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In view of the growing cryptocurrency trading ecosystem, bitcoin autotrading robots are being developed to ease the stress of trading and increase profits. One of them is Bitcoin Trader.  Bitcoin Trader is a trading app built to trade for investors in autopilot mode. The software is used to trade both cryptocurrencies and stocks and promises a whooping $1300 minimum daily profit for its investor, all for a minimum trading fee of $250. But  is Bitcoin Trader Legit? Find out more in our review today.

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The best choice
  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit Card and Sofort

Bitcoin Trader Review – the InsideBitcoins Opinion

Having dealt with the Bitcoin Trader app to clarify its reputation on whether it is a scam or not, we have reviewed its registration procedure, robot functionality and financial trust to help every intending investor be abreast of this trading system.

Thus, is this trading robot scam or not? This would be explained in detail. When topics on trading robots and software are being discussed, the seriousness these platforms claim to offer is most of the time unclear because it is a new invention of trading. However, judging by the Bitcoin Trader website reviews, this seems to be the opposite. Dissatisfaction is also always made public by traders. Thus, the pessimism is rather geared towards the achieved results and not the broker or platform in question.

Is Bitcoin Trader Scam or Serious? The Verdict!

Our experts at InsideBitcoins have tested the trading software and they have the following observations.

  • The software’s trading signals have a possible return of 88%.
  • The software is not a scam as the app is very functional. However, risks in auto-trading remain.
  • We recommend that every intending investor shouldn’t have an investment of more than 250 euros for a start.
  • You can try the Bitcoin Trader App via this link and read more on its functionality.

Trading using the Bitcoin Trader App is, without doubt, a risk and this is commonly known in the cryptocurrency market and the FX trading space. Thus, it’s important for those who are wary of taking risks to back off trading and the operations of the digital currency market. For traders who are willing to take the risk, a survey of the operations of the automated trading platform would rather be interesting. Subsequently, we would be talking about the modus operandi of the trading robot, the software’s functionality and in a practical way, how to register and trade on the software’s web platform such that at the end of all, a solid understanding of the trading system would be developed.

The first impression a trader would have upon the visit to the software’s website would be the Get rich information. In fact, the website is known for its motto “Bitcoin makes people rich and you can become the next millionaire”. A trader need not forget that although these claims might be theoretically and practically possible as past trading history suggests, there are still risks involved which should not be overlooked. However, as typical of an investor, you do well to be modest.

The testimonials by Bitcoin Trader’s members of high returns in trading can be assessed by the intending trader. However, the idea of automated trading is somewhat an interesting idea. In this case, the software eases the trader off the stress of trading and takes on this responsibility thereby saving time and energy for the trader.

The only required responsibility of the software’s user would be to define the settings on which the robot acts. As a trader trading manually, one can sometimes experience some certain uncertainties when placing a buy or sell order. This is where the trading robot comes in to play as it can get rid of these uncertainties following its algorithm. The beauty of this is the trader has zero influence on the calculations of the program.

Apart from the amazing functionality of the app, the condition of the market is also essential to have profits. If the market is in a bearish position, it can affect market asset values and the same thing for a market in a bullish position. Bitcoin Trader’s system promise is strongly hinged on favorable market condition. However, even in the opposite situation, the robot can be used to churn out a good profit. For us at InsideBitcoins, we recommend that the software is worth a trial with a clause. Do not invest huge sums, however, you can get started with little capital and increase it over time as the profits roll in.

Bitcoin Trader on the Dragons Den, Shark Tank?!

Notable searches on Google when Bitcoin Trader is searched out are on the Dragons Den and Shark Tank controversies. This is so because there are suggestions that there is a Bitcoin Trader Dragons Den collaboration. These suggestions came up when ads made rounds on the internet. However, official sources say otherwise. Network 10 occasionally warns that there is no collaboration between the software and the TV show cast as they are all “false and misleading”. Naomi Simson wrote on her social media page urging anyone who sees the ads to report them.

