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Is Oil Profit a Scam or Legit Auto-trading System?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Oil CFDs traders are making good profits thanks to the volatility resulting from the global supply imbalance.

Most of the profits are reportedly being made through auto-trading systems. One of the most popular auto-trading systems today is Oil Profit.

Oil Profit applies Artificial Intelligence to analyze oil market data and place trades on behalf of users. You do not require any trading experience whatsoever to trade with Oil Profit.

This trading robot could reportedly turn a small deposit of $250 into a fortune through compounding. But is Oil Profit legit? Read our kickass Oil Profit review to learn more.

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    Oil Profit Review Summary

    We can confidently reveal that Oil Profit is legit. There is also a huge possibility that it’s profitable given the many positive reviews from users.

    We have done demo tests on Oil Profit, and it seems that their trading platforms are of top quality. Moreover, users report that it’s extremely easy to use. You could make money with Oil Profit from the first day of trading even if you have never traded before.

    Some users allege gaining wealth through this trading bot. The system is said to provide users with a return on investment of up to 85% daily. Some users have reportedly made up to $1 million in profits within months of investing with this robot.

    You can invest as little as USD250 and reportedly make good returns from it, especially if you compound more profits. Depositing more money should also help you grow faster, but it would be imprudent to invest all your savings in this bot given the level of risk involved.

    Oil Profit trades oil CFDs at a leverage of 5000:1 hence making it possible to lose your entire capital on a single miscalculated trade. Leveraged CFDs trading involves a high degree of risk.

    Oil Profit prevents users from trading into the negative through a Negative Balance Protection feature. Also available is a Stop-Loss tool to help you define the level of losses you can take per trade and a Take Profit to help close profitable trades on time.

    You must read the Oil Profit trading instructions to understand how to apply these tools.

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    How does Oil Profit work?

    This trading platform reportedly applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trading techniques to trade oil news. Oil volatility is heavily influenced by news, especially those revolving around demand and supply.

    News trading involves identifying relevant news and predicting how they affect volatility. Oil Profit can detect and generate insights from news within microseconds of their announcement. The robot does this at supersonic speed and with a supposed accuracy of up to 90%.

    Oil Profit also conducts trading research through technical analysis techniques. These include analyzing historical price charts to identify price patterns that may repeat. The technical analysis technique is hailed as highly profitable when applied through AI-driven algorithms.

    Oil Profit uses a subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) to adjust to the ever-changing oil markets. This technology enables machines to learn from data and adjust to unpredictable markets.

    Oil Profit operates through some brokers regulated in developed markets such as the UK and Australia. The robot doesn’t connect directly with liquidity providers and must relay orders to the brokers for execution.

    Oil Profit also relies on these brokers as its bridge to clients. In other words, all transactions with clients are processed through the broker. These brokers adhere to stringent regulatory measures as stipulated by the UK, Australia, and South Africa regulators.

    You can trade with Oil Profit from any country where retail CFDs trading is allowed. Unfortunately, clients from the US are not accepted.

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    Why trade with Oil Profit?

    Oil Profit is said to make it easy for ordinary people to make money from oil volatility. You don’t require any technical trading background to use Oil Profit. A lot of Oil Profit users claim not to have a prior trading background.

    Moreover, Oil Profit is attracting a lot of reviews from online income blogs. The majority of these blogs review is among the easiest tools to use to make money online. It’s also rated highly as a passive income tool, given that it allows users to trade hands-free.

    Oil Profit is also rated highly on performance, with tens of thousands of users alleging profitability. The trading system could reportedly generate up to $700 daily from a deposit of $250. Users can compound profits to reportedly earn thousands of dollars in daily profits.

    Oil Profit is popular with an estimated active user-base of over half a million. It receives over 100,000 registration requests daily. Only a few of these requests are successful, given that the daily signup slots limited.

    As mentioned earlier, Oil Profit is free. You don’t pay any registration or transaction fees to trade with this system. Oil Profit only charges a commission of 2% on any profits earned. You won’t pay a dime until you are profitable.

    Oil Profit Review – Expert Viewpoint

    This Oil CFDs trading system is a top trend today, thanks to the extreme volatility resulting from the US and OPEC price war. Oil Profit has recently received a lot of media attention, thanks to the thousands of users reviewing it positively on TrustPilot.

    There are over five Oil Profit Reddit threads with thousands of positive comments. Reddit has become an important platform where traders can form communities and share information. Most traffic to Oil Profit is reportedly from these Reddit threads.

    This trading platform has been featured on the mainstream media, mostly the UK, South Africa, and Australia.  The feedback is generally positive. However, most expert reviewers have warned users of the level of risk involved in trading with this system.

    The high risk is expected given that Oil Profit offers leveraged oil CFDs trading. Leveraged trading is risky, especially when conducted through HFT techniques. As stated earlier, Oil Profit trades at high leverage and applies HFT trading strategies such as scalping to profit off small price movements.


    How to trade with Oil Profit

    Trading with Oil Profit is easy given that the entire trading process, from research to order execution, is automated.

    Please note that this trading system is available in more than 150 countries globally. Oil Profit is not available in the US and a few other countries that prohibit retail CFDs trading.  This trading bot website is available in over five languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

    You will find the trading process easy, especially if you follow the steps explained below carefully.

    • Visit the Oil Profit official site and use the signup page to register a free account. You will automatically redirect to one of the Oil Profit partner brokers and be prompted to verify ID to complete the registration.
    • Deposit funds (at least $250) through the broker using wire transfer, debit or credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, or WebMoney. Other deposit methods may apply depending on the matched broker.
    • Familiarize with Oil Profit through the trading tutorial video and demo account. You need as little as 30 minutes to fully prepare for live trading.
    • Adjust the risk control features as stipulated in the trading guide and start trading by clicking the “Trade Now” button. .


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    Oil Profit will do all the trading for you and notify you when the set withdrawal thresholds are achieved. This trading system, through its partner brokers, offers a simple withdrawal process. You only need to submit a withdrawal request and wait for your funds to be processed for a few hours.[/su_list][/su_note]

    Is Oil Profit a Scam? The Verdict!

    This review concludes that Oil Profit is legit. A rigorous background check confirms that it’s top-rated by individual users as well as experts.

    Oil Profit reportedly offers a beginner-friendly and insanely profitable way to invest in crypto. Anyone can trade with this platform easily, especially after reading the provided trading instructions. The trading process is explained in layman terms to help complete beginners get started easily.

    Oil Profit has reportedly made thousands of users wealthy. You could also make good profits with this robot. Sign up now to take advantage of the rising oil volatility. All leveraged commodities trading involve high risk.

    Invest wisely!

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    Is Oil Profit a con?

    We haven't found any red flags about this trading platform. It's undoubtedly legit, and there is a huge possibility that some people have made fortunes with it.

    How much does Oil Profit cost?

    Oil Profit is a free trading bot! You don’t need to pay any trading fees to use this bot. There are also no registration or license fees.

    Does Oil Profit have a mobile trading app?

    The Oil Profit web-trader can install on mobile devices as a mobile app given that it’s based on HTML5. You can use it on both Android and IOS devices. Oil Profit is expected to launch a native trading app in the next few months.