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Xeta Genesis Review 2023 – Bridging DeFi & TradFi

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Decentralized finance emerged as a concept to give investors financial freedom. However, traditional finance is more attuned to user’s needs in terms of accessibility. There are upsides to both, which is why Xeta Genesis is an approach to bridging these concepts together.

Xeta Genesis is a Web 3 utility bridging DEFi and TradFi markets using blockchain technology. It offers high returns to day traders, fund managers, and institutional investors via its algorithm-based high-frequency trading features. It also offers a Genesis pool for a passive earning experience and underpins these perks with a simplified UI supporting an XETADATA Dashboard.

This guide gives a complete rundown of those features to see why this platform is worth your time. We also discuss how to get started on this platform.

Key Points about Xeta Genesis

  • Unique Web 3 ecosystem combining DeFi and TradFi
  • It offers high-frequency trading facilities to retail investors, day traders, and fund managers
  • Utilizes off-chain and on-chain technology
  • Supports a wide array of assets – gold ETF, gold futures, precious metals, forex
  • Offers up to 20% monthly returns

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What is Xeta Genesis?

Decentralized finance has often been seen as a way to achieve financial freedom. But accessibility has kept many away from it. On the other hand, traditional finance has continued to gain attention due to accessibility and the consistent results it provides when it comes to returns. Xeta Genesis is a trading system that brings these concepts together to make DeFi accessible to all.

Xeta Genesis Review

An algorithm-based trading software, Xeta Genesis is powered by blockchain but attuned to both DeFi and TradFi. It features off-chain and on-chain attributes to bring users the financial freedom of DeFi and the security of TradFi.

Simply put, it aims to bring the consistency of the financial markets without the volatility of soloed blockchain products.

Launched by Xeta Capital, Xeta Genesis (previously known as Xeta Black) has been described on Twitter as a new beginning of DeFi.

With the aid of regulated trading partners, Xeta Genesis offers high-frequency trading across multiple financial instruments, including gold, gold futures, gold ETFs, precious metals, and forex. With its features, it gives day traders, fund managers, and consumers access to large returns. That said, there are no details about whether the platform supports cryptocurrency trading as well.

This algo-based trading system doesn’t only rely on tech to help investors navigate the volatile market, there are also expert trading teams involved. The team assists investors in navigating the volatile ecosystem and making gains by leveraging high-frequency trading.

The question remains – how is the platform able to bridge these disparate concepts? The answer lies in bringing all the revenue generated on Xeta Genesis off-chain. Being off-chain, the revenue can tap into traditional finance technologies to remain secure.

Underpinning these features is the XETADATA dashboard. An interactive dashboard, it has account management features that will let investors monitor their trades.

The platform has also taken stringent measures to ensure that everything is highly secure. There are KYC requirements associated with this platform, which help add another layer of security and ensure that more people are engaged with what this site has to offer.

In addition to HFT (High-Frequency Trading) facilities, Xeta Genesis also offers passive earning opportunities via Genesis pools.

In the more than 470 days it has been operational, Xeta Genesis has seen close to $24 million deposited to the ecosystem and has generated $44 million in returns.

Xeta Genesis Statistics

What are the Notable Features of Xeta Genesis?

Xeta Genesis has been very succinct about its features, but that indicates the platform’s focus on quality. Here are the key features of this trading software:

High-Frequency Trading

The most highlighted feature of this platform is high-frequency trading. This algo-based trading approach allows investors to trade assets in a rapid fashion, quickly gaining the advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Xeta Genesis has also attempted to make these features more accessible to all.

Storing Revenue Off-Chain

Xeta Genesis stores all the revenue off-chain. This approach, per the website, allows it to bring the power of DeFi with the consistency and security of traditional markets.

Genesis Pool Accounts

Genesis Pool Accounts are private subaccounts within XETA Fund (XF). They have a compounding return rate of 20% per month, and you can withdraw your returns on a 28-day schedule. Users can withdraw these funds directly from their dashboard.

XETADATA Dashboard 

Xeta Genesis has implemented a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easier for people to create accounts and pools and maintain their membership. This dashboard also allows users to check their account details and assess their pool withdrawal history. “You can literally watch your money work”, Xeta Genesis says, continuing that users will also have control of their vested assets.

What are the Pros and Cons of Xeta Genesis 

Listed below are the pros and cons of Xeta Genesis:


  • Access to multiple traditional assets
  • Bridges DeFi with traditional finance
  • Offers passive returns at a compounding interest rate of 20%
  • Has a simplified UI called XETADATA Dashboard
  • Use of crypto wallet as identity verification and account security


  • The platform may not be available in the US
  • Doesn’t specify whether cryptocurrencies are supported

What Are The Benefits of Using Xeta Genesis

With its nuanced trading features, Xeta Genesis provides investors with a lot of benefits:

Access to High-Frequency Trading

For a long, high-frequency trading has been within the reason of bigger industry players. With Xeta Genesis, however, beginner-level investors can also use this platform.

Passive Income Source

The presence of Genesis pools gives users access to a passive income stream. With up to 20% return, investors can gain an edge in the current volatile market conditions.

Simplified UI

Xeta Genesis gives users access to a high-quality user interface that puts all the key details they want under one module. That would allow investors to monitor their trades, create pools, and manage their accounts.

Xeta Data

Access to Multiple Assets

With Xeta Genesis, users will be able to trade multiple assets, including gold, gold ETFs, precious metals, and forex. Diversification will help investors hedge market risks.


Xeta Genesis delivers high-quality features at an affordable price. For Genesis Pools management, there is only a 2.5% management fee involved. The same 2.5% fee is implemented for withdrawals as well.

How to Start Using Xeta Genesis – Complete Guide

Here is a complete guide to get started investing with Xeta Genesis:

Step 1 – Create an Account

Visit the Xeta Genesis website and create a Genesis account. Make sure that you have your crypto wallet beforehand, as it will be instrumental in the account creation process.

Xeta Genesis

Step 2 – Create a Genesis Pool

Once you have connected your wallet and created your account, pick the type of Genesis pool based on size and your return target. Afterward, deposit USDC.

The Verdict

With its simplified UI and good returns, Xeta Genesis is a unique trading system that brings the perks of DeFi and TradFi. Its implementation of Genesis pools will give users access to passive gains of up to 20%, and with HFT, they can trade a wide variety of assets.

Xeta Genesis’s premise is simple: creating an ecosystem where the trade of traditional assets is made possible using blockchain technology. This method of merging the nuances of TradFi and DeFi is very future-forward and can bring two disparate concepts on the same page, making it possible for blockchain adoption to increase. You can also learn more about the platform via its Discord and Twitter channels.

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What is Xeta Genesis?

Xeta Genesis is a Web3 system that brings DeFi and traditional finance together, allowing investors to enjoy the perks of both. The platform features high-frequency trading and genesis pools.

Is Xeta Genesis available in the US?

Xeta Genesis hasn't made it clear whether it is available in the US. However, it has stated that US-based investors must be aware of all the applicable rules and regulations regarding crypto before using the platform.