Peter Jones and Bitcoin Trader

In early 2018, ads suggesting an endorsement of Bitcoin Trader from Dragons Den’s investor, Peter Jones were sponsored on Facebook. The ads which read “Bitcoin Trader: Peter Jones buys 20% shares” detailed how Peter was impressed in the authenticity of the software and bought 20% shares in the growing company. However, being furious, Peter replied via his Twitter handle saying the Bitcoin Trader Peter Jones claim is completely false and a scam and his legal team are working on the issue.

Does Elon Musk support Bitcoin Trader?


“Bitcoin Trader Elon Musk” is the most popular search related to the software on Google. Ads sponsored by its developers claimed that Elon Musk signed an agreement with the company with the multibillionaire businessman having a keen interest in the technology and is stepping down at Tesla to continue with automated trading systems saying it is the future. These ads were clearly spread across Google and Facebook. However, with rising concerns for the business community, Tesla released an official report dissociating itself from the acclaimed agreement saying such doesn’t exist and anyone who trades with the software does so at his/her own risk.

How does Bitcoin Trader App work?

Being one of the most popular trading robots in the cryptocurrency space, the question “How does the Bitcoin Trader software work?” is a popular topic amongst forum users in various forums. The basic understanding anyone should have about this app is that it works independently off the trader’s input. Thus, after registering an account on the platform and you have deposited your funds, your input is no longer required. The software goes into action to trade assets and make money. What the trading app does exactly is acting as an investor to trade for multiple persons at the same time. The software uses course progressions and statistics to ensure this happens. Thus, before any buying or selling action is taken by the app, the algorithm of the software is designed to scan market data for relevant information.

There are pretty awesome reviews by people available on the internet which suggests that truly, a bot can work. So, just like a real trader, this software speculates market trends at an extraordinary speed. Second trading is a characteristic of Binary options which however can be pretty difficult for an inexperienced trader. So, how really can you predict market trends that an asset’s value would rise in little time? This is done by using the data gotten with probabilities. This software can be referred to as an automatic second trader.

Most of these probabilities in most cases do not reach 100%, so one shouldn’t assume such value. Truly, profits can be unstable. But, from the software’s perspective, this may not be the case as their promise is to make profits and no one is expected to truly know how the robot can act in detail. Still, the investor should keep an open mind as there are many forms of investment that you cannot be 100% sure of returns.

Opening a Bitcoin Trader Account – Step by Step

Getting ready to sign up for a trade account? Getting ready to make more money with this working software? Read and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Registration

To sign-up, go to its website. Having had a first impression on the software’s homepage, you can scroll down to see the registration page. The registration can be easily carried out in three steps with no charge attached to it on the registration form. The details that would be needed in the first step include Name (First and Last name), email address.

After filling the details on the first page, click “Next” to move to the next page where you are asked to input a password. At this stage, a strong password is required of you which must not be less than six characters and is made up of both letters and numbers. The last and final stage asks you to identify your country and input your phone number. After filling all these, click on the “Register Now” button to sign up. On average, registration should not take more than 1-2 minutes.

Step 2: Deposit

Having completed the registration process successfully, you’ll log in to your account using the details used in registration. You’ll be required to make a deposit to start live trading. The minimum investment required for live trading is 250 euros. As an advice, do not go beyond this amount for a start. So, for those who think 250 euros is quite affordable, do not be shortsighted about the presence of risk in trading.

The web platform accepts different forms of payment methods for deposit. Deposits can be best made by using a credit card. To make a credit card payment, you’ll be required to fill in the card number, card type (MasterCard, Visa or Maestro), the validity period, and security code. The payment gateway is secured for online transactions using SSL to prevent theft of financial information.

