraud.

    No Withdrawals

    Our live test shows that this platform does not allow users to withdraw their money if they opt out of live trading. Furthermore, those who go to live trading end up losing all their money. Our investigation finds that the scammers behind this app have set it to make consistent losses. Traders are hoodwinked into believing that there is live-trading taking place while the platform is nothing but a webpage.

    Unsafe website and trading platform

    InsideBitcoins investigation reveals that the Auto Trading Hub platform is unsafe. You risk exposing your data to malicious parties if you signup with them. We have determined that this platform shares users’ data with third parties including scam brokers. People who register with this platform report receiving a lot of unsolicited offers. This is typical of most scam trading bots.

    Is Auto Trading Hub legit? The Verdict!

    InsideBitcoins live test and analysis of other users’ reviews reveal that Auto Trading Hub is a big scam. This platform has a reputation for making consistent losses. Our investigation reveals that Auto Trading Hub automatically depletes traders’ accounts within a few hours of live trading.

    Additionally, the scammers behind this platform do not reveal their identities and there is no way to trace them. The underlying brokers are not regulated which means that they are also untraceable. Auto Trading Hub lies about its trading platform capability and trading potential.

    We have determined that they do not have a proprietary trading technology. What they present to investors is just a webpage built to mimic a web-trader. Consequently, no trading takes place with this platform. InsideBitcoins recommends that you stay away from it and instead try reliable bots. All the robots in our list go through rigorous tests to determine their legitimacy.

    Many users recommend trying the Dubai Lifestyle App. This robot allows you to trade crypto with ease and has a claimed win rate of about 88%. Users report that it is possible to make an average profit of $1000 per day using this robot.  Try it by clicking the “Trade now” button in the table below.


    Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.

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    Is Auto Trading Hub a scam?

    Yes! Auto Trading Hub is a scam, and you should stay away from it. Our investigation reveals that traders make consistent losses through this app.

    How much should I deposit with Auto Trading Hub?

    This platform is a scam, and you should not deposit any money with it. We recommend that you avoid it and instead try a reliable robot.

    How much can I make with Auto Trading Hub?

    You won’t make any money with this platform. Our investigation shows that people who try it end up losing all their deposit.

    Can I withdraw my money from Auto Trading Hub?

    Auto Trading Hub does not allow users who opt out of live trading to withdraw their money. Once you make a deposit, consider your money as lost.

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