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Yield App Review – Earn On Your Digital Assets

Over the years, cryptocurrency has proven to be one of the pathways to achieving financial freedom. Due to that, the innovation has continued to gain the utmost attention of corporate and individual investors. Today, the entire crypto market boasts over a $1 trillion market cap. This is no surprise as almost everyone now yearns for financial freedom! 

With the host of opportunities embedded in the crypto market, individual and institutional investors are exploring every available prospect to acquire more wealth. However, in the face of the general downturn in the value of cryptocurrencies, many investors have been left with limited chances of making profits, thereby contributing to the growing frustration in the industry.

Yield App

But, the story has been entirely different with investors who have subscribed to reliable wealth management tools like Yield App. Since its introduction, the innovative solution has consistently salvaged the mess inflicted by bad actors and underperforming companies. Don’t forget that these bad actors have through their deficient policies and miscalculated approaches in the industry, inflicted investors with untold losses.

Nonetheless, the development of Yield App by a highly skilled and reputable team has reawakened the confidence of investors in crypto. Yield App, through its resourceful strategies and features, has continued to provide a safe, reliable, stable, and lucrative pathway for them to grow their wealth and attain the true promise of crypto – financial freedom. According to numerous testimonies, Yield App simplifies the theory of low-risk returns on crypto staking, thereby making it entirely easy to earn passively on your crypto holdings. 

Yield App Inbuilt Wallet

In this Yield App review, get ready to explore and understand how the crypto-yielding platform has continued to flourish at a time when many of its peers are struggling to stay in business. The platform’s due diligence, security architecture, and other features are unbeatable. In this review, you’ll unravel the attributes, usefulness, and probable risks connected to this under-hyped platform. 

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Overview of Yield App

Yield App is a reliable virtual wealth management platform that allows you to earn passively through its yield and crypto investment services. The platform remains regulated as an EU Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) in Italy. With this regulatory backing, you can trust Yield App for simplified trading services that are specifically designed for individual and corporate investors.

Yield App as an EU Virtual Assets Service Provider prioritizes investors’ security and safety. With this, the digital wealth creation project wants tochange and transform existing narratives. In the past, we’ve witnessed how various platforms have promised exuberant returns but failed, leaving investors in a dilemma. Unlike Yield App, most of these platforms have no regulatory oversight on their business practices. 

Now, the regulatory oversight implies that users can securely earn good returns on Yield App without fear of a meltdown. It provides seamless pathways for users to amass these returns. Likewise, users can also leverage the arbitrage trading feature on Yield App to earn and encourage more market efficiency.

In addition, users can also earn on the super crypto app through its generous rewards program that involves its native token, $YLD. As a user of Yield App, be rest assured that your deposits will be rewarded with mouth-watering interest, an offering you are not likely to get elsewhere. It offers 11% APY on stablecoins and about 7% APY on Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Yield App doesn’t employ risk-high lending practices to ensure that investors’ returns are duly paid. Rather, the platform has been able to keep up with its earning packages through a risk-averse approach to capital management. Consequently, this approach, to a reasonable extent, shields Yield App and its users against the extreme volatility in the crypto market. This indicates that the downturn in the value of crypto assets will not affect the regular business operations of the virtual wealth manager. 

Yield App Features

On a consistent level, Yield App has found itself in the discussion of some of the best one-stop crypto shops due to the variety of services it offers. Away from its yield products, the platform allows you to swap your virtual assets for free. Likewise, Yield App, through its gaming-changing approach, remains well-secured by a host of security mechanisms. To further serve you better, the virtual wealth management service provider allows you to enjoy a seamless deposit and withdrawal pathway. 

Meanwhile, the presence of various innovative solutions on the platform is driven by its impressive collaborations with reputable firms. In recent times, Yield App partnered with a host of companies, leveraging their support to ensure access to some of its best services. Above all, Yield App came into existence as a child of experts who designed the platform under the guidance of their resourceful experience.

