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SURF Reward Token Presale & ICO Review – Introducing Surf2Earn

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The concept of Internet advertisement has always been a pain point for consumers. The reason? Consumers don’t get anything from watching it; all these adverts have historically done is act as an annoyance amidst people’s internet surfing sessions. SURF Reward is a blockchain project that changes this annoyance into an earning experience through its SURF-2-Earn mechanic.


With a small browser extension, SURF Reward lets consumers watch select advertisements to earn SURF tokens. People won’t have to rely on legacy ad blocker anymore, states SURF Reward. Instead, they can become a part of this new Adtech revolution that could have major upsides in the long run.

This guide covers how to buy the SURF Reward token from the current presale. We also deconstruct its upsides and tokenomics to understand what makes this new crypto project worthwhile.

How to Buy SURF Reward Token – Quick Guide

SURF Reward is currently available as a presale, during which it has already raised more than $150k. Listed below is a quick guide to buy SURF Reward:

  • Step 1 – Go to the Official Website – Go to the official website of the project –
  • Step 2 – Connect your Wallet – Click on the “Connect Wallet” button and pick from the list of wallets given on screen.
  • Step 3 – Buy SURF Reward – Swap your crypto for SURF tokens. Claim them when the presale concludes. You can also stake your tokens and earn up to 5,000% APY.

Visit Surf Reward

What is SURF Reward?

“Earn tokens for watching select advertisements” would be an appropriate way to describe SURF Reward. This innovative blockchain project acts as an interface between advertisers and end-consumers. With its targeted approach, the project targets the right advertisement to customers, allowing marketers to reach the right audience and consumers to earn tokens by watching relevant adverts.

Designed by Abelius Capital AG, a German stock corporation based in Dusseldorf, SURF Reward’s primary goal is to address the current advertisement industry’s shortfalls that have turned advertisements into annoyance.

Challenges of the Current Advertisement Industry

It was 28 years ago when the first advertising banner went online. Back then, it was seen as an event. However, ad banners have infiltrated the Internet arena to such a degree that many perceive the Internet as a space exclusively for advertisements, which has led to the following challenges:

Abundance of Poor Quality of Adverts

Click-through rates of adverts have declined to 0.05%, which is a far cry from the 44% CTR of ads that arrived in 1994. The reason behind this downtrend is the abundance of poor-quality adverts. Untargeted, formulaic, and sometimes downright irrelevant, many ads have nothing memorable about them, as evidenced by a study that showed that 86% of consumers don’t even remember the last as they watch.

But it is not only the quality of the ad copy that determines the quality of an advertisement; the methodology used also matters. For instance, rising privacy concerns about ads are also why people are apprehensive about clicking ads.

The third reason is the ad loading speed. Cumbersome ads tend to slow down the web page. The content on such a web page seems almost like an afterthought, designed to cater to one single advert. It is detrimental not only to the marketer but also to the content creator.

Increased Use of Adblock 

The rising number of irrelevant and deterring ads has led to consumers taking measures to block any advertisements. PageFair, a company that investigates ad blocking at a global level, reported that 11% of global internet users make use of the AdBlock. According to the data, 615 million devices now use Adblock. In 2016, the number of users of Ad Blocker grew by 30%, and that number has been continually increasing.


The SURF Reward Solution

The solution to these challenges calls for a change. The advertising industry must alter and find a perfect balance between the interests of the advertisers and consumers. Advertisers need a mode to market their business properly, but consumers also deserve an uninterrupted internet surfing experience in which they aren’t constantly bombarded with irrelevant ads.

The solution has come in the form of an “acceptable ads standard,” meaning fewer irrelevant ads for the users to be bothered by.

However, using only “acceptable adverts” are half-measures. Many can still perceive them as intrusive and would have no qualms about blocking them. That’s where SURF Reward has arrived with an innovative solution where consumers are incentivized to watch adverts.

SURF Reward aims to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for advertisers and internet users. Incentivizing users through rewards will make them less motivated to implement legacy Ad Blockers. And when relevant ads are allowed to pass through, advertisers can reach their targeted audience more effectively.

How does SURF Reward Work?

SURF Reward implements this mutually beneficial rewarding system using its native SURF Reward Ad Blocker extension. Integrable with all browsers, this Ad Blocker can be installed quickly. Users can still block intrusive and irrelevant ads using this system, which protects their privacy by deactivating tracking functions.

