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Tellor Price Prediction 2024 – TRB Price Potential

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

With the aim of solving problems related to blockchain oracles, Tellor was launched in 2019. Since its inception, the project has experienced high volatility thanks to the extensive engagement of its community.

However, a recent surge in prices has garnered massive attention for the project within the crypto space, with many speculating even greater growth in the upcoming months. But how high can it go? Let us attempt to decode the figures in this TRB price prediction.

Tellor Price Prediction

Since its launch in 2019, the TRB token has garnered heavy media attention due to its growing community and innovative use case. While price predictions largely depend on market sentiments, we can anticipate a price trajectory by considering its growth, past movements, and other relevant factors.


The end of 2023 marked arguably the best season for Tellor, as that was when the token skyrocketed in value. Previously priced within the $10 range until August 2023, the now-popular token rapidly surged in price with occasional pullbacks, reaching its all-time high of $261 in December. However, the price began to plunge right after and has since experienced a slight decline, settling in the $120 range. We believe that this correction is healthy, as it allows more investors to learn about the project and invest at a steady pace, potentially aiding the token in regaining its price momentum back to the all-time high.

While the price of TRB has experienced significant fluctuations in recent weeks, we anticipate this volatility to diminish in the upcoming months. Nevertheless, considering the mounting interest in the token, it’s plausible that Tellor will conclude 2024 with a price range close to its all-time high of $260.


Naturally, one cannot expect a project to consistently achieve massive pumps, which is why we anticipate relatively slower growth for TRB in 2025. However, this doesn’t undermine its utility since every project may require an accumulation period occasionally. We anticipate slightly slower but steady growth for the project in 2025. Other factors that can potentially increase the token’s value may include collaborations with other major crypto projects, partnerships with prominent names in the blockchain or finance sector, significant developments, or project upgrades.

2025 could be a determining year for the project, as the groundwork laid in 2024 will have contributed to its popularity. It will play an important role in shaping how the project is perceived by investors. In a stable market situation, we anticipate the TRB token rising to the $320 range by the end of 2025.

2026 and Beyond

The growth of Tellor in 2026 will heavily rely on how users access the project’s utility. Adoption will play a pivotal role in the Tellor ecosystem’s growth, especially considering the project’s established reputation within the industry as a high-potential endeavor, having achieved successful partnerships, developments, and project upgrades in previous years.

The expansion of adoption and community engagement will significantly shape Tellor’s future, which, given its unique and advanced use case, appears to be a likely scenario. If market conditions remain stable or bullish, coupled with consistent developments within the project, it could be feasible to witness TRB trading in the $500 range by the end of 2026, with further anticipated growth in the future.

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What is Tellor?

Founded in 2019 by Brenda Loya, Nick Fett, and Michael Zemrose, Tellor emerged as a decentralized oracle protocol designed to tackle the critical oracle problem within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. At its core, Tellor serves as a bridge between off-chain data and on-chain smart contracts, enabling the seamless integration of real-world data into blockchain applications.


You may think of Tellor as a reliable information feeder for decentralized finance (DeFi) and other blockchain applications. It operates by incentivizing data reporters who compete to provide accurate off-chain data, which is then validated and securely placed onto the blockchain.

For instance, suppose a DeFi platform needs the current BTC/USD price to execute a smart contract. Tellor’s oracle prompts data reporters worldwide to submit this specific data. Reporters race to deliver the accurate BTC/USD value onto the blockchain, where it becomes accessible to all smart contracts operating on networks supported by Tellor (such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Algorand).

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Security within Tellor’s ecosystem has also been given paramount focus and is achieved through a robust governance contract. This mechanism relies on a straightforward dispute resolution process that ensures community consensus on the accuracy of reported data.

To become a data reporter, individuals must stake Tellor’s native token, Tributes (TRB), as collateral. While this stake serves as an incentive for accurate reporting, it can be disputed and slashed if the submitted data is deemed incorrect. Essentially, it punishes people who give wrong information, making sure that the system stays honest and trustworthy.

Tellor’s unique approach allows anyone globally to become a data reporter without the need for a verification process, promoting a permissionless and inclusive environment. Furthermore, its flexibility in handling data submissions in bytes enhances its adaptability across various blockchain applications, solidifying its position as a versatile and reliable oracle solution in the ever-evolving decentralized landscape.

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Naturally, such an advanced and innovative concept caught the attention of developers as well as investors, which helped the token shoot up in popularity and value.