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Features Of Yield App

In this review, we examined the outstanding features of Yield App. They are:

Seamless Payment Pathway

As an all-action crypto platform, Yield App provides instant on and off-ramps for fiats like EUR and GBP. It automatically converts fiats deposits through a bank account with the aid of prominent paymasters like SEPA and Faster Payment. To ensure that you enjoy a seamless payment system on Yield App, the platform collaborated with leading payment outlets like Fiat Republic and Volt. 

Yield App Dashboard

With the support of Fiat Republic, Yield App allows you to get a digital International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to make payments and withdrawals on the platform. Notably, the platform has continued to defy the odds and stands out among peers with the inclusion of its game-changing features. You can authorize payments on Yield App using biometric authentication or Face ID, courtesy of its extensive partnership with Volt. 

Free Crypto Swap

One of the major strengths of Yield App is its zero-fee swapping feature. The platform doesn’t charge users for swapping any supported assets. You can leverage this redefining feature to swap between supported cryptocurrencies, EUR, and GBP. You should definitely not snooze on this massive perk to swap between crypto or change your virtual assets to fiats. 

Nonetheless, you must first fulfill the level 2 KYC requirements before utilizing this whopping opportunity. This is important to do as one of the few sacrifices of enjoying a well-regulated one-stop crypto shop. As a platform that prioritizes users’ convenience, Yield App simplifies the interface of the assets swapping segment.

Yield App Swap

This is to ensure that you enjoy a smooth swapping process and protect your assets against loss. Meanwhile, you can read our guide to comprehend how you can buy cryptocurrency safely. 

Robust Security and Users’ Protection

Yield App provides the utmost security for your virtual assets. It leverages 256-bit encryption to effectively secure your accounts. To further enhance its defense mechanism, Yield App sustains a great relationship with leading blockchain security firm, FireBlocks. The blockchain security firm provides insurance that covers all the funds you entrust to Yield App.

As part of its user protection policies, Yield App will never lend out your assets to safeguard you from contagion issues that have befallen some ill-managed platforms. More so, the one-stop crypto shop operates within the perimeters of a strict risk management and diversification plan to ensure the protection of users’ funds. 

To further protect your funds against the implications of ill management, Yield App adopted market-neutral strategies to record returns. Similarly, the platform allocates users’ funds in different portfolios of DeFi pools after evaluating the risk of every investment commitment. Ultimately, the outstanding wealth management strategy has effectively substituted the risky approach of lending out customers’ assets.

User-friendly Interface

Yield App comes with a well designed interface to ensure that you enjoy a smooth navigation to explore the various opportunities available in this one-stop crypto shop. In most cases, you might require robust knowledge to explore platforms in the crypto landscape. This much-needed requirement has prevented users from embracing available opportunities on those platforms, consequently limiting their exploration. 

Yield App Dashboard

To tackle the afore-discussed dilemma, Yield App opted for simplicity, ensuring that you have unrestricted access to the platform. Both the mobile and web versions of the reputable crypto outlet are well-crafted to aid a good user experience.

In-Built Wallet

As part of its exhaustive approach to providing robust crypto service, Yield App has an in-built wallet; Yield Wallet. The cross-chain wallet materialized as part of the features that came with the V2 upgrade in early 2022. Through the wallet, you can effectively manage your assets and make deposits or withdrawals from the digital wealth management platform. The Yield Wallet features a variety of security mechanisms to ensure that your assets are immune to cyber-attacks.

Yield App Inbuilt Wallet

Yield Earn

Through its market-neutral policy, Yield App allows you to earn daily and compound interest. Let’s take a break, at this junction, you must have realized that the opportunities embedded in this all-inclusive platform are endless. As we continue to navigate through this Yield App review, please note that the Yield Earn is one of the core features of this digital wealth management platform. In any market atmosphere, Yield App, through its innovative approach is a reliable avenue of earning passively on your crypto holdings.

Yield App Earn

The platform possesses a dedicated team with reputable antecedents. This team has devoted their time, resources, and connections to filter available less-risky opportunities across various DeFi pools. They have shown unequaled commitment to ensuring that the promises of earning returns are duly kept without compromising the safety of your assets. Meanwhile, the Yield Earn segment comes in three three categories to ensure that you earn passively through a convenient pathway. These categories are Flexible, Earn+, and Earn+365.