The key component of this Ad Blocker is to recognize advertisement spaces on a website and replace the adverts with ads by its advertising partners. A fully customizable system, SURF Reward Ad Blocker redirects the advertising budget towards rewarding end users for watching ads. This simplified approach to streamlining adverts will not deter an end user’s browsing experience while ensuring advertisers have access to leads.

What is a SURF Reward Token?

Powering the SURF Reward ecosystem is the SURF token. It is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance smart chain. Accessible across multiple wallets, this token will be used to buy products and services available on the SURF reward platform.

What is SURF Staking?

One big utility that SURF has introduced is staking. Through which, investors will be able to earn passive income in the form of annualized percentage yield (APY)  by just holding their SURF tokens.

The process of staking on SURF Reward involves the user of the platform’s staking app. Accessible from the website, the app will allow users to stake their tokens, which will accumulate reward over time. This staking facility doesn’t only offer a high APY reward of up to 5000%, it also doesn’t have any lock-up period, allowing users to unstake their tokens at any time.

How to Buy SURF Reward Token – Complete Guide

SURF token token is currently available in a multi-staged presale. Interested parties can now buy it at a discount price of $0.023. The listing price of this token has already been set to $0.05, which means that investing in SURF right now will bring early movers more than a 200% profit.

Here are the steps to buy SURF Reward token via presale:

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website


The first step you must take is to go to the official website – The unique attributes that SURF Reward brings to the ecosystem will likely cause the arrival of many copycats. Ensure you visit the correct website.

Once there, take a look at the whitepaper to understand the fundamentals of this project.

Step 2 – Connect your Wallet

Click on the Connect Wallet button to connect your wallet. Use the wallet connect option to choose from the given wallets or scan the code to connect your mobile wallet.

Step 3 – Buy SURF Reward Tokens

Enter the number of SURF tokens you want to buy and click “Buy Now”. Once you buy the tokens, they will be reserved to your wallet address. You can come back to the website when the presale concludes to claim your tokens using the claim function. After claiming your SURF tokens, you can also stake them to earn up to 5000% APY.

What are The Benefits of SURF Reward?

SURF Reward highlights benefits for multiple types of entities interacting with the ecosystem.

Benefits to Advertisers

Advertisers will benefit from the platform’s anti-fraud protection utility that will prevent the misuse of the service. There are special security measures in place to prevent malicious components like bots from finessing the system. There won’t be any way for bad actors to stimulate impressions without active participation. Furthermore, the SURF Reward extension targets groups that use Ad Blockers heavily, which means advertisers will have an easier time reaching out to individuals working in the IT industry (a niche that uses Ad Blockers the most).

Benefits to End-Users

By downloading the SURF Reward browser extension, users will have access to an ad blocker that cleans up the websites and speeds up page loading. There are also built-in block-tracking functions that prevent a user’s data from being compromised. These attributes will allow users to browse the Internet and interact with relevant ads (and get paid for them) without having to worry about their security being trifled with.

End-users can also tap into the extension’s customization options to balance their browsing experience with the platform’s earning mechanics.

They can also monitor how much SURF tokens they have earned interacting with the adverts. These tokens are paid out to them at regular intervals after the deduction of a small gas fee.

Benefits to Investors

SURF tokens have long-term upsides, thanks to being used for multiple utilities. Not only will it be useful as reward tokens for consumers, but it can also be used as the primary payment method for advertising partners.

With indirect payment options, the advertising budget changes according to the SURF price. It indicates that the value of the SURF tokens isn’t solely affected by the larger tokenomics, but is dictated by the success of the platform. Here is the breakdown of the advertising budget:

  1. 30% will be directed to reward SURF Reward users
  2. 60% will go to the liquidity tool to bolster the token’s price performance
  3. 10% will be used to develop the ecosystem and for marketing.

Are SURF Tokens a Good Investment?

There have been many presale tokens released this year, but only a few of them come packed with a utility as effective as SURF Reward. With that said, the following are some of the reasons that investing in SURF tokens is a good move.

It is Available as a Presale

The first reason that investing in SURF token is a good choice is its availability as a presale. Investing in presales gives investors a chance to become early movers. With SURF Reward, whose listing price has already been set, early movers will make guaranteed gains once the presale concludes.

Furthermore, presale investors who are also using the SURF Reward extension will get up to a 250% bonus.