Tellor Price Analysis

As mentioned in the earlier prediction, the Tellor project has gained recognition in the crypto space. Unlike many recently released projects that lack a specific use case, Tellor has innovatively carved out a distinct role for itself. The project has witnessed healthy levels of engagement and interest from both its community and the broader crypto space.

Investors have come to recognize the project’s significance within the blockchain sector. It is a product that will hold immense importance as the blockchain sector continues to grow, making it a promising investment opportunity.

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Tellor Price

The growth in Tellor’s popularity and scope has also been reflected in its price. The TRB token has experienced a yearly growth of more than 800% despite its recent correction, highlighting the surge in interest the token experienced in recent months.

Initially priced around $1.5 in 2020, the token reached an all-time high of about $120 during the 2021 bull run before dropping to the $10 range. However, it resumed its value ascent and reclaimed its previous all-time high in Q3 of 2023. Following a minor pullback, the token surged again, achieving its current ATH of $240.

Despite its correction, investors appear bullish on the token. At present, the token is priced at around $120, a crucial support level as it has previously served as an all-time high on two occasions.

If the price falls below the current range, a slightly lower level might be reached. However, if there is a reversal in the trend, the token can be expected to steadily increase in price once again.

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Tellor Profit Potential – A Case Study

While Tellor stands out due to the unique solution it offers, there are other projects with similarities that could provide insights into its potential price growth in the future. One such project in a similar vein is Chainlink, a large-cap token with an already substantial community base.

Chainlink LINK

Established in 2017, the Chainlink network serves as a pivotal layer in the blockchain realm, facilitating seamless connections among smart contracts. Like Tellor, it acts as a bridge, enabling smart contracts to interact effectively with external data sources, events, and payment systems through a decentralized network known as the Chainlink oracle network.

This functionality plays a crucial role in empowering complex smart contracts with essential off-chain information, thereby promoting their widespread adoption as the primary digital agreement mechanism.

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Chainlink, being a more established and popular project, boasts a massive market capitalization of more than $7.8 billion. Hence, if the Tellor project manages to achieve even half of Chainlink’s market capitalization, it could witness significant growth, considering its current market cap of just $300 million.

This could translate to a potential 12X growth for the token, meaning that an investment of merely $100 could be worth $1,200. This indicates ample growth potential for the Tellor token, presenting a project with considerable profit potential.

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Tellor – Factors for Growth

The Tellor project has seen its current level of growth due to multiple factors. While some of these may change due to the dynamic nature of the crypto market, some are likely to act as major catalysts for its growth as well as potential stagnancy. Some of these factors include:

A Growing Community

A thriving community is essential for any crypto project to potentially experience a surge in adoption and value. Tellor appears to enjoy this advantage, especially following its recent price pump.


The interest surrounding TRB and the number of holders have significantly increased, consequently aiding the project in garnering a larger engagement from an active community base. With numerous tweets, posts, stories, and other social media interactions featuring Tellor, the project is expected to experience remarkable growth in the upcoming months.

Rising Demand for Data Feeds


Growing interest in decentralized data feeds has heightened the need for Tellor’s services across diverse sectors such as DeFi, gaming, and insurance. This surge in demand for applications relying on Tellor’s data directly translates into increased requests for its data feeds.

For instance, imagine a decentralized gaming platform that incorporates real-time in-game asset values based on external market prices. As the popularity of this gaming platform grows, it requires Tellor’s data feeds to constantly update these asset values accurately.

So, the more users engage with this gaming platform, the higher the demand for Tellor’s data feeds to maintain the accuracy and reliability of in-game asset valuations, which ultimately causes the demand for Tellor to go up.

Right Timing

While the bear market persists, there have been several indicators of a bull market recently, marked by an overall increase in crypto prices. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has observed a price surge of more than 20% within the past couple of weeks, indicating a heightened interest in crypto investments.

Tellor’s TRB pump coincided with this trend, leading to a rapid surge in the token’s popularity. As investors once again flock to the blockchain space to invest in cryptocurrencies, TRB, benefiting from its current fame, stands the chance to attract a significant portion of these investors, ultimately contributing to the project’s growth.



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Partnerships with Big Names in the Industry

Partnerships also play a crucial role in the growth of crypto projects. When a prominent entity associates with a project, members of the associated entity’s community are often enticed to explore the new collaboration. The announcement of such partnerships can stimulate interest among investors and active blockchain users, encouraging them to learn more about and potentially utilize the project.