The Flexible category of Yield Earn is well crafted to ensure that you have access to the funds you commit to the initiative. At any time when the need arises, you can easily claim your funds. Returns through this segment could be as high as 7% on stablecoins and as low as 3.5% on Ethereum. The returns will keep accumulating as long as the funds remain committed to the Flexible segment. You should admit that the name alone fully explains the structure of this segment. 

Moving on, the Earn+ package is quite similar to the Flexible option. But, it requires locking up your funds for at least 30 days. Thereafter, you can access the funds or wait to ensure that they accumulate more returns. Also, under this segment, you can have as much as 5% of Bitcoins committed to the service. Commitment in Ethereum can earn you about 5.5% on Bitcoin which indicates a slight improvement. Above all, deposits in supported stablecoins provide more lucrative returns as you can earn about 9% on stablecoins.

Next to the big guy! The Earn+365 provides more return compared to its peers, but you must be patient. This initiative offers 7% returns on Bitcoin and a whopping 11% on stablecoins. However, returns are more lucrative if you lock up $YLD; the native token of the platform. On the native token, Earn+365 will provide you with a 12% gain.

Above all, this service requires more patience and commitment as it mandates that you lock up your funds for 12 months. Please note, that returns through these services vary across the various loyalty categories that will be discussed in the later part of this Yield App review. The wealth creation platform offers one of the best returns on your investment.

Meanwhile, you can also learn more about other platforms that offer good interest on crypto investments when you read our best crypto interest account page. 

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At this point, let’s take a sharp turn to discuss another gaming-changing tool designed by Yield App. Recall, that overtly in this Yield App review, we referred to the platform as an all-action crypto shop. The reason for this tag isn’t far-reaching. Yield App provides a wide range of services. Among its game-changing innovations is the Haven1 blockchain network. 

Through its X page, in early 2023, Yield App provided insights into the launching of the EVM-compatible blockchain. The network, as explained by the team, was developed to facilitate the global adoption of on-chain finance. To achieve this goal, the Yield App team equipped Haven1 with advanced features to ensure the provision of robust security to the blockchain landscape.

According to Yield App, the adoption of on-chain finance has been dwarfed by the increasing hacks, fraud, and theft. To curb this growing menace, the team equipped the network with a provable identity framework. The blockchain leverages this mechanism to ensure that users confirm their identity before carrying out any transaction on the network. This innovative feature will help ensure users’ safety and protect them against fraud, theft, and hacking.

Without any doubt, Haven1, through its provable identity framework, applies to real-life uses like decentralized insurance, intellectual property management, and proof of ownership. With this attribute, the platform focuses on combating ill vices in the crypto landscape so as to open new opportunities for corporate and individual users. With Haven1, lending platforms can incorporate real-life credit score systems to verify the creditworthiness of a borrower. 

Since its emergence, Haven1 has enjoyed a noticeable level of adoption. The network is experiencing a growing ecosystem that has birthed projects like HavenSwap, HavenLend, and HavenPerps. However, these projects operate independently from Yield App.

Yield Token (YLD)

The amazing use cases of Yield token (YLD) is one of the attributes that make Yield App stand tall among its peers. The native token was developed to enable users to get better interest rates on their investments as they advance through the platform’s membership tiers. The various tiers in Yield App and their respective benefits will be comprehensively explained as we continue with this review. 

But as for the Yield token, it comes with impressive tokenomics that positions it for great potential in the future. It has a total supply of 300 million YLD, with 45 million tokens allocated as rewards for users of the platform. Holding YLD tokens attracts more than 12% annualized rewards.

YLD Token

Therefore, apart from providing a safe and reliable pathway for users to grow their investments, Yield App also showers them with daily rewards for holding its native token for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, you have to hold a specified amount to be eligible for this benefit. According to its white paper, the final unlock of YLD will come to fruition in Q1 of 2025. 