Step 3: Demo trading

The demo trading mode is used by the system after signing up so as to be familiar with the software functions, interface, and mode of operations. It is, however, important to note that the values that would be used in demo trading aren’t real as it is not a real-life market situation. The values shown may even be shown to have a marketing effect in perspective, so it is advisable that when in demo trading mode, focus less on the numbers and more on the functions of the software, trading interface terms etc. It can, however, be opined that the trading platform knows how to offer good investment services with the provision of the demo mode.

Step 4: Trading

After deposit, you’ll allow the bot to get the work done. The starting information which the bot works with is given by the investor which involves conditions like desired trading volume, stop loss limits and having done that, trading can be activated.

It is however important that although the trader would perform fewer actions when using a bot, he should have the basic knowledge for the operations of the system itself. Any investment option anyone is working on, stocks, binary options or other assets, knowledge is important.

Is Bitcoin Trader Legit? The Test.

The Bitcoin Trader scam story has always been one the platform fights against. In fact, when the story surfaced on the internet, it linked the software with the Cave of The Lions which isn’t true. These statements about the TV show is nothing but far from the truth. The software is true and the Fake News should not be given attention.

Is Bitcoin Trader Fake? The Platform

Online reviews in forums can at times be misleading as mixed opinions are generated. Many forums have discussed this and as expected, traders with no luck and successes would predominantly express their negative opinion than the positives. So, it is advisable that you try out the platform as it can be accessed for free and deposit is only required when doing live trading. So, is Bitcoin Trader scam or legit? In our experience, we have found it to be legit. However, whilst it’s a reliable robot, we do recommended that you do not invest more than the minimum $250 to start.

Bitcoin Trader versus other Robots

As compared to other trading robots in the space, the Bitcoin Trader app is quite popular and more effective in its functionalities. Its interface is also user-friendly and easy to use. There are other interesting trading robots which are also quite efficient and profitable.

  • Bitcoin Loophole:  This trading app has 93% trading signals accuracy and is one of the most profitable trading app of 2019. Click here to read our Bitcoin Loophole review 
  • Crypto Revolt: This software is used to trade cryptocurrency assets. With a minimum investment of $250, every member can make $1,100 averagely daily. To know more about this trading robot,  go to our Crypto Revolt review.
  • Bitcoin Compass: As a software developed by wall street veterans from different backgrounds, this trading robot is a very promising one with a trading signal accuracy of 99.4%. With an initial investment of $250, daily profits can be around $1300 averagely. To get more understanding about this software, read our Bitcoin Compass review.

Conclusion: is Bitcoin Trader a Scam or Legit?

For serious traders, the fact that there is minimum investment makes the app a welcome gimmick. But also interesting is the fact that all responsibility is passed onto the app. As a growing technology, it would definitely experience some backlash. But, only time would reveal the evolution of the software in terms of the financial promises for its users.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Properties
  • Trade
The best choice
  • 88% Win Rate - Not a Scam
  • $250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit Card and Sofort


What is Bitcoin Trader?
This is a trading robot used to control all trading process and decisions automatically.
What kind of results can I expect?
Bitcoin Trader members typically profit a minimum of $1,300 daily.
What exactly is a crypto robot?
A crypto robot is an automated trading software designed to trade cryptocurrencies.
What is the maximum amount that I can make with the software?
Your profits are unlimited within The Bitcoin Trader. Some members earned their first million within just 61 days.
Is there security of funds with Bitcoin Trader?
Absolutely not! Every investment in Bitcoin Trader is exposed to a risk that shouldn’t be underestimated.
Are there any fees?
There are no hidden fees. No broker fees or commissions. All of your money is 100% yours and you are free to withdraw it at any time you choose without delay.
Do I need a crypto wallet to trade on this platform?
This is not necessary as digital coins aren’t bought but financial products that use the currencies as an asset.
Any alternative to Bitcoin Trader?
Bitcoin Trader’s platform seems quite attractive, however, there are other options to participate in crypto trading. E.g. eToro.

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