Tellor partners

Tellor has strategically leveraged this advantage by announcing several partnerships and integrations with other prominent projects in the crypto space over the past few months. These collaborations include partnerships with Chainlink, Polygon, and Avalanche, all of which boast massive communities and are considered top-tier crypto projects in the space.

Such partnerships and integrations will significantly contribute to expanding Tellor’s outreach and enhancing the utility of the TRB token.

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Tellor Social Media Channels

Social media channels serve as the best means to stay connected with any crypto project. They provide an excellent avenue for interested investors to learn more about the project and its engagement levels. Simultaneously, they offer existing holders an opportunity to stay updated on recent developments and upgrades and track the overall growth and achievements of the project.

To stay informed about Tellor, one can follow the official social media channels listed below:

How to Buy Tellor(TRB)?

Tellor (TRB) can be easily purchased from various cryptocurrency exchanges, typically through a straightforward process. It is available on multiple top exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Kucoin, Coinbase, and more.

While we recommend that beginners read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely this year before investing, professional traders can harness our step-by-step guide to buy TRB specifically from the Binance exchange:

  • Step 1: Create an account on the Binance exchange and complete the KYC verification process. You can also explore our guide to discover other places to buy Tellor.
  • Step 2: Once the verification is completed, deposit funds into your account with cryptocurrency to buy TRB tokens. Binance supports various payment methods for depositing funds. Ensure that you deposit the cryptocurrency that has a trading pair with TRB. On Binance, you can buy TRB tokens using USDT, TRY, and BTC trading pairs.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the spot market section on Binance and search for TRB. Once you find the appropriate trading pair, select it, and input the amount of TRB tokens you intend to purchase. After your order is executed, the TRB tokens will be credited to your account.

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Top Tellor Alternative – Bitcoin Minetrix

Tellor has undoubtedly positioned itself as an excellent investment option for those seeking high-potential projects. However, following its recent price pump, achieving a similar level of growth may or may not be feasible for some time. This could be an opportune moment for investors to consider long-term investments in TRB while exploring similar high-potential projects or even better alternatives.

One such project is Bitcoin Minetrix, which has also experienced significant growth in recent months, earning the attention of prominent crypto analysts like Jacob Bury. Jacob believes the token can yield good returns for early movers.

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The Bitcoin mining sector currently remains predominantly controlled by a handful of large-scale miners, limiting opportunities for decentralized participation, primarily centralized within cloud mining services. Naturally, this means limited or no entry to other entities who wish to participate in the industry.

Addressing this, Bitcoin Minetrix proposes a transformative shift toward decentralized cloud mining, aiming for greater inclusivity, transparency, security, and a reduction in fraudulent practices.

By introducing a unique proof-of-stake cryptocurrency framework, Bitcoin Minetrix seeks to revolutionize cloud mining practices. Participants within the ecosystem stake BTCMTX tokens, receiving mining credits in return. These credits are then used – or “burned” – to access mining capabilities. This token-based approach intends to democratize cloud mining, broadening access to a wider audience. Moreover, staking BTCMTX tokens not only facilitates mining but also offers attractive APY rewards.

Currently in its presale phase, Bitcoin Minetrix has already raised over $8.2 million, indicating significant interest and support from investors. With its pioneering concept, distinctive utility, and a steadily growing community, this project presents an enticing investment opportunity, potentially yielding both short-term gains and long-term profitability.

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Our Verdict

Tellor is a cryptocurrency project that has seen massive growth since its inception in 2019, thanks to its advanced and innovative concept. Its trajectory suggests continued growth as long as it remains updated with trends and technology advancements and maintains its innovative edge within its domain.

With a recent surge and an overall bullish sentiment prevailing in the market, there’s potential for Tellor to reach a $1 billion market cap within a few months.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial for investors to only invest amounts they can afford to lose, considering the inherent volatility of the crypto landscape. While the token exhibits potential, there remains a possibility of further corrections, leading to short-term losses for some investors.

Diversification is key, and investors might also explore other high-potential projects, such as Bitcoin Minetrix, to diversify their investments while participating in early-stage projects.

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Is Tellor listed on any tier-1 exchanges?

Yes, Tellor is listed on multiple Tier-1 exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, etc.

What is the current all-time high of Tellor's TRB token?

At the time of writing, TRB’s all-time high stands at $261. It recorded this feat in December 2023, but has since experienced a decline of over 40% and is presently trading below that level.

When was Tellor launched officially?

Tellor was founded and formally introduced in 2019. It garnered attention because of its distinctive and innovative use case, experiencing a substantial surge in price during the previous bullish market phase.