Membership Tiers on Yield App

Yield App’s membership tier system provides an innovative way to shower users with tantalizing rewards and benefits. The tiers are four, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Your tier is mainly determined by the amount of YLD holdings in your wallets.

Meanwhile, each tier has its unique benefits and rewards. On all levels, members of any of the tiers enjoy better interest rates, exclusive rewards, and many more. For instance, those on the Diamond level have an exclusive discord community where they interact with their peers and team members of the projects. 


We can both admit that a tree doesn’t make a forest. Yield App, in an effort to provide you with a variety of services, has the support of a host of reputable firms in the crypto landscape. In January 2023, Yield App acquired structured product provider, Trofi Group.

As revealed, the takeover emanated in a bid to offer extensive services. With the acquisition, Yield App brings to your doorstep four (4) structured crypto services; Dual, Range, Sharkfin, and Target. The one-stop crypto shop through the products has been providing “enhanced yield investment opportunities.”

Under the Dual currency service, Yield App offers you the avenue to buy a cryptocurrency at a cheap rate. In addition to this, the package offers you the opportunity to earn more yield. But, Range is a speculation-structured product that enables you to record more returns by speculating that the market will maintain a particular price “range.”

Yield App designed both Sharkfin and Target for bullish investors. Sharkfin focuses on investors with a moderately bullish view of the prices of crypto assets in the future. The product pays a guaranteed minimum coupon that provides opportunities to gain more returns as it matures. While Sharkfin adopts a moderate view, Target is entirely bullish on the potential price of a cryptocurrency and offers a high yield.

To strengthen its on-ramp and off-ramp systems, Yield App partnered with Fiat Republic. The paymaster is a regulated fiat-as-a-service outlet that aggregates local fiat rails for crypto platforms via a single API. The collaboration between the two firms has proven to be effective in curbing deposits and withdrawal delays and the risk of debanking. Due to the backing of Fiat Republic’s digital IBAN technology, Yield App users can make fiat transactions on the platform by having a physical bank account.

Also, Yield App collaborated with Volt, a London-based global payment gateway. The pan-European payment solution allows you to purchase cryptocurrency directly from your bank on Yield App. Through the partnership, Volt provides Yield App with a simplified pathway to on-ramp GBP and EUR using FPS and SEPA Instant. The one-stop crypto outlet leverages the support of Volt to allow you to authorize transactions using only face ID or biometric authentication.

Customer Relationship and Assistance

Yield App’s cordial relationship with its over 90,000 users can be regarded as one of its strengths. The team has been able to win the trust and loyalty of these users due to its transparency and consistent communication strategy. It has a variety of customer service options to enable users to enjoy their experience on the platform.

Help Center on Yield App

You can make your inquiries through its 24/7 live chat, Telegram, and Discord channels, amongst many others. Yield App holds its users in high regard and has continued to integrate measures to help them attain full financial freedom. 

Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that individuals might be developing skepticism about the offerings of reputable platforms like Yield App. Therefore, it is pertinent to equip readers with the pros and cons of the digital wealth creation project to enrich their understanding of it.


  • EU regulated.
  • Offers high APY.
  • Market neutral strategies.
  • Free swap.
  • Guaranteed protection of users’ assets.
  • Robust security system.
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal pathway.
  • Reputable and highly-skilled team.
  • Loyalty and Referral programs.
  • Trusted by over 90,000 users across 140 countries.


  • Not available to residents in the United States.
  • Supports limited crypto assets.
  • High earn rates require asset lock-up.
  • Requires YLD staking to unlock the largest yield rates.

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Founding Team and Reputation

Are you wondering why Yield App is equipped with such resourceful features? The reason behind the all-action posture of this platform isn’t far-reaching. The one-stop crypto shop is designed by a team of experienced and seasoned experts. Over the years, these experts have built a distinctive reputation as a result of their outstanding contributions to both the crypto and traditional finance landscape.