Flexible Staking App

SURF Reward features a flexible staking app, through which investors maximize their token returns. This singular app will allow them to stake tokens, claim rewards, unstake tokens and stake additional tokens.

The addition of staking in the ecosystem means access to passive income, which would help investors gain an upper hand in the current volatile market. They can hold their tokens and earn good income passively without actively engaging with crypto trading. And the addition of no lock-in period for the staking app ensures that users can unstake their tokens whenever they.

Fully Doxxed Developers

While most crypto devs have a predisposition to stay anonymous, SURF Reward developers have taken a different stance as they are fully doxxed. The team behind SURF Reward is a German Stock corporation company, Abelius Capital AG. A public limited company founded in 2019, Abelius Capital has been at the center of global and large-scale real estate projects. With their new blockchain project – SURF Reward – they are bringing that expertise to the decentralized space. As the team is not anonymous, there are individuals that investors can hold accountable, which speaks volumes about the confidence that devs have in this project.

A Demo Version is Already Available 

SURF Reward is not a project that’s only making promises. A demo version of the extension has already been created, which investors can check out in order to get a glimpse of what it could potentially become. Additionally, SURF Reward’s token’s smart contract has already been audited by AuditBlock.

SURF Reward Tokenomics 

Surf tokenomics

There are 1 billion tokens in total, out of which 200 million have been assigned to the presale. The presale has a soft cap of $1.5 million, and it’s hard cap is $5 million. Listed below is the distribution of the remainder of SURF tokens.

  • Development Reserve – 8%
  • Project Rewards – 39%
  • Liquidity and Marketing – 25%
  • Team – 6%
  • Partner & Advisor – 2%

SURF Reward has also opted for a 0% fee model to promote maximum participation.


SURF Reward has had a realistic roadmap so far, and it is nearing the end of its development.

Q2 2021

The SURF Reward idea was conceived during the second quarter of 2021, the year of the Bitcoin bull run. The business plan was built during this time and strategy building began.

Q3 2021

The first programming work began in the first quarter of 2021.

Q4 2021

The project was developed further and it finally had a name – SURF Reward.

Q1 2022

The first quarter of 2022 saw the beginning of website development and arrival of the SURF Reward extension demo and the beginning of the development of the final version.

Q4 2022

SURF token was created, and the smart contract of the native token of the project – SURF – was audited. First steps were taken for the project’s marketing and partnership was established with an external blockchain advisor – Ian Scarffe.

Q1 2023

The first press release was made, the whitepaper was designed, and partnerships with brands were formed.

Q2 2023

The second quarter of 2023 marked the beginning of the presale and the staking function.

Q3 2023

The beta testing of the main version of the SURF Reward extension has started, and the presale is in full swing. Devs are eyeing a Q3 2023 listing for SURF tokens. Furthermore, the self service advertising platform is going to begin operation.


SURF Reward is a project aimed at tackling the annoyances that come with intrusive adverts on the Internet. By providing users with an AdBlock alternative, which lets them receive selected advertisements that they can earn from, it establishes a mutually beneficial ecosystem for end-users and advertisers.

The project’s tokenomics has been designed in a way that constant price growth is possible, which makes SURF Reward suitable for any discerning crypto investor. Its presale gives early investors an additional bonus if they use the SURF Reward extension, and the platform’s staking app has many upsides for passive investors.

For further details about this project, we recommend keeping in touch with the project’s social media handles on Twitter, and Telegram. Also check out our SURF Reward price prediction post.

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What is SURF Reward?

SURF Reward is a novel blockchain project designed to provide a SURF-2-Earn ecosystem to investors. It features a browser extension - an AdBlock - that allows users to control the flow of adverts they see when browsing and earn tokens from it. The native token of SURF Reward is currently available as a presale. Alongside being a reward token, SURF also takes a key role in sustaining the economy of the SURF Reward's ecosystem.

Is SURF Reward a good investment?

SURF Reward is a unique blockchain project offering a unique utility to investors. Addressing the pain points surrounding online adverts, SURF Reward is creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem. The presale of its native token - SURF - comes with bonus perks, and the team behind this project is fully doxxed. Due to these factors, it is safe to say that SURF Reward is a good investment with multiple upsides.

When will SURF Token be Listed?

The SURF Token will be listed after the conclusion of the presale. The exact date of the same is yet to be announced.