Additionally, they have registered their credibility in the media and crypto landscape by contributing to vital issues. Their respective opinions on these issues caught the attention of top publications within and outside the crypto industry. Unlike many other founding teams in today’s crypto landscape, talents within the ranks of Yield Apps didn’t just wake up a day to venture into the industry. Some of the prominent members of the team include: 

Tim Frost

Tim Frost who is the CEO and Founder of Yield App has incubated a host of high-profile fintech firms. These firms have grown into companies with millions of clients. Popular virtual asset payment processor, WIREX leads the host of companies led by Tim Frost before establishing Yield App.

Tim Frost has attained a prominent height in the crypto landscape. He attended the Token 2049 which was held in Singapore around September 2023. The same month, he was also present at the Korea Blockchain Week. In addition, the CEO has featured on numerous podcasts and spaces on X as a guest speaker. 

Around June 2023, a well-known publication quoted the CEO’s comment on the approach deployed by the Fed to combat inflation in the United States. In his view, Frost submitted that “While today is good news for the U.S. economy and Bitcoin, any wobble that may come from tomorrow’s interest rate decision or the looming recession on the U.S.’s horizon is also likely to prove beneficial for crypto assets.”

Also, the CEO discussed how the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase and Binance ended speculations about the regulator’s action against the two firms. Frost opined that the lawsuit will finally help define the categories crypto projects fall into.

Justin Wright

Another team member, Justin Wright who is the COO and a co-founder has a wealth of experience below his belt. He has the experience and talent you’ll hardly find in any project contributor. With 25 years of experience as an investment banker, wealth manager, and consultant, Wright has become a force to reckon with in the space.

Lucas Kiely

Next to Wright is Lucas Kiely who presently is the CIO of Yield App. The veteran has 25 years of experience in the traditional finance sphere. Previously, Lucas Kiely worked with prominent companies like UBS and Credit Suisse among many others.

In recent years, Kiely’s insightful comments and quotes have been featured in prominent publications across the globe. He once reflected on the decision by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to classify more than 50 crypto assets as securities.

In his submission, the executive revealed that such a stance could affect the classified tokens, stopping them from receiving funding in the United States. More so, he added that the SEC’s rigid position on the industry will prevent the onboarding of developers and users to the United States’ crypto landscape.

Jorg Huges, Kurtis Wong, and Andrew Lam

Jorg Huges is also one of the early contributors to the development of Yield App. Previously, Huges worked as a director at Deutsche Bank.

Another top executive, Kurtis Wong also adds to the team of veterans managing Yield App. Wong previously served as a top director at J.P. Morgan. Likewise, he worked in FX trading at HSBC. He co-founded Trofi and he was incorporated as a member of the team following Yield App’s takeover of the platform. Another co-founder of Trofi, Andrew Lam who now works with Yield App also boasts the same experience as Wong. 

Why does Yield App stand out among its peers?

Yield App’s full commitment to enhancing users’ experience has positioned it above its peers. Just like other top crypto savings accounts, the platform has been unlocking the potential of digital assets, allowing users to earn passive yields in a safe environment. As a digital wealth platform, Yield App stands out because of the following attributes: 

Optimal Security

The highly skilled team behind Yield App puts security first. Therefore, it is not surprising that the platform boasts one of the most efficient security architectures. Yield App’s ability to safely secure the assets of users amid the numerous exploitations greeting the industry tells us more about the efficiency of its security system. It relies on state-of-the-art tech to proactively detect and curb any threat that could result in DDoS attacks on its network. As a user of Yield App, you have nothing to worry about as your assets are safely secured with military-grade 255-bit encryption. 

Also, you can rest assured that your personal data on the platform is adequately protected from unauthorized access. It has a strong security measure in place that ensures that only a select few administrators participate in its sensitive operations. Likewise, Yield App has earned collaborations with prominent security firms to further complement its users’ protection techniques.

Other security measures on the platform include two-factor authentication, activity logging, alert emails, address whitelisting, and many more. With these, Yield App has been able to guarantee a secure environment for users to make the best use of their digital assets. 


Yield App is highly accessible to every user. Unlike many other platforms, it has a mobile application that supports both Android and iOS devices, thereby making it easy for users to experience its amazing offers at their convenience. It also has a web app. Therefore, whether you are using its mobile or web app, registration steps are relatively easy, even for beginners. Alongside its military-grade security, Yield App also comes with an easy-to-use UI that makes it possible for users to navigate its features with just a few clicks.

Yield App

Through its simple interface, the platform has been able to successfully onboard scores of users who are seeking to create wealth with their digital assets. Are you a user looking to safely explore the potential of your assets? Then, Yield App is one of the best destinations to consider. You can join a host of others who have continued to tap into the opportunities offered by the platform to secure and grow their fortunes.

With Yield App, you don’t need much technical knowledge to grow your investment portfolio. This is because the platform does almost everything, including wallet management on behalf of its users. Don’t forget that the app is managed by a team with an outstanding reputation in investment management.

You can consistently monitor the performance of your portfolio either through the mobile or web app. Earnings on the platform are also based on the terms provided by users. This means you can decide the best way you want to earn on your investment with Yield App. Without any doubt, all these make the platform accessible and easy to use. 

Due Diligence

When it comes to due diligence, only a few platforms come close to Yield App. This is no surprise, considering the outstanding expertise of its team. The platform boasts an impressive due diligence framework that assesses every form of its market exposure. According to our findings, Yield App uses an optimal 135-proprietary risk model that places contract security, liquidity, governance quality, and many other critical elements at the height of its consideration.

The team behind the project understands how to deal with the risks that come with digital asset management. With the platform’s advanced state-of-the-art tech and other security features, it has been able to successfully scrutinize all the networks it utilizes for asset exposure.

Likewise, Yield App has drastic measures in place to mitigate any form of counterparty risks. These include regular external audits, stringent diversification standards, consistent third-party monitoring, and a host of others. Unlike many others, the platform usually diversifies its portfolio across worthwhile assets and platforms and does not participate in risky investments.


Users can always rely on the various offerings of Yield App at any time. Both its web and mobile apps are enveloped with all the features provided by the platform to foster users’ experience. This simply means you can access all the available services on Yield App irrespective of the adopted pathways.

Yield App Features

Yield App is well-trusted and tested, and has been designed in a way that makes it unsusceptible to network glitches. You can always count on the platform to safeguard your investment and grow your wealth. The functionality of its mobile app is top-notch, earning a 5-star rating on Google Play. Also, the project has a 4.4-star review rating on Trustpilot. 

How to Get Started With Yield App

Driven by Yield App’s seamless registration process and easy-to-understand UI, users can create accounts with just a few clicks. As a newbie, you won’t find any difficulty kick-starting your journey to financial freedom with the platform. Its mobile app can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store. 

When you download the app, the first thing to do is to register by filling in your personal information including your email address. The submitted address will be verified before you can proceed to the next step.

Account Registration on Yield App

Upon the verification of the email address, you will be asked to submit either a license, identity card or driver’s license. But, you can skip and proceed with the account creation without providing the aforementioned. 

Subsequently, your account will be set up and ready for you. The mobile experience comes with a fingerprint or Face ID feature to prevent unauthorized access. With the app, you can buy, swap, earn and stake digital assets supported by the platform. 

Yield App Review: Our Verdict

Yield App has continued to show its capacity to provide a distinctive environment for users to grow their wealth and actualize full financial freedom. With its optimal security architecture, the platform comes highly recommended for those seeking to secure their digital assets while earning returns. Yield App’s major flaw is that it supports limited crypto assets. Thus, a 4.5/5 rating score would just be perfect.

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Does Yield App have a native token?

Yield App has a native token, identified YLD. The team developed the token to enable users to get better interest rates on their investments as they advance through the platform’s membership tiers

Can users access Yield App through their mobile devices?

Yes. Yield App has a mobile application that is supported by Android and iOS.

What are the basic features of Yield App?

The basic features of Yield App include free crypto swap, seamless payment system, user-friendly interface, yield earn, in-built wallet, and many more.